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Solo Shower

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It was an unseasonably hot and muggy fall afternoon. The air in the classroom was damp and close. Despite her best efforts to concentrate, the prof’s words began to meld into a meaningless droning in the back of Jane’s mind while she claustrophobically pondered whether or not it might be possible for one to suffocate under the weight of such humid air. A hint of a smile flitted across her face as she reflected on the ironic nature of the imagined situation. The rustling of a hundred closing notebooks dragged her from her reverie and as her eyes refocused on the world around her they met the curious gaze of a classmate, no doubt wondering what she had found so amusing in the prof’s monotonous delivery of his lecture. She laughed and shrugged her shoulders as she picked up her things and headed out the door to her next class.

As she walked through the hallways she noticed the guy from her last class checking her out, and again her mind began to wander. Almost unconsciously she lifted a hand to the side of her neck and absentmindedly caressed the sensitive spot there. Her body tingled as she imagined a pair of lips touching her there with searing kisses. However, the reality of her uncomfortably warm body prevented this train of thought pendik escort from developing much further.

She slipped out through the nearest exit in the hopes of escaping the oppressive atmosphere of the Arts Centre. She was disappointed to find that the slight breeze that greeted her outside was more reminiscent of a large dog panting in her face than it was refreshing. In that instant she decided it was futile to force herself to sit through yet another class in this weather, and she soon found herself entering her own house.

As she passed through her kitchen she glanced up at the clock on the wall. Two whole hours to herself before she would have to pick up her son from day-care, plenty of time to shower and change into a fresh outfit. She began to strip off her damp clothes as she checked her email, half-heartedly hoping to find a message from Bill. A quick glance at the date at the bottom of her laptop screen reminded her that it had now been over a month since she had seen him last. Because he was a sailor, he was often away from home for months at a time. As she slipped off her underwear a new message flashed in her inbox from the boat. She smiled and read through his brief message: In just three short days maltepe escort he would be home, but to Jane they seemed like an eternity. With a last glance at his framed face smiling up at her from her desk she went into the washroom and stepped into the shower.

As the warm water streamed over her it seemed to wash away with it all the anxieties of the day. She ran her hands over her wet, slippery body, and as she closed her eyes the image of Bill she had recently gazed on re-entered her mind, more vivid now that it had been released from its frame. She cupped her breasts in her hand and lightly pinched her nipple, savouring the small chill it sent to her uterus. She remembered the last time that Bill had been there in the shower with her, and as she caressed her naked self she imagined that she could again feel his hot, slippery skin pressing against her own. As she imagined the feel of his cock pumping in and out of her as he bent her over under the stream of hot water, her fingers brushed against her clit. The hand cupping her breast squeezed just a little tighter as she began to slowly circle her clit with her fingertips. She let her hair fall to the side and the coursing water ran over the special spot at the back kartal escort of her neck as she pictured the touch of Bill’s lips and his heavy breath. The two fingers working her now swollen clit slip down and ran along the smooth lips of her shaven pussy.

Her mind transported her and her imaginary lover to the bedroom, where he drove himself into her, pulling her back to him with his fingers wrapped in her hair, and her own fingers slid inside her hot, dripping pussy, searching out her g-spot. The fantasy playing out behind her closed eyelids became more and more vivid, and her fingers moved again to her clit. The heel of her hand pulled back her outer lips to give her fingers better access. As her fingertips rapidly flickered over her clit her hips involuntarily began to rock, and she stroked herself more firmly. The first waves of her orgasm began to roll through her body. Her fingers remained pressed against her throbbing clit as she savoured the overwhelming feeling. When the last shivers left her body she stood under the shower for a few minutes longer, no longer thinking, but only enjoying the physical touch of hot water on bare skin. Then, flushed and spent, she turned and switched off the water.

As Jane stepped out of the shower she wondered how Bill dealt with months at a time of celibacy. “Oh well,” she thought, “He’s a big boy, I’m sure he can take care of himself too.” She tossed her wet towel on the bed and went to the closet to find something to wear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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