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Son in Law Lust

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Joan ran her hands over her soft plump breasts. Her right hand hovered over her left breast and she pinched her nipple between her thumb and forefinger. She kept hold of it and pinched herself quite hard, causing a small amount of pain which made her wince but also made her even more excited. Her left hand moved slowly over her stomach, through her thick bush of pubic hair and down to her cunt. She continued to gyrate her fingers around her nipple whilst at the same time slowly easing one finger into her pussy. She wasn’t as wet as she wished she was, or had been many times in the past but now at the age of 60, it was only to be expected. She closed her eyes and continued her masturbation and whilst she did, the same face as always popped into her mind, that of her son in law. She added another finger to the one that was now thrusting in and out of her pussy and as she whispered his name, she felt herself get more moist, not really wet, like she wanted to be, but at least not as dry as she had been when she started. She imagined his cock thrusting in and out of her, imagined the weight of his body on top of her. She pictured his face contorting as he shot his cum into her.

God! how she wanted it so much.

She rolled over on the bed and grabbed the photo album she kept on the bedside cabinet. She flicked to the page with the photo of her daughter and her husband that she had taken at a family wedding last year. She covered her daughter’s face with a piece of paper that she kept for the purpose and continued to finger fuck herself whilst looking at his face.

“Fuck me, Andrew, fuck me,” she screamed.

She added another finger, but her arm was aching from all the thrusting and she knew that even though she really wanted to, she wasn’t going to cum tonight.

She lay back exhausted, disappointed that she hadn’t been able to bring herself off and also feeling guilty because of her lustful thoughts about her daughter’s husband.

She had thought about buying herself a vibrator, but always lost courage when it came to going into the Adult store. She knew she could buy one online, but her only access to a PC was at her daughter’s house and she was scared that they might be able to trace what web-sites she had been on, so she always chickened out then as well. So she relied on the old fashioned method, as she had for many years since being widowed, but as she got older, she found it more and more difficult to satisfy herself. What she really needed was the real thing and even though she fantasised about it virtually every night, she didn’t think it would ever happen, unless she decided to be bold.

Twenty years earlier she could have had him when she wanted. All the time he was dating Allison, she knew he used to masturbate whilst using her panties. He would come over and at some point during the evening go and spend far too long in the bathroom. The next morning she always found that it was her panties that had evidence that he had been wanking mofos porno himself off the night before. Part of her found it disgusting and she wanted to warn him off, but at the same time, she was flattered that a young man lusted after her, and secretly she enjoyed the fact that it was her he was fantasising about, so she never said anything. She knew then that if she made a move he would have sex with her, but at the time, her and her husband had a great relationship and a great sex life, and she had no intention of destroying that.

Now 5 years after her husband had died through cancer, she was desperate for a man’s touch, but the little stains in her panties had ceased a good 5 years before that. Her daughter had given birth to her first grandchild just before after years of trying and it was obvious that Andrew didn’t find the thought of fucking his son’s grandmother very appealing anymore.

Joan switched off her light and drifted off to sleep, thinking about how she could entice her son in law into bed and wondering if she dared.

The next day was Sunday and Allison and Andrew turned up as usual with Tom, her grandson. They ate lunch together then went out for a walk before returning to hers for Coffee before they went home. During the afternoon, she found herself looking at him more and more and felt herself getting wet between her legs. Her mind whirled and she just wanted to rip off her knickers and rub them against his face and tell him to go and have a wank in them today. She knew she wouldn’t but she did feel herself become much bolder with him and as they left she decided to act. She hugged her grandson, then her daughter and as they started to leave, she grabbed him for a hug, something they rarely did. He responded, wrapping his arms around her, and as he did, she pushed herself against him and grabbed his arse with her right hand, squeezing it gently. As they released, the look on his face was a picture. He wasn’t horrified as she expected or even surprised, in fact he was beaming. His eyes were alight and his smile was broad. Allison and Tom were already well down the path, but he hung back and reached for her again, he then leaned down and kissed her on the cheek but just a bit too long for it to be a normal Goodbye kiss.

When they had finally gone, Joan didn’t know what to do with herself. Her belly was all a flutter and she felt as excited as she had on her first date with her late husband, nearly 40 years ago.

Once again that night she lay in bed and masturbated and this time she had a wonderful orgasm.

It was just after 10 on the Monday morning, when the knock on the door came. She opened it and there he was standing on her doorstep.

“Tom left something behind yesterday, a game for his PSP, can I come in and look for it?”

“Of course, where did he lose it?”

“Don’t know, I’ll just have a quick look.”

Andrew went into the lounge and started looking around. She watched naughty america porno him thinking about yesterday and then she said, “Sorry about yesterday, squeezing your bum like that, I don’t know what came over me.”

He turned to face her and she noticed that the bulge in the front of his trousers was just a bit too big not to be an erection.

