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The Office Team-Building Day Ch. 08

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I rolled my shoulders and rubbed the back of my neck, wincing as I kneaded my tight muscles. I sat in the waiting room of the massage therapy clinic reflecting on my stressful week at work. Carmen had been riding me hard, unfortunately not in the way I wanted her to ride me. I needed to relax, if only for 30 minutes. I was happy for the massage clinic that was in my building at work, and I looked forward to seeing Rachel, my masseuse.

Rachel was born in Japan, but moved here at a young age. Her Japanese name is Raku, which means “pleasure”. An incredibly appropriate name, in my opinion. Rachel was in her early twenties, and was absolutely stunning. She had kept her teenage girlish features, and she was slim, with generous breasts that protruded proudly on her lean frame. Her skin was milky white, and she kept her long black hair in a pony tail, with a fringe falling just above her large dark brown eyes.

I rarely saw her without her massage attire, which consisted of a short white kimono tied around her waist with a white sash. It was very short, but in all my visits I never managed to see what underwear she had on. She had expert hands, with enough strength to loosen the knots, but enough of a gentle touch to leave me feeling relaxed and soothed. I can’t count the number of hard-ons I’ve had as a result of her soothing caresses. We flirted, but she always remained professional.

Rachel entered from the back of the room, greeting me cheerfully.

“Hello again! How have you been?” she asked, smiling brilliantly.

“Hi Rachel. To be honest, I’ve been better. I’m in desperate need of your talents,” I replied.

She gave me a sympathetic look, then opened a side-door and ushered me into the room beyond. I entered her private room, and she left me to undress and put my towel on, as usual. I lay face down on the table, putting my face in the round cushion. After a minute, Rachel returned and began my massage.

“You’re very tight today. Stressful week?” she asked.

“Very. Carmen was being rather difficult, and I just feel like I’m getting behind on my work,” I complained.

I knew that Carmen was also one of Rachel’s clients.

“She hasn’t been bitching about me, has she?” I asked, chuckling.

Rachel laughed as she applied the oil.

“My lips are sealed,” she replied.

If she knew anything about the office ‘meeting’ we’d had with Natalie in Carmen’s office, she wasn’t letting on.

“Look, just relax and I’ll treat you nice, ok?” soothed Rachel.

I settled in for a fantastic half hour of Rachel’s beautiful hands being all over my body. Naturally, I began to picture her naked. Her hands massaged my neck, then shoulders, then my back, down to my lower back. She tugged the towel down (as she always did) until my buttocks were nearly exposed. I suspected this was farther than she would move other clients’ towels, and I enjoyed the feeling of her fingertips on my upper glutes. She did my legs next, and my daydream took over as she moved further up my thighs.

“Just lift your hips up for me for a moment,” she said softly.

I did as she asked, wondering what she might be up to. I felt the towel slide out from under me as she folded the edges up so that it was simply sitting folded on my buttocks.

“Just relax. Don’t be so jumpy. I’m just going to work on your glutes and outer thighs a bit,” she assured me.

I could feel her oily hands running up and down my leg and on the side of my ass. She had never done this before. I could feel my erection straining against the table uncomfortably. She proceeded to the other side as my mind raced with images of her soft breasts and creamy thighs.

After a few minutes, she said, “Ok, now turn over so I can do your chest.”

I hesitated. What was I going to do about my massive boner? I decided that Rachel was probably used to this sort of thing, and would behave professionally about it, as she always did. ‘What the hell do I have to lose?’ I thought.

I turned over while Rachel held the towel over me, but when my penis sprang free from the table it struck her hand and she dropped the towel in alarm.

“Oh my, I’m sorry! Let me–” she was attempting to retrieve the towel, but stopped in mid-stoop.

“Oh wow…” she said, staring at my throbbing erection.

I knew that attempting to cover it would do no good at this point. I continued to lie with my head up, wondering what would happen next. Rachel straightened up very slowly, never taking her eyes off my cock, which was lying against my stomach. Several moments past and nether of us moved a muscle. I decided to break the silence.

“I’m sorry, Rachel,” I said pathetically. “I was just… your hands were… it felt really nice, and…” I trailed off, feebly.

Rachel looked at me, her dark Asian eyes as big a saucers.

“No… that’s ok. It… It happens a lot. I’ve just never seen… you’re really big!” she managed to reply, looking back at my manhood.

“I should go–“

“–no! No… I’m sorry, that’s very rude of me,” Rachel said.

She güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri snatched a new towel from a nearby table, never taking her eyes off my cock. She regained some of her composure and looked me in the eyes. She still hadn’t covered me with the new towel.

“I have this technique that will… that will make it go back to normal,” she said.

She placed the towel next to me and reached tentatively for my dick. She did not seem to know how to handle it. She moved her hands around, testing different positions, until finally deciding to very gently pinch the tip between the fingers of her left hand and lift it until it was standing vertically. She let out an amazed sigh.

“Wow. I mean… look at you,” she admired.

She brought her right hand to my cock, but hesitated again. Slowly, she gripped the base, releasing the tip from her other hand. Her fingers did not touch around my girth. She brought her left hand towards me again, seeming to prepare some motion that would subdue my massive erection, but she stopped.

The hand dropped to my abdomen, while the right hand, slick with massage oil, ran up the length of my shaft to the base of my head. She squeezed the head firmly, then stroked downwards. A wave of pleasure swept over me. I breathed a sigh. Rachel’s head turned towards me, her ponytail swinging behind her. I chuckled nervously.

“Um, I don’t think that’s going to REDUCE my erection,” I said smiling.

Rachel laughed with me, equally nervously.

“I’m sorry. I really am. Oh god, this is so not me!” she said, quickly recovering herself.

She again prepared her hand gesture that was intended to restore my penis to its flaccid state.

“But, um… if you want to look at it a bit longer, you can. I mean, I don’t mind, really. I just don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable, that’s all,” I said, reassuringly.

“I’m not uncomfortable at all, I just don’t want you to think I do this kind of thing. I’m really not like this. I’ve never taken advantage of a client,” she spoke quickly.

“Rachel, if you’re ok, then I’m ok. I don’t think badly of you, and I believe you don’t normally act like this. Actually, I’m kind of flattered,” I admitted.

She smiled and seemed to relax.

“Well, you should be. I mean, this is a very impressive…” her words failed her as she looked back at my cock.

“I hope I’m not overstepping any bounds, but you have no idea how many erections you’ve given me. I’m surprised you didn’t notice before!” I said.

She laughed.

“I noticed, I just didn’t want to bring it up, so to speak,” she replied, giggling.

“Fair enough,” I said.

There was a pause in the conversation. Rachel looked at me nervously.

“Can… can I rub it for you?” she asked.

“I would like nothing more, Rachel,” I said.

She refocused on my dick, which had lost none of its rigidity. She ran her palm up the shaft again, right over my cock head, then back down with a firm grip. She gave me a few more slow strokes, enthralled as she watched my dick slip through her hand.

“My god, I can feel all the veins. It’s wonderful,” she said.

I looked at her as she continued to slowly stroke me. Her lips were slightly parted and her cheeks were flushed. Her breasts, as usual, were cleverly hidden, but the swells in the material spoke of the full flesh within. As I stared, I noticed the faint impressions of her nipples, hard against her kimono.

“Mmmmm, that’s really good, Rachel,” I murmured.

“I’m glad you think so. Do you want me to keep going?”

“Absolutely,” I said.

“Ok, just let me get a little oil,” she said stepping to her counter and pouring some oil in her palm.

She rubbed her hands together vigorously and returned to the table side.

“Are you sure you’re ok with this?” she asked again.

“Rachel, I’ve had a crush on you since I met you. I thought anything like this would only be in my dreams. So I insist: do whatever you want. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.”

She smiled in reply, then encased my member in her hands, one fist on top of the other. She stroked it a few times to distribute the oil, then stacked her fists again at the base. She squeezed, causing my veins to bulge and my head to swell. Then she began a twisting motion, each hand twisting a different direction, as they stroked up the shaft just over the tip and back down right to the base. The pleasure was overwhelming. My hands gripped the sides of the table.

“Aaaaah, fuck,” I moaned.

Rachel smiled widely and continued her spiral double fist hand job. She bit her lip as she worked my cock like a professional.

“Oh Rachel, you really know what you’re doing,” I said.

“I’ve had some practice. Not in this setting though,” she quickly added.

She stepped forward, leaning on the table. I let my hand wander to her leg, just below her buttock, and just above the hem of her kimono. I stroked it tentatively. She made no reaction, but continued pumping away at my member. I cupped her soft bottom güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and squeezed gently. She closed her eyes for a moment, but did not otherwise react.

“Your bottom is really nice. Do you mind that I’m touching you?” I asked her.

