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Seduced By Penny’s Sister

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Kendra was having another rough week. The guy she had her eye on at work—the happily married guy—was on her mind enough that she knew her fantasy was becoming an unhealthy obsession. She hadn’t been with anyone intimately in weeks, partly because of her long hours at work, but also because she couldn’t keep her mind off that delicious forbidden fruit.

She had been fooling herself since the one wild encounter they had had a few weeks back. They had almost done it, in the conference room at night, but ultimately the evening had been a big tease. It left Kendra hungry for more, and though Brad made it very clear that he would never go that far again, much less have an affair, Kendra held out false hope.

And that had left her as horny as ever.

She dreamed of what he might do to her, getting herself wet enough that she’d have to excuse herself from meetings. When she got home, to try to help herself fall asleep, she’d masturbate to her fantasy, but then the idea that it was never to be entered her mind, and she would stop, forced to lay there more frustrated than ever. At present time, Kendra figured she had two weeks of massive, pent-up lust churning inside her, and she had decided that, no matter what, she was going to release it today. She just couldn’t take it anymore.

She held out hope that Brad would give in today, so she could release the way she had always intended, but that was not to be. Instead, she passed through the day, went home, had a quiet evening alone, and went to bed early.

In her bed, with the lights off, dressed in a lacy bra and panties to make herself feel sexier, Kendra finally decided she would have to work to forget Brad. She purged him from her thoughts, trying to call up images of other men she knew—preferably available men—who she could focus on. She wasn’t in the mood for porn—those men were nameless actors with no emotional connection, which is what she needed to forget Brad. As she reached into her nightstand for her vibrator, she tried to think of the last guy that really, really made her wet.

The guy that came to mind wasn’t what she expected, but it wasn’t Brad, and so she went with it. She turned the vibrator on and rubbed the toy slowly over her panties, against her clit. When she moaned, it surprised her that she was already that turned on. She moaned again, and rubbed a hand over her flat tummy toward her breasts.

She was just about to remove her underwear when there was a knock at the back door.

Kendra lived in a nice, two bedroom house which she shared with her younger, 19-year old sister, Penny. Both girls were beautiful, but they looked nothing alike. Kendra was the taller of the two at 6’2″, very tan and athletic, with smaller breasts than her little sis, though that wasn’t a bad thing—Penny had very ample Ds. Kendra’s hair was a chestnut, close to the color of her tan, and long and flowing. She had piercing brown eyes. Fully clothed, she could knock a man to the ground with her looks. Wearing nothing but sexy lingerie, as she was when she got up to see who was at the door, she could knock a man off the planet.

Aware of how she looked, but not one to brag about it, Kendra grabbed a robe as she left her room.

The rest of the house was dark, so it was easy to see who was at the door right away, because the porch light overhead was the only light shining. It was Gavin, Penny’s boyfriend.

The very Gavin Kendra had just been fantasizing about.

I better get rid of him quick, Kendra thought, not letting her imagination take her to the world of What If.

Closing her robe tightly, she opened the door and greeted Gavin.

“Hey, how was your trip?” she asked. Gavin had just spent a few days in Vegas. She hadn’t seen or heard from him since his return a week ago.

“It was…unusual,” he quipped, searching for the right words.

“Not in a bad way, I hope,” she said.

“No, no. Actually, it was probably the best vacation I’d ever had in my life. But it’s still good to be home.”

“That’s good.”

“I’m sorry for bothering you,” he said, “Obviously you were in bed…”

“Oh, that’s okay. I was just laying around. Haven’t actually gone to sleep yet.”

“I tried calling Penny,” Gavin explained. “But her cell won’t pick up. I thought she might be here.”

“Oh, no. Sorry, Gavin,” Kendra said. “She’s out tonight. I don’t know why she has her phone off. Maybe she went to a movie or something.”

It was just a flash, but Kendra suddenly had in her mind the image of what Gavin probably intended to do to her sister had she been home. Kendra and Penny were very open about sex and they often talked of their relationships with each other. She was happy her little sister was enjoying herself sexually, and Gavin had more than met the requirements for Kendra’s seal of approval.

She was actually disappointed Penny wasn’t here. If she was, then Gavin would get his sex, and Kendra could masturbate to the sounds of it coming through the walls. It wouldn’t be the izmir escort first time she’d cum to the sounds coming from her sister’s room.