“I quite enjoyed it Joan actually, so no need to apologise.”

God he was hard, she could see it, he was hard for her, she knew it and she couldn’t stop looking at it.

He knew what she was looking at, she could tell and when he said, “Do you want to see it?” she couldn’t quite take in what he had said.

“See it?”

“My cock”

“Andrew, I erm, I don’t know, I mean it’s not right, it’s a….”

She stopped herself, she was trying to convince him not to, when everything within her was screaming yes I want to see it and touch it and kiss it and suck it and feel it inside me.

He unzipped himself and pulled his hard cock out. Joan fell back into the chair behind her, overcome by the sight of his wonderful hard penis.

“I’ve wanked over you for years Joan, I’d love to do it in front of you.”

She just nodded and watched as he took off all his clothes and stood in front of her completely naked. He ran his right hand up and down the shaft of his cock, every now and then gently massaging his bell end and rubbing his pre-cum into himself. Joan was so excited her breathing was almost a gasp as she watched her wonderful son in law play with himself whilst whispering her name.

“Show me your tits Joany,” he said to her.

She undone her blouse and pulled it off and then without undoing her bra she lifted both her plump breasts out.

“Oh yes they are fucking awesome, so white and big.”

He was wanking himself harder now and Joan was transfixed by the amount of clear liquid seeping from the end of his cock.

For the first time in a long time her nipples were growing as she watched and she reached down to play with them.

“Yeah that’s great Joany play with your boobs darling.”

She fondled herself, wanting to please him, she lifted her breasts up and bent down enabling herself to lick herself. She hadn’t done that for a long while, but one of the benefits of having large tits was that she could kiss her own nipples and she wanted him to be so turned on.

“Yes Joany darling do that, that’s fantastic.”

She licked away at her tits and then just as she looked up, his thick semen spurted from him splashing down onto her face and into her hair.

She couldn’t believe it had happened. Here she was, a normal 60 year old grandmother and the man who had been married to her daughter for nearly 20 years had just cum all over her.

She leant back in the chair, once again feeling so guilty, but Andrew obviously hadn’t finished with her. He knelt down in front of her and started to kiss and lick public agent porno her breasts, moving up, he licked her neck and then her face. He moved across to her mouth and she let him kiss her open mouthed. She could taste his cum on his tongue and realised that was what he had done, licked his own cum off her before sharing it. She kissed him hungrily, tasting his salty semen, wanting more of it. She felt his hands on her tits, squeezing them and massaging her nipples.

He pulled away “You’ve got fantastic tits for a woman your age,” he said.

She didn’t think so, they sagged and were very veiny but she was pleased he liked them. He went back down to them and spent the next few minutes kissing and sucking her nipples. It had been a long while since she’d had this and she had forgotten just how wonderful it was.

“What about Ally?” it was out before she knew it. Shit that was bound to put a dampener on the proceedings.

“I’ve wanted you for 20 years, you think I care about anything else at the moment.” He continued to kiss her breasts but his hands were now reaching up her skirt.

“I think we’d better go to my bedroom,” she said to him.

Two minutes later they were both naked in her bed. Once again he was kissing her lips but now he was also gently rubbing her pussy lips with his right hand. His touch was magic and she could feel the electric excitement surging through her. He fingered her gently for a while then his kisses stopped as he moved down the bed.

He kissed her around her pubic region for a bit, then he moved between her legs. She bit her lip as she felt his tongue move the whole length of her labia. He licked her gently for a few minutes, and then like a wild animal, he pulled her cunt open with his fingers and started to tongue fuck her.

The feeling was amazing as he flicked her clit with his tongue and she knew that she was going to orgasm. She wanted to haul him up too embarrassed to cum over his face, but something within her told her that was what he wanted, so she let herself go and as he carried on she squirted her cum into his mouth.

“Yes more, Joany, more, cum you horny bitch.”

She couldn’t stop herself now and the orgasm surged through her and she released more of her love juice into her son in law’s mouth.

Suddenly he was on top of her, she felt the tip of his cock enter her pussy and she pushed down as he thrust up.

“Fuck me you naughty boy, fuck your horny mother in law.”

Her whole body rocked as Andrew pounded away at her pussy, the sensation was better than she ever remembered and when he released his cum into her, she felt that wonderful warm feeling as his semen shot deep into her, a feeling long forgotten.

He collapsed on top of her and then slowly rolled off. He leaned across and kissed her cheek.

“That was wonderful Joan, best fuck I’ve had in years.”

“Good, because I want more of those please.”

He wrapped his arms around her and gently stroked her tits again.

“Well I’m here whenever you want me Joany and ready and willing for anything you want.”

Joan cuddled up to him, part of her felt guilty and sad about her daughter, but the greater part was overjoyed and she just couldn’t wait for more of the same with her son in law.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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