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The Holiday Discovery Ch. 05

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This story continues after Anna finishes her drive home from the park.

Anna sighs deeply as she pulls into her driveway calming down after the events that took place earlier this morning. She gets out of her car and goes inside to change. Taking her dirty jeans and thong off, she pulls on a bikini style pair of pale green panties that are a little small causing them to give her a small wedgie. Next, Anna decides to put on a grey pair of leggings and just keeps her red flannel on.

“There that’s so much better” she thought going downstairs for lunch. Anna doesn’t feel like having leftovers so she cooks some hot pockets while checking her phone. She still feels kinda full, like her bowels weren’t fully empty. Anna doesn’t really notice and starts to eat her lunch. “Maybe I’ll give Jane a call. I haven’t seen her in awhile” Anna says to herself scrolling through her contacts. She finds Jane and calls her. The phone rings a few times before she picks up. “Hello? Jane?” She asks.

“Hey Anna how are you?” Jane replies excited to hear from Anna.

“I’m doing well thanks! I’ve had a rather exciting morning” Anna says smiling. “Hey I’m sorry I could get together the other day. Do you want to hang out this afternoon and tonight? Maybe see a movie?” She asks hoping Jane will be free.

“That sounds amazing Anna I’d love to! I’ll just have to get dressed and ready for the day” Jane replies. “I’ll text you when I’m ready and you can just come over” she says.

“Ok sounds perfect I’ll see you soon! Bye Jane!” Anna replies ending the call. She finishes her hot pockets and returns to her room to chill out and is thinking about Jane. They’ve always been super close and she can’t wait to see her again. Anna has kind of had a little attraction to her, but never thought much of it.

A few moments later Anna sees her phone light up. It’s Jane letting her know she can come over. Anna grabs her purse and makes her way out to walk to Jane’s since she’s just a few houses down. She arrives and sees Jane open the door with a big smile. “Hey girl c’mon in! It’s great to see you!” Jane cries pulling her in for a long hug as Anna steps in the door. “Just leave your shoes here and follow me up to my room!” Jane says.

“Ok thank you Jane!” Anna smiles brightly. Her friend is a little taller than her with straight dirty blonde hair. Jane has as smaller ass, but is still nice an rounded. She makes up for it in having larger boobs that bounce a little when she walks. Today Jane is wearing a cute white fleece and a blue pleated skirt that falls to just below mid thigh. She also has on white thigh high socks, and a matching set of white lace panties and bra.

Anna follows Jane up the stairs getting a few peeks up her skirt. She enters Jane’s room and see Jane plop down on her bed. “Here come in! You can sit in the bean bag chair, at the desk or on the bed with me?” She offers.

“I’ll pull up the bean bag” Anna replies. “How’ve you been Jane?” She asks remembering her old friends room as she looks around.

“I’m definitely enjoying this break and sleeping in” Jane chuckles. “How about you?! Tell me about this morning? What was so special that you had to tell me?” Jane smirks.

“Well you know how notorious I am for cutting close when it comes to using the bathroom” Anna blushes noticing Jane smile and giggle a bit.

“You didn’t have an accident did you?!” Jane cries sitting up a bit.

“No no! But I did have one after talking to you on the phone the other day, but this morning was really fun” Anna says.

“Oh my that’s pretty crazy you must have been struggling because you sounded distracted to me. That’s kinda cute uh yes tell me about this morning” Jane says quickly blushing a little herself.

So Anna tells her about the popcorn and her peeing and cumming in the woods. She then told Jane about her almost poop accident that lead her to an eighty dollar profit. “Oh my gosh you did that?! That’s really naughty Anna” Jane purrs. “And your popcorn? I think my folks also get that stuff too! It’s not really magical silly” Jane snickers. “There’s a small shop downtown that’s sells all types of popcorn, and this specific type is yes holiday themed, but also high in fiber and they also put a bit of a laxative in there as well” Jane explains and mentions how she doesn’t really eat it and that her folks mainly have some on occasion.

“Oh well that makes sense now!” Anna laughs. “I actually had some this morning, but I don’t think I’m totally empty yet” she replies. “Hey Jane do you want to go downtown and maybe split a little bag and see what happens? Maybe see how well and well we could hold ourselves?” Anna blushes feeling a bit nervous but turned on with her question.

“Um… sure Anna we can do that. And then get something small for dinner and then the movie?” Jane replies feeling a bit excited herself. Now it was Jane’s turn for a bold question. “Um before we leave, do you want to have a sleepover? Like old times?” Jane smiles brushing her hair behind her denizli escort ear.

