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The Fantasy Palace Ch. 02

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Chapter 2

“Hello, Mr. X. My name is Tracy. It is a pleasure to finally meet you. If you would please follow me, I will escort you to your room for the evening.”

“Hi Tracy, nice to meet you too. Lead the way.”

As I enter the house, I notice that the interior has been remodeled. From the outside you’d think it was a typical house, but inside it resembles a hotel with well-lit hallways and doors spaced out on both sides. I wonder if I am going to find out what each room has to offer.

I figure Tracy is part of the administrative team. She is beautiful, of course, but the way she presents herself and leads me through the house makes me feel that she is more of an organizer than a participant. She has on jeans and a tight black t-shirt that is cut half way down her chest, a typical look of a bartender. All she needs is a name tag and a towel hanging out of her belt to complete the ensemble.

Still, I would jump at the chance to have this mature beauty all to myself. She has dark brown hair down to her shoulders, brown eyes, B to C cup breasts, and a good handful of an ass. I stare at her ass on the short walk to the room. She opens the door and we both walk in. She shuts the door as I move into the room.

“Mr. X, in addition to being your escort I am also your masseuse. Why don’t you take a quick shower, to refresh yourself from the car ride, and I’ll get set up for your massage out here.”

“My overnight bag is in my car that is still parked outside the bar. I can go shower but I have nothing clean to change into ” I said.

“No worries. We will find you some clothes. For now just worry about enjoying your shower and massage.” Tracy responded.

“Ok. So, you won’t mind seeing me in the nude?” I said in a flirty tone. I was being more forward than I normally would but by this time I figured I’d be fucking every person I encountered.

“I don’t mind at all. Being a masseuse for 20 years I have seen everything there is to be shown. It really doesn’t faze me.” Tracy bluntly said while starting to get things set up.

Her answer makes me wonder if she is simply just a masseuse and nothing more. A little disappointed but still looking forward to a nice massage by a beautiful lady, I head into the bathroom to take my shower.

Similar to the rest of the house the bathroom is newly renovated with all the latest styles and features. I strip down and get into the shower. It has very nice, newly updated tiles, a ceiling length raindrop shower head, four body sprayers on each side, and several different bottles of soaps, lotions, and shampoo along the back wall.

I kick the water on, to a hot temperature to allow for the shower to fill with steam. As I let the water warm up I look over the various bottles. A few body washes, some face cleaners, tea tree shampoo, and baby oil, all typical options you expect to find at a spa. I make a selection, almost at random, and wash away the remains of the car ride session.

However, there are a few more sensual items in the shower as well; a few lubes with different flavors, a few discrete toys, astro glide, and a few unmarked bottles. This being a night of exploration I pop open the unmarked bottle and apply it to my skin.

The ingredients in the lotion work their magic. It starts slow, but builds up more and more as I continue to rub it in. My skin feels like it is inhaling along with every breath I take. I step out of the water to prevent the lotion from washing away too quickly as I lather myself up.

I squeeze more of the lotion onto my hands and apply it directly to my nipples, amazed by the heightened sensitivity. I rub the lotion around them, causing them to grow hard and be more sensitive than ever. My nipples aren’t the only thing growing hard. The sensation grows stronger and stronger as my breathing becomes faster and faster.

Once the intensity levels off from applying the lotion on my nipples I am ready to spread the lotion all over my cock. I skip my hands and hold the bottle over my chest. I let a huge gob of lotion fall onto my chest and I watch in great anticipation as it flows down my stomach smothering my cock in its natural flow. My cock is already hard but the lotion makes it feel like it is resting inside someone’s warm body. Once the majority of the flow reaches my member, I furiously rub it all around making sure every inch of my cock and balls is fully coated.

My eyes roll back in my head. I am in pure ecstasy. On a normal night I would have spent hours masturbating in the shower with this wonder new lotion, but I know Tracy is waiting outside. Still it is hard to resist the incredible feeling.

While my right hand slides up and down my shaft, the other attends to my sack. Some of the lotion finds its way onto my lower ass and I can start feeling the sensation of it working its way down in between my cheeks.

I pause for a moment. “Is this really the best time to slip a finger into my ass?”, I thought to myself.

