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School for Scandal: Diamond’s Day

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Big Tits

Diamond Gazongas stood in front of the imposing stonework of the mansion and paused with her hands on her hips, looking up at the edifice. It seemed so… British. She couldn’t claim to be interested all that much in the architecture, though it did of course have residual old world appeal and authenticity which appealed to her young American sensibility. Nonetheless, she wondered whether she had made the right choice in hopping over the Atlantic from LA to show up to the induction day for the school. It all looked very quaint for the world’s youngest porn superstar.

A strange set of circumstances had brought her here. Diamond was eighteen and a half and had started in the porn business pretty much straight after her eighteenth birthday, signing an exclusive contract with the biggest company and working up a storm already, notching up seventy-seven appearances in films and scenes already. Such an astounding body of work had been amassed primarily because of the relish that she undertook her work with, and it was the amazing attitude embodied in her performances, plus her astonishing looks that had rapidly made her one of the biggest names in the business, the most sought-after performer and most googled names on the internet in under six months.

Diamond was in flawless physical condition and a model of contemporary sexuality. Her tits were astonishingly huge and dwarfed nearly every other model’s in the business, most girls in porn who decided to augment themselves opting for a safe pair of DDs. Diamond’s knockers made such tits seem miniscule and underdeveloped by comparison, the two huge swollen orbs way bigger in size than her head and jutting out of her chest in rock-hard torpedoes that protruded perpendicular to her body. Below this she had the tight ripped body of a fitness model and her abs were packed into an absurdly slim waist. Her legs were catwalk-slender and tensile toned, amazingly long. As was the fashion, Diamond sported a few delicate tattoos, one of her ankle, her pussy, her lower back and around her left bicep.

Diamond had been working on a movie with the famous pornqueen Tanya Monroe, easily the most recognizable and desirable adult performer on the planet. Diamond had been cast with Tanya as the most likely successor to the crown, and the scene had been billed as the climactic showdown between the two hottest performers in porn. Though Diamond wouldn’t have minded assuming the mantle, in reality there was no competition at all between her and Tanya, who she found to be as warm, funny, and generous off-camera as she was devastatingly slutty and alarmingly kinky on it. The scene was a gangbang in which she and Tanya faced off back to back against an army of cocks, and the story of the film had been about a pair of female superheroes who initially didn’t get on but had to reluctantly join forces to battle greater powers. A battery of well-seasoned cocksmiths, hunks and porno studs had been commissioned to tackle the legendary slut and the young, mega-boobed pretender, and in about less than an hour Diamond and Tanya had reduced the two-dozen strong band to a groaning carpet of muscle, spent cocks and errant cum, with Tanya and Diamond the only two left erect, kneeling against each other. Afterwards, watching the exhausted queue of men stumble and shuffle out of the room their ballsacks voided, Tanya made Diamond a surprising proposition. It was that Diamond take a break from the biz for a short while and go over to England to spend a semester brushing up her education at a special school she was a sponsor for.

‘What for?’ asked Diamond, in the midst of posing for publicity stills for the movie with a rope of cum attaching her chin to Tanya’s. The only two cocks that were still as much as semi-hard were being pointed at their faces by seasoned studs.

‘It would be a bit of an eye-opener, even for you,’ Tanya said, sticking her tongue out as the camera flashed at them, ‘you may be grateful for the qualification one day, not to say the education you would receive. I went there, you see. And you might say it made me what I am today.’

Tanya had suddenly taken the cock that was pointed at her face in her hand, twisted it, and to the accompaniment of the man’s ecstatic groans, made it spasm and send a fresh jet of hot cum shooting through the air to smack into Diamond’s right eye. Diamond giggled but was a little shocked — the guy had blown his load no more than two minutes previously, and Tanya had just made him cum again.

‘If you really are serious about taking my place, not just in this silly movie, but in real life, it would be the best move you could make…’ continued Tanya, ‘I’ll put you in touch with my daughter. She’s there, and loving it.’

It had been enough to convince Diamond, who had needed a break anyway and booked a plane to England. It would give her the opportunity to go a little bit of sightseeing, and, not overcommitting herself, she decided to book in at the school for an induction day during that summer. This chain of events had led her to where she was now.

