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The Futa Fairy – Futa Fairies’ Naughty Game Chapter 2: Ms. Marcie’s , Kimmie’s Naughty Lesson

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The Futa Fairy – Futa Fairies’ Naughty Game
Chapter Two: Ms. Marcie’s & Kimmie’s Naughty Lesson
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

Mrs. Fatima Samara

I clutched my harem to me as the clock struck midnight. The year ended.

A new one begin.

My daughters, niece, and sister were naked, smeared in my cum. I tried to love all my pregnant women before I had to repay my debt to the futa-fairy. To Leanan Sidhe. Despite the spurting futa-jizz and the gasping orgasms, dread had permeated me all day.

Now a warmth billowed through me, seizing me from beyond our world. It cradled my soul in gentle hands, drawing me away from my harem. I wished to love all these beauties: Ranya, Sa’dia, Ayesha, and the twins. I didn’t want to lose them. I didn’t want to lose my futa-cock.

The warmth about my soul smothered me. Darkness descended, swallowing my vision. A dream as sweet as death engulfed me. I drifted for an eternity that lasted a heartbeat in a void of nothing. And then my eyes opened, and I gazed upon Summer.

I shuddered, feeling the sun’s warmth on my naked flesh, the birds chirping in the air, singing out their rapture at another beautiful day. A breeze blew, the grass and flowers around us rippling in an ever-changing pattern, charting the path of the wind as it gusted around us. My dark hair swayed about my dusky shoulders.

. I only recognized one: Dr. Rita. The Black woman stood tall, resolute. On the other side of her were two girls, both nineteen or so. The one with red hair and blue eyes trembled, clutching herself. “Keily,” she groaned.

The other, a brunette with round breasts, looked excited, her hands on her hips, standing in a pose that reminded me of a cheerleader. If she had a pleated skirt and pompoms, she would be strutting herself on the sports field.

Her futa-dick thrust hard from her shaved pussy, a triangle of soft, brown fur pointing at her turgid shaft. “We are going to kick Winter’s ass!” she shouted, thrusting her arm up into the air, her youthful tits bouncing. “Oh, yes, we are!”

“Are we?” a soft voice asked beside me.

I glanced at another girl, also around nineteen. She was redhead with round breasts and wide, green eyes. She trembled. I put an arm around her shoulders, pulling her close. She reminded me so much of one of my own daughters.

“It will be, sweetie. What’s your name?”

“Cassie,” she said, her arm slipping around my shoulder, her half-hard cock rubbing against my thighs. Her skin was so ivory pale, contrasting with my duskier, darker flesh. “I…I like older women. They make me feel safe.”

“You’ll be safe,” I told her. “We’ll defeat Winter.”

“I truly hope so,” the melodic voice of Leanan Sidhe said.

The futa-fairy descended out of the blue skies, flying on gossamer wings that shimmered like an oily rainbow behind her. She had a petite body, barely budding into womanhood that belied the ancient depths of her silver eyes. Her green hair spilled about her slender shoulders, her breasts little mounds, her cock as big as ours, hard and erect.

“I am truly sorry to have to ask this of you,” Leanan Sidhe said as she settled down before the five of us. “You are all such wonderful futas. So loving and generous. You do not deserve to be embroiled into this most unfair contest between Summer and the foul and loathsome forces of Winter.”

“Loathsome?” objected the other redhead.

“Yes, my dear Miss Deidre,” Leanan Sidhe said. “My counterpart, Bean Sidhe, has recklessly endangered your world. She has caused a balance between the seasons. Parity can never exist between Summer and Winter. We are ever ebbing and flowing. I thought to make something beautiful in Parkland, but she has ruined it with her interference.”

“And we’ll lose our futa-cocks if we don’t win?” demanded the cheerleader.

“As I stated in my letter,” the futa-fairy said, giving a sad nod. “It was never my intention to deprive you of your gift, my dear Miss Kimberly, but the alternatives were not…appetizing. So I implore you all to give it your best. Bean Sidhe believes she has recruited stronger candidates. But I know you all have such wonderful and loving hearts. You will not go meekly into the fate she plots for you.”

“Hell no,” Kimberly said.

“That’s right,” Dr. Rita said.

“See, Cassie,” I told the trembling girl, her futa-dick throbbing harder against me, pulsing with the fast beat of her heart. “We’re going to win.”

