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Tara Has Many Orgasms

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Tara has been my regular lover for over a decade. We have never tired of our otherwise humdrum activity of meeting and fucking. Simply because, both of us have ensured novelty in what we do and are constantly exploring more pleasurable ways to enjoying. This is a real story. This deals with enjoying seeing Tara have a lot of sexual pleasure. And not insisting on having my fair share of sex with her.

In fact, Tara deserves all the pleasure she can get. She is a wonderful lover.

Tara had gone out of town and I had missed her for three nights. When I had complained to her and had joked, saying, “Leave your pussy behind,” she suggested, “Why don’t I ask Minu to come over and fuck you a few times?”

I was miffed. I said, “Minu is not a fucking prostitute!!! I want your pussy not any pussy!!! Your pussy is the best. In fact you are the best. I am not enjoying with other women, unless you say so and you are there.”

Tara asked, “Are we married?”

I was quick to get on top of it and said, “No. If we were married, we would have become a sanctimonious bitch. You would start deifying your pussy. On the other hand I would start to take you for granted and simply strip you naked and fuck you, not caring for you.”

Tara agreed and said, “Why don’t you shag, while I am away? Or I will give you a call and we can have phone sex!!”

I said, “No. I want you, your boobs, your voice, your mouth, your tongue, your clit and your pussy.”

“Okay,” she said and we parted.

While she was away, I planned a grand reunion. (Though Tara would be away for two nights only).

Instead of writing how I planned it and what I planned let me tell what happened when she returned.

Tara called me from Mumbai airport and said, “I am taking the 7 PM flight into Delhi. Can you pick me up?”

It was 3 PM. I immediately said, “Yes. I will be waiting for you at 9PM at the exit for domestic flights.”

I ordered some nice and simple food, picked them up, placed the food in the fridge, had a bath, changed and left for the airport.

At about 9.20 PM she emerged. I waved and walked towards her and took her trolley from her. I planted a small kiss on her cheek and gave her a hug.

Tara hugged back and whispered, “I missed you.”

I said, “Me too. But now you will have to make up.”

She was quick on the uptake and said, “Big plans for tonight?”

“No. Not too much. I want you to stay with me tonight.”

As we were walking briskly towards the parked car, she asked, “You want your prize for the whole night?”

“No. I want to let you know that I really care for you and truly feel that you deserve the best.”

Tara answered, “Thanks.”

Soon we were at my home. She complained that she was tired and grimy and badly wanted a bath.

I suggested, that she has dinner first and she can have her bath after the Cognac.

She readily agreed. That is what I like about her so much. She does not try to exert her will all the time. She does not want to behave like boss – like wives do.

We quickly had dinner and shifted the plates into the kitchen sink for the cleaning woman to take care of next morning.

We shifted to the drawing room and sat down and nursed a Cognac each.

Tara popped the question, “What is the plan?”

I said, “Nothing. This is a day I have specially designed to tell you that I truly care for you. I believe that as a woman, you have great potential for enjoying. Most Indian women do not play. You do. Thus, this is Tara Night!!”

She asked, “What does that mean?”

I promptly said, “I do everything to ensure that only you enjoy. Till you go to sleep.”

“And you?”

“My enjoyment is in seeing you enjoy.”

Tara leaned across and kissed me on my lips lightly and said, “Thanks. But, I want you to enjoy me too!”

I said, “Tonight, I am, secondary. You are first.”

“Okay. Let us play,” Tara said.

I stood up. She stood up too.

I said, “Let us go into the bed room.”

Tara said, “Okay.”

“But, you and I have to be completely naked before we walk into the sanctum sanctorum of the bed room.”

Tara said, “Go ahead. Take it off. In the way you want to. I am all your. Someone so sweet deserves to get his woman non-stop, the way he wants.”

She was wearing a low-slung wicked pair of jeans and a tight black top. She had taken off the jacket when she entered the house and flung it on one of the sofas.

I said, “The top goes first,” and peeled it off her torso. When the top was over her head, I caught her and kisser between her breasts from above the lacey bra. She smelled real good.

Then I took off the top and flung it away.

She stood with her bra, jeans and her dignity, with her proud and ample breasts heaving.

I wrapped my hands around her waist and kissed her on her forehead and softly said, “The bra has to go.”

I walked behind her an unsnapped the hook. The large breasts ataşehir escort tumbled out. I slowly cupped both her boobs from behind and felt the milky softness and the semi erect nipples.

