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The Lady Privateer

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Robert had been invited to a party by a mutual friend of Anne Simpson. He was intrigued and went because the party didn’t sound like the typical party for the people that he usually hung with. This one was a costume party for one thing. There was the opportunity to meet different people than the normal crowd for another. Robert had also been told that Anne herself was an attractive and available lady and he was always looking for his soul mate.

He decided to dress like Johnny Depp’s character in “Pirates of The Caribbean” and you can imagine how stunned he was when he was introduced to the very attractive Anne who was garbed as a female Pirate with a peg leg. She wore a colourful, billowy silk blouse, flowing hat with feathers, a bright red waist sash and pantaloons that featured her long stocking leg with silver buckled black shoe and a black peg leg trimmed with silver.

Robert had always had a fascination for lower limbed amputee women so he was agog not just by Anne’s costume and her particularly good looks and statuesque presence, he was also mesmerized by her amazing ability to look totally convincing perched on the shiny peg poking out from the bottom of the left side of her wide pantaloons. She really had done an amazing job on her costume.

Anne loved his choice of costume (“Oh, we match!”) and told him how “her character” was based on a freewheeling woman of means from the 1880’s who was strong, aggressive and very independent; in other words, a successful Privateer. She spoke of her character’s desire to shock people, to frighten them and to force them to do the things that only a sexy female pirate could imagine. She told a fine story and she clearly captured Robert’s attention. Her story was neat he thought but what fascinated him the most was Anne’s apparent ability to move gracefully and convincingly on her one long stocking leg and shiny black peg.

Anne suggested they “grab some grog” at the bar and sit for a couple of minutes. She asked Robert to carry her cocktail while he followed behind as she led the way to a part of the patio that had a small fire burning and a comfortable looking lounger that was empty. She reached the seats ahead of Robert, spun on her stocking leg, reached down to her peg “knee” and made a twisting motion then gracefully sat down as her peg folded neatly at the point where a knee should have been.

It immediately struck Robert that the peg part of Anne’s costume was not a costume; she was wearing a real peg leg! She was a real above knee amputee! He sat beside her. His mind was spinning mersin escort crazily, not from the cocktail but from the fact that he was engaged in conversation with a very attractive and available woman who was also an amputee, a characteristic he had always craved in women.

He handed her her drink and smiled.

“That song that’s on right now is one of my all time favorites. Would you like to dance?”

“Oh Robert, I would love to but there are some obvious difficulties doing that with my peg and besides, I really do need to mingle. It would be fun to try dancing again though but only if I was held tight in the arms of some hunky guy. Do you know any “hunky guys” around here tonight?” she teased.

The Pirate character for costume parties was a natural for her Anne explained.

“Georgia, who invited you tonight, and I have this costume thing every year for the past 6 yrs. or so. The first year I dressed as a mushroom but that didn’t work. I found the Pirate character to be altogether an easier story to relate to and tell and be, so, I’m a Pirate Matey. Cheers!” She took a healthy swig of her grog.

“Most new people who come, and we both want at least half new people at the party every year, have no idea that I am sporting a real peg leg and that I really am one legged. I notice though that you had that one figured,” she added with a slightly mischievous tone. Then, true to her character, she downed her drink and with a sad tone in her voice she said that she had to circulate through the party and be the Hostess. “I hope that you hang around until the end, maybe even give me an extra leg tidying up later?”

Robert’s chest was pounding. This was more than he had dreamed of all those years. As a devotee, he had long ago given up on ever meeting a woman of his particular fascination. Here was a woman, though, who engaged him easily in conversation and who was very attractive. Here was a woman who spoke openly of what must have been, and perhaps still is, a major setback in her life. Here was a woman who was flirting with him and was responding to his flirtations as well. Anne was a man’s dream and to Robert she was the seeming embodiment of his favorite female traits like humour, intelligence, communication and on and on as well as an amputee. This was indeed a dream come true.

She made no apologies for her unique feature and she didn’t even ask Robert what he thought about it all. She spoke of all this so naturally and unassumingly. Could she somehow have peeked inside Robert’s kocaeli escort head and seen that she was everything he had been thinking about since his marriage dissolved so many years ago? Could she somehow have divined that he was a Devotee and found one legged women more complete than their two legged sisters. Could she possibly know that he believed one legged, asymmetric women to be more desirable than the bland, homogenized image of female perfection that dominated society?

