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The Quarry Ch. 05

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No-one uttered a single word during the journey back to the prison and once we arrived the governor just walked away, leaving me with two guards that I had never seen before. Taking one last look over his shoulder the governor stared at me, with a look of disgust and then went through the doors.

The two guards waited until the governor was out of sight and then grabbed my upper arms, before leading me into the prison. The place was deathly quiet, everyone out doing whatever they were supposed to and as we walked through the wing I was on I wondered if they were going to let me get out of the filthy clothes I was wearing, before I was locked away from the rest of the prison, but no such luck.

Taking me through another door I was led down two flights of stairs and through yet another door into a long corridor with doors on either side. Counting the doors in my head as I was led along we came to a halt halfway along the corridor and one of the guards removed a bunch of keys from his belt.

Inserting one of the keys he swung the door open, before I was roughly pushed into the cell, and the door slammed shut behind me. As I surveyed the room before me the small serving hatch on the door was opened, and I spun around.

“Hope you enjoy your time down here,” one of the guards said laughing.

“Yeah I’m sure he will,” the other guard replied.

“Just do as you’re told and the week will fly by,” the first guard added.

The hatch was then closed again and I listened as the two of them walked away, laughing.

Turning away from the door I looked at my new surroundings, an eight foot square room with nothing but a bed, wash basin and toilet and sat down on the bed. I couldn’t believe that the boss had let things go this far and decided that, once I got out of solitary, I was going to make him pay. With nothing to do I lay back on the bed and closed my eyes, as I was alone and had worked hard I thought I may as well sleep.

I was just about drifting off when I heard a bang against the cell door, and I sat bolt upright, expecting the serving hatch to open. What I didn’t expect was the hole just below the serving

hatch to open, and a note shoved through.






I read through the note a couple of times and bent my head urfa escort to try and peer through the hole, but it had been closed again.

“Who is out there?” I called banging on the door.

“Have you read the note?” came the reply.

“Yeah and I asked who’s there?”

“That doesn’t matter,” the voice said. “Do you understand the note?”

“I guess I do,” I replied. “What if I don’t do whatever I am expected to?”

“Then this door will be opened and you will wish you had.”

Listening carefully I heard at least two more voices, whispering to each other, making that a minimum of three people outside. It wasn’t hard for me to guess what was going to come through the hole next and, if I was honest, I wanted fuck all to do with it. The trouble was that the three of them, at least. Could easily open the door, hold me down and do whatever they wanted, so I dropped to my knees.

“Just fucking get on with it,” I called through the closed door.

“Wise decision,” whoever it was replied.

Slowly the owner of the voice pushed their cock through the hole and, lifting my hand, I encircled it and began to stroke it gently. As I moved my hand along the thick, hard shaft I stare at the cock in my hand, trying to see if I recognized it as one of the guards, or the boss, from The Quarry but in the dim cell light it was hard to tell.

As I continued to work on the cock with my hand, hoping the owner would quickly cum, I watched as the thick veins pulsed under the skin and pre-cum oozed from the slit in the end. Gingerly I flicked my tongue through the sticky fluid, cleaning it all up.

“Fuck yes,” the voice said. “Suck my fucking dick now boy.”

With no choice but to do what I was told I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around the swollen, purple head of the cock in my hand. Slowly I began to move my head back and forth along the full length of the shaft, allowing my tongue to trace the veins as I did so.

By the sounds coming from the other side of the door I could tell that the cock’s owner was enjoying himself, so I began to suck faster, eager to make him cum. Five minutes later the cock began to twitch and, without any warning, cum flooded into my mouth, filling me as quickly as I could swallow.

Eventually I had drained every last drop from the man’s cock and it was swiftly withdrew from my mouth and back out of the hole, only for yet another cock to come through to replace it. This one balıkesir escort was slightly thinner than the first but at least two inches longer and, instead of beginning with gentle strokes, I wrapped my mouth straight around it and sucked as fast as I could until this one also filled my mouth with its thick, white, salty liquid.

