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The Breeding of Emily Ch. 05

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It became a daily ritual for John when he got home from work to milk Emily’s engorged tits. She would express herself a couple times during the day to keep from becoming so engorged that the pain became unbearable. But she always made sure her tits were full and in need of attention when daddy got home. Not only did it bring her great relief and pleasure, but it also gave her the opportunity to show her appreciation to her dad for taking such good care of her. Most of the time she would drop to her knees and suck his cock till she had milked him dry after he had finished milking her. But she knew how much he enjoyed fucking her huge tits. So at least once a week she would sit him on the couch, kneel between his legs, wrap her big tits around his throbbing cock and work it till he was shooting his load all over her face and tits.

John smiled as he laid back on the couch enjoying Em’s efforts at helping him relax after a long day. She worked his cock, alternating between sucking on it and rubbing it between her tits. “I talked with your Aunt Lena today for about 30 minutes.” He said with eyes closed and head laid back.

Emily pulled her mouth off his cock with a pop. “What did you two talk about?” She asked as she wrapped her tits around his shaft and stroked it, licking the head of his cock when it popped through the top of her tits.

“I told her you were pregnant.”

Emily stopped for a minute as she focused on her dad. “What did she say to that?” Her question was more of a concern than an inquiry.

John chuckled, head still laid back. “That bitch asked me what took me so long. The way Lena and your mother talked, she knew it was inevitable between us.” John gasped in pleasure as Emily licked just under the head of his cock with the tip of her tongue. She knew how much he loved that. “Damn you’re good baby!” Emily giggled like a school girl. She loved giving her daddy pleasure. “Lena is coming up this weekend for a few days.”

“Why? I’m not even showing yet!” Emily’s biggest concern was not the timing, but the thought of sharing her dad with her aunt.

John looked down at his baby girl. “What has your not showing yet got to do with Lena coming for a visit?”

Emily shrugged not wanting to admit to her jealousy. “I just thought she wouldn’t be coming to visit till I was about to deliver. That’s all.”

John knew his baby girl. He knew there was more, but he decided not to pursue it. Another time when she didn’t have him by the balls. A few minutes later Emily was gulping down his load and savoring every drop of it.

Lena was about a four hour drive from John and Emily’s house. She had done well for herself over the years in the health care industry. After getting her certification as an RN, she decided to specialize in the neo-natal unit at the hospital she worked in. She loved working with babies. Lena was a gorgeous woman with dark raven hair and a great body with a pair of tits most every man she had dealings with couldn’t take their eyes off of. And she knew it too. She loved the attention she got from all her male colleagues, and even the occasional female. There were a number of very satisfied co-workers, both doctors and nurses who had enjoyed experiencing Lena’s voracious sexual appetite, male/female, married/single, straight/bi, it didn’t matter to her.

John walked out the front door as Lena pulled into the driveway. He couldn’t help but admire her beauty and sensuality as he opened her door and helped her out of the drivers seat. Lena threw her arms around John’s neck. She purposely squeezed him tightly, crushing her E tits into his chest. “It’s good to see you John.” The two held each other tightly, not releasing the other.

John and Lena had grown closer over the last year since the passing of Laura, John’s wife and Lena’s sister. They had talked on the phone almost weekly going through their grieving together. In the years prior to Laura’s death the three had played together as a threesome. Laura and Lena had always shared a high sex drive. After years of swapping stories and fantasies, they both decided it would be fun to drive John insane by sharing him between the two of them on occasion.

John rubbed his hand up and down her back as they held each other. “It’s good to see you gorgeous.” He squeezed her a little harder. “I’m sorry you live so far away.” He said as he let her go, yet still holding her with his hands on her shoulders. “I’d love to see you more often than a couple times a year.” His eyes naturally dropped to her chest.

“I’ve been thinking about that. I’ve been contemplating moving closer to you and Em. There’s nothing keeping me where I’m at. I can pick-up and move anywhere I want and do what I’m doing. Let’s see how the weekend goes.” Then she did something that even surprised her. She leaned in without thinking and kissed John. As though it were the most natural thing on earth, their mouths opened and their tongues began to play with each other as their embrace tightened again. John’s hand dropped to Lena’s canlı bahis ass, squeezing a cheek as he pulled her into his body. Each began to grind their hips into the other.

Lena broke the embrace. “Help me with my bags. Let’s get inside.”

