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Servicing Mrs. Tuttle

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“Pops, you have got to be shitting me,” the younger half of the gardening company George Weber and Son exclaimed when he glanced up towards the house they were working on and saw the frail looking silver haired woman in the plain house dress watching the father and son planting bushes near the road. “She looks like Grandma Moses.”

“Looks are deceiving,” George Weber reminded his boy. “She’s a little screwy but I think that’s partly because she’s been alone for a while. Besides, she’s only in her sixties, about the age your Mom would be now.”

“She’s a little thing, about the same size as Spike Lee,” Raymond Weber opined, getting a chuckle from his old man. “No titties at all hardly.”

“That don’t matter. Besides, if you play your cards right you won’t even be looking at her face or her tits.” George said. “If you don’t screw it up that is.”

“I dunno,” the younger Weber said as he showed restraint that most 19 year old guys didn’t possess. “Seems like a joke. Some sort of prank or something you like to pull on me to make me play the fool.”

“Nothing at all like that, and you won’t even have to do anything but smile,” his father said as he prepared to leave for a while. “Just go in there and tell her what I told you to say and I’m betting Esther Tuttle will do the rest. She’ll make a man outta you.”

“I’m a man already Pops,” Raymond exclaimed. “You’d be shocked at some of the things I’ve done.”

“We’ll see boy,” George said as he started the truck up. “Be back in a couple hours. Just remember what I told you to do.”


“Hello young man,” the petite lady said when she answered Raymond’s knock. “Care for a drink?”

“No Mrs. Tuttle. I’m okay.”

“Did Mr. Weber leave?” Esther said as she looked for the truck.

“Yes ma’am. He hurt his back earlier in the week and it’s still giving him trouble so he has a doctor’s appointment. He’ll be back in a couple hours.”

“Oh dear!” Esther said as she showed concern. “The poor man works so hard. So he left you in charge? Who might you be?”

“Raymond ma’am,” the young fellow said. “Mr. Weber? He’s my Dad.”

“Really?” Esther claimed. “Isn’t that nice? How old are you son?”

“19,” Raymond told her.

“And a fine young man you are!”

“I was wondering whether I could use your bathroom.”

“Certainly,” Esther gushed as she stepped aside to let the boy in and then led him down the hall.

Inside the bathroom Raymond lifted the seat and peed, and as he did he could see the shadow of the old lady’s feet at the bottom of the door. The sight made the lad chuckle as well as suggesting that maybe his old man wasn’t kidding when he had said that Mrs. Tuttle was in his words, “the kinkiest broad I’ve ever met.”

As Raymond washed his hands the shadow disappeared, and after he emerged from the bathroom and went back down the hall the elderly lady was standing there smiling with a glass of ice tea in her hand.

“I don’t want you to get dehydrated out there,” Esther told him.

“Thank you, but I’m kind of done for the moment,” Raymond told her, explaining that some of the greenery needed to finish the job hadn’t arrived when they left. “Pop said he would pick it up after the doctor’s appointment, so I’m just going to sit under the tree and read until he gets back.”

“Oh, well there’s no need to do that. Please stay in here where it’s comfortable, if you don’t mind chatting with a lonely old lady that is,” Esther said as she offered the lad a seat at the kitchen table.

“No, that would be fine. Besides, you aren’t so old. You must be about Pop’s age – 50?” Raymond suggested.

“Heavens no child, I’m 64 but thank you for the compliment,” Esther chuckled as she played with the silver hair. “I’ll bet the girls are lined up for you, you sweet talker.”

“I dunno,” Raymond mumbled shyly.

“Nice to get to talk to such a nice fellow. Without Mr. Tuttle around this is a lonely life I live now.”

“Oh, sorry. Did you husband pass away?” Raymond asked.

“No. Mr. Tuttle he – well – let’s just say he isn’t around anymore. Henry was a bad influence on me but I share the blame,” Esther said and explained. “He left me, and not without reason either Raymond. He gave me plenty of chances but I just couldn’t help myself. I’m evil.”

“Evil? You?” Raymond responded.

“Yes, I know I don’t look it but maybe that’s the worst part of it, being able to hide it,’ Esther said. “Are you a religious man Raymond?”

“Somewhat I guess.”

“I’ve tried to be, but the power of evil is so strong within me,” Esther almost sobbed. “The things that go through my mind?”

“Heck Mrs. Tuttle, I think of stuff sometimes that…”

“Not like me Raymond. I’m sure of that,” she said as she reached over and patted his hand. “Your skin is so soft, even though you work with your hands all day, and I love the way the backs of your hands are so black yet your palms are a rich tan.”

