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“This sucks…totally sucks…and not the way I like,” Dana complained, haphazardly throwing whatever clothing that came to hand into her open suitcase.

“I couldn’t agree more,” her nineteen year old twin sister agreed, sitting on the bed with her head in her hands, “and I had three beautiful bi guys lined up for us for the whole weekend too.”

They were both sluts, knew it and owned it proudly. The university experience was simply a competition between them for who could suck and fuck the most, men and women, students and faculty. They both expected to find wealthy spouses and were perfectly willing to use their bodies any way that helped them reach that goal. The uncounted and uncountable orgasms along the way were just bonuses for them or whomever they sucked or fucked at the time.

Deana got off the bed to answer the door when there was a loud knock. Their mother stood scowling in the hallway dodging the constant stream of others heading for the elevators.

“Ready?” she asked impatiently, “your father is illegally parked and was already being hassled by campus police before Igot up here.”

The girls each grabbed two suitcases as their mother pushed a cart loaded with four boxes to stand in line for the elevator.

The university was sending everyone home indefinitely because of the pandemic.

“There’s nothing to watch on TV,” Deana griped, flopping back on a sofa as she flipped through the channels on the large screen TV mounted on the wall.

“Yeah, I can see the problem,” her eighteen year old brother Daniel sneered as he walked into the family room to stand a few feet away from his sisters, wearing just light gray boxer briefs that quite visibly outlined his limp six inch cock, “we only have 889 channels and four streaming services.”

The twins had been home from the university for almost two months, their brother and parents quarantined with them the entire time. Their parents were taking no chances, limiting them to the house and grounds with no visitors permitted. That both parents worked out of the house anyway meant they were less affected by the lock down but unable to get together with their regular lovers and playmates.

The growing frustration was wearing them all down. Each of them really needed to see different people…and more importantly…suck and fuck someone other than each other. Facetime and Zoom mutual masturbation sessions weren’t cutting it any longer.

“I suppose we could just watch porn,” Dana chimed in, smiling impishly at her brother, sliding her hand under the waistband of the bikini panties, the only thing she was wearing, hoping to get him flustered, “or make some more of our own. Dad says our earlier family porn videos are selling like crazy.”

Daniel smiled impishly, his hardening cock tenting the boxer briefs with a small wet spot darkening the front of the light gray fabric. Deana grinned back at him as she cupped both of her bare baseball sized tits, seductively thumbing her erect nipples and slowly licking her upper lip.

After all, sexual play for all was more than a longstanding family tradition….

….When the girls got home from the university, they found Daniel waiting for them, laying on Dana’s bed stroking his rock hard cock. They squealed their delight and quickly stripped, with Deana lowering herself down on his cock first while Dana straddled his head, feeling his tongue lazily split her pussy lips.

Deana climaxed quickly and rolled off her brother’s cock, trading places with her sister. Dana took Daniel’s dick as deep inside her as he would go with a single thrust, then ground her hips around while furiously rubbing her own clit. She knew he wouldn’t last long with her doing that and she was very anxious to feel his warm cum filling her cunt for the first time in months.

Daniel reached up and pinched Dana’s left nipple with his right hand and put the left behind Deana’s ass to pull her down on his face even harder. With his tongue buried in her pussy and his nose in her asshole, he knew he wouldn’t be able to breathe, exactly what he craved while making his own orgasms more explosive and intense.

As his body writhed demanding another breath, Daniel could feel the early stages of a massive orgasm, much more intense than any time he jerked off recently, even while choking himself with a belt. His sisters recognized the signs and did what they could to get themselves off along with him.

Deana climaxed again, inundating her brother’s mouth and nostrils with a flood of her pussy juices, adding to the feeling he was drowning and unable to breathe. After a moment, his back arched and his cum exploded deep into Dana’s cunt, filling her canal and leaking out around the base of his cock to drip down over his balls. Dana, upon recognizing the warm squishy burst of her brother’s cum filling her cunt, started to ride his cock harder and faster, clenching her cunt canal around his cock to squeeze out every canlı bahis last drop while adding her pussy juices to the flood oozing out of her pussy hole.

