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The Erotic Tales of Chris and Bettie Pt. 07

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A Rare Day Part

Bettie woke to the sensation of Chris’ hands gently traveling all over her naked body. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmm….” she groaned lightly. “Good Morning!”

“Good afternoon, actually.” Chris said.

“What time is it?!?” she asked, startled.

“Half past twelve.” he answered.

“How long was I asleep?” she inquired.

“A little over an hour. I caught a nap, too.” he said with a grin.

She glanced up at him, with a look of amazement in her eyes, “That’s never happened before.”

“What’s never happened before?” he asked, puzzled.

“I’ve never fallen right to sleep like that,” she replied. “You’re good!”

“Really?” he responded, beaming with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Bettie cuddled up next to his warm body. He, too, was still nude. Her hand began slowly traveling up and down his body as Chris continued to caress her bare skin. She leaned in close to him, her lips brushing his. Her lips parted and she gently traced the outline of his lips with her tongue. Chris parted his lips, extending his tongue towards hers. The tips of their tongues touched and they both felt shivers of excitement course through their bodies like a surge of electricity. They grabbed hold of each other fiercly, mashing their lips together as their tongues swirled together, invading each other’s mouths. Bettie felt her nipples harden, becoming hard points poking into Chris’s chest. Her pussy was beginning to moisten, and she could feel the dew beginning to slowly drip down the inside of her legs. Chris’ canlı bahis şirketleri cock began to engorge with blood. It grew slowly erect against his stomach as Bettie’s fingers gently encircled it. She slowly stroked it as it reached its full length.

Bettie broke their kiss and rose to a sitting position, still holding his penis tenderly in her tiny hand. “Come with me,” she said, gently tugging him by his organ as she rose. Chris followed her as she led him by his tool into the living room.

“Lie down,” she commanded. Chris recognized her tone of voice and complied immediately. She reached into her tote bag and pulled out a long strip of cloth. “Close your eyes.”

Chris did as instructed as he felt her position the cloth as a blindfold around his head. She tied it firmly in place and said, “Arms above your head.”

He obeyed, and felt another strip of cloth being tied around his wrists, securing his hands above his head. Chris strained his ears as he heard her moving above him, attempting to determine what was in store for him next. He sensed her standing over him, one leg on either side of his body. Then he felt her weight upon his chest as she sat. He felt her nails dragging along his skin, up his sides, back down his arms. He felt her hot breath on his cock and realized that she was facing away from him. She repositioned herself as she gently took the head of his cock between her lips. He felt her tongue swirling around the glans as her fingernails gently scraped up the inside of his thighs canlı kaçak iddaa and the underside of his balls. He groaned in pleasure as her head bobbed down further, taking almost half his length inside her wet and willing mouth.

He felt Bettie scoot back as she positioned herself more comfortably to please him with her mouth. Chris raised his head, sensing her crotch directly in front of his nose. He extended his tongue and was rewarded by the sweet taste of her dripping vagina. She groaned loudly as he tongue began to travel up and down the length of her moist slit. Taking her mouth from his cock, she whispered back hoarsely at him, “You fucker!”

Chris continued to drive his tongue in as deep as he could reach, lapping up and down vigorously. Bettie alternated between sucking on the head of his cock and tonguing his balls between gasps of pleasure. He could feel the shivers coursing through her body, her legs beginning to shake as she tried to remain focused on her oral ministrations to his organ. Bettie suddenly cried out and rose to her knees. Chris felt her move down his body, repositioning herself above his hips. She grasped his cock, positioning it at her soaking entrance, then suddenly dropped her weight onto him, impaling herself on his penis. She sat still for a few long moments afterwards as they both relished the sensations of their union. She raised herself off his cock, and hovered above him for a moment.

Bettie slowly raised and lowered herself on his thick cock. All Chris could do was canlı kaçak bahis lie back and enjoy the sensations coursing through his body. He could feel how tight her vagina still was despite their earlier encounter in his bedroom. He slid in and out of her with ease, her sex drenched with moisture. The walls of her pussy were like silk as she rode him. Bettie was gasping in pleasure, marveling at the sensations of being so filled with cock. She felt the tingles of a series of orgasms emanating from her crotch throughout her entire body. Her skin was covered in goose flesh and she felt all her hair rising up on its ends as a huge orgasm approached. She began grinding her hips downwards, pressing her clit against the hairy, wrinkled sack of Chris’ scrotum. “Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!” she exclaimed, as the waves of pleasure overtook her.

Chris felt her weight collapse on top of him as the intense orgasm shook through her body, her body quivering. Bettie stayed atop him for some time as the feelings subsided. The trembling of her body slowed as she gradually caught her breath. She finally rose, his cock slipping from her with a soft “pop”. She reached down, gently stroking her hand up and down its length. “I’m sorry, you didn’t cum!” she said apologetically.

“That’s quite alright!” he said, “I’m still pretty drained from earlier.”

“Oh shit,” Bettie said, “Look at the time! I’m going to be late to this afternoons meeting!”

Chris heard Bettie scramble around, gathering her belongings and dressing herself. “I’ll call you later, okay?” she said as she made her way to the door.

“Bettie?” Chris asked. He heard her pause. “Um… are you going to untie me?”

Chris could picture the evil grin on her face as she opened the door to leave, chuckling slyly.

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