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Secretary Sandy

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The telephone on her desk rang.

“Macsims Hydroponics” she said brightly.

“Tell Glen that Mac is on his way. I’m in a cab now” a male voice snarled.

“May I ask …” The other end had hung up.

She walked to the office door, knocked and stuck her head in. Sandy was 22, short and round with a big bosom and fat ass. The colourful peasant blouse she wore showed off her cleavage to good effect, especially when she leaned forward as she did now. Her dark hair framed her round face with their blue eyes.

Her boss Glen liked the cleavage shot and smiled warmly. Until she told him that Mac was on his way.

“oh shit! The boss is coming? He started to bustle around his office, picking up. “go clean up out there!”

She was puzzled by his concern. They had a license to commercially grow marijuana and since the employees frequently indulged themselves, it was a very mellow place to work. Kind of a dream job actually. In fact, Glen had just recently given her a raise. “I thought you were the boss?”

“No, I’m the manager. Mackenzie Simms is the owner. He’s got different businesses all over the country. He hasn’t been here in a few years. Now go clean up out there! No roaches, clean garbage cans, pick up paper, whatever!”

She had never seen Glen panic before and she rushed back to her desk to clean up the lobby.

Not five minutes later, a thin sharp looking man in a tailored grey suit strode in.

She came out from her desk. Her blue jeans hugged her full hips. She smiled brightly “May I help you, sir?”

He looked her up and down slowly taking her in.

Glens door flew open and the big man stepped forward with a big smile to hide his nervousness.

“Mac! What a great surprise” He spread his arms wide.

Mac smiled a thin, humourless smile. “lets go talk.” He stepped past Glen toward the office. He turned, “you, girlie. Bring in the financials”

Glen followed him into the office and closed the door.

When she had all the files, she knocked on the office door. Mac was at Glens desk while he sat in front. Mac waved her in and she put the files on the desk in front of them. “Thanks, Sandy” said Glen, appreciatively. “yes, Sandy, thanks for doing your job” added Mac.

As she turned to go he added “Your raise is on hold until all the employee evaluations are complete.”

Her face fell as she walked to the door. She had recently split from her babys Dad and the raise was going to pay the rent on the new place.

She closed the door behind her and pressed her ear against it.

She could hear them talking about her.

Mac, “How do you justify it, Glen?” Glens reply was indistinct. Mac laughed “Yeah, she does have great tits. And a sweet ass. I understand why you like her. But there are lots of chubby tittys who would blow you for this job. Anyway, lets look over the numbers.”

She went back to her desk.

She spent the rest of the afternoon answering the phone and doing paperwork. Occasionally she would bring them in some coffee and she made a point of bending so as to emphasize the subtle sway of her breasts when she leaned over. They both watched her closely, particularly when she knocked some papers off the desk and slowly bent over to pick them up. The jean material was taut over her large round butt. Glen would smile but Mac seemed unaffected.

When they came out together escort bostancı at the end of the day, Mac told her to prepare for a longer day tomorrow. Glen was trying to joke with him. That stopped when Mac snapped, “How are you going to answer THE question, Glen?” Glen was flustered so she jumped in.

“What’s the question, Mr. Simms?” She leaned forward at her desk, her fat tits resting on her forearms. Pushing them up and in. All four eyes lingered on her cleavage.

Mac snorted, “I ask every employee at their evaluation one final question. What do you bring to the table? What do you give me that I can’t get somewhere else for less money? You better show me something special.”

With that they walked out.

When they came in the next day, she had already laid out the stack of employee files on the desk. Mac was telling Glen, “I’m going to fire someone, if just to wake every body else up!”

They came into the office and saw her standing next to the desk in what she thought was more professional. Knee-high boots and a brown leather skirt that came almost to her knees. Enough bare leg was showing that it emphasized the bareness of her skin. She had worn a white dress blouse but it was more sheer than she had realized. Her black lace bra was clearly visible under it and drew the eye to her large breasts.

She displayed the files in a Vanna White-type wave. “Gentlemen”.

“Coffees and …” Mac leaned over to pick up a file, “Hernandez”.

They were at it all day.

Employees came in a little nervous and mostly left in shock. Derksen and Ruiz were fired.

At about 7 pm, Glen finally came out. She looked at him anxiously. His smile was a little strained. “I’m staying on. But now I’m going home. Go on in. You’re the last one.”

She walked in, back straight and head up. There were no files left on the desk. She heard Glen lock the front door as he left.

Mac looked up and waved her to the chair in front of the desk. They ran through her duties, her daily schedule, her job description.

Finally, Mac reached into the desk and pulled out a joint, a lighter and ashtray. He slid them across the desk top. “Go ahead. I know everyone smokes here.”

With some relief, she picked up the lighter and started to reach for the weed and then paused, “Is this a test?”

“if it is, you failed.” Her mouth dropped open. Mac grinned, “But it’s not.” He picked up the joint and brought it to his mouth. He waved her toward him. He pushed the chair back from the desk so she could light it. She was very nervous and her hands shook as she tried to hold the flame to his joint. He cupped her hands with his and drew on the cig. When it was going he took a deep draw and handed it back to her. She was leaning on the desk, her ass against it with him reclining slightly in front of her.

They smoked for a moment. “so, I gotta ask. I’ve known Glen a long time. How did you get him to give you the raise? Did you have to blow him? Maybe a quick handie under his desk? Don’t tell me you fucked him.” Mac was grinning widely.

She smiled back. “Nothing like that. I just told that I was leaving my boyfriend and I needed some help”.

He laughed mockingly, “please, sir” He pushed out his chest. “please can you help me, sir.” He batted his eyes at her.

They both laughed.