“Yes, you shall,” nodded Leanan Sidhe, her silver eyes sad. “You must. Because if you do not, nothing will ever change in Parkland. Winter will keep it the same. No improvements. No transformations. Only frigid stasis. It will plod on utterly the same while the world around it advances towards something greater.”

“That sounds so boring,” Kimberly said, arms folded beneath her round breasts.

“But… Isn’t there a way some of them can keep their cocks?” asked Deidre.

“It’ll suck if Ms. Marcie looses hers,” Kimberly shrugged. “But oh well. I’m not losing mine. Right, Cassie. We’re having too much fun cheering with them.”

“That’s right, Kimmie,” Cassie said, perking up. “We’re the Pussycats. We don’t lose.”
“Wonderful,” breathed Leanan Sidhe. “Your enthusiasm fills my heart with such effervescent joy. I am more than confident that you all shall rise to this occasion and vanquish the other futas.”

Deidre looked down at her own futa-dick, tears falling down her cheeks.

“How do we win?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Dr. Rita nodded. “Are we going to have to…fight?”

“Why, by using those wonderful cocks I so graciously gifted you,” the futa-fairy answered. “Your cum, fired into one of their holes, shall banish them from the contest field. Which ever court loses all their champions shall forfeit Parkland. And I just know that it shall be Winter who fails to grasp sweet victory’s laurels. We shall triumph.”

“Woot!” Kimmie shouted, doing a high-kick that sent her cock bouncing and flashed her pussy, juices dripping down her thighs. “I am ready to fuck some Winter futas! It’s like a sexy version of the Hunger Games.”

“You said in Faerie?” I asked. “Do we walk from here?”

“I am afraid I must split you up.” She pointed at the sun. “The life-giving disk always hangs in the eastern sky in Summer. It hovers over the Equinox, the Lands of Transition, where Spring and Autumn melt together and separate the two halves of Faerie. Through that valley flows the River of Year’s Divide. In that melting of seasons, shall you contest. I warn you, do not enter the lands of Winter. For the fey there shall be most tricksome.”

“And the fey here?” asked Dr. Rita.

“May assist you if you please them.” Leanan Sidhe licked her lips. “Be warned, in the Lands of Transition, there are wilder fey beholden to neither court. They may hinder or help you. Be cautious. Be alert. And go with all the love of Summer behind you.

“For you are our Champions against Winter’s foul stasis.”

Heat burst from Leanan Sidhe. For the second time, Summer cradled my soul. Cassie clung to me for a heartbeat, and then she vanished from me. Darkness descended, and I dreamed myself to another location in Faerie.


Ms. Marcie Baumgartner

“We shall kick Summer’s ass and stop those skanks from ruining everything beautiful with change!” B shouted, the busty futa-fairy jumping into the air.

“Yes!” my girlfriend, Officer Cindy, growled. She squeezed my hand tight.

“Change ruins beauty,” B spat. “It spoils youth. So I chose you all to defeat it!”

“Even me?” my student, Keily, asked, the slender nineteen-year-old hugging herself, her futa-cock soft.

“Especially you,” grinned B.

“But I don’t want to fight my sister!” She gave the futa-fairy a hard look, her glasses reflecting the moonlight over the wintry landscape.

“Then leave her to me,” my girlfriend said, a vicious grin on her face.

I nodded at my girlfriend, knowing we were going to win. She was a cop. She’d kick so much ass and fuck all those summer futas into oblivion.

“Then go!” B shouted and winter exploded from her.

Cold swirled around us. White cocooned me. I gripped Cindy’s hand hard, tight, not wanting to be parted from her. We’d grown so close since that day she marched into my classroom, handcuffed me for taking her daughter’s virginity, and spanked me hard. I loved her domination. I loved her cock.

I loved her.

And then her hand vanished out of my grip. The dream came upon me. Darkness gripped me. And then I gasped, stumbling. Snow crunched beneath my feet. I blinked, standing on a tundra that stretched beneath the starry sky. It was so quiet, tranquil. The snow had a stillness about it, glowing with a silvery radiance.

I sucked in a breath, trying to get my bearings.

I spotted the moon to the west. My guide to the Lands of Transition. I clenched my fist. I would have to tackle my own students: Cassie, Deidre, and Kimmie were all futas. I hated taking their girl-cocks from them, but I wouldn’t deprive my students the delight of my own clit-dick.

I marched naked through the snow, feeling so alive, my futa-cock bouncing before me.