John threw her luggage on her bed in the guest bedroom. “I’ll let you get unpacked. You know you can stay as long as you want.” He said as walked to the door.

Lena followed him to the door, almost stopping him. Remembering their times together, her pussy began to spasm with need and desire. “I know I can. Thank you. Like I said, let’s see how the weekend goes.” She smiled as John’s eyes dropped to her chest again. “You always did like my boys didn’t you?”

John laughed. “What’s not to like? But it’s not just your boys.” He said as he reached for her tits and caressed them over her blouse. “It’s the package their attached to that I’ve become fond of.”

Lena leaned into his hands slightly. It had been too long since she’d been taken by a man who knew how to satisfy her. She knew what John was capable of. That only made her desires at the moment intensify. “Well aren’t you a sweet heart.” She reached for the bulge in his pants and squeezed it. “To say that I’ve become fond of you package would be an understatement.” She squeezed it harder. “I love this package.”

John groaned. He knew he could have taken her right there. But decided to take control of the situation and set the stage for the upcoming weekend. “Get unpacked.” He smiled when Lena stuck out a lip, like a pouting child. “We’ll take care of that itch of yours later.” He gave her tits one last hard squeeze. He knew the teasing would only heighten her desire for him all the more.

Lena moaned softly. “You son of a bitch!”

John laughed. “That’s me.”

“Where’s our baby girl by the way?” Lena asked as she composed herself.

“She’s at the grocery store getting some things for the weekend. She’s become quite the cook.”

“Good for her! Is that all she’s good at?” Lena had a mischievous look on her face.

John smiled thinking of his baby girl in bed. “She has many skills that she is good at. Be a good aunt and maybe you’ll get to find out first hand for yourself.”

Lena unpacked and got herself settled in before she made her way downstairs. As she descended the stairs she heard a noise she’d heard many times before and giggled. She turned at the bottom of the stairs to walk into the living room. She smiled seeing the source of the noise. John was nursing on Emily’s engorged tits as she straddled his lap. This had become a natural daily occurrence within the house. Emily had just gotten home from grocery shopping and was in desperate need of relief. John saw Lena out of the corner of his eye and pulled off Emily’s tit. “Come! Sit!” He motioned to Lena.

Emily tried to jump off his lap, startled by being interrupted. “Daddy!!” She screamed.

John wrapped his arms around her hips and held her tightly. “Where do you think you’re going? I’m not done yet!”

Emily gave up on trying to escape his grip and resigned herself to sitting straddled on her daddy’s lap, with her tits hanging out, as Lena sat down in a chair next to them. “I know daddy. But I didn’t think we’d be doing this in front of . . . . anyone.” She couldn’t bring herself to address Lena directly.

John smiled at his daughter, knowing she was so much like her mother it would just be a matter of time before she got over her shyness and apprehension about performing in front of someone. “Lena is not ‘anyone.’ She’s your aunt who’s going to help us with your pregnancy.” John said with a measure of sternness in his voice not lost on Emily. “Do you understand?”

Emily lowered her head in submission and resignation. “Yes sir.”

“Good girl!” John said as he caressed her face. “You’re my baby girl Emily. You belong to me, and I belong to you. But there are times I will bring other people into our relationship to enhance our relationship and expand your experiences. Are you okay with that?”

Emily shook her head. “Yes daddy. I’m okay with that. I do trust you. I just didn’t think it would be so hard to share you.”

Lena sat quietly throughout their exchange. She looked at John. “May I say something?”

John nodded. “Of course. You’re part of this family.” Looking at Emily, “Why don’t you sit beside me while we talk this through.”

Lena stood up and walked over to the couch, sitting down next to Emily. She began stroking Emily’s arm as she spoke to her. “Your mother and I were very close in many ways Em. Her and I shared a bed together with your father whenever I was in town, or they came to see me. It was always understood that your father belonged to her. They allowed me to share in their love and intimacy. That was something that just made me love them both all the more. I would never think of intruding on the relationship you have with your dad. If you don’t want me to be part of what the two of you share, then I will respect that. But I’m bahis siteleri still going to help you in anyway I can, or you want, when it comes to helping you with your pregnancy and delivery.”

Emily sat quietly for a few seconds. “Mom had told me so much about her and dad, but she never even hinted about the three of you together. I’m guessing she was either waiting for the right time, or she was trying to protect you.”