Deana rolled off to the side, her thighs visibly quivering while Dana simply collapsed down on her brother’s chest. She lay there for a few moments until she felt his deflating dick slip out of her pussy. Then she gave him a quick kiss on his lips and rolled on the other side.

“Beautiful, just beautiful, I think I got just about everything,”they heard their father Andy say from the foot of the bed, “now girls, spread your legs and your pussy lips wide and push so I can get a good shot of Daniel’s cum seeping out of you.”

Andy was holding up a high tech digital video camera to his eye, panning back and forth at his smiling son and daughters. He slowly zoomed in on each of the girls’ pussies, with such a fine resolution he could clearly see each of the hairs of their matching closely trimmed landing strips, every fold of the pink glistening inner flesh of their cunts and the last creamy strings of Daniel’s cum oozing from them. They were so identical as twins, even their pussies, insides and out, matched exactly.

Andy took the camera away from his eye and looked down at the small screen on the back. As he did so, his wife Molly let his half hard cock slip from between her lips and got off her knees in front of him. She kept his dick in her hand as she looked at the screen over his shoulder.

“Daddy, let’s all look at the video on the big TV downstairs,”Dana said to him sweetly as she slid of the bed and added her hand to his cock with her mother’s, “but after I pee.”

As she turned to walk into the en suite bathroom with her ass swaying seductively with each step, Andy brought the camera back up to his eye and followed her. She sat on the toilet, leaned back against the tank and spread her thighs wide, eagerly giving her father an unobstructed view of her pussy and the stream of her piss splashing into the water below.

“Next time, honey,”her mother said from behind her father, “why don’t we piss on each other in the shower for your father to film.”

“Fine with me, Mom,”Dana grinned happily, putting her right hand down between her legs to let her piss splash on her fingers, “and I’m sure Daniel and Deana would want to be involved too.”

A half hour later, Andy had the unedited video queued up on the large screen TV in the family room. He sat down on the sofa between Dana and Deana while Molly sat on her son’s lap in a nearby overstuffed chair. The kids and Andy had not bothered to put anything on after leaving the bedroom. Molly still wore a pair of powder blue boyshort panties with the gusset drawn up into her clearly moist pussy slit.

Their regular routine was to watch the unedited video all the way through once, then go back and make various suggestions for editing to either be self standing or integrated into another video. Andy started the video and leaned back, putting his arms around both of his daughter’s shoulders and pulling them close. They squirmed slightly until he was able to fondle one of each of their tits while they took turns slowly stroking his cock and fondling his balls.

Molly turned in Daniel’s lap so he could lean forward to take one of his mother’s sensitive silver dollar sized areola with the little finger sized nipple into his mouth. She moaned lowly as he sucked the nipple since they were sensitive enough she often would cum just from that stimulation. When he slid his fingers under the waistband of her panties, she readily spread her thighs, knowing he loved to sniff her panties after she soaked them with her pussy juices. After her next orgasm, she would slip the panties off and let his cock slide into her cunt, filling her with cum one of her daughters or her husband would enthusiastically lick out of her.

By the time the first video played to the end, Molly had cum on Daniel’s cock, riding him on the chair with her panties pulled to the side. They were so soaked with both his creamy cum and her pussy juices she figured Daniel would be jerking off while sniffing them every morning for a week.

Dana was bent over the coffee table, watching the video while her father slammed his cock into her welcoming pussy. She knew he was holding back so he could cum inside Deana, so she strummed her own clit furiously to climax herself first. Meanwhile, Deana knelt behind Andy, fondling his dangling ball sac and rimming his asshole. She had bet her mother that she could get her father to cum first in Dana and before her sister.

Dana climaxed first, followed almost immediately by her father’s cum flooding her pussy. Deana looked over to her mother but Molly was in the midst of her own orgasm on her son’s cock and wasn’t paying any attention to her. When Molly slumped down and Daniel’s cock slipped out of her, Deana crawled over and alternated between licking her mother’s seeping pussy and sucking her brother’s bahis siteleri partially deflated dick. Being just eighteen and a lot more experienced than most of his peers, he was hard enough within moments for Deana to ride him again. Their mother happily fingering her daughter’s throbbing clit to another even more intense climax.

