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Tabootopia – A Nation of Incest Ch. 03

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Copyright © 2010, Surt, ALL Rights Reserved.

There is no need to read Tabootopia Ch.01 or Ch.02 before reading this as everything relevant is explained at the start, though it is recommended as you’d have a better understanding of what’s going on. Anyone involved in anything sexual is of the legal age limit.

The Celebrity Templates are:

Amanda Bynes is Regina Cestin

Madeline Zima is Vivian Keentucker

Brenda Song is Soyo Banks

Tracy-Ann Oberman is Vera Banks

Kirsten Davis is Claire Cestin

Chisato Shoda is Yukari Takahashi

Simona Halep (pre-breast reduction) is Paula ‘Ms. Everest’ Dragomir

Diora Baird is Rabid the Clown


For first-time and long-time readers, here’s something’s you may need to know.

Tabootopia: It’s what its name suggests: a utopia of taboo. Founded almost 100 years ago, this island, which is almost completely man-made, has been occupied by those who believe in ‘Free Love’: sex between all (legal), freely, peacefully and easily. This Arizona-sized island is highly secluded and not accessible by normal means, all that is known about its location is that it’s somewhere in The South Pacific.

With over six million residents — and growing — this nation of incest is flourishing in obscurity. Tabootopia is broken up into five sectors; this chapter is set in the suburban district of Tabootopia: Our Haven.

Kay Parker High School: A high school in Our Haven. Tabootopia has a unique ruling that requires all eighteen-year-olds to spend one additional year in high school. It is known as The Above-Senior Program. There is a good reason for this, as it lets these teenagers relive their high school days “the right way”; meaning lots of (legal) sex and debauchery in a school environment.

Kay Parker High has franchised itself by selling DVD’s of its female Above-Senior student’s antics within the changing rooms/shower rooms and other places where sexual situations would arise. The school also has a highly-rated weekly television show titled ‘Inside Kay Parker High’, an hour-long compilation of the best sex that has happened within that week.

The In-Crowd: The most popular girls in Kay Parker High School. They have a stronghold on the ‘Inside Kay Parker High’ television show, such a hold that they have been in the top-slot of the show for the past seven years — that was before Regina came along. A relative newcomer to Tabootopia, her impromptu sexual encounter with Tammie Kwon was thought to have such raw intensity and emotion that they were deemed worthy of the main-event slot that night. Ms. Everest, a member of the In-Crowd, was asked about this: her response was that she didn’t know who Regina was and thought Tammie was a “freak show.” The next day The In-Crowd sent Regina a message: “”You have been summoned by The In-Crowd. Come to the school gym…bitch.” We pick up the story from this point.



It was a hot sunny Wednesday morning in Our Haven. Regina — a deceptively tall 5’8 teen girl; with a toned figure; lightly tanned, radiant skin; dark blond hair; green-eyes; pert, youthful breasts, and a firm, round, well-toned ass; wearing a tight navy-blue t-shirt with dark jeans and flat shoes — was walking to school with her friend Vivi, a slim, 5’8, eighteen-year-old teen girl with long brown hair; pearly white skin; beautiful brown eyes; pert nicely rounded breasts; long thick, sexy legs and a surprisingly juicy, spank-worthy ass, wearing a pink tank-top, with blue jeans and sneakers.

Vivi spoke in a giggly nasally voice, “So after you left we did some really looooong roleplay,” Vivi was telling her friend what happened with her and her father after Regina had watched them have sex. “I played a, umm, a cop, with the outfit and all, my butt looked so cute in that. Well anyway, Dad played a crook, we were outside, did I mention that? Well, we were in the garden, we played with the hose, he took me down, we did things, we got naked in the pool, we did it again, he then put me in my P.J’s and kissed me goodnight, nothing special really”

“Interesting,” replied Regina in her sexy understated husky voice

Suddenly, a shirtless, hairy man in tiny blue shorts jogged past Regina, stopped and tried hitting up a conversation.

“Hey, I know you! Gina right?”

“Regina,” she said with slight annoyance.

“Whatever, let’s fuck.”

“Wha — No!”

“Ok, your loss,” he shrugged his shoulders, turned around and ran off.

Regina scowled. “What was that? Did he actually think that would work?”

After she’d finished her sentence, the girls spotted the man talking to a short, brown-haired white girl, wearing a rucksack, a pink tube-top and black shorts. He said a few words, and was then seen walking in the opposite direction with his arm around her shoulder.

“No way…” Regina was left stunned.

Vivi giggled. “Tee-hee, people here are so casual about sex. You’ll get used to it…hey I think that was one of my sisters friends. Oh that reminds me! We should go pick-up Soyo! She lives nearby.”

“Yeah, she did that favour for us pendik escort when she blew that shopkeeper.”