Cassandra “Cassie” Riley

I opened my eyes to the sun kissing my lips. It danced across my naked body, dappling me in light spots as it shone through the canopy of the graceful oak trees rising about me. I stood on soft loam. I breathed in the freshness.

For a moment, kayseri escort bayan I felt so content beneath the trees. Birds sang in above me, greeting me with the beauty of their song. A soft breeze blew, the boughs creaking above me, adding their own harmony to the music of the songbirds.

I smiled.

And then I remembered my purpose.

I let out a sigh. I didn’t want to lose my futa-cock. I wanted to keep it, to love Alessa and her daughter Lana. They were back at home, in our bed, probably panicked by witnessing me vanish into Faerie. I closed my eyes, remembering cuddling with them as we watched on TV, waiting for the New Years to come to Washington State.

I had to get back to them with my futa-dick. Though I wanted to stay in the woods, I couldn’t be scared. I had to fight. I drew in a deep breath and marched through the forest. The birds sang louder, encouraging me.

I could do this.

Though I was barefoot, the ground was comfortable. I didn’t grow weary as I marched across uneven ground, my clit-dick bouncing before me. There was something exhilarating about walking naked through the woods, my pussy juicy. With every step, my confidence grew.

Soon, I left the woods behind and stepped out onto a picturesque plain. The wind rippled across the bright-green grass dotted with a riot of colorful flowers, bringing with it the scent of delightful blossoms. I paused, breathing in the delight, my hand stroking my futa-cock.

Just a moment of peace, breathing in scents more vivid than anything in the real world. These flowers had a perfume beyond my understanding. Every inhalation held new scents, new delights. Aromas not found in the human world bathed my nose.

I could stay her for eternity. But Alessa and Lana waited.

I marched out across the fields, pleasure buzzing through my body. The flowers grew tall, their petals brushing my pussy lips and caressing the tip of my dick. Juices leaked down my thighs, adding my own perfume to the air.

I walked for hours and hours, or maybe just minutes. Everything felt so strange here. Malleable in a way I didn’t quite understand. Like the world was made of hot plastic, able to be stretched and compressed, twisted and shaped, bringing me closer to distant locations, my path meandering in ways beyond geometries my mind could comprehend. I lived in a moment. Like even now it was still midnight in the real world. That no time had actually passed for anyone.

Just as my mind began to grapple with these alien ideas, I heard a sound.


I wasn’t alone.

My heart beat faster. I crouched down in the flowers, peering around. Had one of Winter’s futas found me? Was it Ms. Marcie or Officer Cindy? Or could it be another of them? Like that reporter, Becca Brittany? She had to be one of Winter’s.

The footsteps came closer.


Kimberly “Kimmie” Miller

I set off at a fast march the moment I appeared in the meadows. The grass has a purplish sheen about it. A scent drowsed my thoughts as I marched. It pulled at me as I kept walking east, eager to find one of those winter futas and kick their asses.

Every breath made me drowsy. Made me want to fall down on the soft grass, make a bed of the heather, and just dream for eternity. But that wouldn’t help. I’d be a sitting duck. Ms. Marcie could find me and ram her dick right up my asshole.

She liked fucking my asshole.

And I liked it when she fucked my asshole.

But not here. I wouldn’t lose. I wouldn’t go out like a bitch. I would make it to the end. I would see that every one of Winter’s futas were vanquished. My throbbing cock would make them all squeal in passion before my cum fired into their snatches.

So I kept marching. I ignored the desire for sleep, and pressed on for the Lands of Transition.


Mrs. Fatima Samara

I crouched down in the flowers, the petals brushing my pussy lips through my thick bush, my cock sliding across their stems and leaves. My breasts swayed as I peered through the flowers at the source of the sound and…

A form trembled in the grass, red hair falling down slender shoulders. “Cassie?”

The girl bolted upright, her youthful tits heaving, her futa-cock bouncing before her. She spotted me and let out the hugest sigh of relief. “It’s you!”

“Call me Mrs. Fatima,” I smiled as she darted towards me with all the athleticism of youth. Well, she was a cheerleader. A futa-cheerleader. It must be quite the treat to watch her and Kimmie perform.

The girl reached me, throwing her arms around my neck in an eager hug. Her breasts pressed into my tits. And something even more delicious happened. Her clit-dick kissed mine. Our two hard shafts rubbed together, trapped between our stomachs. A naughty shiver shuddered through me. My pussy clenched as my futa-dick throbbed.

That felt nice.

