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The Loving Husband Ch. 19

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The short synopsis of this story to date is included below, but reading the previous chapters may help. Also, in this chapter, I explore something that was recommended by a reviewer.


This is the continuing story of a cuckquean, my wife, Ann. She had been reading cuckold stories on line and decided that she was a cuckquean, a kind of female cuckold. This was based on how enthralled and excited she became by imagining me having sex with other women. I was shocked, but she pursued it. She didn’t show any tendencies toward the humiliation or denial part, but loved knowing I was having sex with other women. Apparently, this started with some voyeuristic tendencies about watching someone she was involved with have sex with another woman when she was in college and now she got off on thinking I was having sex with other women. I didn’t understand it, but she pursued it and I started doing so.

In the last chapter, I welcomed Mary back to work, but she got an offer from a senior VP, so I was going to have to find another admin assistant. Then my wife, Ann, invited the voluptuous Anita over to make a movie. She wanted another movie of me fucking someone. But it turned out rather tame in her mind, so then we went over to Anita’s house where we learned that Bob had a fantasy of seeing her fucked by another guy. He really got into and pushed her and then let Ann jerk him off all over his wife’s tits while I fucked her and filled her with cum. It turned out that he was really pushing her to be slutty. It was a great night.

For a couple of days, I came home to find Ann busy with the kids and we’d work on getting them through sports, homework, etc. Once they were in bed, Ann was a firecracker. She loved hearing me retell our time with Anita and Bob. When I got to the part where Bob called Anita a slut and pushed her limits while she was fucking me, Ann would cum every time.

Soon, however, we were back to barely keeping up with the kids and having any energy left by the time they were down. We got to one point where we hadn’t had sex or fun in about a week. Finally, one Friday, Ann told me that her parents were coming over to pick up the kids on Saturday morning and keep them until Sunday afternoon.

That night, Ann got busy after getting ready for bed. She seemed especially turned on and when I asked her what was going on, she said she arranged for some fun tomorrow. I couldn’t argue with either her being horny or having fun with others, so we had a very vigorous evening. She seemed particularly pleased with the way I teased her pussy and clit with my tongue, making her wait for a while before I let her cum.

On Saturday, we got the kids up and ready for a day with the grandparents. They were jumping for joy. Their grandparents bought them whatever they wanted, took them wherever they wanted to go, and let them do whatever they wanted. Well, maybe it wasn’t that bad, but it was close!

The kids were gone by 10am and Ann and I relaxed and picked up a few things. At noon, the doorbell rang. Ann told me to stay put since it was a surprise. So I waited. Ann came back and said I had to wait a little longer after the first delivery. Delivery? What the hell did that mean?

About 15 minutes later the doorbell rang again. This time, Ann led a young woman that I hadn’t seen in a while into the kitchen.

“Jessica! How good to see you again.” The young redhead was wearing a tight white sleeveless top and tight jean shorts.

“Hey, John.” Jessica grinned and came over to give me a hug. I pulled her in and gave her a hug with my right hand squarely on her left butt cheek. She chuckled and looked over at my wife. “I can’t tell you how surprised I was when your wife told me that that was a setup the last time I was here babysitting.”

“Yeah, but your reaction was interesting.”

“Ha, ha. I was pretty scared at first. You guys had me thinking I was in real trouble.”

“Well, you weren’t. It was just a practical joke.”

“Well, Ann tells me you guys are going to make it up to me today.”

Now it was my turn to grin at the two of them. “I certainly hope so.”

Ann turned to Jessica. “So are you ready?”

I turned to Ann. “Ready for what?”

Ann grinned. “Well, you need to go upstairs and make sure you are nice and clean, right Jessica?”


I narrowed my eyes at the two of them. “What’s going on here?”

Ann giggled. “Okay, I’ll tell you. You and Jessica have been hired to do another modeling gig for Kathy’s line of erotic clothing.”

I looked back and forth between the two of them. “Where?”

Ann pointed left toward the living room. “Right here. Kathy arranged to bring three of her favorite female customers here.” Ann looked at her watch. “They should be here in about 15 minutes.”

Jessica held her hand out. “Come on, John. Let’s go upstairs and get ready.”

I looked down. “I’m not ready?”

Jessica shook her head. “Ann told me to make sure to make sure you were trimmed Tuzla Escort close. She wants to show off your equipment.”

