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The Secluded Corner

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Surgeon writing about a patient: ‘it was feared [that] one that had the gonorrhoea spent his sperm betwixt her legs upon her pudenda, but this was not certainly proved’.

“That is so gross,” Kay whispered to herself. She was curled up in her favorite spot in the library perusing a 17th century medical journal, one of the suggested readings for her course on the Sociology of Sexuality. In truth, Kay had only registered for the class because of Dr. Jack Simon. He was so beautiful, but after a few classes with him, she found herself engrossed by the subject matter and literature. In what other context could a girl look at vintage erotica and claim it for the name of research? Of course, today’s readings on STDs in history could certainly cool the horniest person’s libido. Except for Kay, that is, whose sex drive was on overkill lately.

Shifting in her seat she could feel the readiness of her body to succumb to her usual fantasies. She always read in this particular spot of the library for its perfect seclusion. A plush, old, leather chair in a forgotten corner provided privacy and comfort among the volumes of out-dated references and ancient magazines. Anytime she was feeling particularly frisky, Kay would sneak over to her corner with a text from the erotica section and gently play with her nipples while perusing steamy stories. One time she even slipped her hand into her panties to play with her pussy. The possibilities, however slim, of getting caught only added to her excitement, and now, in her corner again, Kay could feel the tingling from between her legs just remembering that day.

She put the rather disgusting manuscript down on a table and leaned back in her chair, her body sinking into the aged leather and her mind wandering to the sexy Dr. Jack Simon. He was one 40-something year old professor who could lecture her right into his bedroom. She would even hide under his desk, sucking his cock until he came if he wanted. Of course, he probably had some insanely hot wife waiting at home with sexy lingerie and fuzzy hand cuffs. Kay would just have to rely on her imagination for now so she relaxed into one of her many Dr. Simon fantasies. In this one, she throws everything off of his desk, papers and reference books flying at the wall, and climbs on, her ass waving in Dr. Simon’s face. Kay could feel her heart racing as she slowly lifted her shirt, running her hand up to her tits. The nipples were so sensitive that if she pulled and massaged and twisted in just the right way she could make herself cum without ever touching her pussy.

Today was not a titty-orgasm type of day, though, and Kay was already beginning to relocate canlı bahis her right hand further south towards her waistband. She shuddered as, in her mind, Dr. Simon moved his face between her legs, pushing them apart as far as they could go. His tongue began flicking and lapping at her wet cunt. While her left hand fondled her breasts, Kay’s right hand was undoing the zipper of her jeans and sneaking below the waistband of her panties. She paused to listen for a moment, certain that no one was nearby. All she could hear was her own shallow breaths and the hum of the air vents. Reassured of her solitude, Kay returned to her self-pleasure. She reached her fingers deep between her legs to find that she was already soaking wet. She let the slick juice coat her fingers as she spread it up and down her pussy, shuddering lightly every time she passed over her throbbing clit.

She was lost in the task at hand. Kay was so deeply involved in her fantasy that she didn’t notice another person entering her private domain, but he certainly noticed her. He gasped audibly when he stepped closer to the reclined figure, realizing that instead of a sleeping angel he had a naughty, horny devil on his hands. At his sharp intake of breath, Kay’s eyes flew open, and she froze. It was Dr. Simon standing over her, watching her masturbate with him on her mind. She suddenly realized how much trouble she was about to be in. Kay opened her mouth to speak, her hands attempting to modestly cover her dripping pussy and hard nipples, but Dr. Simon put his finger to her lips to silence her. It was then that Kay noticed the rather impressive tent in her professor’s pants. As he stepped towards her, Kay’s eyes traveled upward to meet his. It was happening, and it was happening fast, whether he had a hot wife or not.

Dr. Simon leaned down and took her mouth in a rough kiss filled with lust and aggression. If they could make any noise, he would have been growling like a predator pouncing on its prey. Kay rose up slightly to meet his intensity with passion of her own. His tongue thrust forcefully into her mouth, invading her, conquering her, and she welcomed him, sucking his tongue as far into her mouth as was possible. His hands moved swiftly from Kay’s face to her neck to her exposed breasts, briefly covering her own hands. She pulled away from the bruising kiss long enough to take her dripping fingers from her pussy and bring them to her mouth, sucking the juices from each finger greedily. She had never tasted herself before, but she knew from pornography that men liked to see girls do this. The musky, slightly salty flavor of her own pussy was intoxicating, and bahis siteleri Dr. Simon watched her self-exploration like a hungry animal.