“Yeah that actually sounds like fun Jane! If it’s alright with your folks of course” Anna grins.

“Oh they won’t mind and we probably won’t even see them” Jane replies. “So should we head out to go to downtown now?” She asks.

“Yeah that’s a good idea it’s late enough in the afternoon” Anna says getting up from her seat. She follows Jane downstairs getting her shoes and follows Jane out to her car. They get in and make their way into town. “I hope you don’t think this is too weird. Getting this special popcorn that is. I kinda think it’s exciting.” Anna says looking over at Jane.

“No it’s not too strange. I just haven’t tried it before so it’ll be a new feeling for me!” Jane replies keeping focused on the road. She hasn’t had as many close calls or has found herself in many situations that she could have an accident as much as Anna has in the past.

Jane drives into town and finds a nice place to park. They get out and start to walk towards the little shop. “Hey Jane when was the last time you found yourself in a desperate situation for the bathroom?” Anna snickers a little trying to hide the fact she could be getting turned on.

“Well let’s see. I think I was with my family on the way home from my grandparents after the holiday weekend. I really needed to pee and poop. Especially after all the food we ate! Uh Anna I was really struggling and I barely made it until I got home” Jane sighs recalling her intense moment.

“That does seem like a rough struggle. Well at least it’ll be a fun one this evening” Anna grins as they reach the shop and go inside. Jane shows Anna where the certain popcorn is. It’s not on the main display shelf, but along the back wall with other flavors. They pick out a flavor together and get a small bag. The flavor is a mix of cheesy popcorn and this extra butter flavor. “Here Jane I’ll buy the popcorn for us. I insist!” Anna giggles.

“Alright Anna you’re too kind, but I’ll get the movie tickets then” Jane replies as Anna checks out and they leave the store. The girls return to the car and Anna opens the bag of popcorn. She pours herself and handful for herself and then hands it to Jane who does the same. “Mmm this is really good! I’m glad you got me to try these Anna.” Janes chews finishing her handful.

“Of course! I’ll put the rest away because too much will not end too well” Anna replies tucking the popcorn bag in Jane’s purse. Jane leaves the parking lot and starts driving around town. “What should we do for dinner?” Anna asks looking the other cute and small shops on the main strip.

“I’ve had a taste for some pizza? How about pizza by the slice at this place I know?” Jane says.

“Pizza sounds great!” Anna replies wondering how the pizza will react with their special popcorn. Jane turns in the direction of the pizza joint, which isn’t far. They drive for a little while and find a spot to park.

“Here Anna I’ll get the slices and drinks! What kinda of pizza do you want?” Jane asks.

“Um just pepperoni and a water is just fine thank you Jane” Anna smiles as Jane gets out to get their food. She comes back a few minutes later and they have their pizza. “Jane this pizza is delicious! How have I never been here before?” Anna says in between bites.

“It’s just my favorite place and it’s kinda located on the other end of town so that could be why” Jane replies. She’s already feeling full and bloated as she finishes her pizza. A quiet fart escapes as she sets hers and Anna’s boxes behind them in the back seat trash bag.

Anna pretended not to hear anything, but still smiles looking out the window. “That was a great dinner thank you again. Do you still want to got to the show?” Anna asks turning back to face Jane.

“Yeah sure that will be fun!” She smiles starting her car. It’s not a far drive either!” Jane says as she pulls out of the parking lot. “Ugh I’m feeling really full and kinda bloated” Jane says.

Anna who is starting to feel the same way replies, “me too. I’m sure the popcorn and pizza are definitely going to kick in sometime this evening” Anna warns Jane as they get closer to the theater. A few moments later they arrive and Jane finds a parking spot.

“Ready to go in?” Jane asks smiling as she unbuckles herself gathering her purse.

Anna stomach rumbles a bit and she replies, “oh yeah let’s go!” She’s beginning to feel an urge to fart more than the need to use the toilet, but the soda and pizza are going to kick in soon. They walk into the theater and Anna buys their tickets and a nice worker gestures to the theater number they’re going to. “Thanks!” Anna says leading Jane to the right theater. “There’s definitely no need for snacks after our dinner and the effects that are going to happen later” Anna thought glancing at the concessions. The movie is supposed to be an action comedy or sorts. Anna isn’t to worried about the movie choice as her diyarbakır escort stomach gurgles a bit more.

“Mmm I’m feeling pretty bloated” Jane says as they find some seats. They are tucked in the back top corner and it looks like they will have most of the theater alone for this showing with only a few others scattered down below. Jane’s tummy rumbles and a low sounding fart escapes. “Oooh I’m sorry about that…” Jane blushes hard upset she couldn’t hold it in. It was kinda a wet one and she’s a feeling an urge to poop begin to slightly occur.

