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Surprise Honey The Sequel Ch. 09

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Over the next two days we stayed anchored up and just enjoyed life. Jake stayed with us on the yacht. All three men onboard were quite active at most times. Having five women to take care of was quite stimulating but also draining at the same time.

On the morning of the last day we stayed at anchor Jake and I discussed the cabin and what may be needed. Carl was helpful as well. We cruised over to our new home that afternoon, taking our time and enjoying the views all around us.

Pulling up to the dock I found that the yacht fit right in. We moved our things into our new home and with Jake’s help Carl and I figured out all the necessary things to keep the place powered up and operating. Jake spent the night, and the next morning as the sun rose and the waters reflected the serenity of our new home, he fired up that floatplane and roared off into the air, headed for Juneau.

We spent the next week or so just getting ideas of what we wanted to do with the place, and learning what we needed to do to get us all settled in. Sandra had been staying with us, and using her skiff to run back and forth to her job.

One night I realized that my birthday was approaching. I knew that May was aware of when it was, but I didn’t think anyone else did. I kept quiet, hoping that it would pass without fanfare. We took the yacht into Juneau and tied up there for two days while Carl and I went here and there and got bids for some additions to the cabin, and purchased some major appliances.

The girls took off and went shopping. I discovered that the local supermarkets would ship to remote areas, and also do what they called ‘box orders’. Shopping in bulk for food items was Jan’s specialty, so we all left her with figuring out what we needed. When she got together the list for our needs it was quite large.

I was so caught up in the new life I was embarking on, I truly forgot about my birthday fast approaching. May and I took some nice long walks, visited the glacier’s, and even picked out some of the appliances together as well.

At the end of our stay, we loaded up the yacht with all we had purchased, other than the things that would be barged over by a local barge company. The contractors we had hired were all headed out to the cabin and work was started before we ever left Juneau.

We were fast becoming very close friends, all of us enjoying the company, and fitting in like family. John, my financial advisor had shown up and he accompanied us to our new home. On the way we talked.

“Bill, I see you and May seem very happy. I will say that you are the happiest I have seen you in quite some time too. I guess that it is good you didn’t listen to me after all.”

“John, you know you were doing what you thought was the right thing. You didn’t understand the situation completely, and I know that you had fears of my losing all. As you can see, I didn’t lose anything, but I did gain a whole new life.”

“Yeah. You did. About this property you bought…did you have any lawyers go over the details yet?”

“Hell no. That isn’t how it was done at all. Jake, the guy we bought it from took us out and showed it, then we talked turkey. Afterwards I just had the money transferred to him and it was a done deal. All it took on our part was a handshake. The title was transferred that afternoon, and I’m happy. It’s rustic and needing work, but I saw that before I bought it. Jake is an honorable man. A bit crusty perhaps, but honorable.”

“A handshake? You settled on a handshake? Man, that’s rare now days. I hope that nothing comes up to screw things up for you now.”

“Heh…that’s what I pay you for. Taking care of the details that might come up.”

“It appears to me that you have been doing my job then. I hope you realize that you could have gotten yourself into a real mess here.”

“No offense John…but I was doing okay before you and I met. I’m not a total idiot you know.”

“Bill, I’m just worried. Land deals are sometimes quite full of unknown bombs and pitfalls. For all you know, the Forest Service is about to take that property out there in a condemnation proceeding.”

“Heh…I know that isn’t true. Jake and the Forest service don’t get along real well. Besides, this land has an ironclad title with no surprises. The title agent even mentioned that he hadn’t seen such a straight forward land deal in quite some time.”

“Well…you won’t mind if I check into a few things will you?”

“You do what you think is necessary John. So…are you ready to see our piece of paradise then?

We were all loaded up on the yacht and with May in command, we set out for home. The day was sunny with only a hint of clouds up there. We all spent loads of time either on the bridge or on the decks soaking up the sun. Jake had mentioned the rainy season, and how dry it had been this year, but I just saw a normal summer day.

John stayed the day, then in the late afternoon; he flew out on a charter floatplane. I had mentioned getting canlı bahis a floatplane for our use out here, and he was to check into finding a nice one. Something that I could learn to fly without too much trouble. Carl and I were for sure going to get our pilots certificates and I think May and Jan were interested in learning to fly too.