With forceful speed, Dr. Simon possessed Kay’s mouth again, reveling in the taste of her own pussy on that young coed’s tongue. His thirst could not be quenched, and he moved his mouth lower, taking each tit into his mouth and bringing Kay to the brink of climax. He nibbled and sucked her sensitive nipples making his young beauty squirm and arch her back. When Kay reached for the zipper of his trousers, Dr. Simon stepped back roughly to remove his clothes. He watched as Kay removed her jeans and panties and sank back down into the old chair. As he moved closer, Kay’s eyes absorbed the masculine power in his strong chest and thick, hard cock. She had to bite her own hand to keep from moaning out loud at the sight. Once Dr. Simon was close enough, Kay reached for his dick, the tip shining with precum. Her mouth began watering as she drew him nearer to her face, and her professor followed his cock, hardly breathing while this young student took his thick shaft into her small, delicate hands. Kay flicked her tongue at the wet tip of his cock and then began to slowly suck him into her mouth. Dr. Simon shuddered visibly at the feel of her hot, wet mouth, and his hand grabbed at her hair to begin moving her head up and down on his hard dick.

While Kay sucked and licked hungrily at his cock, Dr. Simon reached across her reclined figure to explore her wet pussy. The juices from her earlier fantasy covered her inner thighs, and Kay gasped softly as her professor’s strong fingers parted her pussy lips to expose her throbbing clit. Her hands gently cupped his balls while Dr. Simon pumped his hips back and forth, fucking her hot little mouth, forcing spit to dribble down her chin. He paused only to reposition himself over Kay’s body, bring his hot tongue down to meet her dripping pussy, his cock still pumping in and out of her mouth. They remained in this 69 position until both nearly exploded, with Dr. Simon rotating his hips and grinding his dick further down Kay’s throat, his mouth assaulting her sensitive clit. Anyone lost enough in the library to walk upon this sight would have seen a mass of tangled limbs, all throbbing and pulsing with sweaty energy.

When Kay finally came up for air, Dr. Simon took the chance to move into a new position. He stood up, pulling Kay with him and turning her around. She felt herself being thrown facedown into the chair, her glistening cunt high in the air, begging to be fucked. Dr. Simon answered her silent plea with one quick thrust. He waited only a moment for her body bahis şirketleri to adjust to his girth, and then he began to slowly pump his cock in and out of her tight, wet pussy. His pace quickened as Kay pushed her ass backwards, taking Dr. Simon’s cock deeper and matching his hard strokes. They fucked as though they were the last humans on Earth, and anyone within earshot would have been able to hear the wet slap of Dr. Simon’s balls against Kay’s soaked pussy.

With his hands firmly on her waist, her professor suddenly swung her around, his cock still buried deep inside her, until she was sitting in his lap on their leather chair. Kay immediately began to rotate her hips in circles, reveling in the feel of his thick cock stretching the limits of her pussy walls. Dr. Simon tightened his grip on her waist and lifted Kay up, quickening her rhythm as she bounced up and down on his hard cock. Kay quickly took control and leaning forward began fucking his dick while reaching down to stroke her pulsing clit. Her tits bounced heavily with the pace of their fucking, and Dr. Simon reached around to grab them in his big hands.

While both worked hard at not making any noise, their heavy breathing and the wet slapping sound of their bodies were hard to conceal. As he neared climax, Dr. Simon held Kay positioned in the air while he slammed his cock up into her, her body shaking and tensing with orgasm, her pussy clenching his throbbing dick. The tightening in Kay’s pussy forced Dr. Simon to climax, emptying his load into her hot, tight cunt. They sat still, panting and shuddering, both too shocked to move.

Kay shifted first, standing up, releasing Dr. Simon’s softening cock from her tight pussy. She turned and kneeled in front of her teacher, lowering her mouth to clean his dick and thighs. Keeping her eyes locked on his, Kay reached her hand between her legs and brought her fingers back up to her mouth, tasting his cum and her juices together. Dr. Simon leaned forward to take Kay’s head in his hands and kissed her deeply, hungrily sharing in their combined flavors. They never spoke; they simply put on their clothes and shared a few lingering kisses. Without words, they knew that this was forbidden but so very worth the danger. Kay left the secluded corner first, continuing to straighten her clothes and hair while returning her texts to the reserve desk. From the corner of her eye, she could see Dr. Simon leaving swiftly through the side door, his usually clean appearance looking rather disheveled. Once he passed through the doors, Kay went on her way, walking slowly home, replaying the entire scene in her mind. There were so many people she could tell about this, girls who would be so jealous to know, but in the end, Kay knew that her fling with Dr. Jack Simon was best kept secret. Needless to say, Kay earned an A in the Sociology of Sexuality that semester.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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