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The Garage Sale

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A big thank you goes out to ‘Lady Cibelle’ and ‘Techsan’ for their editing prowess.

Our little town has a community garage sale once a year. There are probably a hundred and thirty garage sales that weekend. Of course my wife Connie has to take part, but she will complain about all the work that has to be done to get ready for it. We’ve been part of this community garage sale for the last fifteen years. It’s hard to believe that people will actually drive from near and far just to buy our junk.

We have had people come as far as a state away to attend our garage sale weekend. It gets publicized as one of the biggest. This year was no different as people showed up to buy our stuff.

Of course Connie complained how she had to do it all herself, how I wasn’t any help at all. She had me go to the Elks Club to borrow tables. I even rented her a canopy tent for her to put in front of our two car garage in case of rain. It even had flaps so it would be a lot easier when getting ready or at closing time. Of course that wasn’t enough. I had to clean out the basement and bring everything up for her to price. Then it was time for me to clean out the shed.

After bringing out all our junk, she wanted me to gather my personal stuff and price it. I told her I didn’t have anything I cared to sell. As usual she complained that I had all kind of junk that I never used anymore. I started gathering up my fishing equipment and a lot of my camera and audio/visual equipment. I added a lot of yard tools and then we started on a lot of the big stuff, extra radios and televisions, dressers and beds, desks and even an older computer. I was doing a lot of carrying of items and getting a sore back for a guy who didn’t get credit for helping. All the neighbor men were in the same boat. We all felt we helped but our wives had a different opinion.

I do have to say we did pretty well in getting rid of our stuff. In past years we sold between nine hundred to fifteen hundred dollars worth or items. Considering most stuff was sold for a few bucks or less we did really well.

It was finally time to open up for business. According to the community committee the hours were, we had to open by 8:00 AM and shouldn’t close till at least 5:00 PM. Of course we could open earlier and stay opened later. Very few people stayed open much later because it made for a long day.

Of course Connie asked me if I was going to sit outside and help her collect money. She might have asked but that was just her way of telling me I had to help her keep an eye on the garage sale. It might sound like I’m hen pecked, which is not true. Like most men it’s better to just go along rather than argue. So I picked my battles and the garage sale once a year was not worth fighting over.

Connie and I have been married for over thirty years. I’ve learned which battles were winnable and which were not. Besides, it was fun to watch people fight over my junk. Then there were the people who wanted to argue price with me. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to argue over an item costing fifty cents.

“Would you take a quarter for this?”

“What? That’s cost me two dollars new.”

“But it’s used.”

“Well, okay, I’ll take twenty five cents for it.” How dumb can a person get. I just had fun arguing with them.

Watching the people was actually interesting. There were men and women, every size and shape, from extremely skinny to overly obese. Most were somewhere in the middle. There were young mothers who were hauling their kids from one garage sale to the next. There were a lot of middle aged women and then there were the elderly. I wondered how some of them even got around.

The way people dressed was interesting too, from some with jackets and coats to those wearing shorts. Being fifty-five made me stare at the women. Well, maybe it wasn’t my age as well as my hormones. I couldn’t help staring at every woman’s ass or the big boob gals, regardless of the age. I couldn’t believe how canlı bahis many women didn’t wear bras. I could see their nipples sticking through the blouses and shirts. Then there were the mid-sections. I saw so many belly buttons that I lost count. Some of them were really sexy, while others would have been better covered up.

My wife got pissed whenever I checked out the women. She didn’t say anything but gave me that evil eye that every wife has. I do have to admit that a few of the gals gave me some sexual thoughts and I had to watch that I didn’t get a hard-on.

I don’t want to get into my marriage but in the last ten years we had sex probably once every two months or so. It was still good when we did it but in my humble opinion I would have liked it a lot more often.

Early on I was looking at the women. In the morning one young gal came in a pair of jeans and a midriff shirt. I could see she was small breasted but her nipples pushed through her top. Her jeans were hip-huggers and I could see her whole mid-section. She had a tiny butterfly about six inches below her belly button. When she bent over, there was a big butterfly on her lower back that went down inside of her tight jeans. I could see the crack of her ass and, believe me, it was a turnon.

In the early afternoon she came back through to our garage sale, but was with a guy. She looked to be around nineteen and her male friend maybe in his early to mid-twenties. This time she still had on the same top but a pair of shorts that showed more of the butterfly on her ass. She caught me looking and just smiled at me. I started to get a hard-on till I looked at my wife checking out the couple.