“Not at all. It’s only fair that you get to touch me since you’re letting me stroke your big cock,” she said, blushing furiously.

I rubbed and squeezed her ass cheek, feeling its compact but well-shaped curves. I ran my fingers down her thigh and lifted the hem of the kimono. My fingers encountered the waist of a pair of white cotton panties. With my hand now up her kimono, I again squeezed her ass through her panties.

Her stroking technique changed. She pumped with her right hand while twisting the palm of her left hand around my dick head like she was removing a bottle cap. I twitched under the stimulation, squeezing her ass rather hard.

“Oh yeah, you’re hands are so good,” I complimented her.

“Am I doing a good job?” said Rachel, squeezing a drop of pre-cum from my urethra. “Yes, I’m definitely doing a good job,” she added, my throbbing member answering for me.

I brushed my fingers gently down her ass crack to the space between her legs. I felt a warmth as I sensed her pussy lips under the thin cotton, and could feel the slight prickle of closely shaven pubic hairs. Rachel closed her eyes again as I pushed her panties against her mound. I felt dampness on my fingertips.

“Rachel… I’d really like to see more of you. I’ve always fantasized about you massaging me naked,” I hinted.

She looked at the door, which was on the far side of the room in the direction my feet were pointing but on the left hand wall; Rachel was on my right side.

“Look, we’re not allowed to lock the doors, for security reasons. There’s a chance my boss might come in. But… maybe you can undo my belt,” she looked at me smiling sheepishly.

I removed my hand from between her legs and tugged at the ends of her sash. She continued to pump my cock as I fumbled with her belt, but I eventually managed to release it. Her kimono slid open, but her breasts were still covered and my view from the side did not allow me to see her panties.

“Turn this way a bit, sweetie, let me see you,” I said softly.

Taking another nervous glance at the door, Rachel turned to face me, letting her left hand drape over her hip. Her right hand continued its firm undulating grip on my pulsing shaft as she watched my reaction. To my delight, she was not wearing a bra. The inner curves of her milky breasts were sensuous and softly curved, indicating large, natural breasts that appeared supported despite the lack of a bra. A gentle depression made its way down her smooth tummy to her navel.

“Whoa, Rachel. Do you always go bra-less at work?” I asked.

Her thumb was teasing the underside of my glans as she squeezed and relaxed her hand.

“Only for you. Did you notice?” she asked.

“Of course I did. I’d see your nipples poking through the material. Another reason I’m always getting erections during our sessions,” I said. “I’d love to see them uncovered, though.”

With a smooth sensual movement, her left hand trailed up her tummy, between her tits, and along her collarbone. She slowly brushed the front of the kimono across her chest, the silky material sliding sensuously over the swell of her left breast, her nipple hardening further under the stimulation. Reaching the apex of her nipple, the material swung aside, as Rachel ran her hand down her side and rested her hand on her hip with the kimono tucked behind it. My cock ballooned with a surge of blood as I stared at her beauty.

Rachel’s body was divine. Her perfectly shaped breast was capped by a slightly puffy, light pink areola and a hard pea-sized nipple. It was larger than I had imagined, pointing off to the side, and seemed light, almost airy. Her waist curved sensually in from her torso, and out again where her white panties framed her womanly but lean hips.

“Oh my god, Rachel. You are so sexy!” I exclaimed.

She tilted her leg inward in a coy manner and pushed her shoulder in, making it appear as if her perky tit was supported by some invisible force from below.

“I can feel your cock swell. I thought it couldn’t get any bigger!” she said.

She casually pushed the kimono off her shoulders and it tumbled to the crook of her elbows. Her other breast was a perfect match, and I ogled them with pleasure. They were verging on torpedo tits, and hung perfectly on her chest. My mouth watered at the thought of suckling her nipples.

She resumed her double-handed effort on my stiff column, her tits jiggling erotically as her hands pumped. I was hypnotised by her bosom’s jelly-like movement, as if they had a life of their own. I couldn’t control myself any longer. Rachel’s beauty was overwhelming, and I felt a familiar tingle in my loins.

“Rachel, I can’t hold it much longer, you’re going to make me cum,” I said quickly.

“Oooo, already? I was güvenilir bahis şirketleri just getting into it,” she said, still wringing my cock mercilessly. “Ok hun, give it to me! Let me see you spurt!”

