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Shooter Girl

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Best Girlfriend

Dedicated to the best shooter girl at the Pink Pony in Atlanta – 03-02-03

When I woke up I felt like my cock was digging into the couch cushion I was laying face down on, and my head was still swimming with images from last night. As my consciousness solidified, the anonymous breasts and butts receded into the void of my sub-conscious as rapidly as the morning sunlight burned my over-stimulated retinas. Only one girl was left, and her face and cleavage were burned into my brain despite the throbbing, dull ache in my temples. The shooter girl. Jesus, that girl knew what turned me on.

The first time she walked over she sat in my lap and my body instantly responded. Despite the fact that some twenty-odd chicks were dancing totally nude, she was my one and only focus. She had her breasts pushed up, straining against the low sweep of her blouse. Her breasts were perfect and natural and ample, but her smile, her smile was what pushed me over the edge. That, and the way her thick body fit so perfectly in those daisy dukes and that checked top,

Her hair was curly and wild, and her face was beautiful, especially the way her nose was ever so slightly crooked to the left. She loved giving men shots. You could tell by the way she got right up in your face, practically brushing her lips against yours. She’d start sliding the shooter tube full of red snapper in and out of her thick pouty lips, and it was a short jump in my mind to replace that tube with my aching cock, which was already rigid and oozing pre-cum.

She was just so close and intimate, straddling my lap with her curvy body and laughing when I accidentally poked her in the thigh. She smelled like lilac, and her eyes swallowed you whole, especially at such close range. After a few minutes of bumping and grinding and oozing and sucking, she placed the shooter tube in between her luscious, swollen breasts, and I dove in.

As I went to slurp the tube out of her cleavage, my tongue ever so slightly brushed her skin, and she tasted like honey. My head swam as I felt her nipple, which was pressed canlı bahis against mine through only the fabric of our clothes, harden. She grinded a little harder that time, and swooned into me, and there was suddenly a different look in her eyes. She leaned back and smiled at me.

“Was that even close to being as good for you as it was for me,” she asked in an almost inaudible whisper.

The look in my pleading eyes was all she needed to see.

“Wait here,” she whispered into my ear, and she struck off to administer many more shots to many other men.

However, my hard-on didn’t dwindle in the slightest. I kept catching whiffs of honey and lilac, and she kept looking at me from across the room, flirting with me and teasing me. The night went on and I ordered a couple lap dances, but none of these girls held a candle to that shooter girl. They all danced and wiggled, but their eyes were distant, and they didn’t even sit in my lap. When the shooter girl came back I pulled her aside.

“I can tell you’re not like these other chicks. You seem to really get off on turning men on.”

I held my breath as she brought her eyes up to mine. I could feel her breath quicken as it buffeted my cheek, and she drew me in even closer.

“You have no idea,” she mouthed to me. My eyes widened and she smashed my face into her breasts, flattening them around my face like the padding in a catcher’s mask. And then she licked my lips. Then she walked off again.

The problem was, I wasn’t gonna let her just walk off. I was way too horny, and more than a little drunk. Usually I’m careful in strip-clubs, because the bouncers never seem to understand my side of any altercation. Tonight, however, I wouldn’t be denied. I walked up behind her while she was waiting for another rack of shooters and grabbed her ass, delivering what should have been the fatal blow to my drunken evening out. However, instead of slapping me and calling for management she spun around and put her face up close to mine, and stared in my eyes.

“I knew you wanted another shot, I just knew bahis siteleri it,” and grabbed my hand and started pulling me back stage.

I went past the dressing rooms and into what looked like a broom closet, and it turned out it was a broom closet. She was all over me the second the door shut behind us.

Under the flickering bulb hanging from the ceiling she started stripping down, and I did the same. There was no question in either of our minds what was going to happen. She started first by dancing just shy of my body, brushing my nipples with her nipples, and nudging my pulsating cock with her thighs. When a sticky strand of precum stretched out between us, I saw that hunger light up in her eyes, and she dropped to her knees and started fucking my cock with her mouth. Her plump lips slid up and down my shaft, and her saliva glistened as it ran out the corners of her mouth and down onto her swinging tits.

She started licking me and stroking me and rubbing up against me and whimpering, and I realized I would have to hold my pending orgasm off a little while longer, because she was aching to be fucked hard. She was using her other hand to finger herself, and it was getting to be pretty frantic. She was panting and slurping on my cock, and bobbing her ass up and down on her other hand, when I decided it was now or never. I grabbed her by her hair and brought her up to my face, and she kissed me long and hard, working her agile tongue in and out of my mouth, making me crazy. So I bent her over a utility sink, and started pounding her from behind mercilessly, somehow knowing ahead of time that she liked her fucking to be hard and fast. Her pussy was dripping as I entered her, and soon I had her clutching the sink, her breasts flattened into obscene ovals against the cool porcelain lip, while she begged me to keep going.

At this point, it was obvious this girl needed something more, so I pulled out and gently pressed the tip of my cock against the brown star of her asshole, as her juices flowed from my cock down the crack of her ass. “MMMMHMMM…” she bahis şirketleri moaned, giving me all the clearance I needed. With one final slow and steady push I shoved my dick into her ass up to the hilt, and it was then and there that she came like thunder.

Her whole body quivered and she started bucking wildly, slamming her ass into my pelvis and grinding my dick into her ass. She started pumping my rod, taking long full strokes, and then she collapsed, leaning into me for support. As I caught her, I began pounding her ass even faster, and she screamed, and I screamed. I pulled out and she dropped to her knees, grabbing my cock and deep-throating it. She only stopped long enough to wink at me.

“I think you’ve actually got a shooter for me, don’t you,” in the sexiest purr I’d ever heard. Then she started begging with her mouth full, looking up at me with her brown eyes, pleading for me to come. It was the look that got me, that hunger in her eyes, that desire to please me.

My head began to swim as rivers of cum gushed from my cock, which had been begging for release for hours by this point. Strand after strand dropped onto her lips and face and breasts, and she lapped up all she could. Her lips were glistening with the stuff as she smiled at me one more time, moved her face in close to mine, and smacked me with a sloppy wet kiss that instantly raised my standards for any kiss in the future. That night I learned the secret to seduction, because it’s all in the eyes. It seems like the closer a man gets to a woman’s eyes, the more powerful they become.

Standing in that coatroom, tasting my juices mixed with hers, locked in that soul kiss, watching her watching me; that was where I knew I would never be the same. For one thing, I could tell all my friends that I gave a shooter girl a shot of my one in the back of a strip club. I just hope other girls don’t end up seeming pale in comparison. For God’s sake, I’m masturbating right now just thinking about her, and I’m already late for work. It’s like I can still smell her and taste her on my lips. Shoot, I need to wake up and get back into the real world. What the hell is wrong with me? Wait, who the hell is that in my bathroom? What the hell is this ring on my finger? Is that a checked blouse on the floor? Shoot…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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