Kendra felt herself growing flush.

“I can tell her you stopped by,” Kendra said, trying to clear her own mind of such thoughts. “How late should I tell her she can call?”

“As late as she wants,” Gavin said, stepping back from the door. “I haven’t seen her in a while, you know. Even before the trip.”

Kendra knew what he meant. Gavin and Penny’s own busy lives always kept them at bay as they tried to get together. But Kendra also suspected, or maybe she was letting her imagination take hold of her, that Gavin meant something physical when he said he hadn’t “seen” her in a while. Maybe poor Gavin had been to Sin City and back and was now all hot and bothered.

Maybe he was as horny as she was.

Kendra thought back to her first meeting with Gavin. She and Penny had played a trick on him. Penny, who had always fought battles with her insecurity, had Kendra come on to Gavin to see how he would respond. They had done this to other guys in Penny’s past, and all had taken the bait. But Gavin didn’t. No matter what Kendra did—and she did quite a lot—Gavin remained faithful.

It was a testament to his character, but it had also left Kendra a little shaken. She’d never been turned down before. Sure, she was happy Penny had found a guy she could trust, and even Gavin had come out on top—Penny trusted him enough that they decided to have an open relationship. Gavin had no doubt wanted to give in to Kendra, but he didn’t. Just like Brad, Gavin was the guy who’d said ‘no’. Another forbidden fruit.

Except, unlike Brad, Gavin was in an open relationship.

That was why it was Gavin who came to mind when she began masturbating tonight. Any other man Kendra ever wanted, she got, except for Brad, who she was effectively pushing out of her mind. And so here was Gavin, horny and hot and right here in front of her, and though he had another woman, he was free to look elsewhere. He was also handsome; a quiet guy with an air of confidence, with a cute smile and delicious eyes. He was in good shape, with a lean body earned from real work rather than the gym.

The idea of seducing Gavin again sent electricity throughout Kendra’s body. And this time, he could give in.

On the porch, Gavin turned back toward his truck.

“Gavin,” Kendra called, almost too loud. She had to mentally control her breathing. “Penny has a big test tomorrow morning,” she lied. “I don’t expect her to be gone much longer. You can wait in here. Keep me company.”

It took a little convincing, but eventually Gavin agreed to wait with Kendra. He came in, shut the door, and followed Kendra through the kitchen. Despite that first, awkward meeting he had with his girlfriend’s sister, Gavin felt comfortable around Kendra. He knew Kendra had no interest in him, and she’d never go after her own sister’s man for real. Still, he found it odd that, as he had entered the house, Kendra had let her robe slip open, revealing a glimpse of that perfect body ornamented with mouth-watering lingerie before she quickly turned away.

Kendra had done that on purpose. When Gavin accepted her invite, she knew her plan would work, and it made her so hot, she just had to show off and start right away, even if it was a bit bold and obvious. Nipples hardening, Kendra led Gavin to the living room. She left the lights off, turned on only the TV, and flipped it to Sportscenter. That had been the very show Gavin had been watching when she began her first seduction. She wondered if he would make the connection.

Neither really watched the program. Mostly they just made small talk. Gavin didn’t seem to notice anything out of the ordinary, even though Kendra often let her robe fall open revealing more of herself than she would with regular company. He did notice these slips, but he didn’t take them as advances. Finally, Kendra went to get him a drink. When she came back, she sat next to him on the couch—right next to him—and handed him the drink with one hand while placing the other in his lap, on his thigh, inches from his crotch.

His eyes widened.

Gavin immediately felt uncomfortable. It wasn’t necessarily an unwanted advance, just a mysterious one. Was she really intending these moves? Was this just another test? He wouldn’t dare ask, for fear of looking like a fool. But what if this was for real? He didn’t really believe that possibility, but then again…

Gavin opened his mouth to say something, anything, to break the tension that had suddenly filled the room. But before he could speak, Kendra’s mouth was on him, her lips pressed to his, and her tongue curling around his own. She moved her hand and grabbed what had become an instant erection through his jeans.

It all felt so wonderful, but he had to pull away. “Kendra, whoa…What’s going on here?”

He immediately wished he hadn’t spoken at all. Just pulling away would have been enough. alsancak escort But he was so shocked, and a big part of him suddenly believed this must be another test. And that angered him, because he and Penny were free to see other people. So why go through this again? His words showed that anger, and he feared hurting Kendra’s feelings. Even if it was a test, it wouldn’t have been her idea, but Penny’s.