She leaned over me, trying to give me the best view of her tits as she pumped my shaft with renewed vigour and aimed my cock at her jiggling chest. I was leaning slightly towards her to facilitate her intended trajectory. She was smiling widely, looking into my eyes as my balls twitched violently and a torrent of jizz spewed from my cock, splashing onto Rachel’s upper chest.

Startled by the sheer volume of semen, she stood upright and cried in surprise, her tits bouncing delightfully. The next spurt flew high into the air and struck her left collarbone, leaving a long, unbroken stripe of cum down her breast, over her nipple, continuing over her ribs, and finally ending just above her panty line. Rachel put her left hand on the side of the table and continued to milk my cock with her right, leaning forward again to receive my next offering on her right boob. She stroked my shaft harder, enthused by my copious ejaculation, and took two shots to her suspended bosom, watching the cum drip down and over her nipples. She looked at me, bemused, as I shot another spurt on her tits.

Laughing, she said, “How long have you been holding out for? This is unbelievable!”

“Ah yes Rach, you’re so good!” I managed to blurt out as another blast struck her left nipple.

Rachel returned to the two-handed grip, intent to finish me off. My eyes rolled in the back of my head as waves of pleasure continued to course through by body. Finally, I felt my orgasm taper off, one final weak squirt popping out of my dick head onto Rachel’s forearm.

I looked at Rachel again. She had partially stood up, and my jizz was running down her flat stomach, the cum running into her belly button. Semen dripped from her erect nipples. She had cum stains on her kimono around the sleeves. She continued to gently and slowly jerk me off, her smile as wide as her eyes.

“My goodness! You’ve soaked me!” she cried, surveying the sticky mess on her ample chest.

“I’m sorry, Rachel. I’ve made a mess,” I said apologetically, staring at her cum-streaked tits.

“We have plenty of towels for that,” she said, squeezing my dick with both hands and watching a bead of cum ooze from my penis and drip over my dick head onto her fingers.

Just at that moment, a single knock was heard at the door, and it immediately opened. Neither of us had time to react as Katsumi–the massage clinic’s owner–stepped into the room.

“Sorry Raku, I just w–, Oh!” cried the pretty Asian woman entering the room as she beheld the spectacle before her.

Rachel quickly released my cock and pulled her kimono back over her shoulders and across her chest. She flung me a towel from the table, which I hastily used to cover my leaking cock. Kat pushed the door shut behind her and strode forward, looking between Rachel and me, mouth agape. I had sat up and was feebly attempting to hide my gradually softening penis.

Kat was about the same height as Rachel. She had slightly shorter black hair tied back in a bun. She was less shapely than Rachel, but had high, firm, medium-sized breasts and long sleek legs. She had her hands on her hips as she spoke.

“What the hell is going on here?! Rachel, you know very well that I do not tolerate this type of behaviour at my place of business.”

She looked at me angrily. “And I don’t care how much you’re paying her, this is NOT a brothel!”

“He didn’t pay me, it was my idea,” said Rachel quickly.

“No, it’s my fault, I was being too forward,” I followed.

Kat cut us off. “This is unacceptable, regardless of who started it. Rachel–“

I sensed Kat was about to fire her.

“–No. Please. It’s not her fault. Look, I’ll get my things and go, you won’t see me again. And I’ll promise not to tell anyone; I know you don’t want your business getting a bad reputation,” I said.

Kat was still angry, but seemed unsure about how to proceed. She approached Rachel and reached out to her, taking her arm and moving it down to her side. Her kimono was stuck to her cum-soaked skin, and I could see her areolas through the material.

Kat gingerly took the edges of Rachel’s kimono between her fingertips and peeled the wet material off her skin, moving it aside to survey my handiwork. She looked up and down Rachel’s torso, marveling at the gooey wetness. Rachel seemed unsure what to do, and looked at me pleadingly, her face flushed.

“You’re soaked in cum. You did all this?” said Kat looking at me, still holding Rachel’s kimono open.

“Um, yeah,” I said.

Kat laughed humourlessly.

“You must have been saving up,” she quipped.

She let go of one side of Rachel’s kimono and swiped a finger across Rachel’s tit, then brought it to her face, observing it.

“Taste it, Kat. Taste his cum,” said Rachel, unexpectedly.

I was shocked to hear Rachel make such a bold suggestion to her boss after being caught giving a ‘happy ending’ to one of her clients. Indeed, Rachel seemed just as surprised by the words that had just come out of her mouth. She had a petrified expression, and held her breath, waiting for Kat’s response. I looked between them as Kat glanced up to Rachel defiantly.

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