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A warm spring afternoon greeted the students of Morris-Daye high-school as they spilled forth into the world as classes ended for the day. The hall quickly grew quiet within minutes, save for after school clubs and the athletes making their way to the gym or the sports fields. Half of the hallway lights automatically shut off within fifteen minutes of the final bell, leaving the halls quite dim, even in the middle of the day. The entire “feel” of the school was eerie and almost unearthly in it’s faint “glow”.

Dawn, an early 40s teacher packed her shoulder bag and surveyed her classroom, before exited for the day. She nodded to herself, pleased with the condition of her little oasis, she exited. As she stepped out into the hall, she was nearly run over by a female student!

“Whoop!” The blonde student spun, barely avoiding Dawn, “Sorry!” She called over her shoulder as she hurried down the hall.

“No…” Dawn’s voice trailed off as the girl vanished around the corner, “running.” She shook her head and pulled the door closed. Her auburn locks has loosened throughout the day into a fly away mess, and many strands fell around her still youthful face. As she made her way toward the administration wing, she pulled out her cell phone and glanced at it. No texts, no missed calls… nothing. She sighed and slid it back into her bag.

“As usual.” She muttered.

A few minutes later, Dawn arrived at the offices and turned to enter, just then she was ‘greeted’ by a familiar face. The young woman who nearly ran her over in the hall did exactly that this time! The impact caused Dawn to stumble back and onto her posterior.


The young woman followed her to the ground, landing between the teacher’s legs on her knees. Dawn’s knee-length skirt slid up her thighs allowing the student to catch a glimpse of her black panties. In turn, Dawn glanced down and could the girl’s large breasts barely contained in a hot pink bra. Momentarily enthralled by the young girl’s mounds of sweet flesh, her focus was broken by the girl.

“I’m so sorry!” The girl looked genuinely hurt and remorseful. Before Dawn could reply, two ladies from the office hurried to Dawn’s side.

“Are you alright miss Dawn?” One of the ladies asked.

“Miss Autumn!” the other scolded the student, “You’ve been told a hundred times to slow down and watch where you are going.”

The first lady helped Dawn to her feet. “Are you alright?”

“Huh? Oh yeah, I’m fine.” She straightened her clothing. Autumn, the student, picked up Dawn’s bag and handed it to her, “I am really sorry.” Dawn could truly see she felt bad.

“Autumn!” The other woman snapped, “That’s detention!”


“No, you’ve been warned numerous times!”

“Fine!” She stamped her foot. Dawn tilted her head slightly and observed the girl for a moment. A strange feeling began to race through her. Confused, she swallowed hard.

“Miss Campbell?”

Dawn shook her head clear and turned her attention to one of the women.

“Would you like to discipline Autumn?”

“Discipline?” The word echoed in her mind for a moment, she knew what the woman intended, but for some reason, Dawn thought of a completely different form of discipline.

“Yes, detention.”

“Oh! Right.” She looked back to the young woman who returned her look with pleading eyes. Something truly “animalistic” stirred in Dawn. She felt warm and confused.


Yes… I-I think… three days.” She declared almost unconsciously.

“Three days?!” Autumn exclaimed. She stamped her foot again. Dawn noticed Autumn’s healthy chest bounce under her shirt and squirmed slightly.

“Autumn, come with me. I’ll fill out the form.”

“Fine!” She glared at Dawn for a moment before begrudgingly following the woman into the office.

“Miss Dawn, are you sure you’re alright?” The other woman asked.

“Yes, I’m fine.” Her words trailed off as she watched Autumn stomp into the office. For such a young woman, Autumn’s body was all adult! Beautiful round curves and a natural switch in her gait.

“Alright then, We’ll have Autumn report to your classroom right after final bell tomorrow. Do you have her in any of your classes?”

She pried her gaze away and looked to the woman who had addressed her. “No… I’m not sure I have ever even seen her before.”

“Well, she will be in your classroom tomorrow afternoon.”

“A-Alright.” Dawn smiled and proceeded into the office, past Autumn who was still pouting. For a moment they locked eyes, but Dawn’s attention was pulled away by another teacher who greeted her.

After Autumn took her detention note, she looked to the back of the office at Dawn, who, at that moment, glanced over her shoulder at the girl. Autumn glared at her and spun on her heel and stomped out.

“Ignore her, she’s a trouble maker.” The other teacher stated.

“What do you mean?” Dawn inquired.