With everyone satiated for the moment, they actually spent a little time making editing suggestions for the video, deciding it should be part of a feature film Andy long wanted to produce that would include him and Molly along with the kids. At the very least, he assured them, they would each make enough from the afternoons filming to pay for the next semester of college…whenever that may be.

The home quarantine certainly started off with a bang….

….”So little brother, do you have any specific suggestions for some original ways to alleviate all of our growing boredom?” Dana asked, her finger pressing in and out against the front of her panties as she indifferently fingered herself slowly.

“Well I could ass fuck you while you lick Deana’s pussy,” he said with a wicked grin and rubbed his palm across his bulging dick.

“Sorry, we did that on Tuesday and Deana and I changed places on Wednesday and Mom joined us on Thursday,” his sister laughed as she tugged on her right nipple with her free hand, “so that’s not something new.”

“Wake up Dad and DP you?” he asked, trying to remember if they did that any time recently.

“Nope, did all three of us about two weeks ago,” Deana chimed in, flopping down on the couch next to her sister and cupping Dana’s right tit.

“Isn’t there some sort of statute of limitations on things we’ve done, so we can do them again?” he muttered in frustration even as his cock stiffened watching one sister fondle the other while the other played with herself. Even he couldn’t tell them apart when they didn’t want to be. “After all there are limits to the number of positions and combinations.”

“Sure,” his mother said from behind him as she reached her arms around his body and gently stroked his cock and squeezed his balls, “the next time we finish our periods, we can start over.”

“When is that?” he asked expectantly, not really remembering their last periods since that didn’t ever slow any of the fucking down, just made it a tad messier, especially with his mother.

“Ten days to two weeks, I think,” Molly whispered before ramming her tongue into his ear and squeezing his balls a little harder, “for me anyway and I’m pretty sure about the same for the girls. Anyway, If you follow me, I have an idea for something…um…different.”

His mother turned and started toward the master bedroom wing of the house, never letting go of his erect cock. His sisters untangled themselves from each other and followed along, making lewd and suggestive comments about the shape and size of his ass, his dangling ball sac and some downright painful things they could think to do with both.

They stopped in surprise when they turned into the master bedroom. Their father lay over a bench with his cock dangling down through a hole in the flat seat. Molly directed the girls to sit on a sofa off to one side and picked up the video camera.

“Hi kids, glad you could make it,” Andy told his three children with a wicked smile and wave of his right hand. “Your mother explain what’s going on yet?”

They all shook their heads then turned back to Molly.

“I want Daniel to fuck your father’s ass while the girl’s play with themselves,” she told them as she fiddled with the camera’s settings. “Then once your brother cums in your father’s ass, I want one of you to lick it out of him while the other gets on her back and sucks him as he sucks Daniel.”

Daniel looked at his sister and shrugged before turning back to his mother. He had no problem fucking his father or getting fucked by him for that matter. He went to the nightstand next to the bed and rummaged around in the sex toys to find a bottle of lube.

The girls spread their thighs and, at their mother’s suggestion, pulled their pussy lips aside to expose the moist pink inner folds of their cunts as well as their prominent clits. Molly set up a tripod and attached a second video camera aimed only at them.

“First one to squirt gets to suck Daddy’s cock,” Dana whispered to Deana, sliding two fingers of one hand into her pussy while swirling a fingertip of the other around her half inch long clit.

“You’re on,” Deana replied with a devilish grin, “and whoever shoots the farthest gets to either be DPed next by Daddy and Daniel or use the strap-on on the loser or Mom or them.”

“Deal,” Dana responded and began furiously rubbing her clit and pumping her fingers in and out of her pussy.

Molly smiled at her daughters, knowing the fixed camera would catch all the action and she could work in some with the handheld when they were closer to their orgasms. She turned bahis şirketleri and nodded to her son and husband.

“Andy, suck him a little then lay back down over the bench,” she directed, coming closer with the hand held camera to get a good shot of the tip of Daniel’s cock punching out from the side of his father’s throat, “but don’t cum yet, Daniel, I want to see your jism oozing out of his ass on to one or both of your sisters’ tongues.”