While withdrawing my hands, I lifted the bra and took it off from the front. It fell on the ground.

Tara whispered, “Are the curtains should be drawn fully?”

I kissed her on each of her nipples one by one and whispered, “Yes.”

I realized that I had to strip too. I said, “Tara, take of my clothes too.”

She quickly pulled off my Tee Shirt and unhooked my trousers. The trousers fell in a heap at my feet.

Tara cupped my cock and balls from over the underwear. My dick was erect already. She said, “Tsk Tsk This is hard already. How long can it take abstinence?”

She slipped her slender fingers into my underwear and cupped the hard cock and balls in one go. While pulling her hand out, she pulled the underwear down. The cock leapt out. She slowly pulled the foreskin all the way back to expose the entire tip of my angry cock.

I held her wrist and pulled off her hand and said, “No. Leave it alone.”

I lifted Tara up and walked to the bedroom. On reaching the bedroom, I softly placed her on the bed and said, “These jeans have to go.”

While unbuttoning her pants, I pulled her zip down and then started to pull the pants down from her ankles. They were so tight, it would not come off!!!

She realized that she had to help me. She softly said, “Let me help you make me naked.”

She rolled off the bed and wiggled her bottoms and pushed the open waistband down hard. With great difficulty the jeans gathered at her ankles. Then I motioned to her to lie down. She flopped over. I caught the upside down jeans from her ankles and pulled them off.

I kissed her on her belly and her thighs. Then, from over her lacey panty I planted one soft kiss right on her clit. Tara breathed in hard and said, “Darling, I am grimy and sweaty. My cunt will not smell too good. I need bath. Then you will feel like playing with my clit!!”

I simply caught the panty waistband and pulled it down. It rolled up and had to be peeled off from her waist.

She was totally naked.

I slowly lowered myself over her naked creamy breasts and kissed each one, one by one and then ran my fingers over her slightly damp pussy.

Tara said, “I am not wet so far. If you want to fuck, you will have to apply some pussy cream and get it lubricated. Or it will hurt.”

“Darling, anything that simply hurts you is not on. I will apply some cream on the cunt, all the way. I want it wet.”

Tara said, “Then just heat me up. No cream is required.”

I walked to the locker room and pulled out the electric fucking machine and the battery operated remote controlled vibrator.

Then I lay down next to Tara and said, “Please relax. Don’t worry about the sweat and grime. I love your seat as well!!”

Tara only said, “Hmmmmmm.”

I started to kiss her on her face and eyes and then moved my kissing down to her lips. I opened her mouth with my tongue and ran my tongue in and explored her mouth.

Tara responded like a well-oiled machine and ran her tongue inside my mouth and started to play the game.

She loved it and made all the happy sounds.

While doing the French kiss, I slowly ran my hands over her breasts and then pinched her nipples.

Tara responded and said, “Please feel my cunt. Run your fingers lightly over my slit. Play with me.”

I went on kissing her and ran my fingers over her half open slit and then with two fingers opened the slit slightly and ran other hand’s forefinger over her entire open slit.

Tara jumped up and widened her legs.

She tried to hold my cock and slowly fondle it. I think she thought that I really wanted to fuck, urgently.

When I felt that her cunt was wet enough, I got up and picked up the vibrator. Applied some pussy cream on it and then held it over her clit and ran it over the entire slit, feeling its way around. As it ran over her slit, I stopped over her pussy mouth and slowly inserted a fraction of an inch.

I said, “I will now insert it. It may hurt.”

Tara moaned, “Do what you want to. Don’t tell me!! Just enjoy my body.”

I slowly inserted the vibrator in. I adjusted the clit butterfly right onto the clit. Placed the pussy lips separator in place and then, I switched on the vibrator and picked up the remote control.

“Tara, I want your hands up. You wont touch the vibrator. I will now switch it on. ENJOY.”

I stepped back and switched on the vibrator one burst from the remote control. Tara jumped up and gasped, “Aaaawww. That is amazing!!!”

I gave her two more quick bursts. Tara jumped each time and parted her legs wide and lifted her bottom, arching her back.

On seeing this, I switched on the butterfly on her clit. Tara made noises like, “HmmmmmHnnnnn.”

After about kadıköy escort bayan two minutes, while the butterfly was on, I switched on the vibrator. Tara let out a small scream and said, “That is too much. Please stop.”