My pleasure filled mind wins the internal güvenilir bahis debate and I have to proceed. I add another good dollop of lotion to the fingertips of my left hand. While slowly stroking my cock with my right hand I reach around back with my left hand until I almost touch my balls. I slowly spread the lotion from the back of my balls, all the way through my butt crack, and finally spread the rest around my cheeks.

I go back to masturbating, allowing the lotion time to take effect on my ass. It doesn’t take long. As I continue to play with myself I feel my asshole warm, tingle, and relax. My whole body now feels electric. Each movement of my hands or finger tips send waves of lust through my entire body.

The only reason for not orgasming is the desire to explore my ass with the new sensation the lotion is giving me. I squat down in the shower to fully expose my asshole. While stroking my cock, I circle my asshole, I edge myself further and further. Just teasing the outside feels amazing but I need to go further. I need to go deeper.

I stop quickly for a fresh gob of lotion in each hand, then right back to my cock and hole. Ready to moan with pleasure, I am just about to slide into myself when I hear a knock at the door.

“Mr. X, I’m all set up for you out here. Are you almost done with your shower?” Tracy said from the other side of the door.

“Yes, sorry just finishing up. Be right out.” I said nearly out of breath by the time I was done.

Although I would have liked to continue, I don’t want to hold up the rest of the night either. I rinse off, hop out, and give myself a good once over with the towel drying off the water, but effects of the lotion remain. My cock, nipples, and ass are still tingling just as much as when I lathered on the lotion. The cool chill of the air against my naked body is incredible.

I let the towel drop to the floor and head out with the hope that Tracy would like what she sees. I know that earlier she led me to believe that she was just a masseuse, but I am so horny from the shower and not being able to finish motivates me to still try to seduce her.

Normally, at a massage I wouldn’t be so open in presenting my naked body, but this night is causing me to open up. I am frisky tonight and want the full range of pleasure from both giving and receiving. Even if Tracy is there just as a masseuse, I know I am going to be naked around new people tonight. Not a time to be shy, so I’d better get used to it.

I walk out of the bathroom. I stop just outside of the door until the only thing on me is Tracy’s eyes. My penis hangs still semi-erect from my shower session.

“On my back or on my stomach?” I ask Tracy.

“We’ll start with the back first, so on your stomach please.” Tracy says while patting the massage table, welcoming me to jump on. I watch her eyes, not even a slight glance down at my package.

As I turn off the bathroom lights, I notice that the room is dark except for a few candles with a sweet smelling aroma coming off of them. Very relaxing yet still very erotic. If I didn’t know any better I’d say I am at a 5 star spa resort. I climb onto the table and place my head in the opening. Tracy begins to apply the hot oil.


“Sorry is the oil too hot?”

“No sorry, it’s perfect. It just took me by surprise. It feels great.”

“Ok, I want to make sure you have a great experience. Are there any areas that you want me to focus on?”

Here is my chance to tip my hand a bit. Still thinking about whether she is just here to massage me, I figure I wouldn’t be punished for at least trying in a place like this.

“Umm yes, my lower back, upper thighs, and – groin area.”

She stops abruptly and looks me dead in the eye. The mood in the room becomes very serious.

“Groin area? Really?! I am going to pretend you didn’t say that. I understand that tonight is a new experience for you but, please, treat me as if I were a regular masseuse. Because to tell you the truth, I am. Nothing more.”

I feel horrible. She called me out on my inappropriate behavior and she was absolutely right to. Maybe she just took this job for some extra money and has to fend off every guy thinking she is just the next stop on the sex tour. I have to apologize right away.

“Tracy, I am so sorry. I had a bit too much to drink before I got in the car with Raquel and Calvin. You are right, you don’t deserve to be treated like that. I know the rules now and will respect them fully. My pants are still in the bathroom with my wallet inside. I am not sure what is included or what the price is for all of this but I will give you a nice tip because of this. It has been years since my last massage and times have been stressful, so this massage will be much appreciated.”

“I accept your apology Mr. X. Thank you for understanding. I’ll be sure to pay attention to those areas at first, continue with the rest of the body, and then return to them again towards the end. Times have been stressful for me too, so I am sorry I snapped türkçe bahis at you. You are not the first person to do this, but you are the first to apologize so thank you for that.”

“Would you like it if I covered up with a towel?”

