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Snowed in at Christmas Pt. 01

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Inspired by: Christmas Interrupted

Original Version Written by Rarmons

AN: With the permission and blessing of the author Rarmons, I have come up with a variation of his original story.

Hope you like it and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays

~Wednesday, December 23, 2009~

It was two days to Christmas and the snow had just started falling like crazy. Even with the music on my mother, Danielle Steele (yes she heard all the jokes when she got married) and I could hear the snow crunching under our tires. Not to mention the snow that was more than likely in the wheel well of our new red Honda Pilot. Normally either my mother or father drove to the cabin but this year my father wasn’t with us as he had a last-minute meeting at work so he was coming down in his car later. My mother was in the passenger seat at this time because she had a headache and didn’t want to risk getting into an accident. The snow came on just before our last rest stop so she actually allowed me to drive the last leg of our six-hour trek to the cabin.

The long, winding road to the cabin was already covered with several inches of snow so I had the SUV in four-wheel drive and taking things very slow as visibility was becoming an issue. Large wet heavy snowflakes were crashing down onto the windshield and the poor windshield wipers slowly moved back and forth under the weight of the heavy wet snow. It was tough for the wipers to keep up with the sheer volume of snowflakes. At times they had a hard time moving, almost bending like twigs in the wind. Mom had turned on the radio when the sky opened up and dropped this stuff on us and we were informed that a blizzard thought to be hitting further up north had shifted and landed right in our area. If I hadn’t known we were in Colorado, my best guess would have been that we were at the north pole.

My family has been coming here for Christmas for the last ten years. My family consists of my parents, my older sister, and myself. As I said, my mother’s name is Danielle and she is a stay-at-home mother. My father Roger is a big-time businessman. My sister Janie is a sophomore at the University of Boulder. My name is Bryan and I am an 18-year-old senior in high school. The cabin was ranch style with two bedrooms on each end (each with a shared full bathroom), a full-sized kitchen toward the left center of the house, the living room with a real working fireplace in the center, and the dining area to the center-right.

The cabin was a stone’s throw away from the lake. My father’s family has been coming to this part of Colorado for ages. My family rents this place during spring break, a few weeks during the summer, and Christmas for a long weekend. Dad called us as he was leaving the office on his way to pick up my older sister, Janie, at the airport on the way to the cabin. Mom warned him about the (at the time) possible storm and told him to drive carefully.

Taking my eyes off the road for just a moment I looked over at my mother. I could tell by the death grip my mom had on the center console between our seats that she was extremely uneasy. It’s not that I was driving erratically, as I said, I was taking things slowly but as she was not in control (for once) she had to watch as a passenger as her son traversed the snowy landscape.

For the record, I didn’t take any offense to this as she does most of the driving on trips so it is hard to relegate control, especially in a winter storm. My mother exhaled a heavy sigh of relief when I finally pulled off to the side where vehicles parked for the cabin.

“Thank god.” My mother says as she sees the cabin through the snow and a cloud of smoke is already coming from the cabin’s fireplace. “The housekeeper must have started the fire before she left.” My mother says happily.

I think it must have been at some point in time before the storm hit as I can’t see any footprints or tire tracks in the thick blanket of snow covering the area around the cabin. Opening the door to the car was like stepping into a different world. Gone was the toasty warm interior, replaced by a frozen wasteland. Stepping out of the car, my foot sunk to the middle of my calf. I stand at 5 feet 10 inches tall and while I have seen quite a bit of snow in my life, I can’t remember ever seeing this much after just the first snowfall. I sent my mom ahead to make sure the water was on and hot, and that the roaring fire had enough wood while I began bringing in the supplies.

Once she checked everything was up and running, my mother met me halfway during my third trip back from the car and took the bags of food from me so that I could go get our luggage. Once the bags are out of the SUV I remotely shut the trunk, locked the car, and carried the bags to the cabin. Mom tells me we are going to need a load of wood from the storage shed on the right side of the house. Knowing how cold it is outside right now I get a double load (so I don’t have to make another trip any time soon) once I am inside the house my mother shuts the door bursa escort to reheat the central area of the cabin. I stack the wood in the wood storage space near the pantry but take two nice-sized pieces and toss them on the fire, just in case.