“She’s so flighty and seemingly forgetful. I have her in one of my classes and she talks constantly, IF she shows up to class.”

“Oh, sarıyer escort wow!” Dawn replied.

“Yeah, I mean, she’s a very good student, in that she gets excellent grades, how I’ll never know. But she does tend to be a disruption and doesn’t often pay attention.”

“How does she get such good grades?”

“I honestly don’t know, she must work very hard at home.”

“I suppose that could be possible, to a point.”

After turning in her rosters for the day, Dawn made her way to her car and hopped in. She immediately felt something wet!

“What the hell?!” She reached down to feel the seat, “Not wet, so what-?” She paused and slid her hand to her panties.

“Oh my god!” She blushed when she felt how utterly drenched they were. I am entirely too old to begetting THIS aroused over a girl!

All day Dawn could not focus on anything, she let most of her classes have independent study/free time class work. She sat sketching and watching the clock. Some of her students were concerned when she told them she wasn’t feeling well. Dawn is well liked by faculty and students alike. She is always friendly and she treats her students as equals and they respect her for it. Students found it easy to relate to her as a peer and friend. Even though she is in her early 40s, she appeared to be in her early 30s, which caused students to be more comfortable with her. She has a vastly different teaching style from other teachers. She preferred her students to learn and succeed as a group. The better students helped lift up the poorer students.

She taught art, art history and philosophy. Most of her students saw her classroom as a sanctuary and safe space to be creative and expressive. She even decorated her classroom out of her own pocket to be less “academic” appearing and more comfortable. She always has music playing softly in the background. Some teachers and administration were “unsure” about her style, but her classes showing positive growth year after year could not be denied.

She had dreamed of getting away. Even though she loved to teach, her students and her little oasis she made for herself and her students she still longed for something new. Something exciting to break up the day to day, and heal her loneliness. She, long ago, resigned to staying at Morris-Daye and teaching until she retires. She sighed and glanced at the clock on the wall. Twenty minutes til final bell!

She suddenly found herself filling with nervous energy. She pulled out a small hand mirror and ran her hand through her hair and frowned. She hated the gray streak in her hair, but couldn’t bring herself to color it out.

“You’re beautiful Miss Campbell.” a small quiet voice broke her focus. She looked up to see a lovely pale-skinned girl draped in black with long straight black hair smiling at her.


“I said, you are beautiful.” She smiled sheepishly. “I saw you look in that mirror and look upset.”

“That’s very sweet of you Carrie.” Dawn smiled.

“Sure, I hope to find a girl friend as beautiful as you one day.” She replied as she set a drawing on Dawn’s desk and rushed back to her desk. Dawn picked up the drawing and held it up. A young girl in the woods with a wolf and raven.

This is wonderful!

Dawn looked up at Carries and nodded approvingly. Carrie blushed and bowed her head to the desk, embarrassed. She set the drawing aside to hang up for later. Just as she started to slip back into a downward state, the bell rang, startling her. She stood up and smiled as her students began to gather their things.

“Okay everyone,” She called out, “Have a wonderful rest of your day and remember…”

“Be good to each other.” They all called out in unison.

“And be good to yourself.” She replied as they filed out. Each student said goodbye as they passed her desk. They all enjoyed being in her class and she enjoyed having them. Carrie stopped at the desk.


“Hey, I ..uh.”

Dawn smiled warmly, “Your drawing is truly wonderful, you have such talent.”

“Thanks Miss Campbell, I appreciate that.”

“Sure, I hope you continue to pursue art, you really have a great deal of potential.”

Carrie blushed and shifted uncomfortably.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to-”

“No, it’s okay Miss Campbell. I just… have a hard time taking compliments.” Carrie replied. Dawn smiled and leaned toward the girl, “Me too.” She whispered.

“Do you think I have what it takes to go to art college?”

“Of course!” She exclaimed, “As a matter of fact, I’d be happy to help you find a school and write a letter of recommendation.”

“Oh wow! Thank you Miss Campbell!”

“Of course, we’ll get together soon and look at options.”


“Now, go home and enjoy your day.” Dawn said with a wink.

Carrie giggled and hurried out of the room.

After Carrie left, Dawn sat down, and took a deep breath. Mere moments later Autumn entered, a sour expression covering her face like a mask of discontent. sefaköy escort She sighed loudly to alert Dawn of her arrival. Dawn awkwardly jumped out of her seat.

“Autumn, please have a seat.” She gestured to a desk.

The girl dropped into the chair with a harumph!

