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The Temp

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I worked in a small office. It was me, my secretary Jenn (who was 8 months pregnant), my boss, his secretary and a couple of assistants. Things were swamped for me at work lately, so I was getting in around 7:30am every morning. Usually I was there alone until around 9:00, but I was so busy this week, that I had hired a temp to help me out for the week, and she showed up at 8:00 sharp each day. The temp, Gina, was an absolute knockout. 24 years old, 5-foot 10, with beautiful brown hair that reached about 4 inches past her shoulders, and intoxicating green eyes that lit up when she smiled, which was often. Her breasts were perfect, around a 36C, and I imagined that if I tried, I could probably put my hands around her waist and my finger tips would touch around her back. Everything about her was incredible, from her body, to her face, to her smile and even the perfume she wore. And she looked even sexier when she put her hair up and showed off her alluring neck.

Gina always wore sexy clothing to work — usually not entirely business appropriate, but she was so beautiful, I wasn’t about to complain. She either wore a skirt that barely reached mid-thigh or a pair of tight slacks that hugged her ass perfectly. Her top was usually a tight shirt that ended right above her navel. I was lucky that from my desk, I could look out the door to where she sat. Her back was usually towards me, so I could sit there and dream about her all day without her ever knowing. I’m around 6-feet tall, brown hair, blue eyes, 188 pounds. My cock is average length (around 7 inches or so) but very thick. Usually if I buy condoms, I have to get the Trojan Large or Naturlamb brands, since regular ones rip on me — defeating the whole purpose of wearing them in the first place.

Thursday moring, shortly after Gina arrived, her cell phone rang. She talked for a few minutes before slapping the phone shut. I could hear her crying. I walked over to her, touching her shoulder softly. She looked up at me, still sobbing as I said, “Why don’t you come into my office.” She stood up, and I put my hand on her lower back as I led her to my office. I locked the door behind us as she sat in my visitor’s chair. I pushed my lamp aside and sat on the small table next to the chair.

“What’s the matter,” I asked.

She started crying harder. “My boyfriend and I had a fight last night. He just called me and told me he was moving out this morning. And I can’t afford my apartment by myself, so now I’m going to have to move, and I still love him so much and…” the rest was lost in her sobs. I put an arm cautiously on her shoulder. Gina turned into me, her head in my neck as she cried. Both my arms slipped around her as she cried on me. She tried to regain her composure, and apologized. “I’m so sorry. I know I shouldn’t bring my personal life to work like this.” I looked down at her and instinctively stroked her hair.

“It’s OK, Gina. It happens to everybody.” I continued stoking her hair, her perfume filling my senses as she cried. After a while she stopped crying, wiped away her tears, and stood up. I stood next to her and she gave me a weak smile. “Thank you,” she said, and she gave me a quick kiss on the lips. As I stood there, stunned by her kiss, she said, “I’m going to go to the bathroom and freshen up. I’ll be right back.” When she came back, her face was perfect. She had obviously fixed her makeup, and you could never tell she’d been crying. Wordlessly, she went back to her desk, and I went back to work.

That evening, we were the last two people left in the office. It was around 6:00, and we were both getting ready to leave. I called her into my office and motioned for her to have a seat. As she sat down, I moved next to her, and kneeled in front of her. Our eyes met, as I asked her if she was OK. She said “Yes, I’ll be OK. And thank you again for this morning. I’m so sorry about that.”

Remembering our kiss, I put my hand on her arm. “It’s OK,” I assured her. “I’m always here to help if you need me.” She looked at me and bit her lower lip. Wordlessly, she put her arms around my neck and kissed me. Still kneeling next to her I put my arms around her waist as I kissed her back. She pulled away and said “Oh Goddd…I shouldn’t have done that. I’m sorry.” I said nothing, but leaned close and kissed her again. This time I felt her lips part, as she slipped her tongue into my mouth. My cock started to pulse in my boxers.

Gina moaned softly into my mouth as we kissed. Our tongues intertwined as I slowly caressed her back. Gina pulled my shirt out of my pants, and ran her hands up and down my chest. I unhooked her bra and moved my hands back around between us, squeezing her firm breasts, kneading her nipples between my fingers. She moaned again, as she broke our kiss. Wordlessly she pulled off her shirt, and let her black, lacy bra fall to the floor. She bit her lower lip and she leaned in to kiss me again. My mind was racing as her bare breasts pressed against my chest. My hard cock was poking against my boxers, aching for release.