After our treks outside my mother and I look like we are snow people. My mother’s shoulder-length red hair is almost completely white as is my Chestnut brown hair. Mom and I divested ourselves of our winter wear, putting them on a chair in front of the fireplace. Mom had laid out two garbage bags and placed the chairs on them so any water would fall onto them and eventually evaporate. She then made her way to the Master bedroom with her luggage. She was gone a short time and when she came back she had changed into a pair of sweatpants and a nightshirt.

“Bryan, go change into your sweats so we can dry off our wet pants.” Mom insists.

Having put all the supplies away I took my mom’s advice and departed for the right side of the house choosing the room at the backside of the house. When I returned mom told me that we had enough food for four people for a week. As we would only be staying until the 27th (4 days) there wasn’t any danger of running out of any necessities. There is a large bottled water dispenser in the kitchen and mom tells me to go get a new bottle as she just drained the last of the current jug. There are three jugs in the pantry and I collect the closest and carry it in and replace the empty one.

Dad told me that when he was 12 one year the waterline froze and they had to melt down buckets of snow for water. I can’t imagine that was a lot of fun so the owners put this in just to be safe. That of course did not stop mother nature from throwing a wrench into our gears in the form of the biggest snowstorm in the history of Ashbrooke.

“Well… despite the storm we have power, water, and even the wi-fi is still working.”

“Hallelujah,” I say happily. After the last hour, I am ready to plop down on the couch and veg out. Mom wraps her arms in front of her breasts and looks out the window hoping to see my father’s car.

“Mom, why don’t you go take a shower? I know you jumped right into your sweats to come to help me with the supplies. Go… get washed up. You’ll feel better.” I insist.

“Are you sure?” She asks looking away from the window and back to me.

“Yes… go.”

“Well, I guess it will take your father and sister a while so I guess I have time to take a shower.”

I sat down on the couch, and pulling out my laptop began working on a personal project of mine. I am so in my own little world I lose track of time until my mother makes her way back out to tell me that I can have my turn. I close up my laptop and place it on the stand. I kiss my mom on the cheek and make my way to my bathroom.

It isn’t long before I am in the tub and standing under the shower spray. When the hot water hit my skin, it felt better than anything in the world. With the warm tendrils of water snaking all over my body, I could just about imagine they were the hands of a hot chick, running her tongue over my skin. That, of course, pretty much instantly got me hard. I would like nothing more than to rub one off in the shower but as my sister would probably want to wash up when she arrived I have to make sure there is warm water for her so I rinse off, dry up, and then proceed to rub one off into the toilet.

After drying off, and changing into my favorite sweatpants, t-shirt and hoodie, I felt like a human being again. Making my way to the kitchen, I found that Mom had made turkey sandwiches and chicken noodle soup for us. My mouth watered the moment I smelled it. As soon as I was seated at the table I picked up my food and wolfed down the sandwiches so fast that I barely remembered tasting any of it.

“Your father called while you were in the shower. He says the storm hit the area so hard that they can’t make it to us tonight. He and Janie are at the resort. He said they will join us tomorrow.”

“What time tomorrow?” I inquired between bites.

“Around noon, if nothing goes wrong but who knows if they’ll make it with this weather.”

I could tell mom was a bit depressed and needed a pick-me-up. “Do you want to set up the tree?”

Mom sighs heavily and her shoulders drop for a moment. Looking up at me, then the boxes of ornaments and the tree she resigns herself to make this the best holiday possible.”Yes… yes, we’ll set up the tree. We will make the most of this holiday… weather be damned!”

With smiles on our faces and renewed vigor mom and I dragged the big plastic tree to the corner of the living room, along with a box of ornaments. A long time ago, for ecological reasons, we opted for a fake tree as opposed to a real one. Despite the fact that the cabin was surrounded by an entire forest of evergreens, it was convenience that won out in the end. The artificial tree was seven feet tall, and it looked pretty real. So long as you didn’t touch it to see otherwise.

It took us two hours bursa escort bayan to hang all the ornaments, garlands, and light strands. The tree consisted of two light garlands, twelve red baubles, twelve white baubles, and all kinds of other stuff. Arts and crafts that my sister and I did in school. Random gifts people had given us. After all these years, the tree was almost like family. It certainly had enough memories hanging off its branches. I couldn’t picture a Christmas without it.

