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Sacramento: Flight to Heaven

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This story is the property of the author. It is not to be changed in any way, nor published or shown at other web sites without the permission of the author.

* * * * *

David found his window seat in First Class and sat down anxious to get to Los Angeles and his connecting flight to Chicago. This flight from Sacramento was late and it was going to be a miracle if he made his flight in LA. He was a bit annoyed with this flight, because it seemed that he wasn’t the only one in a hurry. The flight attendant was doing her best trying to soothe all the frayed nerves in the cabin, but several passengers seemed to blame her for the delay. The Pilot had just informed everyone that a warning light on the landing gear had to be checked out which would take at least ten minutes. David resigned himself to the fact that he was not going to make his connection in LA and would probably spend the weekend in Los Angeles.

“Can I get you some refreshment, sir,” a voice asked him while he was looking out of the window. Dave turned to see a lovely young brunette, looking great in her flight attendant uniform, smiling at him.

“Sure, Miss, I’ll have a Bloody Mary with just tomato juice,” David said returning the smile. She went to the galley and soon returned with two tiny bottles of Vodka and a glass of tomato juice with ice. He thanked her, mixed his drink and sipped it slowly. After a nearly twenty minutes, the Captain announced that the problem was fixed and they would be taxiing to the runway. The attendant collected the glasses from the passengers and the 737 taxied to the runway to begin his takeoff run. Soon the huge jet was at altitude and the Flight Attendants were busy serving a quick dinner to the first class passengers.

The pretty brunette brought David a tray of pasta with marinara sauce. Just as she was putting it down the airplane flew into some turbulence and the pasta with sauce, were splattered allover David’s shoulder and suit coat. He was wearing a light gray suit and the marinara sauce stained it dreadfully. “Oh my God, sir, I am so sorry,” the brunette said as she too had landed on David.

“Are you hurt, Miss?” David asked her. She shook her head ‘No’ and tried futilely to wipe up the deep red sauce. Dave told her not to worry, that it wasn’t her fault and the suit could be cleaned. She was so embarrassed that a tear welled up in her eye. “Miss, please don’t cry. It’s only a suit…unless you are crying because I missed my dinner?” he teased her hoping to make her feel a bit better.

She smiled and composed herself. “You’re too nice, sir. The Airline will have that suit cleaned just as soon as we land in Los Angeles,” she said, still struggling to fully compose her self. “I’ve been flying for three years and that’s the first time I ever did anything like that.”

“Well, Miss, if that’s the worst you ever do to anyone, consider it lucky,” he told her. Smiling she offered to take the Jacket to the galley and at least get the pasta off of it. She returned with another Bloody Mary and made sure that she put it on his tray without spilling it. The Captain followed her to ask David if everything was all right. Dave nodded and the Captain asked if he was staying in Los Angeles tonight. Dave nodded again and said, “Yes, the earlier delay will prevent me from making my connecting flight.” The Captain apologized for the flight delay and the incident with the pasta.

“The Airline will put you up at the airport hotel and have the suit coat cleaned on our nickel,” he told him. David accepted his fate gracefully, thanked him and the Captain returned to the cockpit. The attendant brought him a voucher for a room at the Airport Hotel, a chit for dinner and a ticket to get the suit cleaned. She apologized to him again and thanked him for being ‘So nice’ about everything.

A few minutes later the Captain announced that they were in the landing pattern and on their approach to LA International. That was followed by an Attendant asking everyone to bring their trays and seats to their original positions in preparation for landing. The huge airplane touched down with hardly a whisper, a testament to the skills of the captain. If Dave were rating landings, that one would have been a perfect ten. The plane move toward the jet way and stopped. Within a few minutes Dave was in the terminal and walking to the baggage claim area. Getting his bag he walked out of the terminal to see a van marked Airport Hotel and he boarded it.

Soon he was in his room, the suit had been taken at the desk, sent to the one hour cleaners and Dave was trying to decide if he would eat at the Hotel or go out to eat dinner. He opted for the Hotel and changed clothes for dinner. The food at the hotel turned out to better than Dave thought it would be. He paid his check and strolled to the nightclub off the hotel lobby. Sitting at an open table he ordered a drink and listened to the light rock music. Several couples were dancing and Dave enjoyed watching the women dancing and gyrating to the beat of the music.

“Enjoying the music or the dancers?” güvenilir bahis said a voice at his side. Dave turned to see the pretty brunette flight attendant and another woman smiling at me.

“Mostly the women,” Dave replied jokingly as he stood to talk to the women. “You’re not serving pasta are you?” he kidded her. She grinned and shook her head no.