“Mr. X that is your decision. Honestly, a lot of my clients, even the ones outside of The Palace, choose to be fully nude so I am used to it.”

“Ok, I understand.”

I grab a towel off of the small stack that is next to the table.

“However, I still feel a little embarrassed and ashamed by my assumptions towards you. So, I am doing this because this is what I would normally do if I were getting a massage.”

Tracy starts with my feet and lower legs.

“Is this alright.” She asked, still in a very professional tone.

“Mmhmm, pressure is perfect.” I respond, starting to feel that if this is just going to be a massage I should just relax and enjoy it.

There is still some tension in the room, and I really want to relieve it as much as possible, so I try some small talk.

“So Tracy, how did you come to work here at the Fantasy Palace?”

“Well, I started working in the city. Did that for about 10 years. Jumped back and forth between spas, hotels, and independent work. I somewhat enjoyed it but mostly I grew tired of the city. I started searching for clients outside of the city and massaged a few of the organizers of the Palace. I told them my desire to leave the city and they offered me a job…well, not right at first, it took about 6 months. I thought I was getting referred to different people in the area. Turns out they all worked here and were all so satisfied with my professionalism that they offered me a job.”

“Were you a little freaked out when you got the full story?”

“Yes! Oh my god, absolutely. Sounded like some sort of weird sex cult or brothel.”

“What changed your mind then?”

“Pressure good on the back?”

“Yes, 100% perfect.”

“So back to your question the thing that changed my mind was experiencing it myself.”

“You mean being an invited guest like me?”


“Wow, this place really is legit.”

“So did you embarrass yourself in front of your masseuse too?”

“Haha, no. Everyone’s experience here is completely different. For example, you came here in a car right?”

“Yes, to put it lightly, I sure did come (cum) here in a car.”

“Haha. I knew it was a good idea to have you shower. So, I walked through the front door myself, unescorted.”

“Huh, that is completely different.”

“Mmhm. It was just a regular party, as far as I was concerned. And, for about the first 4 hours that is all it was. I guess my introduction was focused on getting me comfortable, where your’s sounds like they started off with a bang.”

“Well, it was more of a blow than a bang.”

“Hahahaha, you’re funny and quick Mr. X.”

“I’m glad I could just ease the tension in the room after my stupid misjudgment earlier.”

“No worries Mr. X. It was an honest mistake.”

“Just to show you that there are no hard feelings, how about I do this?”

With one quick swipe she removes my towel leaving me completely naked.

“Fine by me. I figured I should get used to people seeing me naked tonight.”

“Haha, good plan. Well just relax now while keep working out these knotted up back muscles of yours.”

“Tracy, this feels amazing! You are wonderful! This is the best massage of my life.”

“Thank you. I aim to please. Only 10 minutes down too, 80 more to go.”

With that things quiet down.

After a good 10-15 minutes Tracy begins flirting with the border between my lower back and butt. She jumps over my ass and begins massaging my upper thighs. She works each side for a few minutes each before letting out a sort of frustrated huff.

“In a whispered voice she said, “Mr. X is it alright if I massage your butt? There are some muscles that I would like to target and I cannot get to them unless I have your permission.”

I am feeling very relaxed and pretty much almost half asleep, so I hardly notice what she said.

“Mmhm.” Is all I muttered.

Tracy begins her work going from my lower back to my ass cheeks to the back of my thighs. She starts from my waist and moves inward with each long slow motion. By the time she passes the center line of my legs I start to become more aware of what is going on.

Her massage passes are now ending with both of her hands grazing my inner thighs. On the last pass her hands are together on my lower back and as she moves down her two thumbs down over my crack and it open me up. But, she continues down and lets her fingers fall into the space between my legs. Her two pointer fingers find my sack and they slide along my shaft. Maybe, accidental or unavoidable contact, I think to myself.

“Mr. X, was the pressure good for you on that last pass.”

“Mmmmm, yes.”

“Ok, can you open your legs a little for me?”

I do as instructed. Tracy begins her next pass, spreading me open more and slows down as she gets güvenilir bahis siteleri between my legs. Her two hands fall in line with each other and each hand slowly caresses me. No accidental contact there as my dick starts to grow.

“MMMMMMMMmmmmmm.” I exhale slowly and completely with a loud hum.