“It’s alright, I might do the same soon” Anna says rubbing her belly. As the movie starts Anna can’t hold back her urge to fact as her sphincter gives in and a squeaky fart rips from her ass. “Oh my gosh Jane I’m sorry!” She blushes kinda smiling and glancing over at Jane.

“No worries Anna this is definitely an adventurous night so far!” Jane replies. A few more farts escape from Jane as the movie progresses, and she massages her stomach now and again. Then her most recent fart startles her. Rrrrrrrrrp! “Oh my goodness” Jane gasps whispering to Anna. “That one might be getting things moving” Jane says with worried look in her face.

Anna reaches over laying a hand in Jane’s thigh and replies, “if you want to go to the bathroom it’s alright Jane. If you don’t want to hold it or anything with me that’s ok.”

Jane gently places her hand on top of Anna’s not watching the movie anymore and leans close, “I can wait a while longer Anna” she whispers quick kissing a peck on Anna’s cheek.

Anna blushes very hard and kinda freezes in her spot taken a back. She never thought her amazing friend who is also attractive as well would have feelings towards her. A quick moment later she gathers herself breaking her trance and replies, “Sounds good Jane and you’re too cute” Anna whispers reaching over and kissing Jane on her lips. She leans back to her seat turning back to the movie very turned on. Her tummy rumbles again and her bladder is filling as well.

Jane giggles after Anna kisses her and also returns to the movie. Her situation is similar except she has more of an urge to poo since she hasn’t really gone all day.

The rest of the movie plays on with the same amount of excitement. Anna and Jane both continue farting as their urge to go gets a bit stronger. They also sneak a few more kisses followed by more blushing. Now the end credits begin to roll and Jane quickly stands whispering to Anna, “I really gotta go to the toilet now, can I at least let pee so I can focus on holding in my other end?” She asks squirming a little.

“Yeah sure let’s hurry up and stop in the bathrooms here quick” Anna replies. She follows Jane out of the theater who pauses a few times taking small steps.

“Oh my I’m so close to losing it” Jane wines are she stumbles in the ladies room. “Here just come in here with me” Jane says opening up the bigger handicapped stall. Anna follows her in and shuts the door feeling more turned up seeing Jane in this situation. Before Jane sits down the bends over and lifts her skirt a bit exposing her white lace panties. “Oh Anna did I ruin these?” Jane asks blushing a little.

Anna now really feeling excited reaches down a squeezes her ass quick and replies, “it’s not bad Jane just a few skid marks” Anna snickers.

Jane jumps a little from the squeeze and turns around lowering her panties and sits on the toilet. Jane sighs as her full bladder empties into the toilet. “They are too bad I guess” Jane finally replies finishing her business. “I still have an urge to poop though” she says facing Anna. “Does that excite you Anna?” Jane smirks leaning close.

“Mmm yeah it kinda does” Anna purrs brushing Jane’s hair off to the side. She closes her eyes feeling her heart race. Jane leans into her pushing Anna into the door. Anna’s lips press softly against Jane’s as they deeply kiss. Anna slips her tongue into Jane’s mouth swirling it with Jane’s. They both moan as the passionately kiss.

Anna breaks off from their kiss as she feels her stomach grumble again as her urge to poop becomes rather strong all of a sudden. She clenches her ass for a few seconds helping keep in her load. “Oh Jane that was amazing” Anna breathes. “I think we should head out before we either get caught or one of us really has to go”

“That’s a good idea” Jane smiles as she gropes Anna’s plump ass through her yoga pants. “I’d rather hold out longer with you at home in a more comfortable spot” she replies.

Anna giggles and shakes her ass before leaving the stall. They wash up and leave the theater. It’s now pitch black outside as they get to Jane’s car to drive back. “Did you have a good time at the show Jane?” Anna asks buckling in.

“Mmm I think I did thank you for getting the tickets” Jane winks starting the car. She pulls out of the lot for the short drive home. Anna gently lays a hand on her thigh as she drives. Anna squeezes a little and then gently antalya escort brushes her hand under her skirt. “Hey there whatcha doin?” Jane blushes and smiles.

“Oh just nothing. Just keeping myself distracted. I’ve really gotta go soon, so I thought I’d keep both of our minds occupied for a bit” Anna replies. Her urge to poop is growing stronger now. Anna’s bladder is very full as well. Every bump the car it’s Anna feels a jolt hit her bladder. Having an accident in Jane’s car is not what she had planned for this evening.