“Hi, I’m Audrey and this is Cleo,” she said extending her hand, “Peace?” Dave laughed and shook their hands and invited them to join him for a drink. They accepted and sat down at the table.

“My name is David…David Atkins, at your service, ladies,” Dave said. Cleo was taller than Audrey and had light brown hair. Both of them were very pretty, well shaped with nicely formed breasts. Not too large or too small. They wore mini skirt dresses, which complimented their lovely bodies and displayed ample breast flesh. Audrey’s dress was of silk and her nipples pushed out two lovely little mounds that caught Dave’s attention. They ordered and sat at the table to relax.

“This is the guy I told you about, Cleo. I gave him an ample serving of pasta on the plane,” Audrey said with a smile. They all laughed and began to talk about the usual; where are you from? What do you do? And where are you going? It turned out that Cleo too, was a flight attendant on another flight and the two of them were roomies at the hotel. Many of the airline pilots and attendants stayed at this hotel in between flights. Both Cleo and Audrey were scheduled to fly to Japan in two days. Dave danced with both Audrey and Cleo. Several times the three of them danced together to the rock tunes. None of them had more than three drinks each and soon the band announced the last dance of the evening.

“Well, Cleo, it’s time to hit the sack, what do you say?” Audrey asked her. Cleo nodded, finished her drink and stood up to leave. The two women walked a couple of paces and then turned around to look at Dave still sitting in the booth. “What do you think, Dave, can you do us both?” Audrey asked.

“God, Audrey, I thought you would never ask,” replied Dave as he stood up and took each by the arm walking between them to the elevator. The girls laughed and got into the elevator. “My room or yours?” Dave asked.

“Yours,” Cleo said as she kissed him. Dave broke the kiss only to be devoured by another set of eager lips as Audrey kissed him passionately too. Reaching his floor, they walked down the hall arm in arm to Dave’s room and entered. Inside, Audrey removed his suit coat, shirt and tie, while Cleo unbuckled his belt dropping his pants to the floor. Audrey pushed him back on the bed and she and Cleo pulled off his shorts, removed his shoes and socks, leaving him naked on the bed. They took the time to fold and hang up his suit, shirt and tie, then turned to each other and kissed deeply. They began to remove each other’s clothes slowly, sensuously and sexily with a lot of intermittent kissing and moaning.

They in essence put on a strip tease for him and it was not wasted, as Dave’s cock became very stiff, oozing pre-cum as he watched them. Cleo stripped Audrey to her bra, panties and thigh high stockings then kissed her deeply again. Audrey did the same to Cleo and they stood facing each other as they hooked their thumbs in the others panties and lowered them to until they fell to the floor. They stepped out of their panties, revealing a trimmed, but ample bush on each of them. Dave’s heart was pounding, as he loved ample bush on a woman. They girls embraced and each undid the others bra hook letting the shoulder straps and sides of their bras fall to the side. They turned to face Dave and their bras fell to the floor revealing four beautiful well shaped breasts, each with hard upright nipples.

Cleo dropped to her knees as Audrey parted her legs to let Cleo kiss and lick her pussy. Audrey rubbed and tugged at her own nipples as Cleo’s tongue brought her close to orgasm. Audrey stepped back as Cleo stood to let Audrey kneel to kiss and lick her moist glistening pussy. Cleo moaned and looked at David as she blew him a kiss. Dave playfully acted as though he caught it and placed it on his cockhead. Nearing orgasm, Cleo stepped back to let Audrey stand. They turned to Dave, nearly mad with desire, and together they climbed onto the bed on either side of him. Each of their hands cupped and fondled his large balls as their other hands held his seven inch cock with their thumb and forefingers.

Audrey kissed and licked his cockshaft, while Cleo slathered his balls with her tongue. Dave moaned in pleasure as the two women played with his balls and cock. Cleo drew Dave’s ample foreskin back and began to lick the right side of his cockhead. Audrey joined her and she licked the left side of his cock, while the two of them moaned along with Dave. Seeing his balls drawing up tight, the girls released his cock and kissed one another, probing for the other’s tongue. Audrey lowered her lovely breast to Dave’s left nipple and rubbed her nipple on his. Cleo did the same to his right nipple. The girls scooted türkçe bahis up to rub their beautiful breasts all over Dave’s face, taking turns teasing him with gentle tit slaps to his face.