Mac shook his head. “Glen’s problem is that ümraniye escort he’s weak. He’s scared to just take what he wants. He’ll look at tits and ass his whole life and never fuck either of them.”

“Anyway, our last order of business. “He leaned forward and the chair straightened up. He leaned past her and put what was left of the joint in the ashtray. The smoke curled into the air. He crossed his arms. “The question. What can you give me that no one else can?”

She stared into his eyes. She nervously ran her tongue over her lips

“Well, I know you like my tits.”

She brought a hand up to each breast. She began to caress them through the blouse running her hands slowly over each boob. She slowly pushed them together and then slowly lifted them up. He saw her thumbs circle her nipples. Then she squeezed them firmly.

“When you were in your hotel last night, did you think about taking my large plump tits into your hands? Cupping them and squeezing them. Feeling their weight in your firm grasp. Kneading the tit flesh with your fingers? Because I did. I thought about how you would reach out and hold one big fat tit in each hand, loving the size and their softness.

Her hands kept palming her breasts, sliding over her big soft tits. Each breast rising and falling as she began to breath faster. Her hands stroked and caressed each boob.

“Did you think about taking off my shirt so you could hold them? I bet you did. I bet you thought long and hard about undoing each button, exposing more and more of my firm young skin to your lusty gaze. Exposing more and more of my big soft tits to your lusty hands.”

She began to slowly unbutton the blouse.

“Because I did. It made me hot to think of you slowly undoing one button at a time, knowing each button gave you more access to my chest, more flesh for your eyes and fingers. I thought about you sliding my shirt off so that you could see them right in front of your hungry eyes.”

She slid it off and raised her arms up.

“I thought about you reaching into my bra and taking one out. About you lifting it and squeezing it and running your hands all over it. Feeling my bare skin hot in your hand. Warm and soft and supple naked skin in your hand and oozing out between your fingers. Thinking about you taking my breast out of the confines of my bra, making it yours, yours to possess, made me pant and squirm.”

She began to unhook the bra.

“Did you think about opening your mouth, and kissing my big titties? About teasing my nipples with your warm wet tongue. Did you think about my nipples getting all big and hard and swollen.? Kissing the soft skin with your lips, grazing them with your teeth, lapping at the naked flesh with your hot wet tongue.”

Her bra dropped off and her big breasts sagged. She cupped one in each hand.

“Because I did. And you know what? Thinking about your hot mouth worshipping my big tits made my nipples so hard. They rose up between my fingers they were so eager for you to suck on them.”

She giggled.

“Like they are now” He could see her hard nipples between her fingers. Her hands pressed into the flesh of those big globes.

“I started to get so horny thinking about you. Thinking about your strong powerful hands, your wet tongue, your warm sucking mouth. It wasn’t just my breasts which were getting aroused. Did you kartal escort bayan touch yourself last night? All alone in that hotel room. Did you touch your cock thinking about my tits? I bet you did.”

His eyes were fixed on her chest. His tongue sliding over his own lips. He watched one hand make slow circles down her body. A soft moan escaped her lips.

“Did you think about putting your hard cock in my cleavage? Wrapping my warm fleshy tits around your manhood. Rocking back and forth so I can flick my tongue across the head of your dick as you titty-fuck me. Because I did “.

One hand was between her legs now. The other lifted one breast up to her own mouth so her wet pink tongue could flicker over the nipple. She let out a low moan. She pulled up the hem of her skirt so that he could see her bare thighs. Her hand was balled into a fist against the material.

“Were you stroking your hard cock when you thought about me. My hot young mouth on your rod. Running my wet hungry tongue all over your dick. Opening my full lips wide so you could push into my warm, wet, eager mouth.”

Both hands were on her tits, lifting them up to her mouth as she stared into his eyes. She looked down at the tent in his pants.

She bit her lower lip.

“Show me. Show me how hard you got for me. Show me your hard hot cock.”

He reached down between his legs, unbuttoned his pants. His short thick cock sprang out. His hand went around it as he watched her.

She stood up and lifted her skirt to her waist. She wasn’t wearing any underwear and her thin black bush was framed by her thick bare thighs. She sat back on the desk. She lifted her legs and put her boots on each arm of his chair. Her hand slid down over her tummy and began to toy with her bush.

“I got so wet thinking about you stroking your cock for me.’ She groaned deeply and slid a finger inside her. “I am so wet now. Thinking about how much you hunger for my tits, how much you hunger to lick and suck them. How you just want to bury your face in them and kiss and lick and suck.” Her finger was sliding wetly in and out of her vulva. She moaned, deeper, longer. He pumped his hard-on with his fist. “I started to come when I thought about how you wanted my mouth on you. Sucking that thick cock all the way down, deep-throating you. Getting your dick all wet and slick as I eagerly licked and sucked your glorious manhood.” She whimpered as her orgasm built.

She laid back on the desk, her wet steaming pussy spread wide for his lustful eyes. “But I screamed when I thought about you pushing me back and spreading my legs” she was panting and writhing on the desk. Both hands on her swinging tits. “And driving that hard thick cock deep into my hungry cunt …’She let out a series of high pitched squeaks and he leapt up from the chair. Her grabbed her ankles and pulled them up his shoulders. He drove his hard cock deep into her steamy cunt all in, all deep and they both screamed as they came. Deep into her cunt he came and each load of thick cum seemed to multiply her orgasm as her head flailed back and forth and pussy quivered around him.

She smiled, eyes lidded, as they their breath began to slow. He stayed inside her. His groin tight against her. He reached out one hand and she pushed a breast into his grasping hand. He let her legs fall to either side of him.

She looked at him, “what?”

“I’m trying to decide if we are going to continue fucking here or back at my hotel”.

She lifted one leg and put it behind his ass.

He smiled and reached down between them. His thumb began to move in gentle circles over her clit.

The End

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