She stared up at me, her green eyes trembling. I felt her heart racing beneath her breast, her nipples kissing mine. She licked her lips, her eyes growing glossy. I knew those signs. I saw them in my daughters’ eyes.

“No, we shouldn’t do—”

Cassie kissed me. Hard.

I groaned, shuddering as she kissed me. Her tongue probed my mouth. She tasted so wonderfully sweet. My dick ached so badly, the tip throbbing as it rubbed against hers. Precum flowed, smearing the sticky juices on both our fleshes. My hands seized her rump, squeezing it as I kissed her back, devouring her lips.

I should put a stop to this. We were on a mission. One of Winter’s futas could come along. But it felt so nice kissing this girl. So wonderful. Something familiar. Something I could understand that wasn’t this alien world with strange, rapturous scents and land that twisted in strange ways.

Cassie broke the kiss. She buried her face between my breasts, nuzzling at them. “I know, I know, Mrs. Fatima,” she moaned between sucks. “We shouldn’t do this. But I’m just so horny. And you’re just such a mother. A MILF. I love MILFs!”

Her hands squeezed my dusky cheeks, her red hair caressing my hard nipples. She rubbed the inner slopes of my tits against her face, reveling in my cleavage. Her thumbs swept out, rubbing across my hard nubs.

Pleasure shot down to my futa-dick. It throbbed, caressing her futa-dick. They slid around each other as she wiggled her hips and loved my tits. Her lips kissed up my right breast, so wet and hot. Then she engulfed my nipple.

“Oh, yes, you’re such a sweet flower,” I groaned, stroking her fiery hair. Such an exciting color. “Yes, yes, I’ll take care of you, Cassie. Together, we’re stronger.”

“United,” she moaned about my nipple.

“Yes!” I groaned as she sucked so hard.

The pair of us drifted to the ground, our knees bending. She kept sucking on my nipple as we knelt amid the wildflowers. Then she pushed me onto my back. I didn’t fight her, stretching out on the soft bed as she swirled her tongue about my nipple.

My hand stroked her body as she loved my nub. I caressed her round breasts and flat stomach. I found her futa-dick. She was as big as mine, so thick in my hand. My pussy clenched, remembering the two times I’d been with a futa. Once with Dr. Rita when she cured me with her magical cum, and the other time with Leanan Sidhe herself.

How I missed playing with a big-girl dick.

“Ooh, yes, you’re such a sweet flower,” I panted, stroking her futa-dick. I pumped my fist up and down her cock, loving how she throbbed in my grip. She whimpered, her precum flooding out of her cock, lubing the way for my stroking hand.

“Mmm, that’s nice,” she purred as she switched from my right to my left nipple. “Oh, Mrs. Fatima, yes.”

She engulfed my nub, nipping me.

I groaned, squeezing her dick harder.

I stroked up and down her, my own futa-dick throbbing on my belly. I jerked her off, just rubbing the crown of her cock against my pussy. She couldn’t slide into me, her tip just reaching my snatch. But it felt so nice.

My cock twitched as I rubbed her dick up and down my snatch. I moaned, such teasing delight surging through me. She sucked harder on my nipple, worshiping it with her mouth, her green eyes smoldering as they stared up at me.

She moaned about my nub, her body trembling. I stroked her futa-dick faster and faster. Her hips humped, sliding just the tip of her girl-dick into my pussy. My labia engulfed her in my silky heat. It felt nice.

“Mrs. Fatima!” she howled, head snapping up from my nipple.

Her cum fired into my pussy.

I shuddered. Even though she only had the tip of her girl-dick in me, I felt her jizz jet deep into my snatch. I whimpered, trembling beneath her. Her hips thrust froward, burying her shaft the rest of the way in me, the cum splashing against my cervix now.

The girl trembled in ecstasy. Her red hair swayed about her face. My own futa-dick throbbed, my pussy drinking in the heat of her girl-cum spurting into me over and over. I stroked her body, grinning up at her as her green eyes twinkled in delight.

“Oh, Mrs. Fatima,” she whimpered. “Oh, I needed that. Walking through the flowers teased my cock. Made my pussy so wet.”

“I bet it did,” I purred, my pussy squeezing down on her dick, the last blast firing into my depths. “I bet you’re just so juicy and wet, just aching to be filled by my big Mommy-cock.”

Her eyes widened. “I would love to be filled by your Mommy-cock,” she purred. “I love feeling my lover’s cunt so much kayseri bayan escort around my dick. My Alessa is amazing. Just the best Mommy. I miss her so much. I don’t want to lose my futa-dick.”