I stopped it and asked, “It hurt????”

“No. That is too much pleasure.”

“Then just let it go on. I want to see your juices come out in spurts!!” I said and switched on both the items at one go.

Tara jumped up. I switched it on and off at random. Tara was getting wilder and wilder.

Suddenly, she cried out, “Please stop. I am coming. Please stop it. Stop it.!!”

I did nothing of the kind. I let it go on. Tara took her hands to her cunt and tried to hold the vibrator down.

I stopped the machine and let her complete her orgasm.

Then I said, “I have to tie your hands up, I am sorry. You take no instruction.”

With that, I caught her hands one by one and tied them to the bedpost.

After she was tied up, I switched on the vibrator and shifted the vibrator remote to ‘Random Fuck’ position.

Tara got wild. She was jumping up and down and writhing from side to side. With her mouth open, she was gulping in large gaps of air and pleading, “Please stop it. My cunt is bursting with pleasure. Please darling. Let me have one orgasm at a time.”

I just let the vibrator go on. I could see, she had orgasm after orgasm. Her eyes rolled up and mouth opened and closed and she was screaming, “Aaaaeee. Hnnnnn. Please stop it. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Please stop it. My cunt is bursting. Ooooooh. That is too much.”

Tara lifted her buttocks and crossed her legs around the vibrator and cried, “Please stop it Darling. I can’t take more orgasms.”

I stopped the machine and asked while she was gasping for breath, “How many orgasms did you have?”

Tara gasped and answered, “More than twenty. But no more! Please.” Sweat poured down her body. She was glistening in sweat.

Tara said, “I need a bath. Really.”

I left her there and went to the bathroom to get things ready there.

I had made arrangements for her already. I had got a steel bar fitted on the bathtub to tie her legs wide apart and had fitted straps to tie her hands. The real item was a faucet to spray a jet of warm water on her cunt.

I put on the faucet and adjusted the water temperature and returned to the bedroom.

Tara asked, “What next?”

I came back and without any warning, parted her legs wide and took off the butterfly, but left the vibrator inside her cunt.

Then I quietly untied her wrists and scoped her up and took her into the bathroom, saying, “You need a bath. I will now give you one. One that you will not forget in a hurry.”

Tara kept quiet and waited to see what I did.

I slowly lowered her into the bathtub and made her sit up. Tara asked, “Are your doing some drowning torture? Or what?”

I said, “You will see.”

I quickly grabbed her wrists and tied them to the straps I had fixed earlier.

Once her hands were out of the way, Raised one leg at a time and placed them on the steel rod. Then one by one, I kissed each ankle and attached them to the rod. Since her legs were wide apart, the pussy lips were wide open.

She asked, “What are you doing!!”

I adjusted her position and placed a rubber-inflated pillow below her head, so that she could wreath in pleasure and not hurt her head.

Then I put on the faucet and slowly adjusted the stream of water directly on her clit.

Tara screamed, “That hurts.”

Within seconds, she got used to the stream and it started to play with her clit. It she tightened her cunt, the stream would hit the pussy lips and if she released the muscles, it would fall directly on her clit.

I said, “I want you to masturbate with the water stream.”

I switched the vibrator on using the remote control unit. I switched it to ‘Random Fuck’ position.

Tara screamed, “Aaaaah. Please stop that. Please I will turn mad. Please stop it.”

I got up, switched off the vibrator and the water stream and said, “Tara you can scream. You can do all you can. I am going away, leaving this on. I will be back in about ten minutes. I want to se you unconscious with pleasure. If not, it goes on till you pass out.”

Tara shouted back, “You cant do that! Please my cunt will tear up. Please darling, take me off this machine. Fuck me. But take me off!”

I got up, switched on both and walked away to the bedroom so that I could track her health.

Tara was screaming insane obscene language.

“Aaaaah. Aaaaaeee.”

“Please. I am coming. Please stop it.”

“Hnnnn. Ssssssss.”

“Please Ravi. My cunt is making me mad.”

“My clit. My clit. Please fuck me. Please.”

“Please. I am coming. Please stop it.”


“Please. I am coming. Please stop it.”

“Please. I am coming. Please stop it.”

Soon I could make out escort maltepe that she was loosing self-control. She was making unintelligible noises. They were telling of lots of uncontrolled pleasure and little bit of pain and lamenting lack of control over her cunt.

Then ether was silence.