“There,” announced Mom, hanging the last bauble. I plugged in the lights and the tree came to life in a glow of multi-colored lights.

“Perfect.” Mom said proudly. We turned off the lights and stood in the glow of the living room for a while, admiring the glow. It made all the sweat and coldness of the day totally worth it.

“Now what?” I ask my mother.

I get my answer with a very loud and prolonged yawn from my mother. “Now… now I’m incredibly tired, and just want to crawl into bed and go to sleep.”

I walk over and kiss my mother on the cheek. “Alright, mom. I think I’m going to stay up for a while longer, and read.”

I was so wired I sat in the living room for a good two hours just reading stories on my laptop. When I finally started to get sleepy I shut the lid and carried my laptop to my room. Upon entering it I leave it on my nightstand, plug the power into the wall outlet and then plug the charger into my computer. As the cabin is now fully heated I pull off my hoodie, strip off my sweatpants and pull on a pair of silk boxers. As I am not exhausted I plop down onto my bed and as soon as my head hits the pillow I am out like a light.

It was very dark but I swore I heard a knocking at the front door of our cabin. It was possible that dad and Janie were finally here so with mom more than likely sound asleep I get up wearing only my boxer shorts and t-shirt and trudge from my bed to the door. Unlocking the door I find myself looking at the shivering form of a young woman who is most definitely not my older sister. Janie is only a few inches shorter than me and this young woman only come up to my chest.

“Ha… hi.” the shivering woman says removing her hood.

Looking her squarely in the eyes I realize that it is Bethany Carter. She is a senior at my high school but she is one of the most popular girls in school and other than being in a few of my classes over the years I doubt we have ever said a single word to one another.

“Bethany… what are you doing here?” I ask her in a stupid haze.

“I… I miss… missed my turn off… got lost.” She answers through chattering teeth.

“Sorry… get in here,” I say moving out of the way. I watch the blonde girl stomp her feet and enter. I close the door and help her with her coat and watch as she removes her boots and wet socks.

“You are soaked… what happened?” I ask.

“Car… car skidded off… off the road. En… ended up in the lake.”

“Oh god… you walked here from the lake?” The lake was not very far from the cabin but if she went into the lake, in her soaking wet clothes, and with the snow, it must have felt like walking over a mile.

Bethany couldn’t answer me. Her skin looked like it was turning blue. “Quick, get out of your clothes,” I order her as I rush to get a garbage bag to put her things into. The popular girl would normally ignore my statement, treat me like I didn’t exist, and march off. However, in this situation, she didn’t have any other option. Upon returning with the bag I had to help her lift her arms and peel her out of her soaking-wet turtleneck shirt. Tossing it onto the bag I then helped her peel herself from her soaked jeans which were clinging to her flawless (extremely pale) skin.

I reach for the clasp of her bra and Bentahy flinches. “Wha… what are you… do… doing?” She asks.

“Your bra and panties are soaked, Beth. We need to get you out of them and warmed up. If I don’t warm you up the blood from your arms and legs can rush to your heart and stop it.” I inform her. Knowing that I don’t have a lot of time to explain further I immediately strip out of my t-shirt and shuck off my boxers. I can actually see a slight blush peak through her now almost blue-toned skin, that’s how cold she is. I come over to the popular girl and while she is in shock I push her panties from her hips and unfasten her bra.

With us now both naked I collect her in my arms, press her freezing cold body against my warm body and begin moving my arms up and down her arms, side and hips. While doing this I move us over in front of the fire and continue to try and heat up the “ice queen” (bad pun, I know). Bethany was exhausted from her trek so once she starts to warm up I pick her up and carry her over to the couch. She shivers as the couch is in front of the large picture window and you can feel the cold air as it howls outside.

I quickly rush to the hallway closet and collect a spare blanket and make my way back to the object of many of my masturbation fantasies. escort bursa I place the large blanket on the couch and pull the smaller girl onto my lap. Once she is situated where I want her I wrap the blanket around us and hold her tightly against my body. Her perfect ass is pressed firmly on my very hard cock but not wanting to make this any more uncomfortable for her than it already is I simply tilt her head so she is resting on my shoulder.