“And you won’t.” My hands reached Cassie’s round breasts. I squeezed and kneaded them, loving their pliant feel in my dusky fingers. They were so pale, almost with a lustrous shine beneath Summer’s warm sun. “We’re going to win.”

“We’re going to win,” she said, her dick twitching in my cum-filled pussy.

Then she pulled her shaft out of me. It plopped out shiny with my cream over it. I grinned as she rose up, shifting her hips, straddling my waist and guiding my Mommy-cock to her barely legal pussy. I loved fucking barely legal cunt. I refused to lose my futa-cock. I wanted to fuck my daughters and my niece over and over. I wanted to make love to my sister-wife again and again.

I groaned as Cassie sank her youthful cunt down my dick. I groaned, savoring how tight and hot she was. Her cunt engulfed more and more of my shaft. The girl whimpered, her breasts quivering in my squeezing hands. She bottomed out on me, her silky sheath clamping down hard on my rod.

“Oh, Mrs. Fatima,” she purred, her futa-dick throbbing on my belly. “Oooh, that’s a wonderful girl-dick.” She grinned down at me. “We’re going to win together.”

“Together,” I purred. “I’ll introduce you to my harem in the real world, and you’ll show off this MILF you love to me.”

“And her daughter!” Cassie rose up my futa-dick, her girl-cock quivering before her. Pleasure rippled down my shaft, her pussy clinging to my dick. “You’re going to love them both.”

“I bet I will,” I purred.

She slammed down my shaft. Her cock smacked into my belly. Precum flicked up to hit my naked breasts. I shuddered, her juices almost burning my flesh. It felt amazing, little searing kisses of her passion. My shaft throbbed in her hot cunt, the silky friction sliding against it as she rose up again.

And rammed back down.


I loved it. The slap of her dick into my belly. The slid of her hot cunt on my futa-dick. Pleasure surged through me. My pussy clenched. My breasts jiggled. The sunlight burned through her red hair as she moaned and gasped. Her round breasts bounced in my massaging grip, my fingers squeezing her firm and pliant mounds.


“I love your Mommy-cock!” she moaned, face twisting with pleasure. “Oh, Mrs. Fatima, you’re awesome.”

“And you have such a hot, tight cunt,” I groaned, pleasure spilling through my body. “I’m going to pump so much jizz into your depths.”

“Good,” she whimpered.


Her pussy clenched down on my dick every time her futa-cock slapped my belly. More and more precum flicked from the tip, spraying across my belly and heaving tits. I loved it. I whimpered and moaned, my shaft throbbing in her pussy.


Pleasure rippled through me. My hands clenched into her pliant, young titties. I savored them as she rode my futa-cock faster and faster. She worked that hot, tight, young cunt up and down my dick. Such delight shot through my body.


I breathed in the flowery perfume in the air.


I fingered her nipples.


“Oh, Mrs. Fatima, yes!” she howled, stirring her hot cunt up and down my dick.


“You have such an amazing Mommy-cock!”


“Mmm, and you have such a wonderful cunt! I’m going to cum so hard in it!”


“Yes,” she moaned, her hands seizing my big tits. She squeezed and kneaded my pillowy mounds, bouncing up and down my shaft.


The heat grew and grew in my pussy. My juices flooded out of me as she bounced on my futa-cock. Her girl-cock slapped faster and faster into my belly. A stinging ache formed as she rode me so hard, her moans singing through the air.


My ovaries swelled with pressure. My futa-cum ached to flooded her young cunt. I shuddered, squirming on the flowers. My hands squeezed her tits hard, digging fingernails into her pliant cunt. She moaned, tossing her head back and forth.


“Mrs. Fatima!” she whimpered.


“Yes, yes, cum on my Mommy-cock!” I moaned. “Let me feel that silky cunt writhe about my clit-dick!”


“Yes!” she howled. She rammed down my shaft.


And came.

Her futa-dick erupted. Hot, salty cum spurted up my body. Pearly jizz splashed around my heaving tits. Salty droplets arched into the air and rained across my face. I opened my mouth, swallowing the wonderful treats. She painted my tits as she moaned and groaned, thrashing on my girl-cock.

Her pussy massaged my shaft. Her silky walls went wild, sucking at it. My clit-dick throbbed in her depths. Pleasure moaned from my lips as I gasped and shuddered. The pleasure surged through me. My cunt clenched, growing hotter and hotter.