After a few moments Daniel stepped back, signaling he was ready to pound Andy’s tight ass. As Molly stepped closer to film, Daniel shoved the tip of the lube bottle into his father’s asshole and squeezed a generous amount of the slippery fluid into his bowels. He then lathered up his own cock and placed the tip against the tight sphincter.

“Oh, yes, just like that, honey,” his mother encouraged him, “slide inside him slowly…very slowly…all the way until your balls slap against his ass.”

Daniel reached out to grab his father’s hair and pull his head up and back, arching his spine as his cock bottomed out in Andy’s asshole. Andy moaned lowly, his cock stiffening quickly sticking down under the bench.

“Now I’m going to fuck you and make you my bitch…Daddy,” he whispered theatrically in Andy’s ear, loud enough for his mother, sisters and the mic on the camera to hear. “You want to be my bitch don’t you while I use and abuse your boy pussy?”

“God yes…fuck me…fuck me hard…my pussy is yours…all yours…son,” Andy stammered in reply, his entire body shaking with each hard thrust of Daniel’s cock into his ass.

“That’s so fucking hot,” Dana groaned, sliding a third finger into her dripping cunt hole, “I really like watching one guy fuck another but Daniel fucking Daddy is a whole different level.”

“Well I can’t wait any longer,” Deana answered, getting off the sofa and crawling over toward her brother and father, “and some cum is already dripping from Daddy’s cock and I don’t want it to go to waste.”

“Wait for me,” her twin said loudly and crawled after her sister.

The girls were not following the script their mother had in mind but Molly didn’t object. As she realized what they were doing, she knew their spontaneous actions would be much more arousing than her initial idea.

Deana flipped on her back after she got close to the bench and slid underneath her father’s dripping cock. A few droplets of his precum splattered on her cheeks and lips before she raised her head and took the throbbing head into her mouth. Remembering her mother was still filming, Deana spread her legs as wide as she could, her pussy slit gaping open to reveal the bright pink inner folds of her moist glistening cunt.

Andy was startled by the sudden feeling of his daughter’s warm wet mouth engulfing his cock. He groaned and tried to thrust downward even as Deana took more and more of his cock into her mouth and down her throat while not so gently squeezing and pulling his dangling ball sac.

Dana scrambled over and got on her knees behind her brother. Daniel looked back and grinned at her after she gave him a hard slap on both ass cheeks. Then she pushed his ass cheeks apart and rimmed his asshole, probing the tight sphincter with her tongue.

When he started to groan and push his ass back at her, she pulled back and slipped a finger into him, swirling it around to stretch the tight opening until a second, then a third, finger fit into his ass as well. She pushed into him steadily until she found his hard walnut sized prostate.

From her experience with their father, she knew Daniel would quickly begin to cum in Andy’s bowels. She pressed her fingers against the rock hard gland and began spanking Daniel’s ass with her free hand until he shrieked his orgasm, pumping their father’s ass hard and fast until he was totally spent and slipped out of Andy on a veritable river of his own sperm.

As soon as his cock was completely outside Andy’s asshole, Dana leaned forward, noisily and hungrily licking up the spent cum while slipping her tongue as deep as she could manage into her father’s gaping asshole.

With his son’s cum erupting deep in his bowels and one daughter sucking his cock, Andy could hold back no longer. He shrieked his orgasm as his cum flooded Deana’s mouth and throat. When she gagged and sputtered, he slipped out of her mouth with the last few strings of his jism shooting on her face and into her right eye.

Molly put down the hand held camera, turned the one on the tripod to take in the entire scene then dove down between Deana’s spread thighs to lick and finger her daughter’s dripping pussy. She licked and sucked enthusiastically while reaching back with one hand to rub her own clit as hard as she could.

Deana’s explosive climax, with her juices flooding her mother’s face, was enough to trigger Molly’s own orgasm, her juices soaking the carpet between her thighs as she writhed and moaned until the last vestiges of her climax ebbed away.

“Oh yeah, this is going to be one of the best ever,” Andy grinned happily, sipping a beer with his free hand resting on Dana’s thigh, his little finger pressed against her puffy mons.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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