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Summer Foursome

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As I watched my wife being fucked by our neighbor and dear friend Nico, I was blown away at the mix of feelings I was having at that moment. I was not jealous, oddly enough. I was entranced with how beautiful she is when she’s in the midst of pure lust and using her body as the sexual creature she is. I was extraordinarily turned on watching her right then. Granted I was plowing our neighbor Nico’s girlfriend, Jaime, in the ass as I watched. The scene we’d created together was absolutely gripping in its intensity.

So there we were on the porch again, arguing as usual. The summer heat of the day starting to calm a bit as evening progressed. Our neighbors Nico and Jaime were there with us also. They were actually contributing quite strongly to the argument also. All four of us were in a heated discussion about taking drugs. Nico was actually trying to back me up by explaining in mellower terms than my language, my side of the argument. But still in agreement to a certain degree. The drug conversation that dipped into an argument was centered around taking antidepressants or mood stabilizers. We were in a heated discussion about what could possibly replace them. Or how they could be used in tandem with a western medicine mentality and the view of taking care of oneself better physically, emotionally and mentally. And how one can mitigate the need for meds given exercise and eating correctly and taking care of oneself by meditating and treating oneself better emotionally. This all came about because there’s a ridiculous stigma when it comes to taking medication in our society.

We had been hanging out with the neighbors for a while then. They were a young couple, unmarried, the woman Jaime had a child that hung out with our boy on the same street. So we usually had beers on the porch and talked of life lived and what music we liked, books we were reading and how our days went on a regular basis. We got close over the few years we hung out together, mainly just being in the neighborhood watching the kids play swords, or ride bikes and play in the sprinkler…how idyllic. Underlying all our hanging out and being together over the years was a sexual tension between all four of us.

Nico was a bit punk rock, a bit skateboarder and a chef to boot. He was fit as most young men that have a steady metabolism are, handsome and emotionally pretty open. She was a bit flighty, a good mother, an avid reader, and curvy as a mother that doesn’t work out tends to be, but being in her early 30’s and having good genetics gave her a leg up on body parts staying northern bound. Jaime had a great round ass and beautiful full tits with a tiny waist.

Now my wife Cailyn has style in spades, and her body is amazing for a 38-year-old mother. It’s also curvy in all the right spots. Neither a work out queen w a tight body nor a woman that let herself go. She has 34c tits that still stand up on their own and a great full ass with a tiny waist and stands about 5’6″ and 135 pounds. The apple of my eye in all ways.

I’m Gavin and I stand about 5’8″ with an athletic build that over the years has been shaped by all the outdoor hobbies I love. Now talking about stigmas and societal pressures, there is also a giant stigma when it comes to monogamy, marriage, and physical pleasure when being married or committed for a decent amount of time. I’ve always been in the camp that marriage is just a certificate in the eyes of the law and the IRS. But being committed to someone is the most important thing in a relationship. Albeit, I may be a lone person standing in my own camp. But my commitment is strong. Now there are others that have forged forward and have open marriages, many partners etc. I won’t go into it here but you can read a plethora of books on it. Such as “Sex at Dawn” by Christopher Ryan or what is regarded the bible on open relationships, “The Ethical Slut” by Dosse Easton and Janet Hardy.

I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself but open marriages, sexuality, mental illness, and politics among other topics are usually tough discussions to have in any circle. Though we seemed to handle them rather well when given the right mood and circumstance. And the sexuality talks had happened before between all of us. We all agreed, in theory at least, that it was healthy to be attracted and have sex with other people outside of our relationships as long as the communication was there and all were aware and in agreement with it. Concerning which, we had all been extremely flirty with one another for as long as wed known each other.

So were on our front porch in the midsummer evening having this heated discussion that actually did turn into an argument. Our porch is right off the city street but its closed off with a full railing and some bamboo curtains above it that block out much of the street lights and view from the sidewalk. We’d all had a few beers between us and although the argument was heated, we still knew that it was just the topic getting us fired up. I don’t know eryaman genç escort exactly what happened in my mind at the exact moment it happened. But I looked at my wife and saw the passion of conviction in her face. That fire in her really turns me on. Then I looked over at Jaime and saw her deep cleavage heaving out of her top as she leaned off the porch swing to grab her beer. I had an amazing idea to stop this nonsense.

