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The Dinner

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Sheri stood at the doorway to the classroom at the end of the day, saying good bye to the little kids of her class as they were being collected by the moms and in some cases the dads. She smiled at all the women as they asked their kids how their day was, and oohed and aahed at all the little things they had made out of macaroni and powder paint, or paper plates and masking tape…

‘Those will be in the bin in minutes once they get home, I bet” Sheri said, to no-one in particular.

“They certainly are in my house,” a deep and heavenly voice rumbled at her elbow.

Sheri leapt with fright, her hand flying to her throat! “Oh my God! I’m so sorry! What you must think of me!” She said, turning around to see who it was. Standing right next to her was the father, a newly single dad, mind you, of Andrew, her little sweetheart child… he was a totally amazing little boy, smiled for anything and everything, was always cheerful and happy, or he had been up until about 6 weeks ago. And that was when his father Greg, had come to tell him the sad news that he and his sons mother were splitting and in fact she had moved out the night before to her new boyfriend’s house.

She wondered why he had stayed behind when Andrew stepped out and handed her a piece of paper.

In a shaky young handwriting it said, “Please, miss, could you come and have supper with me and my daddy. Tonight?”

Her heart was instantly full of compassion and even more love for the little lad.

She looked down at him with his big blue green eyes and his little lost smile, “Of course I would like to come and have supper with you and your daddy tonight.” She replied.

Standing back up she could see the smile on Andrew’s little face re-emerge, like the sun coming out after a thunderstorm. He was positively beaming.

Greg spoke again for the first time since he had scared her so, and said, “Would you mind very much? He hasn’t been the same since his M-O-M found alternate accommodation.”

Sheri looked Greg over in as unobtrusive a manner as she possibly could, her interest piqued by the incredible voice. Her mind was racing, how do I tell this man that I am actually married, but that I really do want to have dinner, if only to hear that voice that has my whole body trembling every time her says anything.

Sheri and Alan, her husband, lived near the beach, had been now for some years and they had a very open view on marriage and life in general. They knew that they were married and kept to the marriage mostly and on occasion they did extend their circle, with the consent of the other to include other couples and individuals if they came along.

Sheri felt a light fluttering in her tummy as she saw the light in Andrew and Greg’s eyes, each one different, but excitement united them all. She thought about calling Alan, ‘but’ she thought, ‘I can do that later when I’m alone.’

Sheri looked Greg in the eye, “Of course, I’d love to! When and where is this event? Would you mind if I give you my final answer tomorrow?”

Greg seemed to be blushing, but he spoke and there was no evidence of embarrassment or fear in it, “of course not, Miss Wilson, we would love to have your company tomorrow night, Friday night, at 7:30 at our house…at 69 Macrory Road. Just around the corner from the Supermarket on Main Street.”

“Oh, I know that area well, I live just a block or two away… I’ll confirm with you tomorrow.” Sheri was getting excited. Maybe she could invite Greg around to their house for one of their group Jacuzzi parties later in the month…

So she had a date with a really hot dad for tomorrow night. She couldn’t wait to get home to tell Alan…. She busied herself around tidying up and closing up her classroom, then drove home. Parked in the driveway and went around to the patio area on the beach side of the cottage.

Alan was outside in the sun, it was still only 3 o’clock in the afternoon, and the later afternoon autumn sun was still warm enough to be out in the sun, naked. Alan looked so fine! She silently approached on the deck board, her bare feet soundless on the wooden deck. Without any notice she reached out and took hold of his cock in her hand and started stroking it and then leaned down and started sucking it, making Alan open his eyes and also start to get more aroused and grow a little.

“Baby! You’re home!” and as if this was normal, and it generally was, as he slipped his hand under her ass and slid it between her legs seeking the juicy, luscious pussy that lay between them. The place he loved to lie, sucking and nuzzling as often as he could…

Alan teased and nipped at her clit and she was instantly very wet, as if the wetness from the thoughts on the way home in the car were not enough.