Gina güvenilir bahis pushed me down to the floor, straddling my waist. I stared up at her with desire, my hands around her waist. (My fingertips couldn’t quite touch, but it was close, I remember thinking). Gina loosened my tie, tossing it to the side as she unbuttoned my shirt. She looked up for a minute and noticed my office door was still open. She got up and locked it, “just in case”.

As Gina locked the door, I took the time to take off my shirt and shoes, putting my shirt behind my head as she resumed her spot on top of me. Gina leaned down to kiss me again as my hands squeezed her ass. She moved her mouth slowly down my neck, biting my nipples as she trailed kisses down my body. As she reached my stomach, Gina unhooked my belt, and unzipped my pants. I lifted my hips up as she reached around and yanked them down, leaving me only in my socks and boxers. She tugged off my socks, tossing them into the pile of clothes as she kissed her way up my legs. As she reached my shorts, she kissed my cock through the soft material. Rubbing and nibbling my cock, I was moaning and arching my hips towards her mouth, urging her to suck me. She laughed a little, and said “Want something?” “Mmmmm” was all I could manage as I lifted my hips again. Gina slid down my boxers, as I exhaled with relief. Gina slowly stroked me up and down, from base to tip as precum started to drip out of my cock. Gina licked the head, cleaning the precum off the tip, and smiled up at me. Still stroking my cock up and down she said “Ohhhh, Jake. Your cock is so big….”

My mind was completely blank. Her hands felt so good on my cock that I couldn’t speak. Gina didn’t wait for me to respond anyway, as she slowly lowered her mouth around me. It was incredible. He mouth was so warm as she swirled her tongue around my cock, bringing me closer to cumming with each lick. Her head bobbed up and down faster and faster as she fucked her mouth, my breathing coming in short gasps. As she reached over to massage my balls, I went into overdrive. Having my balls caressed like that always drives me wild, and I was quickly getting close to peaking. Gina released my cock from her mouth, and started licking me up and down like a popsicle, her hands never leaving my balls. She could sense my orgasm building, and teased my balls with her tongue. It was all I could take. All I could manage was “Ohhhh Goddddd Gina. Ooohhhhh Gggooddddd I’m going to cummmmm………” She moved her mouth up so that just the head of my cock was inside her as she continued rubbing my balls. I couldn’t wait anymore. I thrust my hips up as my body convulsed, shooting load after load into her mouth.

Gina took it all, swallowing my cum as she milked me dry. As she pulled her mouth away, she squeezed the head, as a little more cum oozed out. She scooped it up with her index finger and sucked it off. I reached out to her and pulled her to me, kissing her passionately, tasting my salty cum on her lips as I rubbed my cock against her. Gina was still wearing her slacks as I rolled her onto the floor. As I pulled away from her I said, “Now it’s your turn.”

I kissed her neck, her perfume filling my senses. As I said, she had an incredibly sexy neck, and I loved kissing her there. She leaned her head back, giving me more room to explore her soft flesh. My right hand was caressing her firm left breast as I worked my mouth lower. I teasingly kissed all around her chest, alternating with gliding my tongue in circles on her sweet skin. My thumb pressed her left nipple as I sucked her right one hard into my mouth. Gina pressed on the back of my head, as I sucked on her breast. I moved to the side as I slid my hand down her body. As I moved my mouth back and forth between her breasts, I unbuttoned her pants and slipped my hand under her panties. She lifted her hips as I reached all the way down to her wet pussy. I immediately noticed she had shaved herself bare, which always turns me on. There’s nothing in the world like a beautiful, bare pussy.

I slipped a finger inside her pussy, causing her to moan loudly, and start moving her hips. I put another finger inside of her as I started fucking her with my fingers. She lifted her hips enough for me to push down her clothes, which she quickly kicked off to the side. I was now free to explore her inside and out as I continued to suck on her full breasts. Back and forth I licked, sucked and nibbled on her breasts as I thrust my fingers in and out of her. She was so wet I had no trouble, as I spread her juices up to her clit. As I teased her clit with my index finger, I could hear her breathing harder as she got much closer to cumming. I moved down her body, kissing my way lower as I fucked her with my fingers. I kneeled between her legs, my mouth inches from her pussy, as I rubbed her clit with my thumb, my two fingers continuing their assault insider of her. She was close to cumming as she put her hands behind my head and tried to push me down. I whispered, “No. I want to watch türkçe bahis you cum first.”