“Does this bother you son? Me touching your hand like this?” Esther asked as gaziantep rus escort she moved her chair a little closer while continuing to rub Raymond’s hand.

“No ma’am.”

“When I was growing up down in Georgia, if they ever saw a white girl like me touching a – I know they don’t use the word negro anymore – is black okay?”

“Sure. It’s what I am.”

“Well it wouldn’t have gone over well at any rate,” Esther concluded. “Thank heavens things have changed. More ice tea?”

“No Mrs. Tuttle.”

“You can call me Esther you know,” she said as she ran her hand up the lad’s supple arm to the elbow. “You’re a wiry lad but strong. I can sense it.”

“Been working all morning,” Raymond said as he grabbed the front of his work shirt and pulled on it a couple of times to cool himself off. “Kinda sweaty.”

“You smell like a man. A man who has been working hard,” Esther said. “To many women, the scent of testosterone is like an aphrodisiac. Brings out the animal in them. Did you know that?”

“No – uh – Esther.”

“It’s true. It makes them do things that they know are wrong but they can’t help themselves,” Esther told him, and while her one hand kept stroking Raymond’s arm the other landed on his knee. “It’s like the devil has you in his grasp. Do you understand?”

“I think so,” Raymond said just before letting out a gasp when the elderly hand found what she was looking for.

“Merciful heavens,” Esther gasped when she looked down and saw the outline of the bulge her hand was on, and a subtle squeeze told her it wasn’t even erect yet. “Doesn’t seem possible.”

“I don’t blame you if you want to leave honey. If you got up and walked out I would understand,” Esther admitted. “I’m old enough to be your grandmother and I’m molesting you.”

“No. You’re pretty,” Raymond said after swallowing.

“You said your Daddy won’t be back for a couple of hours?” Esther asked.

“At least 2. Maybe 3,” Raymond replied.

“Stand up for me dear,” Esther requested, and as he did she asked he not look down at her while she undid his belt. “I’m so ashamed of myself, but I’m so lonely. I miss the feel of a man so badly.”

Raymond nodded but did not comply as he peeked down and watched his belt come free, and after her trembling fingers undid the pants and let them fall to the lad’s ankles he watched her reaction as she stared at the bulge that went down almost to the leg opening of the briefs.

“You’re even bigger than…” Esther whispered before cutting her sentence off, her hand reaching up and rubbing the bulge through the boxers for a bit before her weathered hands went up to the elastic and eased them down.

The elderly woman’s head jerked back to avoid Raymond’s penis as it jerked upwards a bit after the shorts went down past it, and her eyes bulged as she watched the ebony organ settle while lowering the boxer shorts.

“Doesn’t seem possible,” Esther whispered as she reached up and took the semi-turgid cock in hand, and as she squeezed while gently pulling on the gigantic member she added, “You’re practically a child yet you’re so incredibly well endowed – and you aren’t even fully erect yet.”

“A work of art,” the old woman sighed as she pulled back the long foreskin down to examine the purplish helmet before taking the bulb in her mouth and sucking it hard.

“Oh!” Raymond groaned as he grabbed the elderly lady’s head and ran his fingers through her short silver hair.

“Am I hurting you young man?” Esther asked as she quickly pulled her head back and looked up at the boy.

“Fuck no!” Raymond answered quickly and got a sharp rebuke for his coarseness.

“Language!” Esther admonished as she shuddered, but then quickly softened and added, “I shouldn’t be upset with you though. Look at what I’m doing, and after you tell your father…”

“Ain’t telling nobody,” Raymond grunted, and just like that the old lady’s mouth opened up and her lipsticked lips wrapped around his manhood, but this time her mouth kept moving down the quickly stiffening penis as she tried to take the entire thing in.

“Please don’t look at me,” Esther asked as she sat on the edge of the chair with Raymond’s now stiff 9″ in her pale wrinkled hand. “I’m so ashamed – so weak.”

The boy did as the elderly woman asked, but only for a second as her lips slid down his cock again, and from then on he stared as Mrs. Tuttle sucked on his manhood like it had never been serviced before.

The silver haired lady’s fist pumped and spun on the thick shaft while her mouth moved frantically up and down the half that her hand wasn’t working on, her lips leaving a trail of saliva and lipstick on his throbbing member while she made weird snorting noises.

“Mrs. Tuttle?” Raymond whimpered as her free hand came up and started kneading his balls while sucking even harder, and although he tried to warn the elderly woman she was in a world of her own, something that the semen blasting into her throat did not change.

