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Sweet Dreams Love

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Author’s Note: This is one of my first stories years ago. I once posted this on AFF and hope to see it do much better now on Literotica. Now I have edited the short story and made many corrections and changes.

You come in late and find me already sleeping softly. Lying in the center of the bed with the covers just high enough to barely cover my full rounded bottom. On either side you can see the outline of my nice well-blessed breasts pressed under me just waiting for you to caress them with your strong sexy hands as you bury your face between them.

Your hand slides between my thighs moving higher slowly luring me into a slight state of awakening. As I stir and turn to face you your fingers find my soft wet pussy lips. Your fingers take their time caressing and teasing for a minute before they find my clit drawing small circles in the immediate flesh surrounding the now swollen clit. Then lowering them easing deeper in my pussy. Using your left hand you place my hand upon my mound pushing gently towards my pussy lips. I begin to rub my clit while your fingers find deeper wetter places between my now tingling thighs.

You lie on your stomach bahis firmaları facing my smooth shaven pussy. As you continue to extract moans from the back of my throat by sliding one and two fingers in my pussy. Using the slickness of my juices you trace my anus teasing it with the index finger of your left hand. Coming back up for more of my juices to wet your fingers with before making your entry into my ass for the first time with just one finger.

Surprised by the fingering of my ass I try to pull away but you move your mouth over my pussy and begin licking gently along each side up one pussy lip and down the other making me crazy with lust for your hot mouth. Slowly you tease my clit with your hot tongue switching off from fingering my pussy to fingering my ass. I can’t stand much more so I place my hands in your hair and pull you down grinding my pussy into your face. Knowing I am close to exploding you shove two soaked fingers into my ass, three into my hot dripping pussy and suck on my clit. The combination sends me sailing into ecstasy while I shake and tremble feeling my pussy squirt cum in your mouth.

Then I turn you over and straddle kaçak iddaa you sliding your hard cock slowly in my wet pussy. Still sensitive from my last massive orgasm I can tell I won’t last long before releasing my hot cum all over your throbbing cock. I begin moving up and down riding your cock slowly. Then moving faster and slamming harder until I cum hard all over your cock allowing a small trail to run down to your balls.

Pulling off of you draws a long pleading moan from your ever so kissable lips. Moving down so I can lick my juices off your still pulsing cock. Sucking slow and easy until you grab my head pressing upward pushing deeper and harder. Holding your ass as I suck fast and hard then pulling away and grabbing your dick. Stroking faster and faster until you shoot your cum on my face and tits. Then slipping off for a quick shower while you rest and recover.

I know you join me in the shower when you press against my bottom letting me feel your cock hard and throbbing rubbing against my ass. Bending over so you can see the object of your new desires. Running your hands over my hips and across my bottom slowly spreading my cheeks kaçak bahis apart so you can slip it in my ass.

You rub my ass and tease it before you guide your cock slowly in until you are all the way in. Pressing into you letting you know I want you to fuck me harder and faster.

“Mmmm. Yes, more!” I beg while you grab my hair and hold me as you pound my ass harder.

“Oh! Yes baby cum for me! Mmmm.” I plead bracing myself against the walls of the shower stall as you pump hard in and out of my ass. You watch stroke after stroke in and out of my ass mounting a huge load of cum deep in your balls.

With a hand full of dripping wet hair you slap my ass a couple of times before grabbing my left side and slamming my ass full of your hard cock and releasing several ounces of hot juicy cum.

A few minutes later I am standing in front of my bed kissing as you play with my nipples pinching lightly, turning me around kissing my neck and then you push me on the bed and just start fucking me doggie with no warning. Hitting it hard and fast slamming into my pussy until I explode all over your cock. Still dripping with my juices as you pull out shooting all of that built up hot cum on my ass and with a light slap on my ass you head for the shower once more.

I hope you have enjoyed my story. Please take the time to vote and leave a post so I know how I am doing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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