Dawn perched on the front of her desk, took a long breath and smiled. After a long moment of silence, Autumn shrugged and spoke up.

“So, what do you want me to do?”

“Do?” Dawn replied.

“Yeah, like clean the boards, organize supplies?”

“Oh no, nothing like that.”

“So what then?” She asked.

“Nothing.” Dawn shrugged.

“Nothing?” Autumn tilted her head confused.

“Well, not nothing.” She smiled, “I don’t have you in any of my classes.”

“Nope, I’m not artsy.”

Dawn chuckled, “You don’t have to be artistic to be in my class.”

“But… you teach art.”

“Yes, and art history, as well as philosophy. Anyone can take an art class.” Dawn explained.

“But, I don’t have any talent for art, and I don’t really ‘get” philosophy.” Autumn said.

Dawn smiled warmly, “Autumn, talent isn’t as important as desire.”

“Desire?” Autumn echoed.

“Yes.” She slipped off her desk and went to a nearby bookcase and retrieved a book. “Here.” She set the book on the desk in front of Autumn.

“What’s this?”

“Just take a look.” She urged the girl.

Autumn sighed and opened the book. She leafed through the book, at first barely even looking at the pictures within. The longer she leafed through the pages, the landscapes and portraits began to grab her attention, and she slowed down and really started to examine the artwork within. Dawn began to relax and watch her really taking in each piece of art. Being close to this lovely girl made her feel… something.

“Miss Campbell?”

“Yes Autumn?”

“What can you tell me about this painting?” She pointed to a mother and daughter in the woods observing butterflies and a deer.

Dawn smiled and moved to a chair next to Autumn and pulled the book closer to herself.

“Ah yes! This is a mother and daughter discovering nature together.”

“Wow! The colors are so…”


“Yeah!” She stared at the picture with amazement. “It’s beautiful!”

“So you like it?”

“Very much!” She sat wordless for a few moments, “The artist is amazing!”

“Thank you.”

Autumn looked up at Dawn wide-eyed. Dawn nodded and closed the book. She pointed to the name on the cover.

~Penelope Dawn Campbell~

“This is your art?!” She asked excitedly.

“Yes, I have several art books and a couple of books devoted to esoteric philosophy essays.” She said proudly.

“That’s amazing! You are so talented.” Autumn declared.

“Thank you Autumn.” Dawn’s voice was suddenly low to the point of almost being a whisper. Her body was reacting to this girl being so close and so complimentary. She put her hand over Autumn’s hand.

“Y-You’re welcome.” She stammered nervously. Dawn suddenly felt like she was making Autumn uncomfortable, and started with withdraw her hand. Autumn set her other hand on top of Dawn’s, and looked into the teachers eyes. After a few moments, Dawn broke away and stood up. She straightened her blouse and returned to her desk.

“Okay Autumn, it’s been 25 minutes, I’m going to let you go for the day.”

“Oh, okay.” Dawn stood up, confused. “You didn’t have me do any work.”

“No, but I’d like to think I opened your eyes.”

“Honestly, you did.” Her voice was laced with what?… lust?

“I-I’m glad.” She replied, “I will see you tomorrow.”

“Alright.” Autumn stood and slung her bag over her shoulder. She paused in front of Dawn’s desk for a moment.


“Miss Campbell, may I borrow this book?’

“Of course Autumn, enjoy.” She smiled.

“Thanks!” She replied and hurried from the room.


The young girl stopped and spun on her heel.

“Slow down.” She said with a smile and a wink.. Autumn laughed and left in a flash. Dawn shook her head and turned her attention back to her hand mirror. She traced the slight laugh lines around her eye and sighed. What am I doing?!

Once behind the wheel of her car, Dawn felt free and her mood would always change, typically, for the better. Instead of going straight home, Dawn would get on the freeway, or a 2-lane back road, roll down her windows, crank up her stereo and find her bliss. Music always made everything better. Her auburn hair whipped around her as she raced down the narrow back road The trees raced by on either side of her while music drowned out all other sound. She thought Why don’t I just pack my cats and just drive, leave her and don’t stop until I am somewhere I have never been.

She sighed and pushed her foot down. The car jumped and threw her back into her seat. As the car approached triple digits, she let out her most guttural, primal scream til her throat hurt. She pulled her foot off the şerifali escort accelerator and laughed as the car gradually begun to slow.