“Cassie!” I groaned, her dick splatting more cum across my tits. They dripped in her jizz.

“Fire your Mommy-cum into me!” the girl moaned, her eyes fluttering. “Please, please, I need it!”

“Yes!” I howled and bucked.

My futa-cock erupted. My cum fired into her fertile depths. Pleasure spasmed through my body. My cunt convulsed. Rapture shot from my spurting clit-dick. It rushed through my body, passing the waves of gentler euphoria washing out of my pussy.

And reached my mind.

Stars exploded across the bright, blue sky. I groaned, my body thrashing. My cum-smeared tits heaved together. Jizz ran across my flesh in hot rivulets. I savored the naughty feel, more sensations adding to the rapture burning through me.

“So much futa-cum!” Cassie moaned. “Oh, yes, just fill me to the hilt, Mrs. Fatima.”

“I am,” I groaned, my pussy clenching, her own girl-cum leaking out of my cunt. “Ooh, you have such a hot cunt. I love barely legal cunt.”

“Because you’re a naughty mommy!” Cassie moaned, leaning over me, such a smile on her lips. “And together, we’re going to kick Winter’s butt!”

“Yes, we are,” I moaned, the pleasure peaking through me.

She leaned over, pressing her round breasts to my cum-smeared tits. Our lips met in a hot kiss. I held this young girl in my arms. She trembled, smearing her jizz across our flesh. She was right. Together, we would keep our futa-cocks.

Our loved ones didn’t deserve to be deprived of our clit-dicks.


Ms. Marcy Baumgartner

I swallowed as I reached a valley, the snow giving away to skeletal trees. The farther down the slope, the more and more leaves the trees had, all burnished golds and deep oranges. A river cut through the valley, the trees on the other side budding with new leaves, growing greener and greener as the valley rose to a sweltering paradise.

The lands of Summer danced happily. In between me and that vista lay the Lands of Change.

“Let’s do this,” I muttered, peering around cautiously. I didn’t spot any movement.

I walked down the carpet of dead leaves, moving through the trees as I came closer and closer to the river that divided Summer from Winter. My heart pounded in my chest. I felt so tense. I kept pausing, searching for the eyes I felt for sure were watching me.

I wondered where my girlfriend was. Had Cindy found this same valley yet? Was she moving towards this same river just out of sight? Were we only a mile apart and yet had no idea how close we were? I would feel so much safer if I found my futa-lover.

I reached the river bank. It was wide but had a gentle look about it, almost still, like it had no current at all. I bit my lip, debating what I should do. There was good brush on the other side. Maybe I could hide there and ambush one of the Summer futas. Spring out, pin her to the ground like Cindy would, then ram my girl-dick into hot cunt or velvety ass.

My dick throbbed at the thought.

It hadn’t taken me long to get here, I think. It was hard to judge. The moon and sun didn’t move naturally. It was night on this side of the river and day on the other side. I could see the sun almost overhead, the moon about to merge with it. Like they would have an eclipse the moment I crossed the river.

It made my head hurt, but I felt like I got here faster than I thought I would.

“Okay, just get across and get into a good ambush position,” I whispered to myself.

Then I dove into the river.

It was neither warm nor cold. It was…comfortable. The current gently caressed my naked flesh, almost playing with my form, as I swam across the river. I tried to remember the crawl stroke from childhood swim classes, my legs kicking. I moved across the river, coming closer and closer to the shore. The world grew brighter and brighter.

I entered daylight, leaving night behind.

My arms stroked out before me and brushed the rocky bank of the river. I blinked, realizing I was across. My legs felt the stony pebbles of the beach beneath. I stood up, water falling off my naked flesh, my large tits swaying before me.

“Wow, you are a terrible swimmer, Ms. Marcie,” a voice called.

I jumped, looking up the slope to find Kimmie, one of my school’s cheerleaders, standing with her hands on her hips, her futa-cock thrusting out before her. My heart beat so fast, ice pumping through my veins at the sight of one of Summer’s futas.”

“You’re criticizing my swimming skill?” I demanded. “I’ve read your English papers, Kimmie.”

Kimmie shrugged, stroking her futa-dick. It thrust hard and proud before her. “You know, I’ve always wanted to fuck that ass, Ms. Marcie.”

I arched an eyebrow at her, channeling my lover. Confidence. Determination. Never show fear. I stood in the river, letting my arms fall to my side, my fingers trailing through the water. “Then what are you waiting on?”