“AW!!” the teen moaned as he came, and Mrs. Tuttle didn’t stop until he was spent and had gone limp.

It was then that the old lady looked up at Raymond, her chin dripping with his semen as she shrunk from him looking down on her.

“I’m sorry,” Esther almost sobbed after she let his cock out of her mouth, but as she continued apologizing she kept pulling slowly on the now-flaccid tool. “Forgive me.”

“Forgive you?” Raymond asked while watching Mrs. Tuttle’s tongue run over the pee-hole. “That was incredible ma’am.”

“I lost control. One of my many shortcomings,” Esther said. “I didn’t mean for that to happen so fast. You see, I was hoping to get you aroused enough – hoping that you would sex me even though I’m old and unattractive.”

“Sex you?” Raymond asked. “I – I mean I think you’re a pretty lady and…”

“See?” Esther asked as she stood up and let her dress fall to the floor, taking a step back so the boy could see her because the dress had been all the clothes she had on. “I was pretty once.”

Raymond’s eye went up and down the frail lady’s ghostly white body which wasn’t all that bad. Her breasts did droop a bit, the cones mostly nipple, but her stomach was surprisingly flat and the triangle of hair between her skinny thighs was mostly brown.

“I know you just had an orgasm,” Esther told him as she wiped her chin before putting her hand into her pubic hair and rubbing her pussy. “But I’ll do anything to get you aroused again. You’re so young and virile, and I have my ways. Feel how aroused you have made me.”

Esther took Raymond by the wrist and brought his hand to her bush which was wet to his touch, and after letting him rub her labia and making her shiver she said, “I’ll do anything you want. Anything. I’m so wicked. Just tell me what you desire.”

“Uh…” the boy said as he let her lift his free hand and watched the silver haired lady bury her face under his arm, licking and sucking on the patch of dark curls in his armpit, the sensation making him shiver like the old woman had earlier.

“You like that don’t you dear?” Esther asked before going over to his other armpit. “You smell and taste so manly I want to eat you up.”

“Here honey,” Mrs. Tuttle said when the lad hesitated some more, and she had him turn around to lean over the kitchen table with his elbows on the top, and after Esther brought the chair up behind him she sat down and had Raymond spread his legs.

“What a glorious creature the creator has given me,” Esther said as she grabbed Raymond’s firm buttocks in her hands and parted them, her eyes on the cocoa colored puckered ring. “Let me savor your essence.”

“Huh?” Raymond mumbled as he felt her face move into the crack, and then he let out a moan as he felt Mrs. Tuttle’s tongue licking his anus, even poking into the orifice a couple of times while she grunted like a swine.

“Oh man!” Raymond groaned while bent over the table, the slurping sounds coming from down under adding a soundtrack to this bizarre scene in the kitchen.

As Mrs. Tuttle continued to rim the gardener her face jammed into his sweaty ass crack as far as it could go. Her hands went down between his bowed legs and grabbed his dangling manhood, and as she licked his asshole her fists began pulling on his flaccid hose, milking him almost savagely in the process.

The elderly lady kept pulling on Raymond’s member, and when she felt the dead organ begin to come back to life she got even crazier, letting her tongue slide down to the underside of the lad’s scrotum and back up.

“You like me servicing your honey pot, don’t you dear?” Esther asked when she took her face out of the chasm briefly, and when the boy grunted affirmatively she announced gleefully, “You’re becoming erect again!”

“Mrs. Tuttle?” Raymond gasped when he felt himself becoming way too excited as the elderly lady’s hands were sliding up and down his now rigid pole, warning her that she better stop.

“Yes! Yes!” Esther Tuttle replied as she jumped up from the chair and spun around the leaning lad, and with a sweep of her skinny arm sent the newspaper and a couple of coasters that were on the table to the floor.

Displaying an agility that belied her 61 years, she nimbly jumped up on the table and fell onto her back, making Raymond stand up straight as she parted her legs and offered herself to him.

“Take me honey,” Esther pleaded as she wiggled down so her butt was on the edge of the table, opening her thighs wide and exposing her plump labia that sparkled under the hair.


“Yes Raymond. Please! It’s a solid piece of furniture,” she said of the table which had served this purpose before. “I need your huge penis inside me so bad!”

“That’s it honey,” Esther encouraged as she felt the boy rub the head of his member up and down the wet lips of her pussy. “Easy at first – but only at first.”

Raymond watched the frail lady writhing on her table, her small doughy breasts having disappeared with her on her back, but she had grabbed her fat nipples and was pulling upward on them, stretching the empty tit flesh with the crimson pegs between her fingers.