“I should get home.” she said to no one in particular. As she turned her suv down another road to head toward home, her mind began to wander. Always prepared, she began to devise lessons plans and projects possibilities. She loved to constantly change things up and challenge her students, by keeping them engaged. A few miles from town and closing fast, Dawn’s mind wandered to one student in particular. One that isn’t taking any of her classes, Autumn. She shifted in her seat and could feel moisture building between her thighs.

“What the!?” She reached down and pressed two fingertips to her panties. “Soaked!? What’s wrong with-” Her breath halted in her throat as her fingers slid up and grazed her clit. She bit her lip and pushed her hand inside her panties. Her middle finger traced up and down her wet lips and shivered. Her first finger joined it and made slow rhythmic circles on her clit. Her other hand squeezed the steering wheel so hard it hurt, but she hardly noticed as she increased her pace and let out a moan. She threw her head back and gasped as she slowly pushed two fingers in her dripping wetness.

Dawn fucked herself with heated hunger. Building her pleasure with every gentle intense thrust. Her body began to tense, in turn, she pushed her foot and the accelerator to the floor. The closer to ecstasy she got, the faster her suv traveled. Her hips bucked violently throwing her head back she squealed in delight. Dizzy and disoriented, she removed her foot from the gas pedal and her fingers from her throbbing soaking wet pussy.

“Holy fuck!” She exclaimed as the car’s velocity returned to “legal” speeds. She held her fingers up, coated in her own juices, she smirked and lustfully slid them between her lips. She savored her taste for a few moments, before finally driving home. Still trembling from her earth-shattering orgasm, she turned down her radio and pulled into her garage.

That evening, Autumn lay on her bed slowly paging through the book Autumn loaned to her. She paused on one picture in particular. It was Miss Campbell, only younger. Back to the viewer naked and vulnerable looking over her shoulder. An almost innocent/shy expression on her face.

“Hmmm…” Autumn’s green eyes took in every detail. Her body seemed to “react”, and she squirmed. Soon, she jumped up and retrieved a notebook from her desk. All around the dimly lit room were signifiers of just who Autumn is. Walls painted purple, posters of rock bands, and anime. A handful of pictures of a cat, and one picture, prominently placed on her desk. A young red-haired girl with a genuine sweet smile and green eyes peering out of black rimmed glasses.

Autumn returned to her place on the floor and began to attempt a recreation of the painting in her notebook. Her first attempt was…crude at best. Barely much more than a stick figure.

“Damn!” She angrily flipped to the next page and begun again. Attempt after attempt. Hours passed as she feverishly drew, flipped the page and drew again. Not quite understanding her desire to replicate Dawn’s painting, she continued all through the night, without pause.

Finally, she had finished the last page of the notebook, yawned and glanced up at her clock.

“Five am!?’ She scrambled to her feet and raced to the bathroom, “Shit!”

Shedding her clothes she turned on her shower and jumped in. “I can’t believe I haven’t slept!” She said to herself while she lathered up her long blonde hair. As her hands slid across her lithe wet body her mind began to wander and wonder. What IS the deal with Miss Campbell? I mean, I get a funny feeling when I’m around her. I get all sweaty and nervous, but… not in a bad way. Like excited nervous. Almost like…no… I can’t be. But, it does feel like…Gabbie? But how? I mean, I was curious with Gabbie, but… I can’t be… can I?

She quickly rinsed off, wrapped herself in a towel and took a long look in the mirror.

“Am I… gay?” She questioned her reflection. That word echoed in her mind “gay”. She thought back to her life JUST a few years ago. She begun to date. A few boys here and there, nothing serious though. Barely even kissing and no sex. She tried to think of anyone she had any sort of romantic feelings for. She closed her eyes and a picture began to form. Then, after a few moments a face appeared. A freckle-faced, red haired girl.

“Gabbie!?” She whispered. Her eyes shot open and she looked at herself again. “How? I mean, we were close…best friends even. We DID kiss that one time, but it was on a dare.”

Autumn remembered that moment. Her lips pressing against her best friend’s between nervous giggles. She could feel her body flush, and her pulse race.

“NO!” She pushed herself away from the sink and retreated into her room. She perched on the edge of her bed and thought of Gabbie… Miss Campbell. She shook her head in disbelief and glanced at the clock.

“Shit! I am going to be late!”

On her way to school, Autumn reflected back to her dear friend Gabbie, how close they had been, but they had a confusing falling out. She couldn’t remember over what exactly or even why. She did miss her former best friend and she would have been the perfect person to talk about this whole “Miss Campbell thing”.

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