I looked over at Ann and she smiled and shrugged, so I took Jessica’s hand and she led me for the stairs.

“Hey!” Ann yelled at us and we both turned. “Don’t play! You need to be ready for modeling.”

Jessica grinned. “I know. I’ll take it easy on him.”

I shook my head. “Gee, thanks.”

We went upstairs. I went to the bedroom and started stripping. Jessica just watched. I finished undressing and stood in front of her naked.

Jessica grinned. “You have a nice cock, John, but let’s shorten the hair around your cock and balls.”

My cock responded with a little twitch and started filling with blood at the frankness of Jessica’s remarks. I grinned.

Jessica shook her head and looked at my cock. “Those things really do have a mind of their own, don’t they?” I just shrugged. Jessica reached out and grabbed my cock. “This way, please.”

Jessica led me into the bathroom where my wife had put out my electric trimmers. Jessica picked them up and dialed in the setting she wanted. “Step into here.” Jessica pointed to the shower. “Then we can just wash the hair down the drain.”

I stepped into the shower and Jessica toed off her shoes and stepped in, too. She reached down and lifted up my balls. “Put your foot up on the side.” I did and Jessica went to work trimming around my balls. She continued to hold my cock and it hardened. Jessica then released my cock and moved my balls around as she trimmed. She got most of it from my balls and my legs leading to my balls, which was already pretty short, but needed to be trimmed a little closer. She then grabbed my cock and moved it around as she took care of what was around the base of my cock. It was barely showing, but she trimmed it much closer.

When she was done, Jessica moved everything around to check her job and cleaned up a couple of spaces. “There.” She smiled up at me. “Much better.”

Jessica pulled down the showerhead and turned the water on. Once it was warm, she rinsed me off from the waist down and put it back. She then got a towel and dried my ass and junk. “Now, step out onto the mat.” I did and she dried off my legs and feet. Jessica turned and grabbed the lotion that was on the sink, she squirted some into her hands and massaged it into everywhere she shaved. My cock got hard again. Jessica grinned and gave my cock a light slap. “Not now. Let’s get ready for the show. The clothes we’re showing today are in the guest bedroom. Kathy should have put them in there already.”

I just wrapped a towel around my waist and we made our way to the guest bedroom. There were several boxes in there and Kathy was just finishing depositing them.

“Hey, guys.” Kathy turned and eyed us up and down. “Nice.” She turned to a paper on the bed. “There are 4 outfits here and I have them in numbered boxes. I also have them listed on this paper. Any questions?”

“I think we’re good.” I turned to Jessica and she was already looking in box number 1.

“I’ll call you in a little while. Let’s get the ladies get a little more lubricated.” She winked at us, making the sign for drinking, and left.

Jessica put the first box on the bed and we pulled out the outfits. Her’s was in several pieces. It included a black latex bra and panty set, the panties in thong style, some black hold up stockings, and black 5″ heels. Mine was a set of black latex shorts, a black net tank top, and black sandals.

Jessica grinned and just stripped. I watched with interest as her beautiful, pink-nippled tits came into view. Then her completely shaved snatch followed. It wasn’t until she was ready that I realized I hadn’t started. I dropped my towel and got dressed. We sat there for a couple of minutes while I tried not to attack the delicious little treat sitting next to me and then Kathy called us down. We stood and Jessica led the way. Her ass looked delectable in that thong.

When we got downstairs we were met by stares and giggles. I could tell the ladies had been drinking, but they must have had a couple even before they got here. There were 5. Among them were Ann and Anita. That left three others that I didn’t recognize. I noticed that Ann was wearing a short skirt and blouse, with no bra. Anita was wearing a sun dress. It was also not as opaque as it should have been. The other three ladies were all in skirts and blouses and they were all in their thirties and good-looking. There were two brunettes who looked to be in good shape and a redhead with large, pushed up tits. She grinned at me as she looked me up and down and I stared at her tits. Nice!

Kathy announced us and described Jessica’s outfit. She ran her hands over her latex covered tits as she described the feeling of wearing latex. Jessica just grinned. After she finished, Kathy turned to me. She described the top and then the fact that the shorts were latex. “Now as you can see, this latex outlines Gebze Escort a man’s package pretty well.” Kathy ran her hands over my cock and it came to life a little more. The shorts were very tight, so it was well outlined. She grabbed my arm and made sure I turned. “And the back. Whew! It really outlines how nice and firm a man’s ass is.” She grabbed both my cheeks and played with them. I knew this kind of thing might happen, but this was pretty demonstrative and this was the first outfit.