That night, as Jan got dinner ready with the help of Anne, May began to act weird. She was guiding me around the house, not letting me get into the kitchen nor into our bedroom. I knew something was up, but not exactly what. Carl was no help either, as he just helped May in keeping me out of those areas.

About the time supper was ready, I heard a boat, actually a small skiff running up to our dock. Looking out over the deck, I saw Sandra getting out and tying off. I watched as she strolled up the dock and noticed that she had a package under her arm. I knew then that something had been planned for my birthday.

“Hey there beautiful. What’s that under your arm?”

“That is none of your business…yet.”

“Okay then. That skiff seems kind of small to be running out this far in. I mean your forest service cabin is quite a ways off. What if the weather got bad while you were in Icy Straights?”

“Oh Bill. You old worrywart. First of all, that skiff is mine. The 24 footer belongs to the Forest Service. I can’t use it for my own private trips to wherever. Secondly, I have been up here for years and I’m pretty sure I can handle the weather.”

“Oh, that’s your skiff then?”

“Yep. Looks like it fits right in out there on the dock too doesn’t it?”

I had to agree. Sandra was looking quite sexy too. She had on cut-off jeans and a T-shirt that was tied up just under the swell of her breasts. I could see that she had no bra on and her hard little nipples stuck out like little posts under the thin material, especially since that material was stretched so tight across her chest.

We went inside and as I made for the bathroom I saw the dinner table was set up for a party. I was a bit unsure of celebrating my birthday this year for some reason. Perhaps because I was not as young as I had been, or felt my age catching up with me.

Later, as we ate everyone was smiling and giggling whenever they looked at me. I was getting more and more nervous the longer dinner took. As we all finished eating, May and Jan brought out a large cake with candles burning. Everyone broke out into the ‘Happy Birthday’ song. I was impressed. The cake was quite well decorated; having everyone pictured, naked on the yacht. I could tell this was going to be a birthday to never forget.

After eating the cake and ice cream, I was guided out to the living room and sat on the big easy chair out in the middle of the floor. May came up to me and handed me a small gift. I opened it to find a great watch and a note.

The note read: ‘Bill, this watch symbolizes our time together from this day forward. It also stands for times past. Whenever you look at this watch I want you to remember this summer and our trip from down South and all that happened. Love May.’

I looked up into her eyes and was startled to see her undoing the buttons on her blouse. As I sat there, May stripped in a slow and careful manner, until she was totally naked. Then she moved to sit on the right arm of my chair. Her hands were touching me and her breasts brushed the side of my face. I reached out and licked, then sucked on one nipple.

Julie was the next one to come up to me. She handed me my gift from her. It turned out to be a small video camera. It was a digital number with quite a nice lens.

The note on her present said this: ‘Dad. This camera is for you to capture the times ahead. As with the watch May gave you, this is so you can remember the years ahead from today. I hope that you use it always, and as you watch scenes from it years from now, are as happy then as I see you now.’

I looked up only to find that Julie was half undressed, stripping in that same way May had. It turned out that each lady gave me a gift with a note attached, and after I read the note, they would strip and stand or kneel next to me. Soon I had five naked women all around me, touching and caressing me.

My last gift was from Carl. He handed me a set of keys. Looking at him, I didn’t see a note nor did I see what the keys were for. A bit confused I finally had to ask.

“Okay, what are the keys for Carl?”

“These, Bill.”

Holding out a box, I saw handcuffs and chains. It soon became apparent that his gift to me was all sorts of ways to tie and cuff someone up. His smile was wide and genuine as realization dawned on me.

“So, who’s your first…um…subject?”

His hand pointed up towards the ceiling and I saw hooks had been installed. Then on the floor, he pulled away a rug and rings were inset into that hardwood floor too. It appeared that the living room had been made into a dual-purpose room for delights of a restraining variety. My blood bahis siteleri pulsed as the women around me began to strip off my clothes.

For a bit it was crowded around me and I had so many hands touching me I couldn’t tell whose hands were whose. As the last of my clothes left my body Carl handed me the chains. Some had collars some were with cuffs. I began by putting a collar and chain on May’s neck. It was like a choker, but so much sexier.