I got up immediately. I wanted her to enjoy. Not die of pleasure.

When I walked I saw, that she was having a powerful orgasm. Her eyes were rolled up and she was perhaps unconscious!!

I stopped the water faucet and stopped the vibrator as she subsided from her hundredth (I hope) orgasm.

In about five minutes, she came to her senses. She mumbled, “Aaaaah. That was too much. Did I loose consciousness??”

I extracted the vibrator from inside her and then untied her legs and hands.

Tara collapsed onto the base of the bathtub. She was exhausted from her orgasms. She was having paroxysms of pleasure passing down her body. I let her be for a while.

Then I scooped her out and carried her to the single-seater sofa. I slowly placed her there. After she rested for a while, I said, “Tara, the next item awaits you.”

Tara said, “Darling. I am quite satisfied with my orgasms.”

I said, “No. Please Darling, you have to take the next one. Then my menu is complete.”

I said, “I want you on all fours.”

She is really sport. She slid down on her fours.

I slowly made her place her upper half on the sofa and her back on her two legs. I pulled up her hands and tied them to the sofa back.

Tara said, “What are you upto??”

I simply said, “Your cunt will now be taken.”

Tara softly said, “Yes. Please fuck me.”

When she was in position, I dragged the fucking machine into place.

Tara screamed, “No. Not the machine!! Please. This machine wont stop!! It will go on fucking me with no control!”

I said, “That is the idea darling. While I play with your clit.”

With one slight push, the machine cock entered her open and red pussy from her back.

I started to kiss her on her buttocks. Slowly, I wrapped my right hand over her buttocks and ran it around to her slit from below.

I let my tongue into her ass and made her jump.

I parted her pussy lips with my finger and then found the swollen clit and started to play with that delectable knob.

Tara swallowed and cried out, “My clit. It is really sensitive after that water torture. Please leave it alone. Aaaaaaaeeeee. I am coming. Please stop.”

When she was having her orgasm. I switched the fucking machine to run at slow speed and gave her maximum 9-inch drive with the fat mechanical cock.

I was playing with her clit from below and squeezing her boobs with my other hand.

Tara started to sob with pleasure and gasped with breath each time she had an orgasm.

She screamed, “Please. I love it.”

“I am coming. Darling stop it.”

“Aaaaeee. Please . . . .. Please give it to me. Aaaaaaaeeeeee.”

I switched it to fast drive and increased it to one ramming per second and I was buzzing her clit with my fingers.

Tara screamed with extreme pleasure.

She was pleading, “Stop it.”

“I want to die on this fucking machine.”

After about ten minutes, Tara collapsed on the sofa.

Saliva was dripping out of her mouth. Her pussy juices had foamed on the pussy mouth. Her entire cunt was pulsating with orgasm after orgasm.

I saw, she was again unconscious with pleasure.

I stopped the machine and pulled the dildo out of her cunt. It came out with a plopping noise.

Her cunt lips were wide-open, pouting out and red.

I untied her wrists and scooped her up and lay her on the bed.

She remained there for about fifteen minutes and then came to.

When he woke up, she looked around and said, ” Why don’t you lie down next to me?”

I slowly lay beside her. She wrapped me in her soft arms and kissed me repeatedly, all over my body, and said, “Darling. I have never enjoyed my cunt this much ever. Even a seasoned prostitute can become mad with pleasure, this way. I really love what you do to me. I love you”

I said, “Darling, I planned this for you, because you are the most fantastic lover.”

Tara said, “Why don’t we fuck?”

I said, “No. Not today. I want you to remember that I don’t care whether I myself enjoy or not. What matters is that I see your cunt turning mad with pleasure.”

Tara said, “Thanks. That is really sweet of you. But I must at least shag you once.”

I said, “No. No shagging. Only fucking. But later!!”

Tara wobbled on to her feet. She walked into the bathroom to perhaps clean her foaming cunt. As she walked into the bathroom she said, “In that case I will have to stay here tonight.”

When she returned, bathed and naked, she slipped into bed. We wrapped each other in each other’s arms and went to sleep.

We woke up later at about 4AM and fucked twice.

I woke up at about 8AM. I got up and gazed at her wide spread legs and the pouting cunt, looking satisfied.

I kissed her on her eyes and slowly walked away. She fluttered her eyes open and pulled me by my wrist and said, “Just lie with me. I am satisfied for today. My cunt really enjoyed.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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