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Big Tits

I woke up slowly, breathing deeply of the scent that surrounded me. I stretched and found aches in places that had not felt that way in a long time. I smiled softly remembering how I got them. I opened my eyes and looked to my side but you were not there. I got up and walked to the living room and found you there, sleeping on the couch, with papers lying on your chest. I sat in a chair and simply watched you sleeping while I thought about how I came to be here.

I had arrived in town yesterday evening, looking to relax and have a bit of fun. I did not want to deal with the trouble of waiting for security checks and baggage retrieval, so I had not checked any baggage. I only planned on being here for a few days and had packed light, comfortable clothing in the backpack I was carrying. When I got off the plane I headed straight for the car rental office. As I approached the counter I saw you standing there. You were looking down and I took the opportunity to indulge myself in your appearance. I judged you to be about six feet tall, maybe a bit taller, and very attractive with your sun-kissed hair. Your shoulders filled out the suit jacket you were wearing very nicely, leading me to imagine the appeal of the body beneath it.

Then you looked up directly into my eyes. As your blue gaze penetrated my guarded hazel eyes I felt my nipples begin to harden. I knew I was blushing as I reached the counter, surprised by the blatant sexual attraction I felt for you, a complete stranger. You smiled at me and asked me what you could do for me. I stumbled over my words as I told you I needed to rent a car for a few days, my words in total contradiction to the images running through my mind in response to your innocent question. You handed me a contract and a pen, your fingers brushing against mine as I took the pen from you. I stared down at my skin where you had touched me, amazed at the tingling sensation I felt.

Just then a young man walked up to you and thanked you for covering for him until he arrived. You started to tell him what I needed then said never mind and walked around the counter beside me. I looked up at you as you took the papers that I had not yet begun to fill out from my hands. I shivered as you spoke softly to me, telling me that you didn’t think I was going to need that car. You held out your hand in silent invitation and I slid mine into it. You told the counter clerk goodnight and we walked out to your car.

As you opened the door for me I watched hopelessly as you lowered your lips to mine. What started out as a gentle kiss flared quickly into heated passion as you pressed your hard body into the softness of mine. You pulled away and told me to get in the car and I did without hesitation. I don’t remember anything about the drive except for the touch of your hand on mine. The way you kept contact with me, even while you were distracted with traffic, quieted any fears I may have had about what I was doing.

When we arrived at your place I followed you quietly inside. I walked into the living room and laid my bag on the couch. You walked into the kitchen and asked me if I wanted a drink. I asked for a glass of water and waited for your return. When you came in, you handed me the glass and led me to sit on the couch. We talked a bit about what I was doing in town and how long I had planned to be there. You told me a little about yourself and your work. All through the conversation I was completely aware of the heat from your body even though there was a slight space separating us. You took my glass from my hand and set it on a table next to the couch along with yours, then turned back to face me.

You reached up and slid your hand into my hair, touching my cheek with your thumb. Your caresses felt so good on my skin as I leaned into them. You then traced my lips with your free hand, circling the softness and then dipping in as they parted. I sighed at the erotic sensations I was feeling just from this contact. I looked into your eyes again and shivered as I saw the passion in them. You removed my glasses and put them on the table behind you. When you turned back this time it was to find me reaching for you. I brushed my fingers over your jaw and around the back of your neck, pulling you to me so that I could taste your hot kiss again. As our lips met I rose up and turned to straddle your lap, pressing myself against you again.

Your arms circled me and pulled me tight to your chest, crushing my aching breasts between us. I spread my thighs wider and settled against the growing hardness of your erection. canlı bahis şirketleri Your tongue thrust deeper into my mouth in strokes that I could feel all the way to my womb. I started to rock against you in response to the throbbing need I was feeling deep inside. You broke away from our kiss and leaned back to look at me. I met your gaze steadily and let everything I was feeling show for you to see. You reached up and traced a hard nipple beneath my shirt and I arched my back to give you freer access. You reached beneath the hem of my shirt and touched my bare skin. I gasped at the electric touch and you pulled my shirt over my head baring me to your eyes.

You ran a finger along the edge of my bra, dipping into my cleavage, then slid your hands around my back to release the hooks. You slowly pulled the straps down, revealing my full breasts to your gaze bit by bit. I am breathing hard now, anticipating your touch on them. Soon you had removed the bra completely and dropped it next to my shirt. For a moment you only looked, then you leaned forward and closed your hot, wet mouth over a nipple. I cried out at the pleasure of you sucking gently. You ran your hands up my back and into my hair, pulling gently to make me arch back farther. You sucked my nipple deeper into your mouth and gently nibbled on the hardness of it. I rocked my hips against you again, feeling my excitement mount as I felt the dampness gathering on my labia.

You rolled so that I was under you and pushed yourself hard against me. The sensation from your hard cock rubbing against my clit, even through our clothing, was driving me to the edge. You pulled away and I groaned at your absence. Then your hands were on me again, sliding under the waist of my pants and pulling them down over my hips. I raised up to make it easier for you and watched the expression on your face as you discovered that I wore no panties. You pulled my pants off my legs, removing my shoes with them and sat back to look at my naked body. You pulled of your suit jacket and then slowly began removing your tie.

