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Shanti’s Sexual Exploits Ch. 14

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Aditya the neighbor boy who had been lusting for our slut darling Shanti was at the end of his tether.

Shanti was driving him mad with lust especially since the day he noticed her and Riaz through the terrace window, his cock was like a tent pole waiting to invade her holes but in vain – he masturbated 10-12 times a day after all he was just 19 years of age and at the peak of his sexual activity.

He had been given a chance but it was very risky – his parents were downstairs and he on the terrace and she gave him an opportunity to go for her – in the small room on the terrace next to the ‘terrace window’ into the room below- he had tried to fuck her anticipating to get caught by his parents who were inspecting the bungalow – and lo behold he could not hold and came ejaculating furiously in seconds and did not even take to the lips of her pussy splattering her cunt from outside.

Post this all these months she had teased him constantly and had done thing to give him her pussy – after the ‘terrace’ affair, she was taking him to the Edge.

She did it on purpose and was being ruthless.

Her plan was to have him the real hunger – this time when he comes on her – it cannot be the ‘terrace’ again – he must hold on and fuck her with an Aditya rod which will not go limp.

She continued teasing in a hundred different ways, each apparently looking innocent but he knew – she was on a game, like brushing her hand against his thigh, her buttocks across his crotch, pressing a breast to his arm, getting unusually close to his body with everyone around.

Once it might have been a mistake, twice, carelessness; but then she kept doing it, too often for it to be mere coincidence. When he saw her face and the raging fire in her eyes, the animal flaring of her nostrils, her intention was plain. She wanted him to fuck her but only when she was sure and confident that he was ready.

He kept hoping as the day dragged on – it never happened. She continued to torment him. It was driving him crazy. Alone in the kitchen with her now, he looked at her and fought to quell his raging excitement. Shanti exuded a soft sexuality and she knew it. Her skin was clear as satin, utterly unflawed, smooth and fair and creamy. She was slender and lovely, with finely done up features, lovely dark, doe-like eyes rimmed with eye lashes, a slim, straight nose and full lips over perfect, even teeth. She wore a long black and gold necklace around her long neck. Her sloping breasts were full and high and ripe like a hung mango fruit.

Her belly was flat, her waist narrow and she had bell-shaped hips, elegant legs and arms with slender ankles and wrists. Her hair was bound in a long, low braid that hung to the curves of her gently rounded buttocks. She wore a small vermillion dot in the centre of her forehead and a gold bracelet and diamond rings on her second and third fingers. Her hands and feet were slender and graceful. She wore silver rings on her toes and sexy silver anklets with tiny bells that looped over her slender ankles erotically.

He couldn’t take his eyes of her breasts. She was in her sister’s house and the family was still around. It was unusual but Shanti had been in her sister’s place for nearly 1 month now – Amani was in the family way – 3rd month and advised bed rest. Shanti was doing the sister help.

Since the elders were around, Shanti had to be careful with her dress code. She wore a simple cotton saree with a tight, close-cut blouse. The blouse had a plunging neckline that went low on her shoulders. It showed most of her upper body and, through the transparent upper garment of the pale blouse beneath the white shaded cotton saree, gave him an alluring view of the invitingly deep cleavage and the luscious breasts squeezed together by the tight blouse. The necklace and long symbol of marriage – mangalsutra, glistened against her dusky skin.

Shanti knew he was watching her as she kneaded the dough for the Rotis, and it was hard work, and her shoulders hunched and her breasts squeezed together as she deftly knuckled the soft mass of dough. She saw him glance at her and saw his eyes glitter as he watched her breasts move under her saree edges. She flicked her eyes down and saw the promising bulge between his thighs.

She smiled to herself. Not long now. She rose slightly on her feet, pressing down hard on the dough, her arms stretched, and her shoulders hunched and, as she had planned, the saree slid off her shoulder. It fell down to the granite platform in front of her next to the ball of dough and exposed her breasts and cleavage. She made no move to raise it. She was facing him when she bent over and Aditya saw her full

breasts bunch and swing. Her mangalsutra was squeezed between the luscious mounds. He was only inches from her body.

Aditya’s loins blazed with the pent-up lust-heat of the day. The sight of her breasts in such close proximity was too much to bear. He wanted to take them in his hands, to drive his cock into her mouth, into her cunt, into her … anus … God, beşiktaş escort he could even smell her, she was so close, a clean and sexy-sweet intensely erotic aroma of her body and soap and soft perfume. He lost control. With a strangled cry, he bent forward and thrust his wet hands deep down the neck of her blouse, groping and crushing her breasts.

