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Sex Island Ch. 03: The Massage

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As Sam got up, he realized from the sun streaming in at the windows that it was mid-afternoon. The beach outside was full of gorgeous naked babes tanning their bodies. Sam felt lucky to get such a ringside view of the beach and the pussy parade. Some guys were playing beach volleyball while a few other were surfing.

Seeing that he was awake, Mia came back into the room wearing just a towel over her hair. She too had been sunning her beautiful body on the beach Sam noted appreciatively. Unlike the other girls he had known before, the girls on the island had an evenly tanned body minus any marks or patches on the boobs or pussy courtesy nude sunbathing.

“Would you like to join us outside master. We can have a picnic on the beach. The other guys are also relaxing there. We could have a picnic lunch.”

“Sure, why not!” Sam replied glancing back at the beach to see if he could detect his friends in the crowd.

Mia led him to a corner of the beach near some palm trees where Sam could now see the other guys and their companions.

Michael and Dave were playing beach volleyball while Angela and Rose were sunbathing naked nearby. Vlad was sprawled out nude with Tia giving him an oily massage paying extra attention to his balls and his cock which were getting a thorough oiling.

“Hey Dude! How are you?” Martin waved as he saw Samuel approaching. “How’s the hangover. You were a maniac last night the way you kept fucking. We thought you’d never end. Ball’s feeling ok?”

“Yeah Dude! My head is splitting,” Sam acknowledged while waving back at the other as well. Ï have literally no memory of what I did last night!”

“If your muscles are aching, why not get the girls to give you a massage. It can be quite relaxing. Angela’s hands are magic when it comes to easing muscle pain,” Dave said signalling to Angela.

“Sure, güvenilir bahis would love that,” said Sam as Angela and Rose now got up and laid out a mattress for Sam to relax on. Mia then bent down and pulled down Sam’s brief.

“You don’t want tan lines master,” she remarked as she stripped Sam naked.

Sam lay down on the mattress and relaxed to the dulcet tones of the waves crashing on the beach and palms swaying in the wind. The sun was warm but not too hot.

Soon Sam felt the warm drip of oil on his back along with a set of hands rubbing it in his muscular frame. The hands were soon joined by another set as Sam glanced up to see Mia joining Angela in massaging him. Both Mia and Angela were moving in sync as they massaged each side of his body. Sam could feel the tension disappear as the girls expertly massaged his neck, back and arms. Slowly their hands were now moving downwards to his lower back and his ass.

The girls were now actively exploring his butt cheeks and the gap in between with their fingers. They were rubbing and slapping his buttocks to give him a tingling sensation in his groin that he had not felt before. Sam could feel his cock rising as though in anticipation as he felt more relaxed and energised. Some magic these girls had in their hands to make the exhaustion disappear. The girls were now giving his legs a good rub.

As they completed, Mia whispered to him, “Why not turn over master?”

Sam obliged happy. His cock which had been pressed down was now slowly uncoiling and lengthening as Mia and Angela looked on seductively. The girls now massaged his chest, their hands moving in sync. After a few strokes, they both bent down and bit on his nipples as Sam felt a rush of pain and pleasure that he had not experienced before. His cock now fully upright was waving like a masthead in the wind. The girls türkçe bahis now started massaging his dick itself, stroking and pouring copious streams of oil on it. They pulled back his foreskin and rubbed the oil on his dickhead which was freely oozing pre cum now. The girls were also massaging his balls giving Sam tingling sensation as they slowly caressed his balls with their fingers. They sure were experts.

“Now we’d like to give an intense rubbing master,” Mia said signalling to Sam to get up. Slightly surprised Sam got up and Angela now lay down in his place her perky boobs facing upwards. She started pouring liberal amounts of oil over body. Mia then signalled Sam to lie down on top of Angela as Sam now realized that he was in for a nude sandwich massage.

Going down in a 69 position, Sam now started rubbing in oil in the folds of Angela’s pussy. Mia was soon on top of him as Sam’s body now slid between the busty boobs of Mia and Angela. OMG, it did feel great Sam thought as the boobs rubbed him up and down. The girls continued this for a while till all three of them were now thoroughly glazed in oil. Then making Sam sit, the girls now used their boobs to rub him on both sides culminating with downing Sam’s face in their boobs. Grabbing and slapping both Mia and Angela’s ass with a hand each, Sam now rubbed his face in their boobs. Then going up Sam gave them both a passionate kiss and set them to work on his dick as he now lay down and relaxed.

The girls kissed and licked his dick and balls slathering them with a mix of oil, saliva and pre cum. Thoroughly lubricated Angela now took the opportunity to take his dick in her pussy and started riding him while Mia continued massaging and kissing him on different parts of his body.

Martin and Dave now done with their game were whistling and hooting in encouragement. Signalling güvenilir bahis siteleri them to join in Samuel pulled Mia’s pussy to his mouth to feed upon.

Martin and Dave sweaty with their game plunged in. Martin was feeding his cock to Mia for a sloppy blow job while Dave was probing Angela’s ass with his dick. Soon he too plunged in as Sam and Dave now grabbed Angela and started double penetrating her. By the side of his eye Sam could see Martin getting Rose to join Mia in giving him a blow job. Abie and Vlad had left the scene, presumably to make out in peace.

Angela was giving out wild screams of pleasure as Dave and Sam fucked her raw. Her screams had attracted the attention of another gang of guys relaxing nearby who hooted appreciatively. Signalling Sam to exchange the holes, Dave now stood up. Picking up Angela between them, Sam and Dave now started fucking Angela standing up.

With his dick inside Angela’s well lubricated ass, Sam could definitely feel the difference vis a vis her pussy. Instead of just tightening near the clit, Angela’s ass was uniformly squeezing on his cock. Tighter than her pussy, Sam could feel each groove on his cock as he slammed inside.

The guys continued apace till Dick signalled that he wanted to cum. Picking up pace, Sam too egged on his dick as they both now blew their loads into Angela.

Satisfied the boys let her down as Angela stood up shyly, cum dripping down from both her holes.

“There is still one-hole empty guys,” said Martin as he fed his dick to Angela who fed on it hungrily. Already high with blow jobs from Rose and Mia, Martin now let out his trademark whoop and let off a steam of cum in Angela’s mouth. Satisfied he stepped back as the guys stood together with arms linked scanning the visage of a softy purring Angela with cum dripping from mouth, pussy and ass.

“Good one guys. Hope you are relaxed now Sam,” said Martin patting him appreciatively on the back. The girls now cleaned up licking off the remaining cum and juice from their masters’ dicks as the gang then sat down to a picnic lunch.

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