“Ohhhhh Godddddd” was all she could manage as I rubbed her clit faster and harder in quick, clockwise, circles. I pursed my lips and blew by warm breath against her cunt as my hands worked on her. She screamed out, her hips thrust up at me as she came hard. I almost popped my whole hand inside of her as she came over and over, my thumb pressing hard on her clit. Not moving, just pressing, which was enough to keep her going. As she recovered, I removed my fingers, sucking one into my mouth, savoring her taste for the first time. “Mmmmm, you taste so good”, I told her, giving her my other finger to clean off. Hungrily, she licked off all her juices. Gina tired to pull me on top of her, but I had other ideas. I already made her cum once, but now I wanted her to cum on my face.

I kissed my way back down her stomach towards her pussy. She was ready for me as she guided my mouth towards her waiting hole. This time, I offered no objections as I kissed all over her wetness. I couldn’t believe how wonderful she tasted. Her scent, her taste, it all drove me wild as I literally attacked her pussy with my mouth. I was all over her, licking, sucking, nibbling…and Gina was loving it all, moaning and thrusting her hips at me, rubbing her cunt all over my face. I licked her faster and faster, my tongue exploring every inch of her beautiful pussy. Her legs locked around my head as her orgasm built. All I could do was keep licking, and as she got closer I sucked her clit into my mouth. That did it. Gina came again, her legs crushing against my head as her orgasm ripped through her.

I kept sucking on her clit as she came, until she couldn’t take it any more and released me. I gave her a few more, slow, cleaning licks as I got all of her juices, then moved up her body to kiss her again. Our mouths mashed together as we kissed, the scent of her pussy still filling my nostrils and taste of her cum lingering on my mouth. She pushed me off of her, laying me on my back. My hard cock waved in the air. Gina took it in her hand as she positioned herself right over me. I reached up to her breasts, rubbing them with my hands as she guided me to her wet pussy.

Slowly, Gina eased herself down, and I could feel her stretching to take my thick cock. She breathed slowly, deeply, as my cock inched into her. My hands moved down to her hips, as she took me deeper with each thrust. After two or three times up and down, the top half of my cock was coated with her juices, and I slid easily the rest of the way into her. She held herself still, as we simply enjoyed the feeling of our bodies being together, for what seemed like an hour. But soon enough, she started rocking up and down on me, each thrust coming faster and harder than the last.

My hands moved down to her ass, pulling her up and down my cock. I leaned forward and sucked her breasts into my mouth. Back and forth I sloppily sucked on them as she rode me hard. As she fucked me, I pressed my index finger on her clit. Gina sucked in hard as I rubbed her clit, my cock buried inside her tight cunt. She used her muscles to squeeze my cock as we fucked, as I thrust my hips up as her every time she pulled up, keeping me deep inside her. Before long, she started moaning again, and as her breathing quickened I knew she was going to cum again. Having just cum, I was nowhere near ready to cum again, so I laid back and fingered her clit as fast as I could. I rubbed her faster and faster until she exploded in another orgasm, coating my cock with her sweet juices. I held her steady as she came, letting her just ride it out. She collapsed on me, my cock still hard inside of her as we kissed sloppily over and over. She asked me if I was close yet, and I waved my hand back and forth in a “so-so” motion. Gina moved off of me, and eagerly took my cock back into her mouth, cleaning off her juices as I rubbed her back up and down. To my dismay, she stopped and looked up at me. I did my best to smile, but clearly I was disappointed.

My disappointment was short lived, however. Gina stood up, smiled at me and walked over to my desk. She bent over, her hands supporting her against my desk pointing her ass at me. I quickly got up and moved behind her. Placing my hands on her hips, I rubbed my cock back and forth against her pussy. Gina met my thrusts, as my cock got coated with her juices again. I took my hard shaft in my hand and aimed it at her tight cunt. With one hard thrust, I drove my cock deep inside of her. A loud gasp came from Gina as I held onto her hips, and pounded my cock in and out of her wet pussy. Usually I don’t like fucking “doggy style” – I like using my mouth too much for kissing and sucking, but for a quick fuck, nothing beat the rawness of it. As I pounded away at her, she reached underneath herself to fondle my balls. Wanting to last as long as I could, I grabbed her hand and put it back on the desk as I fucked her harder. With each thrust, I pulled my cock almost all the way out, güvenilir bahis siteleri until just the head was inside her, before slamming deep into her cunt.