“Damn!” Raymond grunted as he leaned forward, the aging pussy as tight as a virgin’s as he pushed his throbbing tool into the elderly lady, and Esther was wailing and screaming for him not to stop as he squeezed more of his cock into her.

“YES!” Esther howled as her pussy gave way, and she grabbed the backs of her thighs and practically did a split as her sex swallowed the enormous organ. “So good. So big. That’s it. Harder now. Faster.”

Raymond did what he was told, and soon he was slamming into the old lady so hard the table was lurching across the linoleum with the lad moving along with it until the edge was against the kitchen cabinet.

“YES YES YES!” Mrs. Tuttle was chanting as the sound of their skin slapping together echoed in the kitchen while it appeared to the teen that the elderly woman was trying to pull her nipples off. “Fuck my cunt! Don’t baby me!”

This only served to inflame Raymond who showed no mercy as his black monster worked like a relentless piston while the sweat that coated his ebony skin rained down on the pale woman.

Then from the petite lady came a feral howl that sent a shiver down Raymond’s spine, followed my his member being crushed as her pussy convulsed around it. The now red-faced lady’s eyes were rolled back in her skull as she came, her body bucking on the pine.

“So good. So good,” Esther kept chanting as Raymond resumed his stroking, having briefly stopped to watch the old lady’s incredible display.

“You didn’t orgasm?” she asked went he felt his throbbing tool still moving in and out of her.

“No ma’am.”

“Can’t take much more of this,” Esther panted. “You’re so big. Never had anything like your penis before. I’m sore. Stop a second dear. take it out of me.

The gardener stepped back, his glistening cock waving in front of him after he retracted it from the crimson labia, wondering what he was supposed to do.

“The cabinet over to your right,” Esther said. “Open the right door. The second shelf next to the spices. Grab that.”

“This?” Raymond asked as he took the bottle of olive oil out and held it up.

“Yes. Pour some of it on your penis,” Esther told the lad. “Don’t worry about the mess.”

“Like this?” Raymond asked as he filled his palm with the olive oil and spread it over his muscled manhood.

“Yes. That’s it,” Esther said as she contorted a bit on the table and pulled back her legs. “Use it on me now.”

Raymond did as she wanted, but when she felt his greased finger slide into her savaged pussy she stopped him.

“Not there honey. Lower,” Esther explained, spreading herself to the limit to make it obvious that she wanted him to lubricate her light pink balloon knot.

“Your asshole?” Raymond asked.

“Hurry,” Esther almost yelled, and after he pushed his index finger into the tight puckered ring she declared, “Yes. Now another finger. And another. Work them in good.”

“That’s it honey,” Mrs. Tuttle responded as the lad spun three slick fingers in and out of the old lady. “Now give me it. Stick your cock in my ass! Sodomize me!”

To Raymond’s surprise his stretching of the tiny orifice made entry rather easy, although as he pushed into the steamy hole it was as tight as a vise.

“OH!” Esther moaned as the stiff intruder skewered her.

“Won’t – last – long,” Raymond grunted as he slid in and out of Mrs. Tuttle’s ass, impaling her with almost all of his member. “Too good.”

“Won’t have to!” Esther screamed as the table bounced into the cabinet, and a minute later she was howling again as she felt the boy’s cock twitch as his warm seed filled her bowels, a little spray of fluids misting out of her pussy along the way.

“Oh sweet lord,” Esther groaned as Raymond finally stopped coming, adding, “Let it come out on its own.”

So Raymond stood there as his dick deflated, and after it slithered out the elderly lady shivered one last time while the gardener stepped back and watched some of his sap drooling out of the still gaping hole.

“I hate this time. I’m so embarrassed,” Mrs. Tuttle admitted as she struggled to cover her nakedness while attempting to get off the table.

“Would you like to take a shower?” Esther asked, and when Raymond nodded she added, “I can help you if you would like.”

The two showered together, with the old lady washing the teen with loving care and taking delight when Raymond washed her a little too, and after they climbed out Esther quickly wrapped a big towel around herself and went about the job of drying the gardener.

Esther buffed the towel under the boy’s arms and worked downward, taking special care to pull back the foreskin to make sure the purple knob was dry, and after working the towel over his balls announced that he was as good as new.

“Guess I better go out and wait for Pops,” Raymond said as he looked at the clock.

“Thank you again dear,” Esther told him, giving him a kiss on the cheek. “And if you ever find yourself bored and want some company…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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