Connie came over to me and said, “Check out what this girl is wearing. What a slut!”

“Wow! Nice butterfly,” I said.

Connie hit me, albeit playfully. Good thing she didn’t notice the hard-on. The guy looked more like he was casing the garage sale. Why would anyone case a garage sale? It’s your junk. You expect to get rid of it. He was welcome to come back at night and steal it all. I’d turn it in to my insurance company. The couple left but the butterflies will forever be remembered by me.

With about two hours left of garage sale time, Connie asked if she could go to other garage sales. It would mean I would have to watch our garage sale by myself.

“What’s in it for me? Do I get sex tonight?” I asked.

Connie looked at me and said, “Maybe.”

“Okay, I can handle it. Go buy us some more junk so we can do this again next year.” I laughed.

Connie actually kissed me and said she was going with Barb, one of the neighbors, to as many garage sales as they could till they were all closed down. She said she would call me at the garage sale closing time to see if I needed help closing it up. Then away she went, as I stared at her ass knowing it was mine tonight. She was built pretty damn good herself. I wondered if all these other men at the other garage sales thought like me and were staring at Connie’s ass. At least her blouse covered her midriff and she was wearing a bra, but she still had a nice ass worth looking at.

I kind of enjoyed myself, talking and checking out all the ladies that came by our garage sale. I was actually getting kind of bold and horny joking with some of the women. It was right about 5:30 PM when I checked the time and the phone rang. It was Connie. She said she was downtown and would probably be gone for a good hour or better and wanted to know if I needed help closing up. I told her I didn’t, that I could just close the tent flaps and the garage doors. She said she would stop on the way back and pick me up a couple of sandwiches at a fast food place on the way home. I said okay and started closing up our garage sale.

The people had pretty much stopped coming shortly after 5:00 PM so I was surprised when the cute blond chick was back for the third time just as I was closing the tent flaps. She was all alone but did have on the mini shorts and bahis siteleri nipple-showing blouse. I told her I was just about to close and she asked if she could check out our Lazy-Boy chair. Of course I invited her in. I wanted to see more of this young chick.

She told me her husband, the fellow she was with earlier was up the road checking out some tools at different garage sales and would be by to get her in about a half hour. Of course I invited her to sit down and talk. She reached up and pushed the garage door button so that it closed. Now it was just me and her alone in the garage. Damn, she looked hot, as we started talking, she spread her legs so I could almost see the folds of her pussy through her leg openings.

As she spread her legs she asked, “Do you like what you see?”

I grabbed my cock and said, “What do you think?”

She was sitting in the chair and leaned forward and unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. She leaned forward and slipped her lips around my cock head.

“What if your husband shows up?”

“He can’t see through the door and I’m hot and horny and need this cock awfully bad. Can I have it?” as she put her lips back around the head and licked my cock slit.

“It’s all yours, baby; take all you need.”

“I want it in my pussy. You sit down and I’ll straddle you.”

She got up and slipped her shorts and panties off and I could see that beautiful pussy with just a tuft of blond hair covering her mound. I opened my pants and pulled my cock and balls out over my underwear.

“Come and sit on this, sweetheart.”

She got on my lap facing me and took my hard cock and guided it into her hot juicy pussy.

“God, I really needed this. Pump all your cum deep into my pussy, please.”

As she was bouncing up and down on my hot rod, I reached up and pulled her top up over her hard nipples and started rubbing one and sucking on the other.

“God, baby, you’re nipples are so hard.”

“Keep sucking on them. It feels so good. I’m glad I chose you to fuck me. I needed it so bad.”

“What do you mean chose me?” as she kept bouncing up and down on my cock.

“Cum in me and then I’ll explain it to you. That’s it, honey. Shoot that load deep in my pussy. Oh, God, so good, so fucking good,” as we both climaxed.”

With my cock still deep within her, I asked, “Okay, what did you mean, chose me?”

“Damn, I’m almost sorry to do this to you but I want all your garage sale money.”

“What the fuck are you talking about. I’m not giving you any fucking money.” My cock was still planted in her pussy.

“Look, I’ll explain it to you. Either you give me all the money or I’ll rip my blouse and yell rape. You will have a hard time proving otherwise. Look at me. I know I’m a sexy nineteen year old girl and you are a man in probably his fifties. Who do you think they’ll believe? I hate doing this to you because you were one of the best fucks I’ve had. So just give me the fucking money and I’ll be on my way.”