They each brought on of their nipples together and held them at Dave’s lips. Opening his mouth Dave sucked in both nipples at once to lick and suckle a nipple form each of them at the same time. The women went mad with desire and moaned deeply, as they reached out to rub one another’s free nipple while Dave suckled the nipples in his mouth. Audrey moved to straddle his hips and laid his cockshaft in the cleft of her cunt, rubbing her juices all over his cock as she drew her cunt back and forth along his shaft. She was breathing hard as she continued to pleasure herself, rubbing her clit against his cockshaft until she cried out in orgasm. Cleo who had been rubbing and licking Audrey’s nipples lay back to watch Audrey’s face as she writhed in the throes of her cumming. “Audrey is a multiple, Dave. She will cum hard for both of us several times tonight,” Cleo said as she rose up to straddle Dave’s head facing Audrey.

Cleo lowered her sopping wet cunt just inches from Dave’s waiting mouth and stopped. David felt a drop of her cunt nectar followed by several more, dripping onto his tongue and face. Cleo and Audrey were kissing each other as Cleo lowered her cunt to Dave’s mouth and he plunged his tongue deep inside her wet cunt. Cleo shuddered as she felt his tongue bathe the inside of her pussy and lowered her head to suckle Audrey’s tits. Audrey placed Dave’s cockhead between her cuntlips and gasped as she drove down hard onto his ridged cock, impaling her self. She began to fuck herself as Cleo devoured her tits. Her pussy clenched Dave’s cock hard and she lifted Cleo’s face to kiss her. Cleo broke the kiss and groaned in pleasure from Dave’s tongue swirling in and out of her pussy. She brought Audrey’s lips to her nipple and moaned as her friends’ lips and tongue licked her sensitive nipple.

Audrey quickened her pace and shuddered through another hard orgasm, crying out in pleasure, but continued to fuck herself. Cleo trembled as Dave’s tongue flicked and swirled over her clit. She rotated her hips bringing her asshole to Dave’s mouth and he eagerly licked her tight little rosebud to the sound of her delightful moaning. Cleo’s cunt nectar flowed heavily onto Dave’s chin and chest as he tongued her asshole relentlessly. Dave realized that the women would have their way with him and that he was there only to amuse and satisfy them. ‘No matter’, he thought, ‘what a wonderful way to be had.’ Dave sensed that Cleo was near orgasm as she moaned louder and louder. She rotated her pussy back onto Dave’s tongue. Audrey saw that Cleo was going to cum and she grabbed Cleo’s nipples and twisted them savagely as Cleo erupted.

A savage orgasm ripped through Cleo’s lithe and beautiful body. She quaked and shuddered sending torrents of cunt nectar into David’s mouth. He swallowed as much as he could but the torrent was more than one mouth could handle. Reaching up to grab Cleo’s thighs, he held them tightly while he tongued her clit hard, sending huge waves of pleasure through her body. “Don’t stop! Keep sucking her!” Audrey called out to him as she too held Cleo fast against Dave’s face. “Suck her eyeballs out! She can’t stand it, but loves it more than anything,” cried Audrey. Dave redoubled his efforts and Cleo rewarded him, and Audrey, with an even more powerful orgasm. Screaming aloud, Cleo was forced to withstand Dave’s remorseless cunt and clit sucking, while Audrey pushed Cleo’s nipples together and sucked them both at once!

Finally, Cleo’s orgasm abated and she just wilted to Dave’s side, gasping for air, lying still, nearly unconscious and unresponsive, except for her labored breathing. “Oooooo, you gave her a good cum, lover,” Audrey cooed as she sat impaled on Dave’s flesh pole. “My turn,” she smiled as she began to ride his cock hard again. Dave reached up to rub and tug Audrey’s nipples as she rode him faster and faster. Cleo remained motionless at his side, breathing hard with her eyes closed as Audrey looked lovingly at her, then at Dave. “Fuck me, Dave…drive it clear through me!” she shouted as Dave thrust upwards as hard as he could while Audrey cried, “Yes…yes…Oh God, Yes!” Dave watched as Audrey closed her eyes, laid her head back and began to pull hard on her nipples as she moaned in pleasure.

Once more she quickened her pace and screamed as she shuddered in a shattering orgasm, spewing her cunt nectar all over Dave’s pubic area and his balls. Her cunt grabbed hard at his cock as she rode it even harder. Audrey screamed each time she would cum, her eyes rolling in their sockets as she screamed, “Oh God Yessssssssss…Yesssssssssssss…FUCK ME…FUCK ME!” Dave could not believe what he was witnessing, Audrey continued to cum again and again as he thrust up into her. Finally, he realized that his sensitive cockhead had taken as much pleasure as he could stand and he exploded his cum deep into Audrey’s willing cunt. “Oh God, that’s güvenilir bahis siteleri so good!” Audrey gasped as the warm thick white cum blasted deep into her pussy.

