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Sexual Therapy

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Big Dicks

This one I threw together fast. Upon reviewing, decided I didn’t want to bother cleaning it up too much. It’s just a ridiculous, little tale.


My name is Linda Fields. I am perhaps the youngest, most successful therapist in the nation specializing in sexual dysfunction. A blog I had started six years after college caught fire, and I offered free advice online. That led to guest spots on podcasts and talk shows, a book deal and growing list of clients who could afford higher and higher fees. My time was always booked.

I’d recently finished up with a couple coming out of infidelity and had the space to take on a new client. My secretary, Brenda, had an appointment scheduled the very day I told her an opening was available.

“His name is Richard Banks. He’ll be here at 2.”

Did he discuss the nature of his problem?” I asked.

“He said he was too embarrassed to explain over the phone, and that maybe you wouldn’t believe him if he tried. This is why i chose him. Sounds like your kind of challenge.”

“We’ll see,” I said. Personally, I liked having a bit more information, but once Mr. Banks showed up, I immediately changed my mind. Richard Banks was an exceptionally attractive 28 year old man, already a successful entrepreneur, owning a web development company. He had the body of Henry Cavill and the face to match, although it was certainly his own. He had a strong, yet narrow jaw, piercing blue eyes.

Once he settled into the chair across from my desk, I asked him about the nature of his problem.

“Brenda said you refused to explain over the phone,” I stated. “I promise you, if you want real help, you need to drop your modesty to address whatever problem it is you have.”

“The problem is I am afraid to date women. I’ve already hurt three in my life and I need advice where to go from here.”

“Mr. Banks. Emotional fallout is natural in a break-up. You may have hurt those women, but if it was best to end the relationship, then it is acceptable collateral damage.”

“No, no, no, nothing like that. I mean hurt. Physically hurt.”

“Mr. Banks, are you telling me you have an anger issue. I don’t really specialize in that.”

“No, no, please, let me explain.” He paused for some time before continuing. “Dr. Fields, I have a very large penis. Three women have agreed to have sex with me and all three got hurt. I tore one so bad she was in the hospital for two days.”

This sounded far-fetched to me, but I stayed quiet, allowing him to continue.

“It’s difficult to even get it in, but it’s the uh… the other thing, too. It’s terribly embarrassing.”

“As I said, complete candor and honesty, Mr. Banks. It’s for your own good.” I tried to catch a glimpse of his cock while speaking to him, without making it obvious, but escort kartal the manner in which he was sitting prevented a clear view.

“By the time I finish, they are crying and instead of sympathy for them… the thing I’ve done every time… oh, this is so embarrassing… Anyway, I came each time. You have to understand, when I masturbate I do cum a lot. I discovered watching porn now and then, that I have an unusually high sperm count. I blame my balls. They are sized to match the rest.”

I said nothing. I was beginning to think this was huge prank, actually.

“But when I am with a woman, and mind you it’s only been three times in my life… well, I cum a lot more than usual. I think because I am so excited. I can barely help myself. I wish I could find a girl to allow me time to get better at it and last longer, and be more gentle, but every time, the ones that have been willing, wouldn’t go a second time with me.”

I sat up in my chair. “I have to say, Mr. Banks, this all sounds far-fetched to me, but we can quickly deduce if you’re lying… if this is some big prank.”

“It’s no prank.”

Before I even asked him to drop his pants to prove it, he stood up and did just that. What hung before me I’d only seen anything like in a sex shop when I was in college. One of those prank dildos you buy as a gag gift for someone. It was almost as long as my forearm, perhaps as big around. My jaw almost hit the floor.

“Um, sir,” i exclaimed. “Okay, I apologize for insinuating this might not be true, but I am not sure what I can do for you.”

He didn’t bother pulling his pants back up and I didn’t ask him. I was just mesmerized by the size of it. His balls looked like grapefruits. I could only imagine him unloading those all over my face, or maybe my big tits. I wondered if I could catch it all in my cleavage.

I found myself asking, “And you say your ejaculate? Your, uh… sperm count is high. How is that a problem exactly?”

“Well, think about it, doc. I’m standing there, about to climax after I’ve hurt some girl so bad that she’s bruised on the inside. And while she’s crying, I’m just unloading shot after shot of a hot, gooey mess all over her. It’s insulting to them.”

Candor, indeed, I thought. His words were making me damp, thoughts of the image he described in my mind.

“Well, Mr. Banks, why not aim it somewhere else if you can’t help yourself?”

“That’s the thing, I was trying to help them every time. The sex had ended. I was trying to offer my support, but me naked, with my cock right in front of these hot naked, crying girls… well, it just exploded. Each time it was like that. I knew I was horny, but I didn’t blow until I tried to comfort them. I never meant to hurt any of them. But once I started cumming maltepe escort I just couldn’t quit.”

Back to sounding far-fetched, I thought, but too entertained to interrupt him.

