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The Club

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*my first story, I no its not perfect but I’ll learn and improve :)*

I sat at the bar sipping my drink. I was new to the area and had never been to this club before. The music was loud as I looked around the dance floor. There were couples everywhere, jumping around and waving their arms.

Then, through the bodies on the dance floor, I saw you.

The music seemed to have taken over your body as you shook your sexy body to the music. I stared at you, hypnotised by you and your every move. Your eyes were closed as you dance, feeling the rhythm of the music pass through you. After a few songs I realised I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. You were wearing a short denim skirt and a white top from what I could see. Your gorgeous body had me in a daze. Your eyes opened, and I presumed you were looking for your boyfriend but our eyes met as I stared into your big blue eyes and I felt a jolt of electricity run through me and an urge within me got stronger.

A popular song came on and everyone started to fill the dance floor, so I knew that this was now my chance. I drank up and headed to the dance floor. I looked frantically around but there were too many people – but then I felt a hand wrap around my body and rest on my chest.

The hand started to move lower till it rested on the top of my jeans. I turned around and our eyes met, I wished it was your hand and now I smiled as our eyes met. I leaned forward to talk. I didn’t know what I was going to say but was happy when you put canlı bahis your finger over my mouth and stopped me, then started to dance with me. You turned your back and started to grind your ass against the growing bulge in my jeans… god it felt good! I wanted you so bad and the hardening in my jeans was telling you that! You turned back around and kissed me, our tongues entwining and circling in each other’s mouth while your hand was rubbing the outline of my hard cock through my jeans, you whisper in my ear that you think you should take care of what you started, all I could manage was to nod my head, still awestruck that the sexiest girl in the club was kissing me, and god I wanted you so badly….

You grabbed my hand and led me outside. I watched as your ass swayed in front of me as my rock hard dick strained against my jeans.

My house was just around the corner so I suggested we go there. Once inside the door I knew I wanted you and pushed you against the wall and kissed you deep. I broke the kiss and kissed your neck, then whispered how hot you look and how I bet you taste so good. My hand slipped up your skirt and started to rub you. “You’re so wet,” I whispered. I dropped to my knees in front of you and quickly removed your skirt. I planted soft kisses on the insides of your thighs as I got higher and closer to my goal. I reached your hot….wet centre as my tongue connected with the fabric of your underwear and I started licking your pussy through them. You moaned softly as my tongue bahis siteleri pressed harder against you. I slowed down and moved slightly lower, kissing the inside of your thighs. You moaned in disapproval but smiled as you saw me then start to slide down your underwear; once removed I wasted no time in setting about my job to make you cum…

My tongue licked your pussy up and down, slowly at first, savouring the taste before starting to speed up and get faster and harder. You moaned louder, enjoying the sensations of my tongue inside you. I inserted a finger slowly inside you, then another as I carried on licking your pussy while thrusting my fingers inside you, slowly then faster and faster, getting harder and harder as you started to moan as your first orgasm hit you, as I swallowed your juices. Once you calmed down I stood back up and kissed you full on the lips, and you could taste yourself on my lips.

In my rush to pleasure you I hadn’t realised that the door wasn’t shut and as I looked around I saw the door wide open and thought I saw a dark figure walk away from the street lamp. Were they watching, did he or she enjoy watching me lick you? The thoughts were only adding to the strain in my jeans, an urge that needed attention!

You led me to the lounge and pushed me down in a seat as you started a strip tease for me, first went your top, then your little skirt as you stood before me in your underwear looking really sexy. I studied your body, feeling so lucky to be here with you. bahis şirketleri Our eyes met as I stared deep into your lust filled eyes. You then unbuttoned my shirt and removed it, you asked me to stand up and we kissed once more. Your hands homed in on my jeans as you started to undo them. I stepped out of my jeans and watched as you removed your bra, releasing your gorgeous boobs. I leaned forward to take one in my mouth but you stopped me and said it’s my turn to enjoy as you started to take off my boxer shorts and smiled as you released my rock hard cock.

You pushed me back in the seat and started to take my dick in your mouth, kissing and sucking. My eyes closed, as the feeling of your mouth around my me was amazing; I wasn’t sure how much more of this I could take as you took my dick in your hand and started pumping up and down. It felt so good to have your hand wrapped around me but I couldn’t take much more and told you that I wanted to fuck you.

You stopped, stood up, removed the last piece of underwear and straddled me, slowly lowering your wet pussy onto my cock. Once I was inside you, you started to bounce up and down on me, riding me, enjoying my dick filling you up, in and out. You started to speed up, getting harder, faster, and harder and faster. You started moaning loudly, telling me you were cumming as your body shook with pleasure. I could take no more and erupted inside your shaking body as you collapsed into my arms.

You drifted off to sleep, so I carried you up to bed and fell asleep with you in my arms.

I awoke in the morning and turned over to see you, but you weren’t there.

Confused, I got out of bed and walked downstairs. Was it real, were you real, was it a dream?

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