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Sex Cult Ch. 03: 4 Women , 1 Male

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So there we were driving out to the pier, almost at dusk in what seemed like the cult’s windowless van. Inside it had drawers along one wall, all of it seemed full of sexual devices. But, it was the soft satin covered bed that beckoned.

We luckily got a shady park under a big tree and we all got into the back and closed the siding door.

I don’t know … there must be something about a van – with a bed – that must makes people horny enough to just grope out at each other. The three women didn’t fool around with me; once again I was being pressed hard up against hot female flesh. I felt like a captured pop star.

These women were on heat.

My butt checks were being gorged into with long fingernails, and my hard cock and full balls were being ruthlessly tugged at. I was dragged from woman to woman. Their mouths, tongues, and cunts juices smeared over much of my body. I felt something like I had turned been turned into their sub.

These women sure knew how to give, but they really knew how to take sexual needs.

Everyone’s sexy bits were hard and fully erect, and it the case of the women their pussy’s were sopping wet … I smiled as I saw they left nice puddles of cunt slime where clear strings of juice smeared away from the clump.

Dan’s huge clit was as engorged and protruding as it could get … it heaved upwards with every pulse of blood that flooded into it pushing back the hood.

Without any thought and feeling extremely horny myself, I went down on her and sucked her amazing wet clit into my mouth. I sucked and tickled it stirring powerful reactions from Dana.

I let her feel how a man likes to get head.

Dana’s moans of canlı bahis pleasure must surely have been heard by passers-by.

Lifting my head out of her swollen wet cunt, I said “Right then, let go fishing, Dana’s ready” I said.

Turning back to Dana, I delicately attached a slip cord onto her clit so that any downward pull on the cord pulled tighter and tighter around it … The loop was pushed up high on her clit’s shaft, up to the point where the hood was folded back.

I then attached an 8oz steel weight and swizzle which was intended to dangle about between her legs – jerking her clit around – whilst applying enough tension to trap the high pressured blood in her clit.

It couldn’t go down if it wanted to.

I had done this before to my cock and it always amazed me how extra large the head got … her clit would be no different except she has many more nerve ending in her clit, so I was expecting her to be very careful and ‘fragile’

at every tug on her lady parts.

The stroll down to the pier – it was more like a very slow walk – had Dana almost walking on tippy-toes at times as her clit felt every movement.

Arriving together at the end of the pier, I motioned all women to sit on a bench which faced the railings.

Squatting down in front of Dana who sat between the others, I attached a coil of fishing line to Dans’s weight cord and slowly lowered the baited hook off the side into the now blackened water.

Dana shrieked out as the line and sinker jerked downwards pulling down on her engorged clit.

An old fisherman was close by and glanced at us sensed something was going on…

As Dana sat uneasily on the edge of the bahis siteleri seat, the cord bared down heavily on her now supersensitive clit. At the other end of the line, a hook dangled tasty food about in the hope of tempting the local sea life.

It was beginning to arouse interest from the circling and excited fish.

Suddenly, the fish were all darting in and fighting for the bait. With each and every rapid grope tugging at Dana’s clit in an increasing feeding frenzy, she braced herself for what seemed like the inevitable … the relentless tug of a hooked fish.

The other women sensing her nervousness, hugged into her as she, expected the unexpected.

“Fuuuuuck!” she cried. “OH – arrrrgh!” she groaned.

As she trashed her head and hips backwards on the seat, it raced the bait away from the still pursuing fish.

“What if a large fish takes the hook and doesn’t – or CAN’T – let go?” she cried. I will lose my CLIT!

The women fought to hold Dana’s shakes of fear and torment.

The fish struck again, a multi-pronged attack!

It sent Dana in to a convulsive and screamingly loud organism, the sound of which echoed back off the buildings lining the wharf, on shore.

The old fisherman had had enough and packed up his tackle and shuffled away back up along the pier muttering something obscene…

Relief was instant when we all sensed the hook had lost its bait.

As I lifted it from the water below, Dan begged me not to re-bait the hook.

With a smirk on my face, I said “Oh don’t be silly, do you think I would want to see your clit actually ripped off? I only put a small hook on it so that you wouldn’t catch a fish, at bahis şirketleri least nothing bigger than a tadpole … but why tell you that beforehand and spoil the fun.”

With that, Dana just about passed out. As the other women propped her up, I removed the tight slit knot from around her clit. “Fuck what a clit! It had taken it hard.” I thought.

Her once proud clit instantly went flaccid and shrunk upon release.

Returning to the van and after she had caught her breath, she declared with beads of perspiration still on her forehead, “That was the most intense orgasm I have ever had … and that is saying a lot when I think of all the toys and abuse it has to cope with over the years!

“You were wild; Dana, but you took it. I’m impressed.” I said, adding “So will we go fishing again?”

“Fuck yeah, I want to try it on my clit too, and then on next time perhaps to actually catch one on my nipples” Chloe breathlessly volunteered. “I want them to suffer …” she laughily cried.

“Right, next time we might have more luck … will have to try a bigger hook! cover yourselves, its back to the house … for more” I nervously cried.

The house, where every room, and basement, had been purpose-built for progressively intense sexual ceremonies that forms the Circle of Five was rented, where all shared the rent. It seemed it was their sexy ‘hobby’ where four women could feel and be empowered, as a group where all control was theirs, I guess.

In the next chapter, I meet up with Beloved in her own intimate ceremony in her luxurious lair, where she envelopes me into her mind and body …

Song recommendation, for next chapter.

If you’re interested when you read that chapter, have Vangelis’ song ‘Come to Me’ song playing.

As I entered Beloved’s lair it was playing on a long loop and was absolutely perfect for the scene and oh so beguiling for all of my senses …

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