I kept my gaze locked on yours while you slowly slid the knot free and began to work on the buttons of your shirt. With each button you opened, each inch of skin you revealed, my gaze slid lower. Finally you reached the last button and pulled the shirt free from your slacks. I licked my lips as you parted the shirt and slid it over your shoulders. I rose up so that I could touch you but you spoke one word. “No.” I lay back on the couch and watched you. You stood up and unbuttoned your slacks that were stretched out over your erect cock. You stepped out of your shoes and let your slacks slide to the floor. I feasted my eyes upon your body, so hard, so sexy, your cock still confined by your shorts.

You knelt on the floor and turned me to face you, pulling my hips to the edge of the couch as you moved between my legs. You slid your hands up my sides to cup my breasts, teasing my hard nipples with your fingertips before tracing patterns down my belly to my mound. You cupped it with both hands then parted the flesh. You looked intently at my clean-shaved skin and smiled at me then lowered your head. The first touch of your tongue made me gasp. I arched up to you wanting more, but you held back. When I relaxed again you dipped your tongue in for another taste. The heat of your tongue on my sensitive skin was unbelievable. You stroked me slowly, up one side and down the other, avoiding my clit. You pointed and thrust your tongue into my wet opening and I cried out again. This time you gave me what I wanted and thrust your tongue in deeper, faster.

You pulled away again and looked at me. I could feel myself burning under your gaze, the hunger radiating from my eyes. You traced a finger over my wet labia and slid it slowly in, never looking away from me. I bit my lower lip at the pleasure and thrust myself against you. You slid your finger in deeper, pressing against the upper wall, sliding in and out in firm strokes. Then you added a second finger, whispering to me how tight I was. The added pressure of the second finger was driving me higher and higher. Then you lowered your head again, this time going straight for my clit. I thrust myself against you in rhythm with your fingers and tongue.

I felt my orgasm building hot and hard deep within me. I ran my fingers into your hair and pulled your head harder against my clit. You responded by licking and sucking faster, driving your fingers deeper and harder, increasing the pressure on my g-spot. I cried out. I came for you strongly, canlı kaçak iddaa my juices spilling over your fingers, my thighs quivering and clamping down on your head. My back arched and my body tightened as I reached that exquisite release. You slowed your strokes, softened your tongue as you carried me through my orgasm. As I came down I realized how tightly I was holding you to me and relaxed. You gave my clit a few more soft strokes with your wonderful tongue and then raised your head to look at me.

I watched you to see what you were feeling. I could see the satisfaction in your eyes, plus the flame of desire still burning brightly. I looked slowly over your body, my eyes coming to rest on your cock tenting out the front of your shorts. I met your eyes again and told you softly, I want you. You asked me how I wanted you. I told you I wanted you hard and deep, soft and teasing, slow and gentle, fast and uninhibited. I want you inside me. I want to pleasure you the way you pleasured me. I want to take you to the edge and hold you there until you can no longer stand it, then I want you to spill your hot seed deep inside me.

As I spoke I sat up and started touching you, slowly exploring your body, your beautiful, hard male body. I pushed you gently and you lay back on the floor, letting me caress you. I kissed your lips softly, tasting myself on them, and then moved down your neck, kissing and licking, soft, teasing flicks of my tongue. I moved down the hollow of your chest and to the side, circling a nipple and gently biting it. I blew against it and then flicked my tongue over it in quick, hard strokes. How I love a man with sensitive nipples. I drifted down and kissed your ribs softly, trailing my tongue along a path back to your belly. I dipped and swirled my tongue in your belly button, then made ever-widening spirals around it. I reached your groin and softly sank my teeth in, ever so gentle. The sounds you were making were encouraging me, driving me forward.

I rubbed my face against your cock through your shorts. You were so hard. I kissed the head and sucked it into my mouth, letting the material stimulate you as I rotated my mouth over you. I wanted more. I wanted all of you. I slipped my hands into the waistband and slowly pulled your shorts down, watching eagerly as your cock caught in the elastic for a moment then popped free. My lips found you immediately in a soft kiss then I pulled your shorts the rest of the way down your legs and off.

I massaged your calves as I worked my way back up your body. When I reached your knees I leaned down and began to navigate with my lips and tongue. Whenever I found a sensitive spot I would linger over it for a moment before moving on. I soon found myself looking at your heavy, swollen balls. I cupped and rolled them in my hands before pressing my nose into them. I began licking them from the bottom and around to the base of your cock. I sucked them slowly into my mouth, one at a time, and rolled my tongue gently over them. I pushed myself up and pressed my warm breasts into them, tucking your hard cock into my cleavage. I rocked against you slowly, watching your cock popping in and out of my breasts.