Alan lay back on the lounger where he had been lying before Sheri got home, his cock standing up proud and stiff now. Sheri stood up, swinging her leg over and straddling him, and sat down on his legs, still playing with güvenilir bahis his now hard cock. She sucked again on the hood, stroking again up and down on the shaft with both hands. Then she raised herself up and as she did not have any panties on, she’d gone to work without in the morning, she rubbed the head of Alan’s cock in her pussy to get some of her juices smeared on him, then teased him some more by holding his cock at the entrance to her pussy, then lowering herself a little onto him. She pulled herself off again, looking at his face and the surprise or disappointment was evident, and she smiled before lowering herself all the way down that she could, thrusting his big gorgeous cock deep inside her as she did.

Her orgasm was unexpected and very quick, as she had been fingering herself all the way home… after hearing that deep bass voice of Greg before she left work, and then thinking of the excitement of the dinner tomorrow night… ‘I have to tell Alan, as soon as we are finished here, so that I am not caught doing something I shouldn’t.’ she thought.

Alan took a little longer and Sheri smiled as she knew that this was now giving him pleasure, this was for her man, the love of her life, so she began to help him, letting him thrust himself deep inside her, Sheri leaned down to his ear and said, “You like fucking me out here, don’t you? You like shoving that enormous cock of yours into me and shooting your cum inside me…!!”

This was a huge encouragement for Alan, and she could feel his cock swell up and pulse as he started to cum more than he had in a very long time, and it caused her to suddenly feel like she, oh wait she was, “Oh God, Alan, I’m cumming again, what have you… Oh GOD! God, God.. I’m cummmmmming!!” Sheri’s body shook with her second orgasm as Alan blew his load into her.

They collapsed together on top of the longer, holding each other, Sheri kissing Alan with little peck kisses on his cheek and neck.

“I love you, baby, so very, very much. You know that, don’t you?” she asked

“Yes, my angel, I do. But why do you say that now…?” Alan asked, gently.

“I was approached by a very nice father of one of my kids today, with his little boy, you know him, the little guy. He’s the little guy from the school picnic at that spent the day on your lap.”

“Oh, that little guy, his mother passed away about 6 months to a year ago?”

Yeah that little guy. His father fetched him from school today, and the two of them came to me and asked me to go to supper tomorrow night. I really liked the father, I think he could become a regular part of our circle of friends. I was going to go have supper with them, and then see how he does. You don’t mind do you?”

“Erm, let me think… We didn’t have any other prior arrangements, so no, I don’t mind at all.” Alan leaned over and gently and lovingly kissed Sheri. “You go and have fun with them tomorrow. The little guy’s obviously missing his mom.”

Sheri smiled and hugged Alan closely, and also kissed him again passionately. She was now free to go to dinner the next night. And she smiled in anticipation.

The next morning at the school, she looked out for Andrew and possibly even Greg. She was at school a little earlier than she usually was, and stood in a place that she could easily see when the parents dropped the little ones off for school. Greg pulled in to the grounds and parked and walked Andrew to the door. Something most fathers didn’t do, most choosing to stop, drop and roll out the parking area instead. And a nasty habit of some parents, in Sheri’s opinion.

Greg approached the door, unaware that Sheri was waiting for them, and she was watching. Sheri felt a twinge of excitement as she stood there watching him approach.

“Hello, Andrew!” Sheri said as she stepped through the door.

Andrew was happy to see her, his face lit up and she hugged him awkwardly around his school bag on his back. “You go on into class, my boy. I need to speak to your daddy for just a moment. I’ll see you in class later, OK?”

Andrew waved goodbye to his dad, and he walked happily off on his own to his classroom.

Sheri turned to Greg, smiling as she did. “Good Morning, Mr Pieterson, how are you this morning?”

“Greg, please… Mr Pieterson sounds so formal. I am very well, thank you.”

“Ok, Greg, I will be happy to join you and Andrew for dinner tonight, and I even took a drive past your home this morning just to make sure that I know exactly where it is that you live. NOT stalking you… ha ha… Just checking. So I will see you both tonight then…”

“Fabulous news,” said Greg. “Andrew will be very happy to hear that.”

“I guessed as much, so I thought that it best that he hears it after school or he won’t be able to concentrate in class all day. We can’t have that now, can we?”

Gregs laughter was as infectious as his great deep voice and Sheri found her legs a little weak and wobbly. ‘Steady now, Sheri girl, türkçe bahis he doesn’t know what I have planned for him yet….’ She thought.