I stood up and just said “You know what? This is absolute bullshit, let’s have some fun tonight instead of arguing!”

They all looked at me inquisitively.

“Stand up babe.” I stated to Cailyn.

As she did I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her close to me in one fell swoop. I planted my mouth on hers and she replied by opening and sliding her tongue into me. She knew how her strong convictions could get me fired up sexually. So the kiss was planted hard, and for a few minutes we forgot Nico and Jaime were even there. Which, in doing so, most likely got them wondering and a bit turned on. This kiss wasn’t just a public display of affection. It was a gratuitous lip locking pre sexual moment between lovers.

Then…. I just did it. I was really taking a chance by doing this but I didn’t let my head get ahead of myself. If I did think about it I probably wouldn’t have done it. Pushing the fear of failure aside, I dropped to my knees and with a quick movement I reached under her cotton dress and grabbed two sides of the panties on her hips and pulled them down to her bare feet. As I stood up my arms reached around the backside of her knees and under her thighs causing her to grab me around the neck. Her legs sort of splayed out around me, and off her feet came the panties. I set her down on the porch swing next to Jaime in a slight thud. Though not before rumpling the hem of her dress around her hips towards the small of her back and above her waist. Which had exposed her bare thighs and pussy in the dim light of the night to myself and our friends. I was still on top of her as I moved down her body. On my knees now in front of her and the swing I held her legs up from under her knees. Basically spreading her thighs so I could access her pussy with my face. I planted my mouth on her pussy like I was biting into a succulently ripened peach. I peeled her labia apart with my tongue and dove straight in with wicked abandon. Which made her arch and squirm as much as she could in the weird position of sitting with her back almost up right with her legs pushed up and over her head. She was genuinely surprised, aghast and relinquishing control in a fashion not unlike the ultimately willing.

I did this all in a rather swift motion. Not really believing it myself. I left no real room for complaint or condemnation of my actions. Because of the kiss or because of the fiery nature we had all been involved with moments ago I think everyone was generally aghast and yet extraordinarily turned on. My wife with her legs up, pussy splayed out and my face buried in it seemed just the right place to be at that moment in time.

After a few minutes of spontaneous cunnilingus, I stopped for a moment and looked at Nico and Jaime.

I said to them both as Nico stood up, “Each of you, grab one of her ankles.”

Nico held one leg over my head from behind me. Jaime grabbed the other that was closest to her face actually. I swung around and grabbed Nico’s button on his jeans and undid it. In a furious motion not even considering he might have a hard on…which he did, I yanked his pants down to his ankles. His hardened prick popped out as I did, springing to its 7″ attention right in front of my face. Impressive I thought. He stepped out of them and stood there I think wondering where this was all going. I grabbed him by one cheek of his butt and pushed him close to Jaime’s face. Obvious on what to do, Jaime opened her mouth and took his entire shaft into her in one fluid motion.

Fucking hell, I was the instigator and the implementer of all this. And it was going to get deliciously more debaucherous in a matter of minutes. And if I hadn’t been so focused I would have been shaking with anticipation.

I went back to town for a few minutes grinding my mouth into Cailyn’s sex and letting it squeal, slurp and slap to a beautiful rhythm of my own. While right next to us Nico had his head thrown lightly holding onto my wife’s ankle as Jaime had one hand on Cailyn’s other leg and one hand on his ass pulling him deeper into her mouth and down her throat. As I looked up I could see his bulbous head poking into her throat. She gulped it like a woman in love with oral sex. There are some women that seem to treat blow jobs like the name implies. Jaime did not suck dick like that. She sucked dick like she loved it, like it was a joy.

I looked up from my vantage point to see Cailyn staring intently on Nico’s cock pulsing in and out of Jaime’s mouth. Almost entranced. She’d never seen someone in person giving a blow job. ankara escort bayan Neither had I but I had a mission to accomplish and that was to make Cailyn howl with my mouth. She started to buck as much as she could being folded in half. And that was it, her body convulsed and we held her tight so she couldn’t jerk out of our grasp. She came all over my face and her legs shook with a brilliant intensity.