“So you do this for a living. You scam men out of their garage sale money, knowing they will be afraid of the consequences. What do I tell my wife?”

“Anything you want to. I don’t care as long as I get the money. Now pay up or I’ll scream.”

“Wait one minute. Why did you pick me?”

“I heard your wife say to another lady that you expected to make over a thousand dollars and she was going to garage sales herself and wouldn’t be here.”

“Why did you let me ride you bareback and shoot my cum in you?”

“So if I claim rape they will find your sperm in me.”

“Well, dearie, if I’m paying out that much money I want my money’s worth. We’ll do it one more time from behind or it’s no deal. I’ll take my chances with the cops.”

“What? Umm, okay, but I’ve never had a person do this after scamming them.”

“It’s just that I want my money’s worth. So get off my lap and bend over. God, you have a nice looking pussy and I love the butterfly.”

She got off my bahis şirketleri lap and turned around with her ass facing me. We got my cum and her juices all over the chair but right then I didn’t care. I wanted her ass.

She bent over and I put my cock at her pussy lips. She was soaking wet from our previous climax.

“Give it to me, take it out on my pussy. Push that hard cock deep into me, good, oh, so good.”

“Damn, baby, I love your butterfly. It makes me want to come in your beautiful ass.”

“No, I’ve never had it in my ass.”

“Baby, for a thousand dollars, I’m coming where I want. Don’t worry, I’m only going to put the head of my cock into your ass so I can shoot my load up there.”

“I don’t know why I’m letting you do this to me but be careful.”

I pulled my cock out of her wet pussy and pushed the head into her asshole. Only the head, I would keep my promise about that. She began to squeal when the head of my cock opened her asshole up.

“I feel so full. God, I’ve never felt so full. Please don’t push anymore in.”

“I won’t, baby, but here comes the load you’ve been wanting.” I released my second load into her ass. I kept my promise and didn’t put anymore than the head of my cock in her. Besides, it would be too tight on my cock, and I really didn’t like anal sex. It was just my way of getting even.

“Oh, God, that feels so different. I’m coming again. Oh, yeah, so good, so damn good. You are one good fucker.”

After shooting my load up her ass, I noticed we got more juices on the chair. I’ll have to remember to clean that up before Connie comes home.

“Okay, buddy, you were one hell of a good fuck but give me the money so I can leave.” She was putting her panties and shorts back on right over her cum covered ass and pussy.

“I’m not giving you shit.”

“I’ll scream rape and you’ll be in big trouble.”

“Before you do any screaming you might want to look around. See the video cameras with the red light on it in the two corners. We set them up before the garage sale in case something was stolen. I also had one in the tent that shows your husband and you looking around our garage sale. Your little scam is up. I suggest you get your tight little ass out of here and on down the road before I call the cops. And, just so you know, if I ever see your little ass around our town again I will turn the tape over to the police. Do I make myself clear?”

“What do I tell my husband? He will be here any minute.”

“Tell him the truth, that you were scammed and had the best fuck of your life, twice, with one time being in your ass,” I laughed.

“He’ll kill me if I tell him that.”

“I don’t give a fuck what you tell him. You have two minutes to get the fuck out of my garage and out of my sight forever. For the record you really were a good fuck but find yourself a new job and a new husband. I guarantee that you can do a hell of a lot better.”

She hurried out of my garage and her husband pulled up and they quickly drove down the road. It was the last time I ever saw her except for my videos that I watch when I’m home alone.

Connie came home about a half hour later. She did stop and pick me up a couple of burgers and some fries. After I ate I decided to take a shower and clean up. I had a special date that night with the little wife. I wanted to be fresh and clean for the night’s events.

The next morning Connie was yelling at me because there was some white stuff all over the Lazy-Boy chair.

I told her, “I let a young girl sit on it while I made passionate love to her. In fact it was the young blond one you called a slut earlier yesterday. She sat on my cock and then I took her from behind and came in her ass.”

“Very funny. What really happened?” she asked.

“I let a little boy sit on it and eat an ice-cream cone while his mother was looking at stuff. I forgot to clean it up, sorry.”

“Sounds a hell of a lot more reasonable to me. Since you let him have the ice-cream, you can clean it up.”

“Yes, madam,” I smiled.

Women just don’t want to believe the truth. I can’t wait till next year’s garage sale.

Hope you liked my story.

Comments welcome

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