After that, I took Julie and put her in arm and leg chains, then Sandra who got a collar and leg chains, Anne, who got arm chains, and finally, Jan, who I put a collar on. Then, with Carl’s assistance, we hooked Julie up to the hooks and spread her legs, fastening each one to one of the rings in the floor.

May knelt at my feet, as did Sandra and Anne. Jan was standing by me, waiting for some direction from her ‘master’. One of the gifts I had gotten was a leather handled short whip. I took that handle and began to caress Julie’s body, running it from her cheeks down her neck, over her breasts, across her belly, over her mound, between her legs, then down her inner thighs.

I could see drops of moisture beading on her shaven pussy lips as I worked her up to an edge of anticipation. Anne and Sandra were moaning as I did this, each wanting to feel that which Julie had the sole touch of. Inside, I felt a thrill of power and also one of tenderness course through me.

I handed Carl the Chains to Anne and Jan, giving them to him to be his for the time being. He smiled as he gently jerked on those chains. Jan looked a bit unsettled, but in her eyes I saw a lust building. May had hugged my thighs close to her, as if afraid I was going to give her to Carl too. Sandra moved in on the other side of me, and soon I had two women hugging me close.

Julie was moaning, giving me a look of submission and need. I placed my hand on her cheek, caressing her face lightly, as I let the handle of the whip rub her nipples. She moaned and turned to take my thumb between her lips. Soon she was sucking in my whole thumb, like it was a cock. Her eyes on mine as she did so, in turn making me want her more and more.

I felt lips on my cock, and looking down I saw Sandra was beginning to suck my hard shaft as May moved to lick my balls. I closed my eyes, feeling the different touches from my thumb to my balls, and of course around my cock. I let them play for a bit, then, needing to exert my control over them, I pulled away.

Groans accompanied the sounds of the chains chinking as they moved to try to capture me again. Julie couldn’t move much at all, her arms stretched out above her head, and legs spread wide, almost to the point of actually pulling her too taut. Her nipples were a deep rose red, hard and sticking out like two little posts.

May and Sandra, still on their knees, were side by side now, as I moved back and then around. I flicked the whip out and lightly lashed each of them on their bottoms. They jumped as the lash touched them and let them know who was in charge. I left no mark…this time. Just the knowledge that I had marked them in their minds and hearts.

I next dangled the tip of the whip across Julie’s nipples. Her breath caught, then in short gasps, she began to undulate as much as she could, tension in her building as she waited for what she was sure was coming.


I whipped the tip of the leather through the air and it snapped loudly in the large room. Sounding like a gunshot. Each of the three women in front of me jumped at the sound. Each waiting for the cries of the other, knowing one of them must have gotten the sting. Just when they began to sneak a look around, I lightly laid the tip across Julie’s thighs. On her front side, a small thin barely discernable line appeared as if by magic.

Julie’s jerk in her chains caused a cascade of metal sound to reverberate throughout the room. May licked her lips, as Sandra winced. Julie didn’t cry out though. She grunted, but kept her lips sealed. I snaked out that lash again, crossing the path before at right angles, and another thin reddish line appeared in the form of an ‘X’ on Julie’s thighs. That time I heard a small cry escape her mouth.

I went back to caressing her body with the hilt of the whip, this time the touch elicited a moan as it caressed her young, tanned body. I had absently placed a hand on May’s head, and caressing her hair; I guided her towards my cock. Understanding my intent, I soon felt her lips surround my shaft, as she began to suck on me.

Julie had quieted again, and just when she didn’t expect it, I lashed out in another light strike. This time I chose to flick at her nipples. I wasn’t a real good aim and it took several tries before I was able to directly hit my intended target. Each time that lash bit, Julie moaned. She was biting her bottom lip, her teeth, white and even, showing. Her head was leaned back, exposing her throat in all its loveliness.

May was now taking all of my cock into her bahis şirketleri mouth and down her throat. I guided Sandra around and putting her face right at Julie’s crotch gently pressed her forward. Sandra was more than a willing helper now. I saw her tongue slip out and lick tentatively at Julie’s clean-shaven mound, then her face was buried in the juncture. Julie was shaking and moaning, writhing around, trying to move to help guide Sandra.