As I seemed to be the proprietor of all things sexual on the porch this evening I took it upon myself to change the scene again. Standing up and letting go of Cailyn’s legs I insinuated for the other two to let go of her ankles and she sat up gathering her breath and looking disheveled. I could feel lust emanating from her as she still looked at Jaime’s dick sucking feat. I figured since we were all here and pretty much getting along greatly with this action Id initiate something else. I grabbed Nico’s shirt and lifted it over his head from behind and pulled him out of Jaime’s mouth by holding his waist. Then I repositioned him right in front of my wife and looked at her in the face over his shoulder. Cailyn literally looked at me with a quickness and dropped to her knees and took Nico’s dick in her mouth. He couldn’t believe it. His head thrown back again in wonderment as another woman….my wife generously went to work on his member.

I then offered my hand to Jaime to stand up. As she did I grabbed her button up shirt in the front and literally ripped it open. Buttons went flying all around us and I could hear them hitting the house and landing on the floor, spinning like tops, as I pulled the front of her bra down and sprang her tits free into the warm night air. She was astounded and breathing heavily causing her breast to heave as they bounced bountifully. I spun her around, with one hand on her belly I undid her jean snaps and yanked them past her hips, panties and all. I was actually proud of myself on how quickly I was able to undress everyone. Considering her squeals of delight as I tore her pants past her knees revealing her pussy to the world I’m sure she was ready to be involved with the coitus about to happen.

I tore off my shirt and pants right after that. Cailyn was still in her flimsy cotton dress, but not for a moment longer. As she sucked Nico voraciously she dropped the straps off her shoulders and scooted out of the fabric. Never leaving his cock un sheathed by her mouth.

I was so worked up, I had to be in one of these women right now, I thought to myself. And as I’d always wanted to fill my wife up from front and back I chose her at this time. She kept sucking and I got behind her and aimed my hardened dick right at her pussy. Lined it up with her beautifully wet hole and slid in to the hilt. Considering the how turned on she was by being eaten out and now sucking another man there was no resistance whatsoever as I pushed effortlessly in. I actually grabbed both of her butt cheeks and spread them apart to give myself more depth into her. My god the feeling was amazing. I started pumping in and out as Nico held the back of her head gently and she bobbed back and forth moaning ecstatically. That’s when Jaime came over and started rubbing Cailyn’s back and kissing me and twisting Nico’s nipples. All four of us in on the act of pleasuring one another.

Here we were a foursome right now. What had initially seemed like a great expanse of differing opinion had now congealed into a beautifully twisted form of naked bodies reveling in the sweaty flesh and ecstatic moans of earthly delights.

The heat of the evening was finally getting to us and I saw in the glint of the street light reflected on Nico’s shoulders the perspiration gathering on his skin. I looked at Jaime and saw her face was flush and sweat was starting to appear on her nose. Not to mention Cailyn and her hair being stuck to her face and her back being wet from sweat. Granted in the position she was in being gently sandwiched between two men we could’ve been fucking her in the arctic and she’d still have been losing a gallon of water from sweat emanating from her body.

Considering how combustible this situation had just become we had all been relatively quiet in the past number of minutes. Save for eliciting a few moans and groans when orifices were filled and the women succumbed to penetrations.

Cailyn unlocked her lips from Nico’s cock, but continued to stroke it with her hand, she spoke. “My god Gavin, seriously, I have never been so hot. Babe, I am so turned on physically right now…never before, like I am right now. Uuuunnngggghhh!!!”

She bounced back on my dick repeatedly never stopping her flow. Between heavy breaths she said, “I want all of it. I want everything right now. It’s the most extraordinary feeling. I can’t get enough. I want you all in me, on me, touching me, kissing me, feeling me, licking me, fucking me. I feel like I’m in love with you all!”

And at that moment she was for all of us. Yes, we all sincan escort were getting off but Cailyn was our focus. And she was on fire. She attached her lips back to Nico’s cock and I grabbed ahold of her hips and slid meticulously back and forth from her insides, dragging my dick so she could feel each of the ridges and veins on my cock coming and going.