Lena smiled. “Knowing your mother it was probably a little of both. We both were very tenacious about protecting the other when it came to our sexual appetites.”

“Well I’m open to trying.” Emily looked over at her dad. “Would that make you happy dad?”

“You make me happy Em. But more to your question. The times I had with your mother and Lena were some of the most enjoyable times any of us had.” He looked at Lena. “Would you agree?”

“Oh yeah! You have no idea how many times I thought about moving closer to you two just so we could spend more time together. I just didn’t want to ruin what we had.”

“Why didn’t you tell me you had thought about moving closer?” John asked almost irritated. “There’s no way any of us would have allowed that to ruin what we had.”

Lena was almost ignoring John now as she stared at Emily. “You remind me so much of your mother, baby! Damn I loved that woman!” She turned Emily’s head to face her, and then kissed her tenderly on the lips, lingering to see how Emily would respond. After several seconds both mouths opened, as each knew what the other wanted and was more than willing to satisfy that desire. Their tongues began to dance together as Lena’s hand slid down Emily’s throat and then cupped one of her dripping tits. Lena squeezed it firmly, kneading it like a huge lump of dough. Her efforts produced the results she was hoping for.

Emily let out a guttural groan into Lena’s mouth as she leaned her chest into her hand. Lena continued to massage her tits as their kiss became more intense and passionate. Within minutes Lena’s hand and Emily’s tits and belly glistened as they were covered in her milk.

Lena broke the kiss long enough to ask Emily a question. The two stared at each other, their eyes glazed over from the lust each had for the other at that moment. “Have you ever been made love to by a woman baby?”

There was a huskiness to Emily’s voice when she responded. “No! I’ve always wondered what that was like. Mom and I had talked about it. But we never did it. I’ve always wondered what she was waiting for.”

Lena stood up and pulled Emily off the couch to stand with her. “I don’t know what she was waiting for baby. But what I do know is I’m going to take you now. It’s been awhile since I played with another woman. I miss the taste of a sweet pussy. Now why don’t you get rid of the rest of your clothes.” She looked down at John. “You mind if we use the couch for a bit?”

John was already getting up to move when Lena asked. “Hell no!” John laughed. “I’ll never stand in the way of a woman and her cravings.” John sat down in a chair adjacent to the couch, looking forward to the show he was about to be given.

Lena directed Emily to lay down on the couch with one leg propped up, laying against the back of the couch, and the other leg hanging over on the floor. Lena knelt on the floor between her legs and began to gently caress Emily’s tits and stomach, slowly working her way down to inner thighs and soaked pussy. Emily gasped in pleasure as Lena hit several areas she was especially sensitive in. Then Lena’s fingers grazed over the lips of her pussy causing Emily to moan with pleasure. “Does that feel good baby?”

Emily moaned. “YES! Feels so good!” She gasped again when Lena’s finger began to play with her swollen clit. Her body arched up off the couch as her hands clenched in fists. “OH YES! YES! MAKE ME CUM!” She was almost begging.

John interrupted. “Emily! Look at me!” Emily turned looked at her dad, the need on her face evident to both John and Lena. “You don’t cum unless I give you permission. Understood?”

“But daddy!” She pled with her dad.

“Enough!” John said sternly. “You belong to me! Not your aunt. I’ll tell you when you are allowed to cum. Understood?”

Emily knew she was going to be the pawn both of them enjoyed. “Yes sir!”

John looked at Lena with a smile. “Now why don’t you drive our little slut insane with need? I want to hear her begging for release.”

Lena returned John’s smile. “Oh I have missed the way you like to play. There are so many vanilla guys out there who don’t know how to push a woman’s body for his enjoyment.”

“Stick around and I’ll have you begging.”

“Promise?” Lena asked smiling.

John just nodded his head. “Now take care of our little slut.”

Lena dropped her head between Emily’s legs and breathed in her musky scent. She loved eating pussy as much as she loved sucking cock. Then she licked the length of her slit with the tip of her tongue. Emily gasped, and her body writhed, as the bahis şirketleri sensations rolled over her.

Emily’s head rolled over to look at her daddy. The need on her face evident. “Oh please daddy! May I cum?”

John just shook his head. “No baby. We’re just getting started.”