Gina was moaning with each thrust of my thick cock, shaking my desk so hard each time I filled her, I thought we might break it. Like a cowboy on a bucking bronco, I reached up to hold on to her firm breasts as I nailed her from behind. Pinching and pulling on her hard nipples, she begged me to cum inside of her. “Ohhhhh Ggggooddddddd….Fuckkk me baby…Gooodddddd, Jake…Ohhhh Ggooddddd I’m going to cummm again….”

I moved one hand away from her breasts and back down to her hard clit. As soon as I touched her clit she exploded in another powerful orgasm. I could feel her pussy gripping my cock as she came, trying to squeeze it inside of her. I managed to fuck her through her orgasm, but soon the sensation of her cumming with my cock buried inside of her was too much. Grunting with one last deep thrust, I yelled out as my orgasm hit. I pulled her back one last time, driving my cock in to the hilt as I exploded deep inside of her. Gina pushed back at me as I filled her pussy with my warm cum. Exhausted, I collapsed on her back.

She turned around and we kissed. “My goodness. That was fucking incredible,” she said.

All I could think of was “I know. That was amazing.” I thought I sounded stupid, but Gina kissed me again. I stepped back as we wrapped our arms around each other, kissing deeply as our naked bodies pressed together. Gina excused herself to go clean up in my private bathroom. I collapsed in my guest chair, thinking about how all this started with her in this same chair crying, just a few hours ago.

Gina came back with a warm, wet paper towel. She kneeled in front of me as she lovingly cleaned off my cock. Despite her actions, I was only semi-hard as she sucked my whole cock into her mouth. Within a few seconds she let me pop out as she announced “All clean!” I laughed as she climbed up to sit on my lap.

We kissed each other endlessly, my arms around her back, hers around my neck. “I can’t believe we did this,” she said.

“I know,” I answered. “I’ve wanted you from the moment you walked into my office, but I never thought anything would really happen.”

“Besides,” she added, “I figured if we did do anything, and anyone found out, one or both of us would be fired.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “True. Which reminds me — we can’t have any improper behavior in the office. You’re fired.”

Gina looked at me with her beautiful green eyes and did her best mock-pout. “Are you sure,” she asked.

“Sorry, Gina. But we can’t have people running around fucking each other in the office. It just isn’t good for morale, you know.”

She knew I was kidding, but went along with it. “Isn’t there anything I could do to change your mind?” “I don’t know,” I said. She kissed me softly and said she’d be right back.

Gina unlocked my office door, peeked into the hallway (which has been deserted for hours) and nakedly scampered to her desk. She rummaged through her pocketbook and came back with a bottle of something, which she hid behind her back. As she relocked my door, she walked up to me, pulling the bottle of lotion from behind her back and squeezing some of the cream into her palm. She rubbed her hands together, then massaged the cream onto my cock. Then she took my hand, and squirted a little onto my index and middle finger. “Make sure you work it in good,” she warned. Gina spread her legs and pulled her ass cheeks apart for me as I smiled. I rubbed the cream on her tight anus, pushing some extra inside of her. I stood up as she bent over, holding on to the back of the chair. Gina spread her ass as wide as she could and eased back onto my cock.

As I pressed against her, I moved my hands to her cheeks to help guide my cock inside of her. “Don’t thrust,” she said. “Let me take it slowly.” I helped her a little, but she took control as she worked my thick cock in her gorgeous ass. It took a minute or two, but she took me all the way inside of her. Slowly she moved back and forth as my cock filled her ass. Her ass was so tight, my cock felt like it was in a vice.

We got a good rhythm going, as I started fucking her ass hard and deep. I moved my hands up to her breast, rubbing and squeezing them, pinching her nipples between by fingers. The more I played with her nipples, the more she moaned, and the harder she thrust back onto my cock. Even though I’d already cum twice, I knew I wouldn’t last long like this. I moved one hand down to her pussy and fingered her clit, quickly bringing her to the verge another orgasm.

As the sounds of our fucking echoed around the office, I felt my balls tighten. I drove inside of her with hard, short thrusts. Gina’s breathing was becoming fast and shallow again, and I knew she was going to cum soon too. As I continued fingering her clit, she thrust back at me one last time as she came, harder than before. I couldn’t last any more, and grabbed her hips to hold us steady as I came again, shooting deep inside her ass. Her muscles clenched tight around me as I filled her hole, squeezing me dry. I carefully pulled out of her and dropped to the floor. Gina laid next to me, resting her head on my chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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