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Roadtrip To College

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It was the most incredibly satisfying sex of my life, and it was all that was on my mind the entire week. If you haven’t read the story, look it up, I get wet just thinking about it. I don’t know if it was Steve’s great looks, or the erotic build-up before the sex that was haunting me, but it was on my mind every waking moment.

Now I was headed for college for a weekend visit to see my son Brian and to renew my “friendship” with his roommate, Steve. My body was aching with desire just thinking about the trip. I couldn’t help myself. I had had a taste of pure ecstasy and I wanted more.

I saw my husband off that morning and reminded him I would be away as well, then it was upstairs to pack my things.

I searched feverishly through all my most intimate lingerie, wanting to pack the skimpiest, sexiest, most seductive things I could find. As I picked up each thin, lacy garment I tried to imagine the situation I would be in as it tumbled from my body in the heat of passion… the satin and silk panties slipping down my soft thighs as the passionate crescendo toward another orgasm welled up within me…The lace-trimmed strappy bras falling from my shoulders as my breasts were taken in the firm grasp of this young Adonis, my nipples twitching between his fingers…the soft shiny stockings gripping my calves as they wrapped him in a lustful love lock, refusing to let go till I’d felt the power of his loins exploding within me.

Before I realized it, I found myself lost in my own erotic daydreams, my fingers probing my red mesh thong, stroking my swollen lips as a prelude to what would surely be an unbelievably sensual weekend. I stopped myself just short of climax, wanting to save the first powerful outburst for my hunk of a frat boy.

Quickly I threw the rest of my things in my bag and headed for the car.

It was a relaxing ride as my mind wandered and left behind the thoughts of the city and all the responsibility there. I put the top down on my Mercedes and felt the calming force of nature as the wind tossed and tangled my hair. It was ok though. That look can be very sexy, don’t you think? Especially if you dress the part as well. I think I pulled it off, even at 38 canlı bahis years of age, I was enjoying the stares from all the guys on the road. I even slowed to give a little show to a few of the truckers as they passed me. I’ve always enjoyed tugging at my skirt to give them a peak of my panties. I know it gives them something to think about on those long nights away from home.

About an hour into my trip I decided to take a break and do a little shopping. I pulled into a shopping mall and went in to stretch my legs and grab a quick bite to eat. Once again I enjoyed the stares from some of the businessmen taking their lunch breaks.

It wasn’t until I saw the shoe store that I entertained the idea of buying some higher heels. It wasn’t that there was anything wrong with the ones I had on, I just thought “the higher the heel, the better,” right? I walked into a nice, upscale place and decided to look around, at least until a semi-cute salesman asked to help me. It wasn’t long before he found me. Picture this… here I am in my spandex black miniskirt, tightly gripping my muscular, tan thighs and buttocks. The lotion on my legs provided that natural glow that automatically draws a man’s attention and makes him want to touch. My blouse was a skin-tight red stretch material that showed the floral pattern of the bright red bra beneath… the red thong panties were, of course, a perfect match. The black heels were ok, but, as I told the salesclerk, I was looking for something a little higher, maybe a little “strappier”.

He took me around the corner and sat me on a nice sofa as he removed my shoes and began to massage my feet. He was a nice looking young kid, about 24 I’d guess, maybe six feet tall, blonde hair. I began to compliment him on the massage as I spread my legs slightly and gave him his first glimpse up my skirt. That’s why I like the red panties with the dark skirt… the contrast in color is so obvious, you can tell when they get the first clear view of the prize they so desperately seek… you can feel the hunger burning in their eyes. It’s almost as if you can read their minds as they begin to fantasize about holding you down, stripping off your clothes and fucking your brains bahis siteleri out. “Too bad fella’,” I thought. “That’s not happening today, but maybe I won’t leave you completely frustrated if you bring me just the right pair of shoes.”

Sure enough, after asking me a few questions, he returned from the back with 3 pairs of shoes, all very nice and each a perfect fit. We flirted more openly now as I tried each pair on for him and pranced around as if fulfilling some primitive mating dance. I made my selection, but asked if he might show me the back room so I could take a quick look for myself… just in case there was something I liked better. Guess what?… he smiled and agreed.

I felt the anxious moisture on his hand as he lead me into the depths of the store room and behind several racks of boxes. He was quickly pawing at my blouse, but I kept my distance, not yet ready to overplay my hand. Once I was convinced we were alone, I lead him to a small sofa, part of their break area, and sat with him there. Pulling my skirt above my waist I spread my legs further apart, giving him a full view of my tight red panties and the soft moist mound that lay beneath. Straddling him, I quickly undid his pants and pulled out his cock, stroking and squeezing it firmly with both hands. I can’t describe the feeling of power and control, watching his eyes as I choreographed every movement he made. His breathing was erratic but very sensual. The faster I stroked, the more he squirmed beneath me. Then I would squeeze him tightly, teasing him until he moaned and begged for release. Every few moments I would push his shaft against my soft inner thigh and allow it to wander into my warm, moist crotch. I know he could feel the indentation, the wetness of my pussy lips, but I couldn’t let him in, could I?

Not here. Not now. I reached over for my purse and pulled out a small bottle of baby oil, knowing this would only heighten his pleasure… and maybe add to his torture. I smiled, almost laughing now, as I dripped a small amount of oil on the head of his dick and slowly worked it in with my hands. The extra lubrication was absolutely maddening!!! and again he groaned with anticipation. Quicker and quicker bahis şirketleri I stroked and teased until he was helpless within my grasp. At one point I pulled upward so hard I actually lifted him a few inches off the sofa, gradually lowering him back down and starting all over again. By now I was as enthralled as he was, wanting to see him explode, but not wanting the erotic control to end. Then, with another pass of his dick across my soaking wet panties, it happened.

I was overwhelmed with a moment of weakness. Me left hand, as if functioning with it’s own mind pushed my panties quickly to one side and exposed my love lips to full and direct penetration. Needless to say, his aching cock was ready and willing to accept it’s mission. With the wink of an eye he forced himself deep within me and pounded the back of my love tunnel with all his might. He then grabbed me, flipped me on my back and ripped into me like a man possessed. My shirt was instantly over my head and my bra pushed up to my neck. He was kneading into my breasts, sucking, biting, like there was no tomorrow.

At this point I had no intention of fighting him, quite the contrary, I found myself grabbing his muscular buns and pulling him deeper inside me with each animalistic thrust. I felt my ability to grind into him painfully inadequate, longing for deeper, more forceful, even painful penetration. He was kind enough to oblige as he grabbed my legs, forcing them over his shoulders and continued pounding harder and harder, faster and faster, the feeling of his well-oiled cock tearing into me… the force of his balls rhythmically slapping my ass as he stared me down and fucked me into oblivion… I don’t know who came harder, but it was a deep, sweaty, simultaneous groan that shook the shoes from their racks as we collapsed onto the floor, pressing our tongues against each other, climaxing at the same moment and gasping desperately for air. Quietly we kissed for a few seconds, then I quickly dressed and said my goodbye. “I like the shoes,” he said “They’re on me.” Then he handed me his card and invited me to return anytime.

I can’t exactly explain why it happened, maybe I was just so horny in anticipation of the trip but one thing was for sure. The weekend was already off to a great start! I had a feeling it would only get better. I’ll keep you posted when I get to college. (No more stops on the way, I promise)

Love, Deanne

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