Kimmie grinned and then charged down the slope at me, her toned, athletic body moving fast, her firm breasts and hard dick bouncing before her. I tensed as she hurtled closer and closer. The girl was in good shape.

My hands moved. I shoveled water with cupped fingers as my arms snapped forward. The spray swept out before me and splashed in Kimmie’s face. The brunette gasped, her charge stumbling as she spluttered. I twisted away, grabbing her as she tried to seize me, half-blind.


Kimberly “Kimmie” Miller

I struggled to wipe the water from my face. Then gasped as Ms. Marcie seized me by the waist. Water splashed around us. The world spun. And then I landed on my back with a groan. Pebbles rasped beneath me, rounded by the river’s passing.

“Got you!” Ms. Marcie shouted.

My eyes widened as her futa-dick rammed into my pussy. A shock of pleasure rippled through me. My already hard girl-cock throbbed on my belly. Her big tits, dripping with river water, swayed above me, the tips of her nipples brushing the peeks of my perky breasts. Pleasure sparked between our striking nubs, shooting down to my cunt.

Ms. Marcie seized my hands before I realized what was happening. She pinned them over my head on the beach, her hips thrusting hard. I gasped, groaned, the pleasure surging through me as her amazing clit-dick pumped away in my cunt.

“Oh, fuck,” I groaned, my pussy clenching on her thrusting futa-cock. My own dick throbbed on my belly, twitching every time she buried into me.

“Ooh, yes, your pussy loves it, doesn’t it, Pussycat?” She grinned at me, such smug satisfaction in her brown eyes. Her dark hair clung to her face, soaked from her swim. “Mmm, you love being fucked by your teacher, don’t you?”

“Yes!” I exclaimed, the pleasure surging through me. I groaned, gasped, twisting and humping against her, my body drinking in the pleasure of being filled by her girl-dick.

It felt so good. So damned good.

The pebbles shifted beneath my ass as I trembled. My thighs locked about her waist. I couldn’t stop myself. My pussy drank in the friction of her plunging clit-dick. The pleasure shot through me, reaching my mind, making me whimper and groan.

Such delight. Her futa-dick stretched my cunt. I trembled, my tits jiggling. I licked my lips, struggling beneath her, but my every movement only made her futa-dick stir through my pussy. It only increased my pleasure.

And brought her closer and closer to her orgasm.

“That’s it,” she purred, grinning at me. “Good students know when to take her teacher’s lessons. And you always were such a good student, Kimmie.”


Ms. Marcie Baumgarten

I savored being in my student’s pussy. I normally liked the girls just budding into womanhood, like her younger sister. But Kimmie’s still had her charms. Especially with that futa-dick throbbing against my belly. Every time I buried into her pussy, it twitched and spasmed up against me.

My tits swayed, my nipples caressing her firm titties. She groaned, pleasure twisting across her face. She wanted to resist, but she had her thighs locked so tight about my waist. She knew she lost.

And now she just wanted to enjoy herself.

“Yes, yes, you are such a diligent student,” I groaned. “So eager to be taught a lesson by your teacher. To show who’s better with her futa-dick.”

“You are, Ms. Marcie,” groaned Kimmie, her hazel eyes glossy with pleasure. Her brown hair fanned out across the pebbly beach. “Oh, yes, such an amazing futa-dick. Oh, my god, you’re going to cum so hard in me.”

“So hard,” I purred, savoring it. Every thrust into her pussy built my orgasm, brought me closer and closer to defeating her.

It was wonderful.

I thrust so hard, fucking her like my girlfriend fucks those naughty women she pulls over for speeding. I pounded Kimmie like she were a slut. A whore. Just a hole to satiate my cock. And such a hot, silky, slippery hole.

I groaned, reveling in her barely legal pussy. I pounded her so hard, the pebbles shifting beneath her as I plowed her cunt. She groaned and whimpered, bucking up against me. Her face screwed up in pleasure, coming closer and closer to cumming on my dick.

Her pussy would massage my cock, eager for my jizz. Then I’d erupt in her and win.

“Oh, my god, yes,” Kimmie moaned. “Stroke my dick, Ms. Marcie. Please, please, I need more pleasure. I need to cum so badly.”

“Of course,” I purred to my student. “I want to make sure you absorb my lesson fully.”

“Such a naughty lesson,” she moaned.