“Okay, ladies, should we go onto the next outfit?” There was a murmuring of approval and Jessica and I went back upstairs.

The second box contained “sleepwear”. Although it appeared that the idea was to stimulate the partner to the point of having it removed rather than be comfortable for sleep. Jessica’s was a very small pair of panties and a kind of silky top with spaghetti straps. The garment was opaque, but very thin. As she put it on, she grinned at me and shook her tits. The nipples were highly defined in the top. We had been keeping it professional so far.

I removed my leather shorts and net top and found silky sleep shorts that were very brief. They were also tight enough to pull tight against my cock. Jessica came over and rubbed it, making it harder and stand out more. I grinned and gave her a nice open handed slap on her ass. She jumped and yelped and then giggled and headed for the door.

When we got downstairs, Kathy again went through her description of the fabrics, sizes, and other information about our wardrobe, or lack thereof. Then she asked any of the women if they wanted to feel the fabric. They nodded and so Kathy took Jessica and paraded her in front of the somewhat boisterous group.

Ann was first and just felt the fabric of the top between her fingers. Then came Anita and she ran her hand up Jessica’s leg along the back and up onto her ass. Jessica giggled and the other women laughed. Next was the first brunette. Kathy called her Betty. Betty carefully felt it the same way Ann did. The redhead came next and she reached up and ran her right hand over Jessica’s tit. Jessica moaned a little and the ladies giggled, and the redhead took her hand away with a little blush. The other ladies were calling her Violet. At the last brunette, named Rhonda, Jessica was again rubbed and felt up, this time on her crotch. She squirmed as Rhonda felt her up. Rhonda stared up at her as she did so, seemingly challenging her to do something.

Then Kathy turned to me and grinned. I knew it was coming, too. These ladies were well on their way to being drunk and were enjoying fondling the models. Ann only felt my ass briefly, but Anita grabbed my cock through the shorts, stroking it. It hardened immediately. The other ladies were watching closely and I could see the redhead lick her lips. Anita let me go and Betty took over. She also rubbed my cock, trying to gauge its length. Then it was time for the redhead. She sat forward and ran one hand over my ass. She didn’t try to feel my cock but she started at it hungrily. After about 15 seconds, Kathy told her to let me move on. The last woman, Rhonda, just grabbed my cock and stared for a few seconds. Then she let it go.

Kathy told us to go straight to the last outfit as we turned for the stairs.

Jessica and I went upstairs and I followed her closely, my face almost in her ass. I was getting so fucking horny.

When we got there, Jessica immediately ripped of her outfit and rubbed her pussy. “I’m trying to be good, but I’m really fucking horny.”

“Me, too.” I pulled down my shorts and my cock popped free. Jessica stared at it like a starving cheetah.

She opened the last box and giggled. She first held up my item. It was hilarious. It looked like a man’s G-string, skintight, with a large cock holder or cock sock in the front. She held it up. “You think it will fit?”

“Of course.”

“Yeah, but an erection might push it away from your body a little.”

“I think that’s the point. Now, let’s see what you have.”

Jessica held up her outfit. It was some kind of harness type contraction. It had straps and chains that would go around your chest and outline it perfectly, with the nipples sticking out in the middle of two rings. The bottom had straps that went around between the legs, but on the outside of the pussy, leaving it completely exposed. Jessica put it against her body. “Holy fuck! This is going to be interesting.”

We dressed. My cock started going down so Jessica stroked it, making sure it was hard. I returned the favor by sucking on her nipples, making them hard and pointy. I also rubbed her pussy and found it wet.

Jessica pushed me away. “Enough or I’m going to fuck you right here.”

I stepped back and waved toward the door. “After you, my slutty lady.”

Jessica gave a snort and walked out. I followed.

When we came into view, they ladies all looked up and stared. Ann was the only one who said anything out loud. “Now that’s fucking Aydınlı Escort hot!”