“You thought that was a favour? Pshh! She loved doing that. She’s a super sex fiend!”



At The Banks house, inside a small shower cubicle was the fully naked Soyo Banks. Soyo is a half-Thai half-Chinese teen girl with tan brown skin, highlighted brown and blond hair, a small frame, well-rounded breasts and a proportionally round ass.

She spent a good while making herself sparkle: her small well-developed breasts, tight teen ass and expertly-waxed vagina, all sparkling clean. She was about to step out the running shower, but stopped when a fully nude man walked in. He was taller, towering over Soyo’s small feminine frame. He was a 42-year-old mocha-skinned African-American man with trim black hair, around 6’0, a muscular, trim 185 pounds, with a deep baritone voice.

“Not another move,” he said with a sly smile.

“Aw I don’t wanna be late again –” she replied in her New Jersey accent.

“Shut up you Gucci-wearing prostitute.”

“Hmmm — stop it,” protested Soyo as she rubbed her clitoris, “You know your filthy mouth gets me going.”

“Too late for that, Honey.” The man ran into the shower cubical, got behind Soyo and held her shoulders.

“Oh fuck! You know if you get me jizzing my whole day’s gonna be wrecked!”

“You got no say in the matter, you bed-breaking bitch!”

“Hmmmm,” she was really turned-on by that one. “Fuck it. Do me. Do me hard!”

The man turned the water knob, increased the pressure, put his hands on Soyo’s cute shinny ass, then, stuck his large cock inside her.

“Ohhh!” Soyo held onto the walls as she felt a surge of electricity go through her. He got her to bend down slightly as he rammed his cock in-and-out of her ass.

“You like that, don’t you? You heels-wearing dumpster slut!”

“Hmmm! Yes!”

He grabbed her tits and pulled her closer to him, her mouth wide-open in painful pleasure, the water roaring down on both.

“I can keep you going like this for hours, but I got work, so…” he inserted himself out, grabbed her shoulder, turned her around, held his cock, tugged, then, released a huge shot of cum all over her chest.

Soyo closed her eyes; she rubbed her hands all over her chest, taking in all that sexual pleasure.

“Hmmm, that’s how I like it.” Soyo got out of her orgasmic trance, she glared at the man. “Urgh, look at me! I’m all filthy. Yo now I have to take another shower! Thanks a bunch, Dad.”

He smirked then stepped forward while holding his cock. “Heh, you can start with me. Go on, on your knees.”

“Ohhh! I hate that you know what turns me on!” she said with a pout.

Soyo got on her knees, grabbed the soap and began scrubbing her father’s legs.

He put his hand on her head, rubbing her wet hair. “Love you,” he said quietly.

Soyo gave a concealed smile in response.

Meanwhile, downstairs, the other members of The Banks were quite busy with their morning preparations. Boys Jay and Evan were admiring their mother Vera as she did her morning exercises. The boys were sitting in the staircase as Vera followed the routine that was on the television.

“This is the best view, Bro,” remarked Jay as he watched Vera jog on the spot. Jay was a lightly-brown skinned, 5’9 teenager with short dark hair and brown eyes. He was wearing a white vest, jean shorts and designer sneakers.

“Yeah, look at her, look at her body, wow, oh my god, wow dude,” replied Evan, a 5’7, fast-talking, fair-skinned, slim, blond haired teenager with green eyes and medium-length hair. He was wearing a blue shirt and grey pants.

The boys could see Vera’s entire backside, everything was on view – literality. This was because Vera was completely nude. And with a body like hers, there would be few who would protest her exhibitionist ways. She had an incredible, curvaceous hourglass-like figure, with her hips being small and her T&A being very well proportioned. She was 42, 5’6, had a tan complexion, brown eyes, curly blond hair, with a small line of carpet that matched the drapes.

“One, two. One, two,” she whispered in her English accent.

The boys sat quietly as they paid special attention to Vera’s jiggling, juicy ass, getting particularly excited when she bent over for her leg exercises.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Vera stopped what she was doing and went to go open it.

She turned the handle and saw two girls standing there. One of them she recognized the other she didn’t. The two girls were none other than Vivian Keentucker and Regina Cestin.

“Hi Miss Banks!” Vivi smiled warmly at her friend’s mother.

“Hello Vivian, so good to see you,” Vera leaned over and gave Vivi a one-armed hug. “You look nice, so adorable.”

“Thanks, hee-hee” Vivian giggled excitedly as Vera peppered her with playful kisses on the neck. “Oh! Stop, hee-hee, stop Miss Banks, it tickles hee-hee!”