I began flicking my tongue over the head as it came near, then finally I had to have you in my mouth and I dropped down to take you in deeply. I sucked you in and stroked you with my tongue, sliding your length in and out slowly. I drew back out to the head and swirled my tongue over it, flicking the tip and the ridge beneath it. I teased you, just playing with the head for a moment, then plunged down on your length, taking as much of your big cock as I could. I sucked and swallowed, trying to take you in deeper, and stroked my tongue over you as much as your size would allow. I began rising and falling on your shaft, creating a vacuum I was hoping would bring you pleasure. Then I felt your hands in my hair, guiding me to match the rhythm you needed.

You tasted so good, felt so hot in my mouth. I wanted to continue, but you stopped me, pulling me off your hot, wet cock. You reminded me of what I had told you, how much I wanted you inside me. I slid slowly up your body, rubbing my nipples against your cock, then your belly, and then against your own nipples. I kissed you deeply, passionately, mixing the taste of you with the taste of me on our lips. I then straddled your hips and lowered my wet pussy against the length of your cock, sliding my labia up and down it, rubbing my clit against the head.

I rubbed against you until I felt myself getting wetter canlı kaçak bahis and wetter, feeling another orgasm building. Then I raised myself up and positioned your cock head at my opening. I looked at you as I slid slowly onto you. You were so big and hard and I was so tight, but so excited and wet that you were slipping deeper and deeper without too much work. I rose and fell slowly until I had about half of your length buried in my pussy. You reached up and grabbed my hips, never taking your eyes off mine, and held me as you thrust yourself fully within me. I gasped at the feeling of having you completely inside me. There was a bit of pain at taking all of you so deeply, but it quickly dissipated as you held me tightly on your cock.

I began to rock against you slowly, enjoying the feel of your hard cock filling me so sweetly. I arched my back and felt you rubbing against my g-spot and started to ride you harder and faster. As I rose and fell on your cock you reached up and played with my tits, squeezing them and rolling my nipples between your fingers. I cried out as the sensations began to flood me, my pussy contracting around your cock as my juices began to flow over you. I knew I needed something but I didn’t know what. Then you took over.

You rolled us over and pulled my knees up as you began thrusting hard and deep into my hungry pussy. I grabbed your shoulders and held on tightly, wrapping my legs around your back and rising up to meet your thrusts. Our eyes locked as you pounded me into the floor, driving me farther and farther into the erotic sensations that I could not resist. God you felt so good. You slowed your pace and leaned down to kiss me, both of us breathing hard into each other’s mouth. I told you how crazy you were making me.

You slowly pulled out of my pussy, my lips trying to keep you within. I looked at you and you smiled softly, telling me to turn over. I did and you pulled my hips into the air as I rose to my elbows. I looked back at you as you stared at my dripping pussy, stroking your cock. You moved forward and rubbed your cock up and down my slit, rubbing against my clit again. I pushed my hips back and you slid in deeply. I gasped at the depth you reached. You began working me slowly but I was too excited to take it that way. I wanted more. I wanted you hard and deep, and I told you so. You thrust hard and I cried out to you. Yes! You began plunging at a hard pace, your big balls slapping my clit with each thrust.

I arched my back to take you as deep as I possibly could. I could feel my juices dripping down my legs as you fucked my pussy. I felt the pressure building hard and fast and knew I was going to cum all over your cock. I begged you to fuck me harder, told you I was going to cum, told you I wanted to feel you cum deep inside me, I needed it. You grabbed and handful of my hair and pulled me harder and harder onto your cock as you reached under me with the other hand and started stroking my clit. A few more thrusts and I felt my walls tighten down on you. I could feel the first wave coming and I cried out to you. Fuck me! God I’m cumming.

When my orgasm crashed over me I clamped down tight on your cock. You kept thrusting, faster and faster. I felt you begin to swell in my pussy and begged you to fill me with your hot cum. You thrust so hard I cried out. Then I felt you spray your hot seed deep in my pussy. The pulsing, pounding thrusts of your cock filled me so damned completely. Spurt after spurt of your cum filling me and mixing with my juices, then overflowing. My head was spinning with all of the sensations I was experiencing, then another wave crashed over me and I lost all control.

We lay together on the floor for a while with your cock still deep within me, breathing hard and feeling each other pulsing in the aftermath of our orgasms. We were spooned together, you stroking my hair gently and touching me all over. You leaned forward and kissed me softly on the neck. I turned and met your lips for a sweet kiss. After a while you asked me if I was hungry. I laughed softly and you specified that your request was for food. I told you yes and we separated slowly, neither of us wanting to lose the exquisite contact.

You ordered Chinese food for us and we ate together sitting in the floor, both of us naked. Later we moved to your bedroom and spent several more hours exploring each other, culminating in another shattering orgasm. You decided not to go into the office in the morning, but told me you would have to do some work from home later that morning. You pulled me close to you and I drifted off to sleep completely satisfied for the first time in years. I slept deeply and peacefully, which is why I didn’t feel you get out of bed.

As I watch you sleeping I think that maybe I need to extend my stay here.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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