“I saw myself shooting all over them and it turned me on, even if it wasn’t appropriate. That only made me orgasm again and again. Four, maybe five, times total, until I was completely drained. I couldn’t help myself.

I was soaking now… and back to believing this was a prank. This time I did ask questions before he did anything crazy.

“And this happened only after having sex? You never climaxed like that before?”

“Well, never when doing it myself. Like I said, I know I cum a lot, but not one orgasm after another, producing load after load.”

“Do you think it is from the sex, or the image of the girl crying before you?”

“What do you mean?” As Richard asked, he sat back down, almost sitting on that huge anaconda, if he hadn’t moved it away so adeptly. Must have been a habit for him, I thought. Now I clearly saw his member propped against the length of his calf. My juices were pouring through my panties.

I continued with my questioning, “I mean, does a woman have to be crying, or is it something more innocuous, perhaps… like cumming in front of a girl. Perhaps that image alone is what brings on the multiple climaxes.”

“I, uh, don’t know,” he said. “I just get so turned on. I mean the crying does turn me on, I guess, but I think I would be excited regardless, even if they just watched.”

“And just took it?” I interrupted. “Like willfully allowing you to blow your loads all over them, without crying or being upset?” My voice was rising in pitch as I spoke. My increasingly horny state might be showing, I thought. I needed to scale it back, but I noticed his cock pulsate.

“I think so, maybe,” he said.

“And I wonder if you wouldn’t last longer…” I trailed off.

Then he began stroking that massive cock. He still looked me in the eyes as he did it, but my mind kept drifting back to that monster in his hand.

“Can I cum on you?” he asked. He was sounding sincere, even polite.

“Uh, yes, but if you think it’s going to be a lot…”

“I don’t know.”

“Maybe I better undress,” I said, shocked to hear myself say the words, but I didn’t have a change of clothes on hand. When Richard saw my big tits pop out of the bra, his cock erupted into battle mode. It must have been over twelve inches and six around. I motioned for him to bring his cock to my face once I was seated again, this time naked.

I looked up at him as he was stroking.

“I won’t fuck you right now, but I do need to better understand the nature of your problem.”

Fast, indeed. I’d barely begun to explain myself to him when a huge wad pendik escort bayan of warm liquid splattered me in the face, completely soaking me. I opened my mouth in disbelief and ended up catching enough of his second load to make me gag. Some hit me in the eyes, making them sting.

Yet the rush if it all sent me reeling. I wasn’t disgusted at all. By the time his third load hit me in the face again, I lifted my tits and screamed, “Aim for these. I can’t take much more in my face.”

But I could only manage to hold one tit up, as I found the other hand compelled to stuff two fingers in my pussy. This was so hot. I wanted him to keep cumming until I finally did. It wouldn’t be long. His massive cock was inches from my tits, leaking out more and more of his thick juices.

“Oh no , I feel another one,” he said, panicked.

“Another orgasm?” I asked, looking up into his eyes.

“Yes, a big one this time.”

And now my eyes popped out of my head. “You mean the others haven’t been big?”

“Not like this,” he managed to squeeze out saying. I grabbed his shaft and pointed his cock firmly at my mouth, not two inches from it and I opened as wide as I possibly could. A thick, hot mess hit the back of my mouth, before his continual stream eventually filled the entire cavity of my mouth. I tried to swallow to keep up, sending cum dripping off my lips on to my tits.

Jolts erupted through my body as I came on three fingers now, grinding my thumb against my clit. I came hard enough to send myself shivering to the floor.

“Oh my god,” I cried. “That was…. uh…”

“Thanks, doc,” said Richard beaming. He proceeded to grab his clothes.

“Wait, wait!” I screamed. “What are you doing?”

“That whole story was a lie. Well, not the part about how much I cum or the size of my dick, but the part about hurting women. I just tell that sob story to get girls to agree to let me jerk off in their face. I just wanted to see if a professional like you could see through my scheme.”

“Mr. Banks!” I screamed. Or rather, gurgled. His thick cum was still hanging in the back of my throat. I’m sure Mr. Banks thought he had thoroughly used and abused me.

“One second,” I said, before he left.

“What’s that?” he asked, smiling smugly.

“Come back any time to do that again. You may think you got away with something, but I must say, I’m quite sure I enjoyed that experience more than you. You see, Mr. Banks, I am an expert in human sexuality and I am quite comfortable with who I am. I would eventually have gotten in your pants, whether it was your idea or not, as I do with all my clients. Se la vie!”

It was funny watching his face get red. It really seemed Richard Banks had hoped I would be humiliated by the guise. I was not. That was the best orgasm I’d had in months. Being a sex expert, one thing I was comfortable with was my sexuality. I was a slut, to the core, and I just let Mr. Banks know I was totally happy with that. I winked as he stormed out, eager to go home and masturbate over the memory.

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