Tracy puts some more oil on her hands and continues her playful passes. I don’t need to say anything and neither does Tracy, we both know this is no longer a massage and I just lay there waiting to see what Tracy has in store for me next.

With each pass my cock grows harder and my breath begins to quicken. With my erection on full, she focuses more on my ass with her passes. Her fingers flow over my asshole instead of moving around it. After a few more passes she starts pressing into it. On her last pass her front hand continues through but her back hand stops over my asshole. The front hand continues to my cock and she takes it in her hand and slides down it as her other hand starts moving in circles on my asshole.

I shudder from the sensation and surprise. She continues rubbing my hole while pulling on my dick as one of her fingers focuses on the center and presses against it but then goes back to teasing it.

“MMMMMMMM,” I let out softly, trying my hardest to show my pleasure quietly.

Tracy keeps massaging and leans into my ear.

“Is this alright?” She whispers while wiggling the fingers that are over my asshole, letting me know what she is referring to.

“Yes!” I answer softly.

She lets my cock go and brings both hands to focus on my ass. Her hands grip my ass cheeks. She spreads me open then squeezes me closed. Teasing my hole with her index fingers with each pass. All this attention to my ass reactivates the lotion from the shower. At this point I am glad I put the lotion on. Being an anal virgin I don’t think I would have gotten this much pleasure out of Tracy’s fingering without it.

She pauses for a moment and runs a single finger along my slit and pauses just above my asshole. She applies pressure but not enough to enter.

“Is this alright?”

“MMMhmm, yes Tracy please keep going.” I respond.

She shoots a line of oil directly on her finger and my asshole, and then begins a slow plunge as her delicate finger enters me for the first time. She eases in and out further and further each time, making sure I am properly lubed. I exhale with ecstasy.

“Oh, Mr. X you have a wide range of sexual preferences.” She whispers. “That is why I requested to be your masseuse. I enjoy a man who likes to explore more than just the typical sexual activities.

“MMMMMMMM oh Tracy this is by far the best massage I have ever gotten, and I am glad we are about to do much more.”

Tracy then begins to pick up the pace of her finger. She also brings her other hand back around my shaft and gives my cock some attention. Faster and with more and more force she aggressively fucks my asshole with her finger. In between thrusts she adds a second and begins pressing on my prostate.

“OHHHHH Fuck mmmmmmm.” I squeal out. Feeling completely submissive and loving every moment. This new foreplay is going to alter the type of women I am going to need in the future.

“Mr. X?”


“How badly do you want to fuck me?” Tracy says while still sliding her fingers in and out of my ass and slowly stroking my cock.

“Oh, soo bad!” I push myself up quickly, ready to hop off the table and get things started, but Tracy stops me with her hand forcefully on my back.

“Not so fast Mr. X. As you may have guessed already, I am not like other girls. I am a 42 year old woman. After a long sex life I have developed particular tastes. I know what I need from the man I am with.”

“Ok, tell me what you would like me to do to you.”

“I am not going to tell you Mr. X. I am going to show you. Now, turn over on your back.” After saying this she withdraws her hands from my ass and cock. I flip myself over as instructed.

Tracy stands at the side of the table and quickly pulls off her shirt. She is wearing a black bra. Simple enough, the bra is nothing too fancy in terms of kinky lingerie standards but Tracy doesn’t need the bells and whistles of lingerie to make herself look good. The silk bra with her “C” cup breasts are fairly plump and accompanied by a good amount of freckles that cover her chest.

“I won’t be needing this.” Tracy says, discarding her bra with one swift motion.

Tracy starts undoing her pants but stops just before pulling them down. Her top button and zipper are open and I can see what looks like a black thong. She looks at me with her fingertips on my thigh and walks up towards my head dragging her fingers along my body as she walks.

“Okay, Mr. X. Now that I got you naked and hard, let’s move on to the deep tissue portion of our massage.”

Tracy squats down to her knees so we are face to face. She moves in closer for what I think is going to be a kiss but she stops so we are nose to nose.

“Mr. X, I want to be very clear on what is going to happen, and judging by how much you loved my little finger massage I think you will really enjoy this next part,” Tracy says, while she is also busy doing something on the floor below the table out of view.

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