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Sex Island Ch. 05: Vampire Party

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Having scored for the gang Sam was now the much-toasted champ on the street. Martin had snapped the scene of Sam ejaculating in Tina’s pussy and the pic was now the TV wallpaper for all the guys on the island thanks to Martin’s IT connect.

With free access to 10 more pussies, the guys had their pick. Even choosy Vlad had found a couple of girls he could branch out to and give Abie some well-deserved rest. Always a rough fucker with his massive cock and penchant for tiny pussies, Vlad was definitely not any girls’ delight. Stretching out their tiny pussies to breaking point, Vlad like to take it in deep. The girls Vlad had taken a liking to looked very similar to Abi. Tiny and young girls who looked diminutive before Vlad’s muscular frame.

Sam who had a thing for big boobs found several great candidates to fulfil his fantasies. The guys also now had a free pass to join the Mino orgies and jumped in at the very first chance when after a few weeks they received an invite to join in for a Dracula themed party.

Dressed in tall white collars, black capes and fake vampire teeth, the three guys (Vlad had opted out) set out for the party. The party had been set out in the garden of a house near the cliff top. The whole place had been decked out in spooky yellow light and the water in the pool too had been dyed blood red.

The girls were all dressed in tight red & black leather lingerie with stockings, vampire teeth and a cape. The guys had put on a slightly different costume. While six of them wore a Vampire dress similar to Sam’s, three of them were dressed like Satanic priests with black billowy hooded robes and crow masks. The last guy was dressed head to toe in a thin white cotton shroud. He had been chained to a large table in the centre in a spreadeagled position. The entire scene had been setup as though for a faux satanic ritual.

As the three guys entered, their host Kevin (he had forgiven Sam by now) greeted them, “Hey, welcome guys! Let us show you how a wild orgy is truly done. We are having an initiation party for the young newbie, Derrick fresh out of Uni. He’s the blonde babyface strapped to the table. You just need to follow the lead of the other vampires. Enjoy!”

The party began with most of the lights being dimmed out save the few lamps lit around the spreadeagled guy. Eerie music was now playing with realistic sounds of bats swooshing by.

The three priests started a low hum of chanting and beating hooked staffs started circling the guy lying on the table who was looking visibly nervous now.

“The poor guy does not know what he is in for,” Kevin chortled to Sam with a cheeky grin. “We’ve fed him rumours that the ceremony involves him getting cut and all the vampires and their maidens feasting on his flesh and blood.”

Sure, Sam noticed, the guy in the middle now looked visibly nervous as the three priests circled him chanting and beating their staffs. Then the music reached a tempo as the three priests converged on the prisoner and with their hooked staffs tore off the cotton shroud. Underneath Sam saw a visibly nervous Derrick, naked except for a black leather brief. Derrick’s young baby like face looked like a misfit on his naked muscular body glistening with sweat.

Approaching this piece of raw meat laid out on the table, the three priests now draped him in their black robes and bent down over his broad chest as though to feed on it. As they stepped back, Sam now noticed a large red star in a circle etched out on Derrick’s muscular chest oozing a thin line of blood. The vampires now stepped in one by one and took a lick of a side on the star each. As Sam’s turn came, he too stepped down to lick the thin line of blood marked on Derrick’s body. With the salty taste of blood and sweat in his mouth, Sam stepped back as all the other vampires completed the ritual. He sure was lucky, Sam thought to have a raunchier initiation party. Things definitely were getting a bit spooky now.

The vampires’ job done, Derrick now let out a small whimper, “Are we done guys, can you untie me now?”

All the vampires started laughing as the priests now sprinkled some white powder sıhhiye escort on the mark to congeal the blood. “The fun part is only beginning Derrick. The ladies need to taste now,” chortled one of the guys as Derrick gave out a clear expression of what had he got himself into.

The girls now surrounded Derrick carrying large white feather fans. Slowly circling him they stroked Derrick with their fans paying special attention to the area between his legs.

“That’s enough guys. Let the poor kid relax now,” Kevin said to the group and an increasingly nervous Derrick. “The girls want your cum, Derrick not your blood. So, get ready to be ride some pussy, Dude. Let us see how many of them you can satisfy with your cum in their pussy! The record for all ten in one night has only been met thrice in our history and the stud who achieves this badge of honour gets privileged for life. So, get your cock ready as you are now in for one wild night of fucking,” Kevin said to loud cheers from the gang.

The girls now started untying Derrick as he stood up with a wide toothy grin on his boyish face. His cock was already tearing at the seams, Sam noticed.

“We don’t get the girls till Kevin creampies at least a few of them, so you’d pray that he better be quick. We did keep him from jerking off for the last week so the first lot should be fast,” Kevin explained to Sam and the other guys.

