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Teach Me!

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Lauren walked up to the teacher, consciously swaying her hips just a little, as she flicked back her died black hair. Her short black velvet skirt caught Mr. Lavigne’s attention, so he didn’t notice Lauren’s gaze running down his purple shirt to his tight black pants that accented perfectly his large package.

He had asked her to stay behind to talk about her essay. The assigned topic had been “Forbidden”, and he was interested in her choice, “Forbidden Lusts: Older men.”

He ushered her into his office, and walked behind her to stare at her swinging ass. “Lauren, so far you have been a model student,” and his eyes ran over her figure, showing just what he thought was model-like, “and I know that this was a provocative topic,” and he looked at her breasts, pushing out of her top. Those were provocative too.

He shook his head to try to focus on the conversation at hand. “I’d first like to say that this paper was brilliantly written, and I hope you will do a lot more of, I mean, for me.” God what was wrong with him? He’d never really thought about a student this way before, but there was something special about this one. Something that went straight to his cock. “Right now I would like to discuss your topic…”

Lauren licked her lips, as she looked over Mr. Lavigne. Suddenly she realised he was still talking and she had no idea what he was saying. She looked down once more, and realised that the bulge there was definately bigger. So she decided that since he seemed to be so hesitant she would have to make the first move. “Mr. Lavigne, I’m sorry to interrupt, but it’s really hot in here and I wondered if I could take off my top, I know that a tank top is out of dresscode but…” she leaned over, and smiled slowly as Mr. Lavigne’s eyes followed her pale chest down. She took off the silky purple over shirt, to reveal fishnet sleeves, attached right under the arms to a small black tank top, which hugged her waist and pushed her perky breasts up and together. She licked her lips again, canlı bahis and slowly walked over to him carrying her paper with her. She stopped right in front of him and leaned towards him, ostensibly to give him the paper, but really so he could see and smell her soft, smooth breasts.

He croaked, “Please call me Michael, I would like for this to be very informal. I would really like for you to be able to tell me anything you want.”

Lauren took a deep breath, here it was, she was going for the big one. “Michael, I…admire you. I have done from the first day of class. Oh God, Michael I want you, like I’ve never wanted someone before, please don’t deny me! Take me!”

He gasped, her words went straight to his cock, and he grabbed her, his hands running over her fishnet-covered arms, sliding slowly down to her hands. Then holding her hands to her sides, he ran his fingers over her hands and down the outside of her thighs. His fingertips touched the rough feel of fishnets again, and as he slowly pushed his hands up the inside of her thigh, up passed the hem of her skirt, he felt the fishnets end, and then give way to a black lacy garter belt. he shivered, and pulled her in for a long hard kiss. *how could she have known that my biggest weakness is garter-belts?* he thought to himself with a smile. he ran his hands up the garters till he reached the belt. Then his hands went down her soft mound and rubbed her clit softly. She caught her breath then drew him in, this time the kiss was on her and her tongue went into his mouth, demanding and hard. Her hands snaked down and through his pants she teased and rubbed his cock, circling and squeezing his cock.

He picked her up, and looking deep into her eyes, he wasn’t even sure what he was looking for, what he saw were her eyes, glazed over in lust, and yet still within that incoherent ecstasy was a measure of acceptance and permission. That was all he needed to completely lose any control he had over his own raging lust.

He lay her down bahis siteleri on the couch, and stripped off her skirt and tank top. She was left with fishnet sleeves, fishnet stockings and a black lace garter belt. He gasped slightly because she was wearing no underwear, but then he just made use of that, and lay down beside her, with his face in her curly mound. he slowly licked her clit and ran his tongue along her slit. She gasped, and her cunt lips opened, swelling under the ministrations of his eager tongue. His tongue flicked out, and into her cunt, only to pull back out again. He licked all around her lips and cleaned up the wetness that was flowing from her, then his tongue went back in, he pushed it in further and further until his chin was resting in her wet mound. Two fingers flicked back and forth across her clit as his tongue sent shivers up through her body.

Lauren moaned as Michael’s tongue moved around inside her, miraculously hitting her sweet-spot again and again, each time sending tingles up through her cunt and vibrating her clit. His tongue was elusive yet filling, and though she loved it, she couldn’t help wondering if his tongue felt that good what was his cock going to be like. She turned to his cock and gasped as she saw, not only the size, but the obvious erection he was getting, just from going down on her. As she neared orgasm he seemed, incredibly, to be coming too. She moaned, and her breath started coming in short gasps, “Oh god, oh God, ohgodohgodohgod!” She moaned really loudly, and shook as she came, and he drank her up. And as she came, he came too, his come filling up his boxers as he got release from bringing her off.

Slowly her breathing returned to normal, as his did too, as he lapped up all of her wetness and cleaned off her sweet mound.

He turned around and faced her, and she kissed him deeply. Thanking him for what he had done, for enjoying it, and mostly promising that their afternoon had only just begun. She tasted herself in his mouth, and bahis şirketleri slowly she cleaned his mouth out, as he had just cleaned out her cunt. They lay there, mouths together for a few moments, slowly and restfully. Then Lauren’s tongue began to move again. She was seducing his mouth, she was fucking his mouth with her tongue. Her hand moved downwards, and she unzipped his fly. He lifted his hips slightly and she quickly pulled down his pants. Underneath were a pair of black silk boxers, and as she ran her hands over them the feeling of her hands and silk rubbing against him was enough to make him fully hard again.

He started thrusting into her hands, and as he got faster, she suddenly took her hands away. He groaned softly in disappointment.

She rolled him over. and after taking off his boxers, slowly lowered herself onto his cock. “ohhhhhhhhhhhh” she moaned. He was so large, and so amazing, he filled her completely. She rose up and fell back down. He lay there, not being able to move. She raised herself all the way off him so that his head was resting in her mound and then pushed herself hard onto him. Her small cunt, seemed so at odds with her behavior. Her cunt was so tight and hot, yet she was so in control. No matter what her cunt said, Michael knew that Lauren was teaching the teacher.

Soon Michael couldn’t think, as she rammed herself up and down on him. Her hips started twisting slightly so that her cunt contracted around his cock, squeezing it harder, and making it hit her sweet-spot over and over again.

She moaned, and moaned again. “Uh, ahhhhh, uuuuhhh, oooooohhhh, uuuhhhhh.”

And Michael lay there, his cock being thrust into her cunt again and again. Her cunt felt like wet velvet sliding over his cock. Her skin against his felt like smooth silk.

She leaned down and kissed him hard, so that their lips bruised. Then with one final hard thrust she came moaning “OOOOhhhhhh God!! MICHAEL”

Her cunt contracted, squeezing Michael’s cock tighter and tighter, till he came. “Lauren!!”

She collapsed on top of him, and both with a little smile on their faces, drifted off into a quiet sleep. Together and with Michael still in Lauren, they slept, sated and content.

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