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Sam’s Infatuation Ch. 02

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3D Monster

A day had passed since Samuel J. Roland had walked in on his brother Toby’s girlfriend Stacy Whitmore masturbating in the bathroom. After that incident she had walked in on him masturbating to thought of her unable to cover himself quickly enough he shot his semen on her, after she erotically cleaned herself by licking it off, Toby came home, Stacy left Sam with a promise ‘We need to talk about this.’

Sam woke up in his room, he hadn’t left since yesterday’s episode. He heard Toby leave and was dreading when Stacy would enter. And mere seconds after the front door had slammed shut, Stacy entered his room.

“Don’t think pretending to sleep will get you out of this.” Stacy pulled his covers off, forcing him to sit up.

“Look Stacy, I’m sorry for walking in on you and I’m sorry for shooting cum all over you and I’m sorry I was jerking off while thinking about you.” Sam looked up his jaw dropped. She was wearing a tight, white blouse that showed every detail of her breasts and silky, red panties.

“Sam I’m confused, last night I almost said your name while your brother was…you-know.”

“Yeah, ok well what are we going to do?” Sam asked.

“Sam I don’t know whether I love you or I just want to fuck you.”


“I propose you fuck me and we see, after that I’ll be able to tell.”

“Toby is my brother Stacy if he knew I fucked you he’d be upset and he’d kill me.”

“He has three lectures today he wont be back for three hours at least.”

“Stacy I cant morally do it.” Stacy glanced down.

“Your pants are saying a different story.” Sam glanced down and saw the bulge in his pants.

“Stacy…” she put a finger on his lips to stop him talking, she stood up and pulled the shirt over her head she let it fall to the ground. Sam stared at her flawless 36C breasts.

“One fuck we wont tell anybody.” Stacy crawled over to him, she gently kissed him. Sam didn’t know what happened but he found himself kissing back suddenly she was on top of him their mouths were open he felt her tongue in his mouth wrestling with his. His hands escort ataşehir moved down to her ass he gripped her cheeks, she squealed in excitement though not breaking the kiss, he lightly spanked her.

“Oh.” She groaned, Sam kissed her neck moving down to her chest, he took her left nipple into his mouth using his right hand to pinch her right nipple she moaned. He moved to the right nipple now pinching her left. Both were stiff when he moved lower kissing down her body, he got her panties in his mouth he pulled them off.

“Eat me out.” She groaned, she fell on her back raising her legs in the air, Sam rested them on his shoulders he moved in licking his lips staring at the wet pussy. Sam’s tongue hit her clit like a jackhammer, she screamed Toby had never done it like that, Sam’s motions grew slower and softer teasing her then fast and hard again her pussy to him tasted like the pussy of a goddess and to Sam Stacy, was a goddess. After ten steamy minutes Stacy climaxed with a scream she thrashed around violently for a full two minutes before she lay on the bed breathless.

“That….was….amazing.” she gasped. She slid onto the floor kneeling in front of Sam she tugged his pants down his 11 inch cock sprung out at her slapping her cheek, Stacy found it incredibly erotic and giggled. She placed her soft, small right hand on the base of his cock. Sam gasped.

“Whoa.” He said.

“Sensitive to a girls touch?”

“Not usually.”

“Just me then huh?” she said staring up at him with big pretty brown eyes while slowly moving her hand up and down his cock. This very sight pushed Sam over the edge, his balls tightened. Stacy noticed.

“Watch out.” Sam managed to gasp. Stacy grinned and opened her mouth wide she jerked him off violently and placed her mouth on the tip. Sam exploded shooting a massive load into her mouth. Stacy couldn’t swallow it all and some dripped down her face.

“Mmm, tasty.” She said in a hoarse, sexy voice. She wiped the cum from her mouth and watched the still erect cock.

“It’s not gonna go down till kadıköy escort bayan I fuck you ragged Stace.”

“You better. I expect to be fucked like a full-fledged whore.” She said spitting on his cock starting to slowly jerk it off again.

“Well aren’t you? You just blew your boyfriend’s brother and you’re about to fuck him.”

Stacy responded with lifting his cock up and took his balls in her mouth she sucked on them, then she licked up from his base to his tip that was oozing pre-cum. She then took about a quarter of his cock into her mouth it stretched her lips wide. She came back up

“Whoa, its so big.” She laughed then took it back into her mouth, she took ¾ ‘s of it in, before her gag reflex acted up, she relaxed before taking it all in.

“You’re amazing.” Stacy stared up at him again his cock still in her mouth.

“Stacy you make cum again, I could make hole in your throat.” She giggled, then started to bob up and down on it, giving Sam the best blowjob he’s ever had, she had amazing suction. Her right hand was softly squeezing and massaging his balls. Sam gripped her hair knotting it around his fist. Stacy’s pussy was once again wet and dripping. Sam noticed he picked her up while she was still sucking his cock he laid on his bed he rotated her so now they were in 69 position. Sam started to eat her out like he did before, and not surprisingly soon after they both came, Sam shooting a load as big as before down Stacy’s throat and Stacy’s pussy juices dripping down his face.

“Oh god, get that cock in me right now!” Stacy screamed. Sam complied they changed positions, now they were in missionary style, Sam’s hard, throbbing cock grinding against Stacy’s soft pussy lips.

“Hey, I said fuck me, not make love to me.” Stacy said.


“What?” she asked kissing his neck.

“I love you.” She stopped

“I love you too.” Sam’s cock entered her pussy, to Sam it was tight but in reality after three years of fucking Toby it had loosened quite a bit. Sam started slow only managing to get half in.

“God, escort bostancı oh man!” Stacy screamed her nails dug into Sam’s back. Sam pulled out and went in faster managing to get two-thirds of it in. This time he didn’t pull it out just pushing it in, after getting it in all the way, Stacy had a small orgasm scratching his back.

“OH!” Sam then started ramming her with no hesitation.

“You’re gonna like this, I haven’t done this for anyone.” Stacy whispered sexily in his ear whilst trying to control her pleasure. Stacy was an exercise freak and also a kinky slut, she had strengthened her cunt muscles. She told him to stop as she squeezed her muscles. Sam could feel it his cock throbbed in the small space.

“Jeez, keep it like that.” He said, then slammed into her with all force. They fucked like this for five minutes before Stacy had to loosen the pressure.10

“Let me cowgirl!” She said rising up, Sam pulled his cock out slickened with their juices. She pushed him on his back and stood over him like a warrior sex goddess. She lowered herself onto his fat cock. He placed his hands on her hips she raised her arms in the air interlocking her hands. Sam raised his right hand and squeezed her tits. Then they started fucking relentlessly. Who knows for how long? It could have been for half-an-hour or two hours, before they both climaxed. Stacy fell on Sam her tits in his face he kissed and licked them, as he slowly went flaccid inside of her.

“Let me tit fuck you.” Sam said. Stacy grinned again she got off his cock and slid down his body till his cock was directly in the centre of her tits. She squeezed them together and cleaned his cock of their juices. Sam felt her fleshy, tits surround his cock his head fell back and he groaned.

Stacy looked up at the clock.

“Oh fuck! He’ll be home soon!”

“Stacy, what are we going to do?”

“Sam, I fucked you and I know that I love you, you love me, but I don’t know what to do about Toby.”

“We’ll talk about it, I have to go for my Economics lecture soon.” Stacy grinned.

“Going back to class?”

“Yeah, our mind-blowing fuck knocked my head into place.”

“I’m gonna go shower.”

“Ok.” Stacy got up, hunting for her clothes. She left the room not before pausing at the door, looking back at him.

“I love you.”

“I love you.”

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