Derrick now started stripping off the girls one by one, licking at boobs and kissing the pussies, as the other guys cheered him on. Having undressed and licked the last maiden, the girls now bent down before Derrick and stripped him of his underwear. A massive 8 inch cock shot out already oozing a stream of pre-cum.

“Send over the first one fast Derrick or you’ve had it. Fool around later,” one of the guys hollered to Derrick.

Taking the cue, Derrick grabbed the nearest pussy and started fucking it doggystyle. His muscular frame coated with sweat and the large satanic blood star looked straight out of a scene from a horror themed porn movie, Sam thought.

The first shot as expected came fast, within a few minutes of doggystyle banging as Sam saw Derrick’s face tightening up with the build up to orgasm. “Don’t shoot it all out dude. There are 9 more to cum,” one of the guys advised Derrick.

His face now red and scrunched up, Derrick let out a loud aah of pleasure as his body quivered and he shot his load inside the girl he was fucking. Withdrawing quickly lest he spend all his juices, Derrick now stepped back to reveal his cock dripping with thick yellow cum.

The satisfied lady pulled back the lips of her pussy to show the proof of the done deed as a thick glob of cum dribbled out. Raising a cheer for Derrick the guys now led the girl away to suck at their own cocks. Everyone Sam noticed had pulled out their cock and was stroking it as they witnessed the scene or had their dicks blown from the girl they had brought over.

Derrick now picked up his second girl and setting her up on the table started drilling her. With his youthful stamina it did not take him more than half an hour to dispatch three more ladies with their cunts dribbling with cum. His face now fully red and exhausted Derrick now sat down on the grass as one of the girls started riding his till erect cock. The guys had now declared the field open and the orgy began in full swing.

Sam joined a group that was getting their dicks sucked by a busty MILF like girl. The girl was slathering all three cocks in front of her and taking turns in deepthroating them as the guys fondled her large D+ cups. When Sam’s turn came, he was amazed by how deep she managed to take his cock in and by feeling the back of her throat. One of the guys assisted by pushing her head down deeper on Sam’s cock, all 9 inches of it. Somewhat satisfied the girl now released Sam’s cock. Then stuffing her mouth together with all three cocks, she gave them all a rub and a lick that set all three grunting in delight with their heads rolled back.

As she released their cocks, one of the guys now pulled back to explore and lick at the MILF’s pussy. Having sincan escort lubricated it enough, the guy now started fucking her from behind while the MILF continued to feed on the other two cocks. Banging her first doggystyle and then sideways for a good few minutes, the guy now started probing the MILF’s butt hole with his dick slathered in pussy juice. Sam now stepped in to take the available hole. Slicing into the exposed pussy, Sam noted how tighter it was than what he had imagined for a MILF. The girl now got fucked DP style while still feeding on the third cock. The guys often interchanged, till Derrick let out a shout, “Here’s the fifth one guys, I did not know that I could do it.”

Sam looked over to see Derrick lying exhausted and sweaty on the grass his face blotchy red as the girl who had been riding him opened her cunt to show her prize oozing out. “Cheers mate, take a break now or your balls will give you hell,” one of the guys said to Derrick as the others now resumed their fucking. Sensing a release Sam too let out a grunt and deposited his first load in the girls’ ass. Satisfied he now stepped back to survey the scene.

In every direction that he could see the guys were fucking wildly. The priests too had discarded their billowy robes and were fucking some girls in the blood red pool. Detecting a cute looking pink pussy being ridden by Martin, Sam now joined him in the fun. The girl started giving Sam a blow job while Martin heaving and grunting fucked her pussy from behind.

“Don’t know about you, but I’m already on my third one mate,” Martin said greeting Sam as he joined in. The girl was now licking and sucking on his balls, her tiny boobs jiggling as Martin fucked her. Derrick in the meantime Sam noticed was not taking any breaks. He was having his cock sucked by one of the girls known to give expert blow jobs in order to achieve a sixth cumming.

Focusing back on the job at hand, Sam now sensed that his cock had risen back to full height and signalled to Martin to swap positions. Martin however signalled back to join him inside the tiny tushy. “Are you sure it’s gonna take us both?”, Sam asked Martin.

“No harm in checking. This is one of Vlad’s favourites so if she can take his thick cock, we do stand a chance.”

Shrugging Sam helped lifted the girl up hoisted on Martin’s erect cock. Then gingerly he too pushed in checking whether he would fit. The girl had been asked to signal if she could not take it but she urged Sam with a scrunched face to push on. Sam pushed in as his cock now slithered in fully. The sensation on his cock sure was different this time with the glans of his dick head rubbing against Martins’ and the other side ensconced in the tight pussy.