Audrey groaned and fell forward onto Dave’s chest, her tits pushing hard into him. She twitched and trembled through several mini after-cums then lay still, breathing hard and unmoving. Cleo had witnessed her friends fantastic cum and nudged closer to her and kissed her lips. Audrey, unable to respond, couldn’t find the strength to return the kiss. Cleo stroked Audrey’s head as she kissed and licked her lips. Dave too, had nearly passed out from the intensity of his orgasm. He was gasping, but had regained his senses as he reached out to embrace Cleo with one arm and Audrey with the other. “Is she all right?” he asked Cleo of Audrey.

Cleo nodded, “Yes, she’s ok. She always cums so hard,” she told him. “It’s fun to watch her cum, I think.”

“Yes, but you came just as hard, Cleo,” Dave told her. She nodded and kissed Audrey again. “How long have you two been…lovers?” asked Dave gingerly.

“We’re not lovers, Dave. We just like to fuck together, or get each other off if we can’t find guys,” Cleo replied. “Yes, we are bi with each other, but not to anyone else…so far anyway,” she added. “I do love her, but like a sister more than a lover…but she does give great sex.”

Audrey slowly began to respond as her eyes fluttered open and she realized where she was again. “Wow, Dave…what an awesome fuck!” she declared. She looked at Cleo and smiled asking, “Did you cum good too, honey?” Cleo smiled and nodded ‘yes’. Audrey lifted her head and looked Dave in the eye. “Are you going to suck my pussy clean of your cum, or are you going to let Cleo do that?” she asked.

“What ever is your pleasure, Audrey,” Dave said, thinking after such a great time, how bad could it be and who’s to know. Audrey raised herself off of Dave’s semi hard cock and turned to lick it clean of their blended cum. She held her pussylips closed as she scooted up to straddle Dave’s head, lowering her cum filled pussy to his lips. As she took her fingers away from her cunt, a large dollop of cum dripped onto Dave’s lips. He licked it into his mouth for his first ever taste of cum. The salty taste surprised him as he had thought it be awful and that he would gag, but instead it was not bad at all. He thrust his tongue into Audrey’s cunt and happily began sucking out his cum, swallowing it.

Feeling Cleo move, Dave sighed into Audrey’s cunt as Cleo took his semi hard cock into her mouth and began to revive it. He drained Audrey’s cunt of his seed and she grabbed the back of his head to pull it into her cunt, telling him to suck it hard. Dave complied happily, thrusting his tongue into her cunt and all over her clit, to her unbridled delight. Cleo sucked his cock and played with his balls. Soon, she had resurrected Dave’s cock into a raging hard-on. She pulled his foreskin back and swirled her tongue all over his sensitive cockhead. Cleo pushed the tip of her tongue hard onto Dave’s cockhole and then pulled his foreskin over his cockhead and her tongue. She swirled Dave’s sensitive cockhead with her tongue inside of his foreskin, driving him nearly mad with the intense pleasure.

Revived, Audrey was holding Dave’s head fast to her pussy as she cried out for him to suck her cunt and clit. Sucking his cock for a few minutes, Cleo decided it was ready and she straddled his hips, and lowered her sweet pussy onto his raging hard-on, sighing as it slid deeper into her cunt. Audrey looked around to see Cleo fucking Dave’s cock and she rose up, turned around and sat back down on Dave’s mouth, facing Cleo. Dave resumed sucking Audrey’s cunt as the two women embraced and kissed while David was pleasuring each of their sweet pussies. They both rode him hard. Dave was in heaven as he licked one pussy and fucked the other.

Both Cleo and Dave knew that neither would not cum easily this time. They both rejoiced knowing that they would fuck for a long time before either of them would cum again. Audrey, however, was another story. She was a borderline nympho and a multiple, who would cum again and again before being sated. Dave worked hard on Audrey’s pussy, suckling her clit as though it were a nipple, while she moaned in pleasure. The two women were playing and sucking each other’s tits as Dave pleasured them. Cleo’s cunt was tighter than Audrey’s and he could feel her pussy gripping his cock hard and he loved it. Audrey rotated her hips so Dave could pleasure her asshole and he eagerly licked and sucked her sweet rosebud.

Dave could hear them moaning and groaning with pleasure as they both used him erotically for their pleasure and his. Audrey’s pussy began to clench his tongue as he had resumed licking it. She started to gyrate and writhe with pleasure and he realized she was about to cum yet again. A few seconds later, she screamed again and shuddered through another massive orgasm. Once again her juices covered Dave’s face, mouth and tongue. He held her tight by her thighs to concentrate on licking her clit completely through her orgasm. Cleo stopped fucking him to hold Audrey upright as she urged Dave to suck her clit hard until she stopped gyrating, bucking and jerking from the nearly unreal pleasure she felt in her loins.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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