But Kendra expected Gavin to think that, and his reaction didn’t sway her.

“It’s okay,” she said in a soft, sexy voice. “We can do this.” And she moved against him, pushing him back and crawling on top of him, her hand gripping his dick tighter as she went in for another kiss.

Gavin stopped her halfway before he was fully laying down on the couch. She managed to kiss him once, quickly, before he broke away again.

“No, we can’t,” he said, obviously disappointed that he had to say it. “What about Penny? She’s your sister!”

“Yeah, and she’s your girlfriend, but she’s out sucking some guy’s cock right this very moment.” Kendra hoped that didn’t hurt Gavin, not only because it would ruin this evening, but because it was true.

Gavin barely flinched. “That’s okay. We have an agreement about all that. We have an open relationship—”

“Exactly,” Kendra said slyly, then pushed Gavin fully onto the couch and licked his lips.

“But you are her sister!” Gavin said again, breaking the kiss. “I’m not going that far. We can’t do this.”

Kendra stuffed her hot tongue between his lips and kissed him deep and hard. She ground her damp pussy against his thigh, and felt his hard-on against her leg. He put his hands on her hips, neither pushing her nor pulling her to him. And then he was kissing back.

Kendra was almost disappointed he caved so soon.

But then he stopped again, pushing her away and pulling out of the kiss. “Kendra, listen! I don’t want this!”

It wasn’t that he shouted the words, but that he shouted them like he meant each one. Kendra was quickly disillusioned, and she suddenly felt like the scum of the earth. She had gone too far, and now there was no turning back. Even if Penny never found out what she did, Gavin would know. She, herself, would know. She got off the couch, tears in her eyes, and escaped to her bedroom. She was too ashamed to do anything more.

Once in her room, with the door shut, Kendra stood there, trying to get a hold of herself. She was okay. Embarrassed, sure, and she was crying, a little, but she wasn’t going to start balling. She would be fine. She just didn’t know how to handle this. And since there was no sound of Gavin leaving, obviously he wanted to handle it before he went home. So what could she say to explain herself? What, besides the truth?

Kendra knew when Penny and Gavin had decided on an open relationship, Penny probably never intended that to mean that Gavin could sleep with her sister. But Kendra also knew Penny well enough—more than Gavin did, by far—to know that she would most likely be okay with it, as long as it was a one time thing. It was a risk Kendra felt worth taking, because she was almost certain that the risk was very small.

Gavin, on the other hand, considered the risk to be more considerable.

But Kendra was so sure of herself, and Gavin’s faithfulness only made him sexier, which made Kendra hotter by the second. She had been told ‘no’, she’d been scolded, and it made her feel splendidly naughty. She sniffled a tear.

Suddenly, Gavin was there, beside her in the dark. He took her gently in his hands and kissed her softly. It was a dry kiss made wet by the tear that had fallen to Kendra’s lip. In this most vulnerable of moods, with her body still pulsing with lust, that little kiss set Kendra on fire.

Gavin had felt bad about his reaction. He realized too late that someone’s feelings were involved here, and he didn’t want to make Kendra feel like this, even if she was in the wrong. He sought her out to console her in a better way, and found her standing against the wall, softly crying. Apparently she really had wanted him, and his rejection was unexpected. He wanted to let her know that it wasn’t because he didn’t like her, or even that he didn’t like her anymore, because of what she did. He wanted Kendra to know that Penny was the only reason he held back. And so he kissed her, to show that he did want her. But that was all. He wanted. But he couldn’t have.

But that innocent kiss was quickly becoming something else. Slowly but strongly, that peck on the lips became a steamy, full mouth kiss. Their hands found each other; hers on his back, his on her hips. They pressed their bodies together, and Gavin could feel her hot, heavy breasts as they pushed into his chest, while Kendra was delighted to feel his erection against her pubic bone.

The kiss was deep, passionate, and it didn’t end for more than three minutes. By they time their lips parted, Gavin’s erection was screaming for release, and Kendra’s panties balçova escort were soaked at the crotch.

“I want you, Gavin,” Kendra panted as they both gasped for their first real breath in minutes. “I listen to you fucking my sister, and I want what she gets.”