All these thoughts swirled in his brain. Time was at a standstill for him. He felt as if he was in a dream. For sure he was smitten. He heard himself, over the noise in his head and the beating of his heart saying, “Go on Anne. You visit. I’ll help out where I can and I’ll be urging your Guests to “move along” so we can resume this conversation later.” She laughed and added that it wasn’t a bad idea.

Anne had just said good night to the last Guests. She pegged into the kitchen where Robert was filling the dishwasher and walked up to him. She pretended to fall into his arms in feigned exhaustion. “I’m tired and need to change into something more comfortable. Wanna make us a drink and stay around for a bit,” she said with a warm gleam in her eyes.”

“Just point me at the booze and I’ll make a couple of Lattes. Don’t be long or I might end up drinking yours,” he smiled. With that she stood tip toe in her shoe and gave Robert a suggestive kiss on his mouth.

The two Gran Marnier Lattes were on their way to the end table beside the sofa when he heard a dull thump and swish from down the hall. With glasses in hand he turned to welcome Anne back to his arms and almost fell over. She had changed into a white, billowy, silk pantaloon and top set with the left leg sewn shut about mid-upper thigh. Her stump was perfectly enclosed in a white silk pocket. On her right foot was a platform wedge sandal with about a 4″ heel making Anne almost 6′ tall on her long, well toned and shaped right leg.

She crutched up to his chest and wrapped her arms around him. At 6’3″ himself, they fit together perfectly. They hugged. He leaned back and reached a hand to her cheek. He gently urged her lips closer to his. After a delicious pause, he nibbled her mouth then smothered her ripe lips in a tender, probing kiss. The kiss was returned and for several minutes they kissed, nibbled, caressed and licked each other.

Lost in her passion, Anne began stroking Robert’s neck and rubbing his back. Her crutches fell to the floor and the samsun escort clatter brought the pair back to reality. Anne swooned and might have crumpled had Robert not had a firm grip of her waist.

He helped her turn and sit and plopped himself down on her right side. In an almost shocked silence, the two sipped their drinks. It was Robert who broke the reverie. “I am really attracted to you Anne and I don’t want to do anything that might jeopardize us getting to know each other better. I’m also a stupid guy and when a gorgeous woman kisses me, strokes my cheek, rubs my back and pays attention to me, I feel pressures that I believe are pretty natural.”

Anne placed a finger to his lips. “Shhhh. I’m amazed at what we are doing here. I know that there is a huge built up pressure in me about men. There haven’t been many in my life these past 8 years. My marriage pretty much fell apart when my Ex found that a one legged partner was not to his fancy. It’s 8 years since I’ve felt this kind of intense physical desire. We are both grown ups and I am perfectly aware of what I am doing here. You fascinate me. In fact, you turn me on. I’m not going to stand on ceremony here or sit back. Everything I was told about you seems real and I’m not going to perhaps lose this opportunity that we both seem to have here. I want you to make love to me and unless I’ve misread your eyes all night, I think you want to make love to me.”

Robert put his cup on the table. He stood and faced Anne and pulled her to her foot. That done, he enveloped Anne in his arms and slowly began swaying with her to an old Eagles tune. They kissed, they stroked and they swayed. At one point, as Robert was swaying to his left, and as if it was a practiced movement, he accelerated the movement and swept Anne off of her foot and swung her around a half circle before she gently lowered her leg to the floor. She took a stutter hop and kept swaying without missing a beat. Anne gazed dreamily into Robert’s eyes and she whispered how it had been ages since she last danced with someone. As they swayed together, Robert reached down with his right hand and cupped it over the end of her silky stump pocket. He rolled it and massaged it and felt the short length of bone inside as the soft flesh flubbered around the remaining femur. Anne caressed the back of Robert’s neck, she kissed and cooed into his ear, she dropped her right hand to his swollen member and began gently to massage and urge it out from his pants. When she was able to pop it free from its fetters, she directed her stump to its tip and pushed and prodded with that remnant of a bone cushioned inside her perfectly formed stump.

“I think you have swept me off my foot sir. Would you like to sweep me into the bedroom now?” she purred.

Robert lifted this beautiful woman into his arms. He gazed into her eyes and kissed her mouth. “Show me the way OK?”

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