Lena sucked her clit into her mouth and bathed it with her tongue and teeth. Emily’s body arched off the couch as she wailed with need. “OH PLEASE DADDY! PLEASE! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!”

“No you’re not!” John said calmly. He motioned for Lena to back off. “Give our little slut a few minutes to recover.” Lena did as she was told, her mouth and chin covered in Emily’s juices. “Now crawl over here. It’s time to get reacquainted.”

Lena purred like a cat as she crawled across the few feet that separated them. Kneeling between John’s legs she grabbed for his belt and pants, unbuckling then and pulling them down to his ankles. Knowing exactly what was expected of her, she took his swollen cock in her right hand and cupped his nut sack in her left. “Oh how I’ve missed this beautiful piece of meat.” She licked the length of his shaft several times before taking the head in her mouth and slowly filling her mouth with his manhood. John instinctively reached for her head and held her in place when she had as much in her mouth as she could take. John heard her snorting through her nose as she tried to breath with a mouthful of cock.

John’s hands fisted her hair, holding her tightly, her mouth full of his meat. “Damn that feels good!” He slowly pulled her head off his cock and then shoved it back down again. He began a slow fucking of her mouth. Lena moaned with satisfaction knowing John was enjoying her oral skills. He pushed her head down and held her in place till she began to gag. He then pulled her off his cock. “Crawl back over to our little slut and work your skills on her again till I tell you to stop.”

Lena gave him a devilish grin before crawling back to Emily. Emily looked down her body as Lena spread her legs again, draped one of them over her shoulder, then planted her mouth on Emily’s pussy. Emily’s body arched up off the couch again as Lena’s tongue danced lightly over her clit. Lena’s mouth feasted on Emily’s clit and pussy lips as she slowly shoved her middle finger into her gushing slit. Emily almost screamed with delight when Lena found her g-spot and began tease it. Lena worked her pussy and clit for several minutes before Emily begged to cum. “Oh daddy! Please may I cum? This feels so good! Please daddy!”

“No! Lena, get back over here. Our little slut doesn’t need it bad enough yet!”

Lena crawled back to John’s chair. “Suck on my balls for a while. I always liked the way you took care of my balls.” Lena’s head cocked back as she kissed and sucked on his nut sack. She liked watching the faces of the men she went down on. It brought her great satisfaction knowing she was driving them insane with pleasure. It also gave her a sense of control, knowing she had a degree of control over the man she was pleasuring.

John let her bathe his balls with her mouth for quite a while before pulling her head off, shoving his cock into it once again. He commenced fucking her mouth again till her felt himself on the verge of cumming. He pulled her off. “Go finish off our little slut.”

Lena did as she was told. But this time she attacked Emily’s pussy with greater intensity. Sucking her clit into her mouth, nibbling on it lightly with her teeth as she flicked it with the tip of her tongue. Emily was begging to cum within a few minutes. “Please daddy! Please let me cum!”

“Who do you belong to baby?”

“You daddy! I belong to you!” She moaned waiting for permission to cum. “Ooohhh daddy! I love being your slut!”

“Finish her off!” John said to Lena.

Lena sucked her clit into her mouth, making sure her sensitive flesh raked over her teeth. Emily’s body bucked up off the couch as her climax took control of her body. A mixture of pain and pleasure washed over her as her clit throbbed so badly it hurt. Lena kept her mouth locked on Emily’s pussy, licking and sucking, her arms locked around Emily’s thighs.

John watched smiling with great satisfaction as his baby girl’s body responded to Lena’s oral skills. He decided he was going to get Lena to move up to their location as he watched her devour Emily’s pussy. ‘How did I not get her to move up here years ago?’ he thought to himself. Emily wailed and grunted as her body continued to spasm and shudder. John pulled the rest of his clothes off, walked over and grabbed Lena by her hair, pulling her off Emily’s pussy. Lena’s face glistened with Emily’s juices smeared all over it. “Help our little slut upstairs to the bedroom.” John walked upstairs with his two ladies following him.

The three walked into the master bedroom. John looked at Emily. “Get on the bed. On your back.” Emily complied, still in a sexual haze from her intense orgasm. John directed Lena. “Climb up there and straddle her face.” Lena giggled as she climbed on the bed, knowing this used to be one of John’s favorite things to do with her and Laura. She straddled Emily’s face and lowered herself until her pussy was almost smothering Emily.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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