He expected her to shout, scream, and squeal, struggle free, anything. Mad with lust, he would have raped her there and then. Her reaction stunned him. She stopped one hand on the tumbler, still bent over and looked up at him. His mind jerked in surprise as he realized that her nipples were hard and her breasts were swelling to turgidity in his hands. She tilted her lovely face up and a gentle smile lit her eyes and her teeth flashed. He froze incredulously. She let the tumbler go and her lips parted and he saw her eyes shining with excitement. Her tongue peeked between her lips.

She did more. Hunching her shoulders, she squeezed her breasts into his hands. In an utterly wanton, lascivious motion, she rocked gently back and forth, rubbing her nipples against his palms. He gasped and, quickly, squeezed them and her face exploded with pure pleasure.

A slow grin creased his face. He rolled her rigid nipples under his young manly palms. She gasped softly. Shanti slid to her knees slowly with his hands still inside her blouse. Instantly, he understood what was going to happen. He straightened. She bent her face towards his crotch and slid her hands up his strong thighs. He looked down, still reeling in disbelief. Her face moved closer to his groin and she nuzzled his crotch gently. Her lips parted delicately, and he gasped in shock as he felt her warm breath and fiery tongue probing at his cock-head through the thick cloth of his shorts.

“I’ve caused you trouble, haven’t I, Aditya?” she murmured softly, her voice low.

He stared at her, half-grin, still dumbfounded. Her eyes sparkled in delight.

“Don’t worry,” she murmured. “I know the solution. Every one is going to be out in another 15 minutes – they are going to the temple. I will fake an illness. You just do not show up and hide somewhere and meet me in the guest room in another 20 minutes.”

It was not easy – to escape the visit to the Temple. The elders wanted the sister to accompany the daughter in law (Bahu). But – today- Shanti was determined. She had to make it even Stevens with he young lover. He had waited long and she knew the torment and the feeling of let down especially after what he witnessed the other night – her orgy with Harish, Raja and James. She had a lot to do to assuage. He was young and she will have to satisfy him to make sure he is in good humor. She knew the advantage.

He was already in the room, and was unable to contain himself and was constantly rubbing his palm on his crotch.

She was sweating – and was yet to get under the fan, and slowly reached the bed and took his face in her palms and kissed him ardently and slowly eased her fingers to the crotch and flicked open the buttons of his shorts and fly and peeled them open.

Shanti slowly eased her body downwards and his erect cock bounced out at her face, throbbing, dark-veined, already dripping with pre-cum cream. It was at least nine inches long and more than two inches thick. Angry veins ridged the thick shaft. His balls were heavy and low. She took her young lover’s prick in her fingers and began to masturbate him. It throbbed and pulsed alive. Aditya groaned softly and thrust his hips at her face.

“Suck it! Suck it, Shanti! Quickly!” he grunted.

Pumping his shaft in her slender fingers, she rolled back the foreskin and, opening her mouth, swirled her tongue about his thick cock-head. Aditya gasped at the electric touch of her tongue on his erection. Her tongue swept over it with a flickering fish like action, and then she slid her lips and teeth up and down his shaft, raking it gently. Pursing her lips on her young lover’s cock-head, she slowly drew his prick between her lips and began to suck on the tip of his cock. He moaned thickly. Gently, she drew his prick deeper into her mouth, her lips parting further, her cheeks hollowing, and then filling with his size as it distended her face, still jerking him in her fist. He hissed in pleasure and lifted his vest up under his arms, caressing his upper body sensuously. His hairless chest was deep and muscular.

Slowly, she started to undo open the buttons of her blouse, immensely aroused.

“Aditya,” she mumbled, “fuck my mouth … please.”

Aditya groaned loudly, his pulse racing, the blood pounding in his head. Bending his head, he watched, incredulous, as she sucked his cock with a visible hunger, fondling her breasts wantonly, just like the slut had been fucked the other night. Only she was prettier than that night at her best for him.

“Yes!” he gasped. “Suck it, Shanti my bitch! Suck it hard!”