Deciding bostancı escort bayan to put her cards on the table and ruffle the feathers of the Brits, Diamond was in her favourite outfit at the moment. She was wearing a stiff, tight, shiny black leather corset with shiny metal studs all over it, the front of the garment zipped down tight enough to show all of the inner curves of her cleavage. A chic little biker cap of the same design and material sat on her head, the black leather studded peak pulled down over one of her eyes. A black leather choker around her neck complemented the look. Black leather studded arm bracers performed a similar function. She also wore a black thong and black PVC shiny thigh length boots with six inch heels and platform soles. She had paid special attention to her hair and long, flowing wavy tresses of incredible lustre and volume spilled up and over her shoulders and back.

Wondering what to expect, Diamond went up the steps and into the main hall. Diamond walked up the stone steps, through the columns that flanked the entrance and through into the hallway, which was cool and shadowed, away from the glare of the hot summer sun outside. Looking around her, Diamond saw that she was in a large chamber with a stone-flagged floor in the design of alternate black and white checks. A large dual staircase climbed to the second floor ahead of her, a vast light fitting swung from the roof. Restoration-era paintings were on the dark oak walls, but there was no-one around to greet her.

Sensing that he heard something emanating from the large oak door on her left, Diamond walked over to it, the heels of her thigh-length shoes clicking on the floor as she did so, grasped the handle and pulled the heavy door open.

The sound of conversation that bubbled around the room instantly stopped, as if sucked into the gasp that was clearly and collectively pronounce by everyone in the room. Around a large, long table, with coffee and biscuits on it, were stood about a dozen middle-aged men and women in suits and various smart wear. Diamond, in her favourite leather studded pornoslut attire, posed in the doorway, her hands on her hips, as every head in the room swivelled to look at her.

Diamond had enough time to note that every female set of eyes was bulging out at her, and every male mouth seemed to be salivating with Pavlovian predictability, before a large man bounded across the room to her, well dressed in a suit with a large, open face , a long-set broken nose, and smiling and laughing in a friendly hale-fellow-well-met kind of way.

‘Hello!’ said the man, facing Diamond in the doorway, ‘and you would be?’

‘Diamond,’ said Diamond, smiling, instantly liking the man, ‘Diamond Gazongas.’

‘Yes,’ said the man, shaking her hand, ‘we’ve been expecting you. You’re here for the induction! So glad you could come to use today. We’re delighted to have you. My name is David Campbell.’

Expertly, David swiftly pirouetted Diamond in the doorway and smoothly steered her away, back into the hall and across in the opposite direction to another doorway.

‘I’m just having coffee with a few of the parents who have brought their prospective students with them today, Diamond. You know, entertaining and getting to know them while their sons and daughters are interviewed and inducted. It’s very possibly they haven’t seen anything quite like you,’

‘Uh-huh,’ said Diamond, ‘well I just kind of threw this on, you see…’ she explained, referring to her remarkable outfit.

‘And lovely you look too,’ said David, ‘I’m so sorry there was no-one to meet you. This is where I’d like you to wait, if you’d be so kind,’ David was indicating another door in front of them, and propelling Diamond towards it, ‘if you’d be kind enough to wait in here with a couple of other prospective students, a teacher will be along shortly to give you the tour and take you to your interview.’

David opened the door onto a room similar to the one Diamond had apparently just mistakenly intruded upon, oak panelled, with plush seats around the side, tea and coffee urns around the central table.

‘Do make yourself at home, Diamond, and I hope I’ll see you later in the day,’ Mr Campbell said, smiling and swiftly closing the door on Diamond. Diamond could hear his heavy steps retreating back across the hallway.

She was not alone in the room. There were two other boys seated in it, both with coffee cups in their hands, each of which looked about her age. They were dressed fairly smartly. Diamond decided that she was slightly more in her element in this room, although as yet it had been a fairly uninspiring introduction. Mr Campbell seemed friendly enough, but he was, again, so British, and the looks of disapproval she had been getting from the parents had been a little offputting, although she didn’t care what people thought that much. She loved what she did and who she was. In fact turning up to a room full of stiff Brits and rocking their worlds was exactly the kind of thing that she liked, and she gave ümraniye escort a little satisfied sigh, feeling her pussy moisten at the thought that those stuck-up middle-aged British guys would be thinking about her every time they ploughed their wives from now until the end of time.

‘Hello boys,’ Diamond said, oozing into the room in a slinky, patented pornstar walk, making her way confidently and purposefully towards the central table, where she paused her glorious ass fully exposed to both of them, the thin strip of material of her thong invisible between the luscious, bulging curves of her jutting ass cheeks.