Once this one was withdrawn I sat with my mouth open, just waiting for the nest cock but, for at least five minutes, there was nothing other than the sound of mumbling from outside of the door.

Just when I thought my oral services were no longer needed than a third cock, this time a black one, was forced through the hole. The thickness of the cock made it difficult for the owner to get it through the hole as quick as the first two but, eventually, I was staring at the thick pre-cum stained head of the third cock.

All I could do, even though my mouth was aching and my throat sore, was take hold of the shaft and wrap my lips around this one as well, and began to suck. As I sucked I found myself stroking the cock slowly as well, something that I hadn’t with the other’s once I had been sucking them, and I also felt my own cock hardening rapidly for the first time since I had started sucking.

Unable to resist I slowly slid my zip down as I continued to suck the black cock in my mouth and released my own throbbing, hard cock and began to wank slowly. Taking my time I moved my hand along my shaft slowly, hoping I would cum at the same time as the cock flooded my mouth with the third load of cum in half an hour, but soon quickened my pace as I wanked and sucked furiously.

Eventually the owner of the black cock moaned from the other side of the door.

“Oh fuck I’m going to cum,” he said. “Swallow it all boy.”

With one last slow, luxurious suck the black cock twitched violently and cum erupted, like a geyser, into my mouth. Swallowing as fast as I could I managed to take most of the cum, only a small amount leaking out of my mouth, and as I used my free hand to wipe at the cum, I began to spurt my own juices against the cell door.

Jet after jet erupted from my cock, splashing against the door and slowly beginning to run down to the floor, as I finished draining the cock in my mouth and pulled my head away from it.

“See that wasn’t difficult was it?” the first voice said as the black cock was removed from the hole. “And as long as you do as you’re told it won’t trabzon escort get difficult for you.”

Staring at my own juices trickling down the door I grunted an answer, and hoped that the rest of the day would pass without further incident.

“Nothing to say boy?”

“Not to you no,” I replied. “I did what you wanted now just fuck off and leave me alone.”

“Oh we’re going but who knows we may return later,” the voice said. “And if we do you had better be ready.”

“Yeah whatever,” I replied.

I listened as the three people began to walk away, my eyes continuing to stare at my cum running down the door. Standing up I walked back over to the bed and laid back down, my jaw aching from all the cock sucking I had done, and slowly drifted off to sleep, the dreams beginning shortly after.

Dreams of working at The Quarry, naked, while everyone else was fully clothed, being forced to suck them all to completion before I was allowed to leave, dreams of each of them bending me over the largest rock and fucking my ass, filling me with their juices as the boss watched laughing, before he took his turn. Dreams of becoming the prison’s slut, sucking and fucking every inmate and guard, my sentence being extended until I had managed it.

Eventually I woke with a start, my body was covered in sweat, yet my cock was harder than it had ever been and, without even stopping to think I wrapped my hand around the shaft and began to wank slowly, thinking of all the hot things I had dreamt about.

Quickening my masturbating I felt my balls tighten as the feeling of imminent ejaculation coursed through my body. Turning on the bed I raised my legs up the wall, as I continued to wank. and pointed my cock towards my open mouth.

Furiously I continued to masturbate until I couldn’t hold back any longer and, with my mouth wide open and eager, I began to cum. Jet after jet of thick, white, milky fluid erupted from the end of my cock, splashing against my face and lips, only a small amount going straight into my mouth.

After swallowing what I had managed to catch, and finally finishing ejaculating, I wiped face clean and sucked my fingers dry, just as I heard footsteps outside my cell.

Quickly I slipped under the covers, my cock still hard and pretended to be asleep as I heard the serving hatch open. Keeping as still as I could I listened to the breathing coming from the other side of the door followed by muffled whispering. The only words I could make out were ‘sleeping’, ‘shame’ and ‘maybe tomorrow’ before the hatch was closed and the feet walked away.

Throughout the rest of the night I sat on my bed, trying my hardest not to doze off, every noise I heard making me jump, my legs huddled to my chest as I wondered what, or who, I would have to face when morning came.

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