Jaime lovingly but roughly grabbed a handful of Cailyn’s hair and pulled her head off of Nico for a moment as to reciprocate the loving feeling by putting her mouth upon her and they kissed with another firey intensity.

So there we were, two couples formed as four new lovers in a wonderful mess of hormones and sweaty bodies slithering around in a humid Midwestern night. All of us becoming fluid bonded by the minute and each one of us giving into the carnal desire coursing through ourselves.

Nico spoke, “This is seriously amazing. If all of you agree, mainly you Ms. Cailyn, I’d love to fuck the living hell out of you. I find you intensely beautiful right now.”

Lifting her head to his he slightly bent and kissed her full on the mouth. I slowly stopped penetrating her so she could concentrate on the loving kiss and embrace she was currently having.

I exasperatingly stood up and immediately sat on the swing where Jaime joined me and sort of cuddled up under my arm. We watched with baited breath two new lovers lock in a passionate embrace. They fondled each other lightly with their fingertips as they kissed. Cailyn ran her fingers up his arms and when she got to his hands she entwined her fingers with his. And then they actually embraced and with arms around one another chest against breasts, mouths open and heads twisting from side to side to get as much of each other as they could possibly get with one extended kiss.

Jaime really hadn’t been touched at all, or for that matter been kissed or fondled or fucked or anything. I stood her up while I still sat, and had her sit on my lap. She rubbed her pussy over my shaft gently stroking me with the folds of her labia smearing her juice all over me.

I moaned, “mmm holy shit that good.”

She reached back, grabbed my dick and said, “If you like that you’ll love this!”

Jaime sat right down on my cock and in one motion sunk right onto me. She pressed her back into my chest reached with her arms over her head and locked her fingers around my skull and pulled me closed to her ear then turned her head and kissed me for all she was worth. Her back was arched and she gyrated smoothly on my dick. Her pussy was gripping me so tightly I felt like my dick was in a vice. Not so slick, but so warm, tight and inviting.

I couldn’t believe we had actually switched partners and were enjoying each other’s company physically with no jealousy whatsoever.

I grabbed her around her waist, lifted her up and set her down on the porch. She bent to all fours and I put my hand on her lower back to get some pushing leverage with my hips. That’s when I realized I was sliding into her beautiful ass.

“Oh my God Jaime!” I exclaimed, “I thought your pussy was so tight…but I’m in, I’m in your butt”

She purred, “I said that you’d love it!”

“It’s exquisite! oh my god you feel amazing.” I muttered.

I was practically drooling from just the sight, much less the clamp like feeling around my cock.

As we were enraptured with my cock in her ass, I realized Nico had gotten behind Cailyn and guided himself inside her. She was racked with pleasure and I could still see the sweat glistening on both of their bodies. He held her hips with purpose and poise, driving into her with exclamatory thrusts punctuated with long draws out. Which made her groan lowly as he withdrew and then shudder sharply as he drove back in. Cailyn was trading off rubbing her own head moving her hair about and pinching her nipples and rubbing her body. It’s like she was using her own sweat like lotion and was trying to hydrate every spot on her body.

He finally laid her down on her hands and knees. And by that time I was spooning Jaime on the ground in front of Cailyn pumping in and out of her.

Jaime said in earnest, “I need something in my pussy, it needs attention now.”

But Nico was in no way going to stop pistoning in and out of my wife. So there it was presented. Cailyn was the closest one to Jaime’s sex. She looked at me with eyes drenched in lust and just clamped her mouth on Jaime’s pussy. She started in like a demon. Just slurping and kissing like she was making out with someone. She ate Jaime’s pussy with a voracity I had never seen in her before.

She took a breath and said, “Jaime, your cunt tastes like a peach cobbler, and I’m going to eat it until your legs quake!”

I asked Jaime how it felt with me inside her and Cailyn’s mouth on her.

She responded, “She’s doing the alphabet on my clit, IT FEELS AMAZING!!!”

I had never seen Cailyn so worked up, with another woman much less with her face in her crotch. And on top of that consistently pushing back into and humping another man while doing so.

We all ramped upped the intensity again. I started really working my shaft into Jaime’s hungry ass, Cailyn lapped with precision and Nico started to really pound my wife.

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