Leaning forward, Diamond helped herself to a cup of coffee from the urn. As the liquid splashed into her cup, she thought she heard something strange behind her, like a rattling sound. Puzzled, she turned to see that both young men were visibly shaking, and their coffee cups were clanking and clattering against the saucers in their hands. Coffee was spewing over the brims of the cups as both of the boys were staring, transfixed at her.

‘Something wrong, boys?’ said Diamond as she turned around to face them, instinctively running her hands over the swell of her massive megaboobs that stuck out so far in front of her, giving them a deep squeeze.

Both boys shook their heads.

‘I’m Diamond,’ the young, blonde, teen pornqueen said, ‘what are your names?’

‘I’m Matt,’ one of the boys, fair haired, gulped at her finally.

‘I’m Tom,’ the other one said, crockery clattering comically in his grip.

‘Are you here for the interviews?’ Diamond asked both of them.

Both boys nodded.

‘You Brits are so cute…’ Diamond said, allowing a sugarcube to plop into her coffee as if to punctuate the sentence. ‘Looks like we could be going to this school together!’

The boys gulped nervously and almost shuddered at the vision in front of them, the eighteen year old pornoslut taking a sip of coffee, her massive cans sticking out rock hard on her chest, the bronzed, shining, bulging flesh of her tits sticking up over her corset.

‘You…’ started Matt, unevenly, ‘you wouldn’t be Diamond… Gazongas, would you?’

Diamond opened her eyes wide in appreciation and smiled. She loved being recognised, ‘Why yes!’ she giggled, ‘I’m so flattered you know me!’

Matt lowered his eyes sheepishly, ‘I’ve seen some of your films,’ he confessed.

‘And did you enjoy them?’ said Diamond, putting her coffee down on the table behind her and putting her hand on her hips, feeling even more turned on than ever that the cute, innocent guy had seen her get fucked,

‘Oh yes? And did you enjoy them?’

Matt nodded, ‘could I get a picture with you?’

Diamond smiled and pushed her lips together as if she was blowing him a kiss, ‘a picture with a little pornoslut like me?’ she cooed, ‘come and get it!’

Matt quickly got up from his seat and fished his phone from his pocket.

‘Tom, would you mind taking a picture of us?’ Matt said quickly as he rose, turning back to the other boy and turning the camera on, giving the handset to his fellow inductee. Tom also rose to accept the phone, but by the time that Matt had turned back to Diamond, he was alarmed to see that she had swiftly and decisively got on her knees in front of him and was busy unzipping his fly, her right hand expertly fishing inside his trouser for his cock.

Matt’s eyes bulged and his knees started trembling as the teenage pornstar happily rummaged around in his boxers, the gorgeous blonde looking up at him and flashing a magnificent smile.

‘Much more fun this way,’ she confided, with a wink as she withdrew the eighteen year old’s cock from his trousers, her eyes widening in delight as she took in the dimensions of the member that she had in her hand. ‘Whoa!’ she cried, ‘briskly pressing her hand all the way down to the base of the penis and squeezing hard so that the stiff, veiny length ballooned in her hand, ‘this is fucking huge, like a nine-incher! Holy shit Matt, you’ve got a fucking log down here!’

Matt gulped and could only stare downwards, transfixed, as Diamond pistoned the cock down so that it smacked into her face and let the underside rest against her face, the thick, pulsating length throbbing as it obscured her gorgeous features. As Diamond smiled and gaze an enthusiastic thumbs up, Tom took the picture and the tip of Matt’s cock instantly exploded in a plume of cum, the white, messy spray catching loads of air as it arced up over Diamond’s head, fragments of spunk smacking into her petite leather studded biker’s cap and ricocheting off, but most of it describing a parabola over the table, to land, with a heavy plop, into Diamond’s coffee, making it look very milky indeed.

Matt groaned, slumped, and staggered back to collapse into one of the chairs while Diamond sucked a thread of cum from her finger as the door opened. The door was opened by a knockout bombshell blonde, and Diamond finally felt that things were turning around at what she had originally perceived to be stuffy school, escort kartal the teenage pornqueen finally starting to come around to realizing why the illustrious Tanya Monroe had recommended that she visit. Of course the way that the young male interviewee was groaning and moaning, whose massive cock was violently pulsating at the level of her eyeline and spewing jets of cum into the air which shot way over her head, turning over and over themselves and pattering onto the tablecloth behind her, had been a good guide to how Diamond had taken the situation of waiting in a boring room ‘in hand’.