Anna while in a bit of discomfort. Takes a finger and slowly pokes and slides it along Jane’s panties. Jane takes a quick sharp breath as she manages to focus on the road. As they turn into their neighborhood, Jane’s crotch is a little damp from the teasing.

Jane pulls into her driveway and Anna removes her hand. “Ugh I really got to use the bathroom Anna. I’m really bloated and my bowels are really upset.” Jane wines getting out of the car.

“Yeah me too Jane. I can wait a little while longer though” Anna says following Jane inside. Jane nods in agreement as they slip off there shoes.

“Here lets go upstairs in my room and wait there?” Jane asks as her bowels gurgle noticeably.

“That’s a good idea let’s go” Anna replies starting to cross her legs. She follows Jane up the stairs peeking up her skirt at those white panties with a brown spot. “She must really have to poop. I wonder how much more she can take it?” Anna thought.

Jane opens up her room and plops down on her bed. She turns her tv on and pats on the spot next to her for Anna to sit. Anna sits down next to her, but she can’t keep still for very long. Anna grunts as she looses control of her bowels. She clenches hard on her sphincter. A thick turd is prairie-dogging and Anna is just barely to stop it from advancing.

Jane notices Anna’s situation. “Hey how are you holding up over there?” She asks softly wrapping an arm around Anna’s back.

“I’m so close to losing it Jane. Oh and my bladder feels like a water balloon. Mmm like when you’re filling one, but you don’t stop and the thin rubber just stretches and stretches. Ugh I’m about to burst!” Anna moans as she crosses her legs.

“Oh Anna we should probably go pretty quick then. I’ve been just barely able to hold bac- mmmmph uh oh…” Jane trails off. Her stomach grumbles and she stands up but freezes. I quick hot fart escapes and Jane wines, “Anna I gotta go now! It’s coming out!”

Anna peeks under her skirt in time to see a turd begin to poke against the fabric making a nice tent. Anna is getting wet even though she’s also about to do the same thing replies, “You better hurry up Jane or you’ll make a mess in your room!” She grunts also starting to get up.

Jane rushes to her bathroom down the hall, flips on the light, closes the door, yanks her soiled panties down and sits on the toilet. Anna slowly gets up to follow. Anna hears a lot of plops and farts as Jane sighs of relief emptying her bowels. “Oh goodness Anna that was very exciting I also had a huge accident!” She calls to Anna.

At this point Anna is taking small steps and is approaching the bathroom door. She’s losing her battle and her sphincter is tiring faster than she’d like. The thick warm turd is slowly but surly pushing and pressing her anus open. Anna grunts in desperation, “mmmph I can’t hold it in any longer!” She pants bending her knees a little. Anna’s bladder is full to the brim and she tucks a hand between her legs and she struggles to get to the door. Anna knocks and pee dances in front of the door. “Um Jane can you open up I’m about to have an accident! I didn’t think it was this bad!” Anna cries.

“Just a minute Anna! I’m still going!” Jane calls back as another wave of warm turds escape her ass.

“I – I can’t wait a minute Jane I’m about to shit in my panties! Can you just let me in?” Anna stutters back pleading.

“Hold on a sec I’ve got an idea. Um… would you be ok with sitting on my lap?” Jane asks timidly.

“Jane you’re incredibly hot and I’ve really gotta go I really wouldn’t mind!” Anna says but it’s a little too late. As she hears Jane stand to get up her sphincter gives in and the knobby wide turd crackles and forces it’s way out and begins to fill her light green panties. At the same time Anna freezes and loses control of her bulging bladder which squirts out a quick jet of warm pee dampening her panties and leggings in the front.

Jane opens the door quickly and sits back down to continue pooping. Anna stumbles in lowering her panties down and sits on Jane’s lap. Finally sweet relief. She discreetly flips the turd from her panties into the toilet as she sighs as her pee jets out hissing against the bowl. “Jane I’ve never been so close to messing myself before” Anna says catching her breath as she too relieves her bowels.

“I actually did have some fun Anna” Jane snickers reaching around gropes Anna’s boobs. “Let’s get cleaned up and rest on my bed now” Jane whispers in Anna’s ear.

“But Jane I don’t have anything to change into?” Anna replies looking a little down.

“Oh no worries I’ve got something for you” Jane says kissing Anna’s neck for a minute. She smacks Anna’s plump ass. “Get cleaned up and I’ll be in my room ok?” Jane smiles as they both get up. The toilet was very full and barely flushed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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