Gavin closed his eyes, searching for the strength to utter those words. “I can’t,” he said unconvincingly as Kendra kissed and licked his neck.

“She’ll be okay with it,” Kendra insisted. “I know her better than you. She knows we’ve been close before. But you’ve passed that test. You don’t have to prove yourself again.”

“But Kendra…” Gavin began, but he didn’t know what to say.

Both of them were still gasping, and then they resumed kissing. The temperature outside was cool, but in that room it was sweltering. Both bodies had begun to sweat, even Kendra, who wore practically nothing. She shed her robe, letting it fall in a heap at her feet. Gavin’s hands circled down to her ass which was tight, warm and damp with perspiration.

After letting the robe fall, instead of returning her hands to Gavin’s back, she found his button and fly on his jeans and undid them.

“I’ve seen your cock before,” she whispered into his ear, referring to the test. “It won’t hurt to let me just see it again.”

Before he could get his body to react, Gavin felt his jeans being tugged down, along with his boxers. Kendra didn’t take the time to pull them all the way down—just far enough to expose his nearly purple erection and his two particularly large, heavy balls. Then she led him backward, getting him to sit on the edge of her bed.

“Kendra, please…We can’t…” he pleaded, but his words were less and less convincing, and his body language was louder. He was letting her do whatever she wanted.

“I just want to see it. Just let me look at it,” she begged.

She put a hand on his chest and pushed him to lay back as she kneeled before him, staring in awe at his hard-on. He watched her, getting even more turned on by the lustful look on her face as she studied his dick. She licked her lips and ran her hands up his thighs.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned. “I can’t take it anymore. Let me suck it, Gavin. Let me suck your big cock, please.”

“Kendra,” he panted. Then, in a barely audible whisper, “No…” But he was in full expectation of feeling her lips close around him.

“Just tell me it’s okay,” she said, and she began kissing his thighs and his hips, everything but what she was after.

And suddenly Gavin realized what was happening. Kendra had won. She could take him in her mouth at any time, and it would all be over. He wouldn’t be able to resist. Surely she knew that. But getting what she wanted wasn’t enough. Like before, during the test, it was about the seduction.

“No,” he said, louder, but no more sternly. “You can’t…”

“Oh, please let me taste your cock, Gavin. I want to feel it my mouth. I want to lick it. I want to lick it all over.” She teased him further, still kissing and licking the area around his cock and balls, but not touching them with even her hands. Only her hair, which brushed by his pulsing dick, occasionally made contact, but it was enough to send lighting up and down his spine.

“I want to get your dick so wet,” she continued. “And then I’ll deep-throat you, Gavin. I’ll fuck you with my throat. I’ll fuck you with my face. You can do it, Gavin. You can fuck my face.” These last words were spoken with her lips just centimeters from the tip of his engorged shaft. She was so close that Gavin felt her breath against the underside of his prick as she spoke.

“We…can’t do this…We can’t…” he protested weakly. He closed his eyes tightly, trying to hold back.

“You can shove your cock down my throat, Gavin. And choke me. You can choke me with that big, fat dick.”

“Oh God,” he groaned.

“I don’t care. I just want you in my mouth. I want to swallow you. I want to suck you until you can’t stand it anymore.”

Gavin grabbed a pillow, holding it with fists clenched tight, and put it over his face. He screamed into the pillow, then threw it aside, panting with arousal.

“Kendra, please,” he said. He just wished she would take him. He wanted her so badly it hurt. But he couldn’t give in. He had to play his part, and that part was to deny her every time.

“Do you want me to suck you like that, Gavin?” she asked, her lips brushing the sensitive underside of his cock head. “Do you me to put these hot, wet lips around your dick and slide my tongue all the way down?”

“No,” he said, not meaning it in any sense of the word.

“Do you want me to spit on you? Lube you up so I can take you down my throat?”

“Oh God, no!” he said, gritting his teeth, and he grabbed the pillow again and banged it on the bed in frustration.

Now Kendra was so close, her face was actually in constant contact with Gavin’s dick, but barely. She didn’t lick or suck him, but every word she spoke, her lips would move against his erection.

“When you fuck my face, are you going to do it so deep that your big balls hit my chin?”

Gavin groaned and twisted restlessly on the bed. He grabbed his shirt and clenched it tightly, almost tearing it off. He didn’t know what to do with himself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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