Shanti moaned deep in her cock-filled throat. This beşyol escort was like the good old

days, when Ramjee and later her father in law used her body, bending her to his desire. She loved the taste and smell of his cock in her mouth as he fucked her face, pumping his hips rhythmically, fucking her face with long, easy strokes, moving his glistening cock in and out of her mouth. Savoring the sensations of her mouth, Aditya caressed her face and breasts, crushing them in his hands.

“Yeh … oh fuck yes … c’mon whore … suck it! Ohhh uhhh yes … c’mon! Harder!” he pleaded.

Growing more aroused with each passing second that she sucked his cock, goaded by his lewd love-calls, she undid her saree and let it fall all over the place. It went off her body and he stared in wonder and delights at her nakedness as she thrust her hand into her crotch and began to masturbate. Without letting his prick out of her mouth, she opened her blouse fully and drew it off her shoulders. Her nipples were rock-hard under his palms.

Moaning and whimpering erotically, Shanti caressed her face and breasts with his cock, lifting her head and rising on her knees, wantonly kissing and licking his hard, flat belly, sweeping her tongue through his parted middle stomach. Squeezing her swollen breasts over his prick she let him fuck them, bending her head to suck and lick at the cock-head. She caressed his balls and lifted her long mangalsutra and scraped the hard beads up and down his shaft. He groaned and pushed her head back down, thrusting his hips forward, forcing his cock back deep into her mouth.

“C’mon whore! Suck harder!” he cried, rocking her face rapidly back and forth with one hand, his hips were pumping, his buttocks flexing and raving and ranting to go in her hands.

His cock throbbed in her mouth and under her tongue. She sucked and licked it lasciviously. Pre-cum cream spurted from the long slit in its tip and she moaned, jerking his cock rapidly, opening her mouth under it, letting him see his pre-cum juice spurt into her mouth and spatter her face and naked breasts.

“C’mon!” she moaned. “Cum in my mouth, Aditya!”

But the young lover had sufficient experience to resist the undeniable temptation. Gasping, he pushed her head away. Shanti moaned softly and went down on her back on the kitchen floor and spread her legs, bending her knees and thrusting her cunt up to him in invitation.

“Come on, lover … fuck me,” she murmured obscenely. “Shove your cock into my cunt!”

Her words were even more erotic and obscene. In his excitement, he didn’t pause to wonder where she’d learned to do such things, to talk like this. Chuckling in pleasure, panting heavily, he knelt between her splayed thighs. His vest was rolled up in a taut band about his chest as he bent over her naked body on outstretched arms. His cock-head seared at her cunt-lips. Her hand went down between their bodies to his cock, guiding him to her cunt-hole. “Yes!” she hissed feverishly. “C’mon! Do it! I want it! Fuck me! Fuck me Aditya! I want your cock!”

Shanti’s eyes opened wide now in full consciousness and she smiled as she felt her grateful vagina opening to what she had dreamed and now thought was Aditya’s beloved penis, and she seemed to be looking straight at him, her lover of preference, when her mouth formed his name and he heard her say, “Oh, Aditya, do it to me!”

Aditya bit the back of his hand in dismay and then saw the great purple flaring head of Aditya’ cock pop inside her yielding cunthole and disappear into her delectable, delicate vagina. Her mouth and eyes opened wide as she felt her girlish orifice stretched like never before, but the pressure of the spongy cock head against the sensitive front wall of her cunt brought a moan of pleasure even as she felt the discomfort of the massive entry. Aditya could see her pink labia part and her slit being obscenely split and spread by the huge, horse-like penis as the black scrotum, weighted with testicles larger than golf balls, came to rest on the inside of her lower thigh. Aditya flexed his hips and buttocks with a deep grunt and drove upward into Shanti’s tight vagina. He caught his breath and then gave a groan as her snug, wet pussy walls slid sensuously over his cock’s head, sending millions of needles of unbearable pleasure lancing from that sensitive knob into his loins, and her damp pubic hair brushed the length of the shaft as it followed the throbbing knob deep into her reluctantly yielding passage.

Drawing back slightly, he drove into her again, a bit deeper this time, and then again and again and again, carefully, deliberately, a little deeper each time until nearly the entire ten inches was sheathed in her wet warmth with each stroke.

With each invading thrust, Shanti gave a tiny, breathy grunt of surprised pleasure. She had never done it in exactly this position and she could not deny that it felt strange, different, and, yes, very, very pleasant. She felt a huge invasion beykent escort of her inner softness and because of how big the penis felt, it occurred to her that it was possibly not Aditya’s, much more probably Riaz’s, so she bit her lip at the thought that she had uttered the name of her younger lover aloud.