“As soon as your body is warm enough I’ll try and find something for you to wear until your clothes are dry,” I inform her.

She doesn’t answer and looking down I see that she has passed out. I know she is just sleeping as I can feel her breathing. My body is on fire being this close to a naked woman but I don’t do anything ungentlemanly.

I don’t know how much time passes but when I come to I discover that nature has decided to take things into its own hand and my cock has slipped into the now sexually wet folds of the panting blonde skewered on my cock. I have (in my opinion) a nice-sized cock that measures out to 8 inches hard. While I have never used it for anything but what nature intended, and masturbation, my body seems to know what it needs to do, as does Bethany’s.

While I had no intentions of doing this when I put us in this position I was in no position to stop what was happening. Bethany was moaning as she bounced on my hips. Her tits which were more than a handful were free of the blanket and were flopping about. Her body was now flush and felt like a furnace, a sexual furnace of lust. While moaning she was bitting down on her lip to keep these moans muffled. However, now that Bryan was awake and a full participant she didn’t have to muffle her sexual cries.

Not only that, but now that he was fully conscious, coherent, and able, Bryan leans his lover over some and begins to plow into her full force. Soon, the lovers move to the floor, Bethany is on her hands and knees and Bryan is fucking her into oblivion. Bethany’s tits sway, her ass slammed into, and the cabin is filled with the young woman’s cries.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” Beth groaned. “Yesss… I… I LOVE THIS… OH, OH, OH, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, YES, OH, I, LOVE, YOUR COCK… OH… YESSSSSSSS!”

I feel myself reaching my limit as this is the first time I’ve ever had sex. I can feel the cum bubbling in my balls. My cock lurches and I feel my cum spray… my boxers.

As I ejaculate over and over again my boxers are flooded with jizz. It is only then that I wake up from my dream. I groan in frustration as the dream felt so real. Throwing back my covers I climb out of bed and shuck off my boxers. Tossing the soiled garment in the dirty clothes basket, I head to my dresser and pull out a new set. Once I’ve changed I climb back into bed and try to visualize Bethany naked. Bethany reminded me of Taylor Swift only shorter and bustier. Her curves were otherwise the same. Closing his eyes Bryan let his mind wander back to the very vivid dream and soon he was snoozing to images of the sexy woman under him as he plowed her pussy.

~ Thursday, December 24, 2009 – Christmas Eve ~

I woke up to complete silence. No hum of engines, or honking horns. No trucks rumbling past. Not even the sounds of nature. Everything seemed to have been muffled by the snow. Stretching out I crawl out of my bed and walk over to the back window. Slowly moving the curtains, I was greeted by a solid sheet of white with only the slightest bit of light peeking through. It was bright, but at this early hour, it should be all but blinding. I was able to see at least something. Still just wearing my silk boxer shorts and a simple white t-shirt, I went into the living room.

When I arrived I found that the large window in the living room was almost solid white as well.

I got a sinking feeling in my stomach and opened the front door. Snow, with the imprint of the door still in it. Cold air rushed in, but I had more important things on my mind. Like the solid mass of snow reaching up to my shoulders. If we hadn’t cleared the path yesterday, it would have reached well over my head. We were snowed in. Completely.


Mom came out of the kitchen, in loose sweatpants, and a shirt.

“Noticed the snow did you? Close the door, it won’t do any good to have it open.” Nodding my head in agreement I closed the door and made my way over to my mother.

“What the hell happened?”

“According to the weather report, the storm got really bad after midnight. I watched the local news channel this morning, and they said some areas around us got as much as ten feet.”

“I’m NOT shoveling all that.”

Mom laughed softly. “I don’t think you could, even if you wanted to. According to the report, it’s still snowing, just not as bad as yesterday.”

“So what are we doing?”

“There’s not much we can do, except sit here, and wait it out.”

“What about Janie and Dad?”

“I called your father this morning when I saw the snow at the windows. They couldn’t get through because the roads were too treacherous. The sheriff had to close off the roads. They did however make it as far as the resort before the heavens opened up and dropped eight feet of snow on the area.”

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