May had both of her hands on my ass cheeks as she pulled me into her face. I let the tip of the whip dangle over and across her back, it’s touch causing her to work even faster and harder on my cock. I took the handle of the whip, and ran it between Sandra’s legs, from behind, and pressed the end of it against her little brown bud.

Sandra put her hands on her own asscheeks, and spreading them wide, gave me full access to whatever I chose to do. Her movement caused her face to push into Julie’s pussy, and I could tell that Julie was benefiting quite a bit from the extra pressure. I let Sandra have her way for a short bit, then, using the whip as a leash, slipped it around Sandra’s head, pulling her away.

Both of them groaned as I did this and I knew that I had control. I pushed May off my cock, and moved in close to Julie…the head of my cock pressing between us against her naked flesh, rubbing her belly. The heat of my cock caused her to begin to beg me for relief.

“Oh…please…Daddy…please…I need you…I need…your cock…please.”

“What makes you think you deserve my cock? You’re standing there in chains, like some slave…some slutty slave, begging me for cock. Is it my cock or is it just any cock you want?”

“YOURS…just yours dad. Please…I need you. I can’t stand it…I can’t…I have to have you. PLEASE!”

I let the head of my cock rub against her belly, and then I crouched just a bit, letting the head of my cock slip between her spread legs. I moved forward, the length of my shaft rubbing across her pussy lips, getting wet in the process.

May had taken one of Julie’s legs and was hugging it while Sandra was caressing Julie’s other leg. Once in a while, Sandra’s hand would touch my cock, and caress it for a short second. Julie was almost crying in her need…her lips open, tongue slipping in and out; I could even see her throat muscles reacting to her need, as they worked to swallow.

I kissed her throat, letting my tongue slip out and slowly caress her salty skin. Her begging had gotten softer as I rubbed my cock back and forth between her pussy lips, not inside her but just spreading them with the shaft. In the position she was in, she couldn’t move her hips enough to force the head of my cock into her pussy, and I could see her need was building.

May looked into my eyes, and as I nodded to her, she began to kiss Julie’s breasts. I stood straighter, and moved my head back so I could see my wife licking and kissing Julie’s chest…her nipples. Sucking them in between her lips, as Julie moaned. I felt Julie’s pussy flood with more juices as she struggled to stay balanced while being so overwhelmed with the feelings she had. Suddenly I drove into her quite fast. As I felt the head of my cock reaching inside her muscles seemed to grab it and try to pull it even farther into her.

Julie cried out as I bottomed out, and her eyes opened to look directly into mine.

“Fuck me…yesss…fuck me hard.”

I could see her eyes focusing on mine and the look she gave me was one of deep need and love.

“Harder…Bill…harder…please daddy…fuck me hard.”

“Is this what you want?”

My question was followed by my actions. Those actions were to begin to fuck her hard and fast. As I drew out of her tightness, Julie laid her head way back, exposing her throat to my lips and I leaned in to run my tongue up and down that tenderness.

I kept driving in and out of her, and her moans became screams of pleasure as her first orgasm overtook her chained body. I saw the muscles in her arms tense as she shook with the all-encompassing passion that shot through her.

May’s head was right by my chest still sucking on Julie’s nipples. Sandra was playing with my balls with one hand and Julie’s asshole with her other. I was on the edge of cumming and wanting to be able to continue on for a bit, I pulled out of Julie’s clasping pussy.

Her moan told me that she missed my cock quite a bit, but as she was chained up, she was powerless to do anything to prevent my pulling out. Sandra immediately slipped her head in between Julie’s legs and began to lick and suck on her pussy.

I took a handful of May’s hair in my hand and gently guided her head down to my cock. As she began to slurp and suck on it, I held her head and began to fuck her mouth like it was a nice pussy. May worked hard to take as much of me as she could and soon she was in fact, taking all of me.

As I began to cum, I pulled back and shot my load all over Mays’ face. She moved to lick and suck up what she could and after I released her, she took my cock back into her mouth and lovingly cleaned me up. I sat down and let May continue sucking on my shaft, and soon enough, I began to get hard once again.

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