Aditya began fucking with long, smooth strokes that delved into the girl’s fertile womb deeper than she had ever before been entered, then drew out out until the flanges of the corona caught at the rim of her vagina with a soft, liquid plop. And in again, feeling her muscles instinctively clamp down on the cock that was giving her more and more pleasure with every stroke, the head driving up and down the delicate channel like a loving piston, oiled by her own glands with each deep, probing stroke. The young man’s powerful thighs surged against her spongy bottom, spreading the round cheeks, his bristly, coarse pubic hair pressing tightly into the cleft and tickling her tender asshole, driving her mad with excitement. Whimpering with pleasure, Shanti moved her hips strongly backward and then forward in small, twisting circles.

In and out, in and out, and she felt her womb expand with every incredibly deep stroke. And just as she was about to twist around and confront her mysterious lover, he increased the tempo, depth and strength of his fucking strokes. driving inside her as high as her navel. Shanti cried out with joy and her hips followed his rhythm as she writhed on the bed in graceful undulations, her left leg lifted high to grant full access to her steaming depths to the unknown lover’s incredible, pleasure-giving prick. It felt so good, soooo gooooood, each delicious fuck that drove so wonderfully up into the hot, tight, wet channel of her widely split cunt. Lewd liquid slurping sounds accompanied each lovely thrust. It felt so good that it was a long time before Shanti realized that it didn’t quite feel like Riaz’s soft paunch pushing against her ass and when she slid her hand down her belly to attentively touch the in-pushing cock she knew that that huge member was much too large and had to be that of her beloved Aditya. With a sharp intake of breath it dawned that it was the cock of neither of her chosen lovers that was drawing pleasure from and giving such joy to her sizzling young cunt.

Aditya fucked her harder and a bit faster, the searing feelings in his own loins threatening to make him lose what control he did have. Each slow, delving stroke stretched her small, inexperienced vagina and sent lightening bolts of pleasure lancing up from her cuntal opening to the brown tips of her tits and from the tip of his cock into the depths of his loins, making his balls burn to unleash their virile load of sperm.

Aditya fucked her smoothly for a couple of minutes and neither of them spoke, both of them only mindlessly giving voice to a blended chorus of moans and sighs of joy. Then he slid his hand down her belly to the furry mound and his finger slipped into the soaking split to find her pulsating clitoris and he pushed it back and forth in time to the shuttling movements of his cock in the silken channel of her vagina, and gradually her hips resumed their circular movements around the axis of his penis.

Aditya had broken out in a sweat as he watched the girl he loved fall into rhythm with the men the other night and become one with the giant invading multiple phallus sliding smoothly up between the brown dark lips of her defiled vagina. He had watched her slowly raise her upper thigh again high and wide while her body undulated with a sensuous grace. It appeared that she no longer cared to whom the cock was attached, only that it was a cock and that it was giving her more joy than she had ever felt.

“You do like it, don’t you, Shanti,” Aditya crooned. “You really do love it.”

And Shanti gasped, “Yes, yes, yes I do, I can’t help it.” She thrust her pussy downward over his huge cock a few more times. “Oh, it feels so good so good.”

And her body began shaking as she came within a few fucks of her explosive climax.

Aditya stopped suddenly and slowly drew his penis from the tight muscular grip of her vagina, and with a wet sound the knob popped free, trailing a clear string of his fluids.

Shanti opened her eyes and gave a sigh of disappointment but Aditya rolled her onto her belly and pulled her from behind so that she moved up onto her hands and knees.

This was a position Shanti knew well since Riaz had taught it to her and, without thinking about it, she reached between her legs and guided the broad tip of his cock to her pulsing pussy, grimacing as the flaring head once again broke through the tiny ring of the opening and the shaft was driven again into her steaming depths.

Shanti raised her hips, angling her vagina to give him the best access she could, her lower back describing a downward curve and Aditya gave a growl of incredible pleasure as he sheathed the entire colossal length of his ebony cock in her wetness.

Shanti began moving automatically and to the watching Aditya she and Aditya looked like nothing so much beautiful and looked a trifle wild as she gave herself up to her most animal passions and began bucking back against the thrusting, fucking, sweating man kneeling behind her luscious, round ass cheeks and driving his huge black penis up into her experienced vagina.

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