Together the guys now started fucking the girl in a rhythm. Their cocks moving as one diving in together. The girl was sure creating a racket now as Sam and Martin pumped up the intensity of the fucking. Sam with the nerves in his penis heightened could feel Martin’s cock now throbbing as though ready to cum. The tingling sensation set Sam too on an orgasm as both guys now jointly released their load deep inside the tight pussy. Martin gave out his trademark whoop as the guys now pulled out and the girl relaxed on the grass with liberal quantities of cum now oozing out of her now flaccid pussy.

Exhausted the guys pulled to the bar to get some drinks. Scanning the crowd, Sam noticed that Dave had joined the pool party and was banging a girl in there making large waves of blood red water splash out on the other couples. Derrick too had regained some stamina back and was now slowly pushing into another pussy. The intensity though was gone and Sam could see the extra effort being made.

“How many do you think he’ll be able to do,” Sam asked Martin as they both picked up their drinks.

“One or two more, I think. You can already see his balls going blue,” Martin replied draining his scotch in one gulp. “You’d better get stone drunk if you want to release your inner bunny,” Martin smirked handing Sam another drink.

Sam could feel his head feeling hazy and his cock throbbing again sınırsız escort as he now decided to help Derrick fuck his sixth pussy. Grabbing the girl from behind, Sam lifted her up and slammed her dick in her ass. Signalling to Derrick to keep his dick in the pussy, he now started slamming the girl down on both their cocks, saving Derrick’s aching muscles from the effort. His mind partly numb with the drink, Sam gave the girl a rough slamming till both he and Derrick released their loads in her. Stepping back, he high fived Derrick who thanked him for helping him cream his sixth chick.

Going back to the bar Sam now joined Dave and some other guys in a round of Tequila shots. His head now spinning, Sam now felt consciousness slipping from his grasp as he could only sense some slamming of pussy and licking at random boobs.

The next morning Sam woke up to find himself sprawled naked on the grass in the lawn. Most of the other guys and girls were also spread out sleeping on the grass and deck chairs laid out. Sam himself had fallen asleep with his face wrapped up in some girls’ ample boobs and had been woken up by the girl trying to get up. Slowly he could see the other guys too getting up. A few had collapsed mid sex and had to untwine themselves.

Noticing Derrick who was lying surrounded on both sides by two naked ladies, Sam poked him to get up.

“So how many did you cross last then Derrick,” Sam asked pulling him up.

“I honestly don’t remember dude, but I cannot feel my balls anymore!”

“It was seven and then you just collapsed while doing your eighth,” one of the guys replied from the side.

“Fuck! Does it count if I complete now,” Derrick asked the gathered onlookers who were now stripping on their underwear.

Glancing around, Kevin replied, “Sure, if you have the stamina. Join in and give him support guys,” as he stripped off his underwear again.

His head now splitting Sam dipped it in the pool to refresh himself as the guys around him resumed the orgy.

“You ok Dude,” Martin and Dave asked him as they came to check on him. “You collapsed quite early yesterday after just your fourth fuck so we left you to lie in your bed of boobs.”

“Ohh fuck! Too much Tequila perhaps,” Sam replied.

“Come on Dave, let’s take him back,” Martin gestured to Dave as they picked him up from the pool.

Sensing a stirring in his loins and the pain in his head easing, Sam pulled back. “Not so fast. Just one more pussy.” Sam pleaded to the guys. Glancing at each other, they nodded.

“Ok, just one more,” Dave gestured as the guys now picked up an available girl who was gesturing to them invitingly with her legs spread out. Grabbing both of her legs and wrapping them around his neck, Sam set off to start fucking her while Dave and Martin looked on grinning.

As he glanced around, he could see Derrick fucking his girl wildly, a renewed lust glinting in his eye. Perhaps sensing his lesser stamina, Sam now felt a sense of jealousy rising in him. Drilling the girl with renewed intensity, Sam could feel his muscles aching with the effort.

Sensing something wrong, Martin grasped him by his shoulder. “Relax, dude! We are here to enjoy not compete with any of the others. Look at Vlad satisfied with Abie and just a few other girls. In case you are feeling that competitive, we anyways have the fuckolympics coming up.”

“The what?”, Sam asked stopping his fucking and looking up.

“We’ll just explain later. Now like a good boy just finish up quickly and head back. It’s getting late,” Dave answered.

“Ok, just help me out then,” Sam gestured to Dave who stepped in and inserted his now erect cock in the girls’ ass. Then in a manner similar to what Sam had done for Derrick the last night, Dave used his substantial muscles to hoist the girl up and down their dicks till they could both cum.

Exhausted and satisfied, the trio now set off back to their villas. Derrick had already finished his eighth and ninth girls by now and the other guys were cheering him on as he tackled the last challenge with a reddened face.

“Well, he sure is going to win that bet,” Sam remarked to Martin with a wry face streaked with jealousy as the three off them set off.

“Worry not, Dude,” Martin replied. “He’s been hands off his cock for one whole week while we guys spend the morning evening and night fucking. We’ll knock him out in the Olympics.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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