The school day and the afternoon program flew by, rather unusually for Sheri. She had expected it to drag by with her anticipation levels so high, but she was just so busy that before she knew it the day was over and she was heading home to get ready for dinner with the Pietersons.

She dressed in a tight fitting spandex t-shirt top with spaghetti straps, and no bra, the material doing the support job of the bra. Her skirt was short but not that short that you could see anything obvious. Sheri decided that she would wear a teeny g-string as a chance had it that it would be destroyed in the heat of the evening and it was easily replaced. She had a wrap with her that she had wrapped around her shoulders not for the cold this early in the evening, but would come in handy later on in the evening when the temperature surely would drop. And it had the double duty of covering the outfit and making her look less “slutty” should she have to get out of the car before arriving at the Pietersons house.

She pulled up outside the house, parking in the driveway, exiting the car and walking up to the front door up a few steps onto a grassed patio area with a braai area built into the far wall. She went up the door, and almost before she could knock, it flew open and Andrew came rushing out with the smell of dinner and threw himself into her legs, hugging her tightly, “HELLO, MISS WILSON!!” he nearly shouted out in his excitement.

“Hello Andrew. How are you?” Of course she knew the answer, not much time since she’d last seen her star pupil.

Greg appeared in the doorway and she could see from the look on his face that she had done the right thing by dressing this way, and he clearly approved. Was that a growing bulge in his shorts? Greg was a little awkward now and busied himself as he welcomed her into their home, he poured her a drink, and took her wrap and offered her a snack, and all the while Andrew was buzzing around showing her his toys and his pet lizard, if he could find it in the house, it had escaped him three days ago, and his room, and his dad’s room, where his mom used to sleep next to his dad, but she died and went to some other place that dad couldn’t tell him where, and he missed her and then he took her to the back of the house where they had a big tree with a swing in it and Andrew never seemed to stop.

Soon Greg reappeared and said, “Andrew, it’s time for dinner, my boy. Go wash your hands, please. Miss Wilson, would you like to come and sit in the dining room?”

“Oh, please call me Sheri. Thank you, I’d love that.”

Greg blushed slightly, and Sheri walked through the house behind him as he led the way to the dining room, all the while looking around and noticing the lack of attention to detail that having no woman since his wife’s death had had on the home. He had tried to tidy up a lot before she had arrived, that much was evident, but she smiled as she noticed his efforts.

Her gaze fell on his ass as he walked and the way he walked suddenly became very sexy. She felt a little surge in her body as she watched Greg this way. He showed her to her seat and then seated himself across from her, Andrew followed in and sat down between the two of them, at the head of the table. Sheri liked this as she could then ‘work’ on Greg better, and try and seduce him, ‘as if he didn’t want that anyway, right?’ she thought.

Greg opened up the covered bowls on the table to reveal a wonderful array of foods and they all began to help themselves, Greg dishing up for Andrew, and the conversation that seemed to have faltered was easy once the compliments for the meal began and then other subjects flowed, like what do you like, I like… Do you?… and so on.

The evening flowed nicely once the initial awkwardness had been overcome and they both relaxed, and Andrew seemed to be getting sleepy. Greg got up and excused himself, “Just going to put the little man to bed, Sheri.”

“Night, night, Andrew,” she cooed

“Night, Miss Wilson.” Andrew mumbled. And he stumbled along beside Greg as he went off to bed. Greg was out of the room for about twenty minutes as he said goodnight to his son. When he walked back in Sheri had made herself comfortable at the dinner table by taking her shoes off, and sitting on one foot on her chair and eating slowly from the leftovers on her plate with a fork.

Greg walked back into the dining area to a beautiful picture of Sheri dangling her leg and the skirt had ridden up to reveal a long and slender leg that was beautifully tanned and toned. He felt his cock begin to grow slightly. She had an amazing effect on him, and he had been looking at her for a few weeks at school, making excuses to stay a little longer when he dropped Andrew just so that he can see her.

Now that she was in his house it was almost too good to be true. As Greg Walked into güvenilir bahis siteleri the dining room, Sheri, noticing that he was looking at her legs, shifted her position and dropped her foot to the floor. As she did so she spread her legs a little and allowed Greg to see a little higher… and also that she had no g-string on either.