The young man gasped, seemingly lost control of the ability to stand and staggered backwards as if he had taken a blow to the solar plexus, crashing back onto the seat where he had got up from next to Matt, his brow spotted with sweat and his big, cum-drooling cock sagging out over one side of his groin, utterly and expertly drained by the blonde porno slut on her knees, sucking her finger in her mouth playfully as she smiled and giggled infectiously at the way she had managed to get the yong stud to void his ballsack in such a rapid way.

Matt, next to him, looked equally shocked, his eyes bulging out of his head as he gazed in mesmerized fashion at how the gorgeous, drop-dead blonde allowed the pendulous droplet of cum that hung from her finger her full attention. She was still unscathed by cum: the blasts had been so prodigious that they had rocketed way over her head from the over-enthusiastic teenager, although the cups glasses and the tea urn behind her head had taken something of a pelting.

In the doorway, exposed to this scene, was the aforementioned blonde wearing a skintight tiny black t-shirt that ballooned out in front of her thanks to a pair of tits that defied any conventional description other than to say that they jutted horizontally out of her chest like torpedoes, looked to be rock-hard and were comfortably larger than head-sized. The gleaming curves of deeply tanned underboobs could be glimpsed protruding obscenely underneath the decorously ripped lower hem of the t-shirt, which was suspended in mid-air. All this monstrous boobage was stacked above the ripped, sculptured, abdominally perfect midriff of a fitness model so that the immense rack looked strangely out of proportion with the thin waist. A delicate black tattoo was on the woman’s stomach which seemed to spread upwards from her crotch. She was wearing an alarmingly ripped pair of denim shorts that were completely dishevelled to the point where they were really little more than a thong with frayed wisps of denim hanging from the, black fingerless leather gloves, shiny black vinyl platform stripper shoes with stiletto heels and a pair of shades perched on her head, resting in her long lustrous blonde hair. She had a tape measure in her hand.

The t-shirt had the phrase ‘I GIVE THE BEST BLOWJOBS THAT YOU’LL EVER HAVE’ on it, but the spacing of the words was slightly irregular, almost as though the word ‘ever’ had at one time had another letter in front of it. The words were a little gloopy in design, as if made from cum.

The woman looked at the scene and immediately smiled ravishingly. ‘You must be Diamond Gazongas!’ she exclaimed to the megaboobed porn slut on her knees in front of the table, ‘we’re so thrilled that you could make it.’

‘As am I,’ said Diamond, smiling back, ‘now that I’ve seen the calibre of studs that are going to be coming to this school Can’t actually wait until I can get one in my mouth — this one came just a little too soon!’

‘Well, he is still a prospective student,’ said the blonde, looking hungrily and not unkindly at the gasping, drained young teenager that was gawping in awe at the astonishing proportions of the slender, muscle-toned, huge titted slut that had just entered the room. ‘Oh,’ said Diamond, ‘I know. And with a cock that size, I feel sure he’ll get in…’

The woman came in and shut the door behind her, toying with the tape measure, ‘Indeed, we insist on the best. In fact, you’ve saved me a job. I was just coming in to make sure that both these, uh… prospective pupils… measured up to meet the entry requirements…’

At this the stacked blonde playfully released the catch on the metal tape measure, which had been extended somewhat over a foot in length, and the thin metal line whipped backwards into the device with a quick, sharp sound. Miss Hart grinned at Diamond.

‘But now I see that’s no longer necessary,’ continued the huge-titted blonde teacher, ‘since thank to your efforts I can see exactly what’s on offer. And I see that it’s very meaty indeed…’ she licked her lips.

She was referring to Matt, who, the instant that the door had opened, and he had clasped eyes on the sexy blonde, had encountered the puzzling and totally unavoidable instance of his huge, nearly foot-long cock tearing through the fabric of his trousers, sundering stitches and cotton as it sprang upwards like a thick, veiny tent-pole. Matt looked down aghast and helpless, still clutching the phone with which he had previously taken a picture of Diamond’s fan-photo session which had become an impromptu hardcore-porn shoot, watching the two blondes survey the precum weeping bell-end of his turgid member as it stood up out of his crotch, crowned all around with ripped fabric.

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