As we approached, Kathy described the merchandise. She described Jessica’s first as she directed us to stand in front of the group. “Jessica is wearing a black body harness bra and panty set. You’ll notice that it’s all latex straps around and over the boobs with a ring that is positioned over the nipple that the straps attach to.” Kathy reached up and rubbed Jessica’s right nipple. “This leaves the nipples viewable and available for play.” Jessica’s nipples hardened again. “This can be stimulating for both the woman and her partner. Now the bottom is similarly made of the latex straps and the straps go under on either side of the pussy, leaving it available for viewing and play, also.” Kathy ran her fingers under and through Jessica’s pussy. Jessica gave a sharp intake of breath and I could see the women were also becoming aroused. Kathy held up her hand. It was wet. “And, as you can see, it can be arousing for the wearer if she likes showing off.” Kathy grinned and Jessica smiled.

Now Kathy came to me. “Now for the man we have the thong sleeve. Turn around John.” I did so. “Some women like to see their man’s ass with a small thong strap in it.” Kathy slapped my right cheek. “And some like to spank it.” She gave me another whack. “Now turn back around, John. Good. Now ladies, as you can see, John’s cock is in the cock sleeve like a foot in a sock. It highlights the cock and gives it a nice viewable look for his partner.” Kathy reached down and hefted my cock, which was hard enough that it didn’t need much lifting. “This is a nice cock, so it fills the sleeve nicely.” She started stroking me. “And it’s really nice to tease and play with it.”

I stood there, enjoying Kathy playing with my cock, and looked at the women. I don’t think I had seen so many staring, hungry looks on the faces of 5 women sitting in a living room. They were all fixated on my cock.

Kathy turned to Jessica and whispered something. Jessica turned to me and stroked me, grinning. The other ladies just watched and stared. Jessica then slid to her knees and I knew that Kathy was getting the party started.

Jessica and I were turned so that the ladies could see us from the side. Jessica looked over at them and grinned as she slowly pulled my thong away from my body and the sleeve off my cock. When she got near the top, she yanked it down, letting my cock slap up against me and bob to a ninety-degree angle, pointed at her face. The ladies all let out sounds of some kind. There was one sharp intake of breath, a couple of sighs, and one, my wife, who muttered something loud enough for all to hear. “Nice cock!”

Jessica turned and took my cock into her mouth and started sucking. She was a good cock sucker and I liked having it sucked while a bunch of other women were watching. Jessica only sucked for about 30 seconds and then turned to Anita. I guess she was told that she would be easily tempted. “Come over and suck this cock, you horny, pregnant bitch.” She laughed as she said that and Anita smiled.

In two seconds Anita was on her knees and taking my cock into her mouth. Jessica reached under Anita’s dress and when she hit pay dirt, her pussy, Anita groaned as she sucked my cock. Jessica seemed to be fingering her while she sucked me.

Jessica then reached up and pulled Anita off my cock by her hair. “Stand up.” My cock stood straight out, wet and ready to fuck something. “Let’s get this off.” She grabbed Anita’s sundress by the bottom and lifted. It came all the way off leaving her naked; no underwear at all. She was getting a small bulge from being pregnant and her tits looked swollen. Jessica led her to the couch. “Sit down on the edge, lean back, and pull your legs up. You’re going to get fucked first.” Anita obeyed.

When she pulled her legs back, being one of the three ladies on the couch, it got crowded. She was on the left as I stood there, followed by Betty and Violet. When she pulled her legs back, Jessica grabbed Betty’s right hand. “Here, hold this leg for her.” Betty didn’t even flinch, but grabbed the leg and held it back and open.

I walked over between Anita’s legs. She was completely shaved, very wet, and looked hungry for cock. She ran her hand over her plump lips. “Since I got pregnant I’m so fucking horny.”

The other ladies seemed a little surprised at this pregnant woman talking so frankly and being so quick to fuck. Then Anita turned to her left where the Betty and Violet were sitting. She assumed that they had kids, too. “Didn’t you get horny as fuck when you were pregnant?”

Betty just sat there and stared. Violet answered. “Hell, yes. My husband was fucked within an inch of his life when I was pregnant.” Then she looked away, like she was shocked that she said that.

Anita smiled. “Then you know what I mean. Get over here closer and put his cock in my pussy. Feel that hard cock. It’s so good.”

Violet hesitated. I couldn’t tell which person she was. The forward one staring at my cock or the one who would suddenly blush when she said something a little too risqué. Jessica helped her out. She reached over and grabbed Violet’s arm. “C’mon. Otherwise, I’m gonna get in there and handle that cock.”

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