Regina, on the other hand, stayed silent. She was stunned at the sight of this nude sweaty woman devouring her friend’s neck. She escort pendik was also a tad confused: she wondered how Soyo, an Asian girl, could have a Caucasian mother. The Banks were indeed an interesting, unique family…


Vera, a teacher, originally from Sussex, England, felt her life needed a shake-up, so she decided to move to, of all places, New Jersey U.S.A. There she met Martin Banks, an architect. After a year of dating, they decided to get married. Soon after their wedding, Vera and Martin decided to adopt Soyo into their family, not knowing that Vera was already pregnant with Jay at the time. With two children to look after, The Banks became a very busy household, yet their marriage survived and a strong family-unit was formed.

When Soyo and Jay were very young, they become close friends with a neighbourhood boy who was the same age as them. That kid was Evan. With his own parents paying him very little attention, Evan would sleep over, spend the holidays; generally spend so much time with the Banks that he was considered part of the family. So when Martin got a big job which required him and his family to move, Evan was coming with them, no matter what.


Vera turned her attention to Regina.

“Oh, a new friend of Soyo?”

“Um, yeah, I’m Regina.”

“So glad to meet you.” Vera grabbed Regina and gave her an uncomfortably close hug, their cheeks close together as Vera rubbed her hands on Regina’s back. Both being large breasted women their boobs were inevitably pressed together tightly. Vera’s sons did definitely approve.

She backed away from the hug, then stroked Regina’s face with the back of her hand.

“Gosh your skin is so smooth,” remarked Vera. Regina staying still as a statue as her friend’s mother was touching her.

“Yo kiss her, Mom. Make-out with her, come on,” muttered Jay.

Before she could, Vera’s husband Martin came down the stairs, wearing a blue dress shirt, black trousers with black loafers. He gave his wife a friendly tap on the butt, she turned around, he gave her a peck on the lips.

“Oh, going early today?” asked Vera.

“Afraid so, we’re working on a big project, we really need to press on; I won’t be back till late. Sorry everyone, you know how much I love spending time with you all. Hey what can I say? Even Paradise needs workers. Bye everyone, see you later.”

“Buy. Love you,” said Vera.

“Love you, too.”

Martin walked to his Volvo, waved to his wife, got in his car and drove off.

“Oh that’s right, I gotta get going too.” Vera grabbed a small, thin pink robe, wrapped it around herself, tied it up then put her flip-flops on. She turned around and smiled at her sons.

“Bye boys, oh say bye to Soyo for me. Bye girls, nice meeting you.”

“Bye,” they all mumbled.

Vera raced past the girls and began walking briskly to her destination, politely waving to the girls as she left.

The girls were left staring at the boys.

“Hey,” said Evan.

“Eat me!” Vivi replied with a great big grin.

The boys were taken aback by Vivi’s apparent insult. They looked at each other with confused expressions.

“Yo, you’re kidding, right?” asked Jay.

“No, I’m being serious,” Vivi unzipped her jeans, “I want one of you to eat me.” She pulled down her jeans ever-so-slightly to reveal her stripy blue underwear.

The boys ran down the stairs, their faces lit up like it was the 4th of July.

“Which one, which one?” asked Evan. “I’ll do it good, see, see this tongue? I’ve been practicing. Pick me? Me? Me?”

“Come on, Bro! Seriously!? You let her wash you last time. She meant me, of course!”

“You Jay, sorry Evan, for sure you next time, coolzees?”

“Aw,” Evan looked down at the ground and kicked his shoes.

Vivi grabbed Jay by the hand, stood by the staircase, got him on his knees, carefully peeled down her panties, then held his head as he licked her sweet vagina.

“Yo you look lame Jay, you should see yourself: you’re giving her a hetero blowjob. Look, she kept her jeans on, you’re on your knees, it’s like you’re looking for a raise! Ha-ha!”

“Shut up Bro, don’t be jealous!”

“Pssh, yeah,” Evan turned his attention to Regina.

“Hey there, I’m Evan.”


“Ah I saw you on the television!”

“Oh yeah?” Regina was unsurprised.

“I won’t ask you to perform a sex-act like my lame brother over there. Look at him, going down on her like that…Hey yo, I know what it can be like, being new, I mean, you missed the orientation didn’t you?”


“Yo, it was such a weird thing, I mean, getting told you got another year of school, fuck that! That’s what I thought, so, yeah, we there, me and Jay and Soyo, so they show us this long video, after that, I can’t even describe it, yo I can’t even describe it, beds came in, actual beds into the hall, so yeah, Jay hooks up with this chick right away, me and Soyo just standing there in shock, and he tells me to hook up with her! I was like, ‘nah, no way, you nuts? she’s my girl, she’s like my sister,’ and he says, ‘nah it’s cool here,’ pendik escort bayan so I say, ‘fuck, cool’ and bang her, cool thing was, we were all cool afterward, no beef, I like this attitude to sex, I love it!”

Regina had gone into autopilot; she was nodding politely to whatever he said. Evan rambled on.