Greg sat down on the same side of the table as Sheri now, not going back to his side. Saying nothing, he leaned forward on his chair slightly, and breathed in deeply, his eyes closed. Sheri sensed what he was doing and also leaned ever so imperceptibly closer. When Greg opened his eyes, she was within very close proximity and easily kissable.

“I have seen how you have been looking at me at school, Greg.” Sheri said, softly.

“You have?” Greg was blushing.

“Yes, and I am flattered.”

“Oh dear, I hope that is not something that is going to get me into trouble.”

“You are in trouble, mister.”

“Oh no!”

“Big trouble, and I am really going to have to do something about it.”

All of this was done in virtual whispers, just spoken softly and quietly from six inches away. And all the time they were getting closer. Until Greg finally moved a little faster and touched his lips to Sheri’s, kissing her softly, touching off that spark that the evening had been waiting for.

Sheri slipped her hand across Greg’s thigh, sliding up his trouser leg, and finding his cock making a massive bulk under his belt. She plucked and pulled at it, opening the belt and then working the trouser buttons loose. The zip soon was open as well, and her hand could explore for that big cock. She found it and helped it free, and she started to stroke and rub it u and down the length, causing Greg to moan slightly in pleasure.

Sheri slipped off her chair, kneeling in front of Greg and swallowing his purple head into her mouth, working her tongue over the crown. Her hands and tongue started to work up and down over the lovely large length of his cock making him twist and moan as he enjoyed it, leaning back and watching her work, as she looked up at him, her eyes watching him.

His hands held her head lightly, and she worked him skilfully and sensed when he was starting to build and was getting close. She stopped, standing up. So far they were both virtually fully clothed. Sheri leaned forward and kissed Greg gain as she turned around and sat down on his lap, taking his hands and placing them on her body, one on her thigh, the other on her stomach, and guiding him to what she wanted, she had him feeling her one tit, teasing the nipple through the cloth of the thin top she was wearing, the other working its way up her leg under her skirt.

She left him to work and began to do some exploring f her own, putting her hands into her skirt from the top, and working the stretch fabric up and giving Greg a glimpse of the pleasure awaiting him though dimly as it was still fairly dimly lit in the dining room.

Greg lifted Sheri up, picked her up and walked with her through to the lounge area and to the large daybed section of the couch. He helped her out of her skirt, and noted the lack of underwear, and then turned his attention to her top, finding her hidden clasps soon freed the top from the restraints and it too joined the skirt on the floor. Sheri was now naked.

Greg admired her amazing body and slowly started to remove his shirt, as Sheri sat up and swiftly removed his trousers and his boxers and took his impressive cock into her hand again. Greg finished removing his shirt, then stood again watching Sheri sucking his cock with fervour.

He pulled it away from her, pushing her down onto the daybed, while kneeling on the floor in front of her, leaning into her and spreading her legs as he did, leaning further in and putting his nose into the valley between her legs. He inhaled her scent deeply and lifted his head, running his nose through the slit of her pussy, over her clit and making her squirm. ‘Damn, he’s good’ Sheri thought, as stars burst in her head.

“Greg, that is fantastic,” Sheri said, “Don’t stop! Don’t stop, big boy…”

Greg flicked his tongue out like a snake sensing his prey. It flickered and swayed over her pussy, making Sheri twitch and her pussy to show its appreciation by starting to leak beautiful juices that Greg licked up eagerly. He firmed up his tongue and fluttered it on her clit and Sheri began to cum, she had been so close since before the dessert, and then had had her hand in her pants while Greg had put Andrew to bed.

Now she had his cock in her sights and his mouth on her pussy and she was cumming like a fountain, ALL because of his mouth, his wonderful mouth. And his magic tongue.

Greg got up from his kneeling position on the floor, and as Sheri was already spread out and open to him, he slid his large cock through the juices produced by his mouth making her cum, and greased his pole for action, then slipped it into her. Sheri Suddenly became aware of his intentions and raising her head, smiled at Greg over her titties and began kneading them and making the nipples stand up and point. She smiled again at Greg encouraging him to shove his way into her with his cock.

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