I released her hands, moving my right down to seize her futa-dick. She grabbed my shoulders, clinging to me as I jerked her cock. Her shaft throbbed in my grip. I slid up and down her shaft, her precum lubing the way.

I fisted her hard. Her pussy clenched every time my stroking hand reached the pinnacle of her dick. She moaned, whimpering in delight. Her face twisted with pleasure, growing more and more flushed as I pounded her.

“Ooh, yes, your pussy gets so tight,” I groaned, “when I play with the tip of your dick.”

“So tight,” she groaned, the palm of my hand rubbing against the tip of her cock before I stroked down her shaft again. “Just cum in me.”

“I will!” I groaned. “You’re such a slut for my futa-dick, you don’t care that you’ll lose when I erupt. You just want my girl-spunk in your cunt.”

“Yes!” she howled.

Her admission sent a surge of rapture down to my futa-dick. The pressure swelled and swelled. I shuddered, ramming my cock faster and faster into her snatch. Every thrust brought me closer and closer to erupting.

And then I hit that frantic moment. That point of no return. My futa-cock would erupt. I just needed a few more strokes through her silky, young cunt to explode. I groaned, my back arching, my face twisting with pleasure.

“You’re about to cum!” Kimmie said, her hands squeezing on my shoulders, her thighs relaxing about my waist.

“Yes!” I howled, ramming into her pussy then drawing back, my ovaries boiling. One more thrust.

“Pussycats never lose!” Kimmie shouted and heaved.

I blinked in shock, her arms pushing me off her body. I rolled off of her. My futa-dick popped out of her pussy as my orgasm hit. My cum fired, splattering her body. Ropy jizz painted her heaving, youthful tits as she sprang at me.

“No!” I howled, ecstasy burning through me. I didn’t cum in her.


Kimberly “Kimmie” Miller

I rolled Ms. Marcie’s orgasming body onto her back and fell on her with such eagerness. My dick, primed to cum by her stroking hand, slammed between the cheeks of her butt. I found her asshole, my precum lubing the way.

I rammed to the hilt into her bowels.

Her velvety sheath caressed my cock as I buried into her. My cum-covered tits heaved before me as her bowels rippled about my futa-cock, sucking at it. I shivered, drawing back as she bucked and trembled beneath me.

“No, no, no,” she moaned. “You can’t, Kimmie!”

“I can!” I groaned, thrusting so hard into her bowels. “Thank you for jerking my dick, Ms. Marcie! You got me right to the edge of cumming.”

I buried to the hilt in her asshole. The velvety friction burned around my cock. My eyes widened in pure ecstasy. The sensation shot down my shaft to my ovaries. They boiled. They contracted. They unleashed my jizz into Ms. Marcie’s cumming asshole.

My back arched. My tits heaved beneath me as the rapture surged out of my dick. My cum spurted over and over. Ecstasy slammed into my mind. It burned through my thoughts, leaving me quivering and groaning.

“Ms. Marcie!” I moaned.

“Kimmie,” she squealed, her bowels massaging my dick, milking out every drop of my cum. “Oh, my god, that’s so good.”

“Uh-huh,” I moaned, my orgasm peaking, my snatch convulsing, hot pussy juices squirting down my thighs. “The best! I love cumming!”

And then green lights danced around her body. Her flesh glowed brighter and brighter. I squeezed my eyes shut, trembling in rapture. The feel of her bowels around my dick faded. Her flesh melted away.

And then I was kneeling alone on the pebbled beach, my futa-dick dripping cum onto the round stones. I sucked in a deep breath, my body buzzing with euphoric triumph. I hopped to my feet, performed a high kick, and whooped out my victory.

“Score one for Team Summer!”


Ms. Marcie Baumgartner

I opened my eyes. Winter surrounded me. B faced me, her wings fluttering behind her. My hand shot to my crotch and… I still had my futa-cock. It wasn’t over. My side could still win even if I was vanquished.

B narrowed her eyes at me, shaking her head. “Really, Ms. Marcie? You lost to one of Summer’s sluts? One of your students?”

I blushed, squirmed. “She tricked me.”

B shook her head, her violet hair sweeping about her shoulders. “It’s now four to five. You better hope your fellow futas are up to this. I don’t want to lose to that Summer slut.”

I fixed the futa-fairy with a hard look. “Cindy won’t lose. She’s driven. She’ll do this all by herself if she has to.”

B grinned, so wicked and sultry. “I know. It’s why I chose her.”

To be continued…

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