“Soyo is so tight, so tight, so yeah, after school, we all go home, yeah, and we got Vera and Martin waiting there, wanting to fuck us too! Yo now, Vera’s like my mom to me, yo, I wanna get deep here with you, tell you that her and Martin my parents in my heart, you feel me? She’s my mom to me, yo, but I still wanted to tap that ass! You seen her, she’s smoking! Jay even fucked her, it was great, cool thing was it changed nothing, we all still cool, they all still my family. I love this place, yo, they were talking about the taste of pussy on the morning show, you gotta love this place! Best place in the whole worlds, love it! Yo, another thing –“

Evan was interrupted when Soyo — wearing a black midriff-revealing tank-top and tiny figure-hugging matching shorts — loudly came marching down the stairs.

“Wassup my bitches!”

Vivi, still getting pleasured by Jay, turned to her friend and smiled. “Hi S-Soy-wow! Oh Daddy that’s good!” Vivi was quivering from her morning licking.

“Hey,” replied Regina.

“Yo my bitches making moves on my brothers now?”

“N-no,” replied Vivi, “We just wanted t-to,” Vivi looked down at Jay, “Oh lick me right there, right at the centre, yes! Yes! YES! Ok I’m good,” she pulled her panties back up, her vagina sufficiently moist.

“Seriously!? That’s all I get?”

She ruffled his hair while grinning, “Silly! You don’t eat a feast for breakfast.”

Evan laughed hysterically at his brother. “Hahahahaha! She told you!”

“Bro, I can still taste it, I can still taste it!” Jay got off his knees, licking his lips in an exaggerated fashion.

The three girls were crowded together, discussing Regina’s predicament.

“Yo I heard stuff about those In-Crowd bitches fronting you like that. I’m telling you I will bitch slap one of Ms. Everest’s tities! She ain’t fronting one of my girls like that! No way!”

“That’s ok, Soyo,” replied Regina. “I really don’t know, or care, about their stupid dilemma with me, but if they call me out like that, I’m not backing down from them.”

“They got a problem with you they got a problem with me! I’m coming with you.”

Vivi zipped up her jeans and cleared her throat. “Yeah I’m with you too Genie-Baby!”

“Thanks, both of you,” she said with genuine appreciation.

“Hey let’s go get breakfast!” said Vivi. The girls started discussing where to go eat.

Jay leaned over to his brother and said in a hushed tone, “Yo, seriously, how can they be such great friends if they only just met, like, two days ago?”

“No idea, so, yo, what you want to do today? School? We going to school? That cool? We didn’t do our homework, but who does huh? School sounds good? But, I got another idea. Let’s go the mall; we can troll for some mom ass! What’s today? Oh wait, I know what today is, today’s Child Appreciation Day! All these moms have got their kids riding along with them today, school’s all closed and stuff, crap, ah no worries, we get cool with the kids, be nice to them, then, bam, hit-on their moms the same time, we can take turns! You play with the kids while I bang their moms, and we switch it up! Yeah? Sounds good! Yeah? Yeah. Remember when I banged that Latino mom? Think she home? No! No wait, maybe we should go to school, follow the girls, yeah, let’s do that, let’s do that, you think Regina likes me? Do you think–”

“Evan, shut up! They’re already gone.”

Evan turned his head to see that the girls had left the house.

“Oh fuck…”

“…So the mall you say? Come on let’s go, Bro.”

“Cool, cool.”



The F-Boat: a small cruise ship that sails around Tabootopia, offering fun and relaxation to the families of this nation. This day was Child Appreciation Day, so many women, along with their kids, were standing in line, waiting to get inside. To kids, it is known as The Fun Boat as it has many on-board activities — but to adults it is known as The Fuck Boat. On the top deck of the ship is a large sunbathing/lounge area, complete with swimming pools, large deck chairs, massages, all this and, of course, heaps and heaps of sexual pleasure. The F-Boat was anchored at Our Haven’s harbour.

Claire Cestin, mother of Regina, was there with her 16-year-old son Tommy. Claire was 45, yet despite her age had a fine, trim 5’6 figure. She had long delicate black hair and noticeably perky nipples. Claire was wearing a yellow summer dress with flip-flops, her sexy legs on display. While his mother had made an effort, Tommy — an average-sized kid with medium-length brown hair — had not; he was wearing a black t-shirt, black jeans and sneakers.

Claire had been told about The F-Boat by her neighbour Yukari Takahashi, a 40-year-old Japanese woman. She had cropped brown hair, plucky lips and a finely matured curvaceous figure, with large natural breasts and a round ass. Yukari was wearing a tight yellow shirt with equally tight white pants. She had also brought along her son, 14-year-old Keisuke, a Japanese pre-teen wearing a blue shirt and grey pants.

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