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The Workout

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After a long hard day of contentious business meetings, I was ready to blow off some steam. So, although it was rather late in the evening, I headed for the fitness center of the Hilton hotel. Besides, I fully intended to maintain my training program even though it seemed I was traveling on business every other week lately. To my satisfaction, the room was empty, which would allow my to be with my thoughts during the work-out. It was also quite warm, and I quickly worked up a light sweat during warm-ups on the treadmill, and decided to remove my shirt before I began my weight lifting routine. I felt strong and confident as I worked, and the hard, muscular body reflected in the mirrored walls was, after more than a year of serious weight-training, as I wanted it to be. In between sets, I mused on the coy smiles and flirtatious looks I had received during the day from the sexiest lady I had ever met on a business trip. I was imagining her in a more intimate setting, with a immediate physical response in my rather tight shorts, when suddenly, the door opened, and to my great surprise (and delight), she walked into the room.

Hidden behind one of the machines, I froze as I watched her walk to the treadmill. She didn’t notice me at first, which gave me a perfect opportunity to savor her appearance. Her long brown hair curled around her pert breasts. As she stepped up onto the treadmill, my eyes moved down her legs and stopped at the dimples on the backs of her knees, and I felt the urge to kiss her there. Noticing her shoelace was untied she stepped down. With one foot on the treadmill she bent over to remedy the problem. The oversized sweatshirt that was hanging over her firm ass inched up to reveal an incredible view as the form-fitting white spandex biking shorts revealed every curve, every nuance of that beautiful terrain. She straightened up and stepped away from the machine, apparently reconsidering her options. Later, I was to learn that she had seen me in one of the mirrors. Unwilling to let the image go, I closed my eyes, lost in fantasy, dreaming of what it would be like to run the tip of my swollen cock across her beautiful rear. I could almost feel the sensation of my cock parting her lips and gliding down to her clit. I jumped a little and my eyes snapped open as I heard someone politely clear their throat in front of me. Her dark brown eyes pulled me back to reality, but I was very conscious of the rather large bulge in my shorts. My face felt very hot as her smile brought a blush to my cheeks.

“Hello …” was the only word that could escape my lips. “Hi there!” she replied. “Rather warm in here, isn’t it?” she continued, and began to remove her sweatshirt, revealing a skin-tight white top matching her shorts. Her chest thrust forward as she raised her arms to pull the sweatshirt over her head. It took her a few moments to get the garment over her head, and I jumped on the chance to stare at the hard nipples protruding from the perfect center of her lovely round breasts.Hmmm … I thought, she said she was warm, so those stiff nipples can’t be explained by her having a chill …very interesting, let’s see where this goes!

“Downright steamy!” I replied, grinning. She got back on the treadmill, and began a brisk walk. I moved to another station – leg curls – where I could see her quite well in the wall mirrors, her nice tight ass wiggling and firm C-cup breasts bouncing with every step. I could not help but notice that she was also watching me as I strained to do my sets, or was she eyeing my cock that strained against my shorts. After a few minutes of warm-up, she got off the treadmill, and moved towards the one of the weight machines.

“Could you spot for me on the bench press here?” I quickly asked. “Being alone here tonight, I didn’t think I’d be able to do my normal sets – but if you could help me for a minute …”

“Sure, happy to help if you return the favor later,” she replied, and went to the spotter’s platform at the head of the bench. I followed her, loaded the weights, and laid back on the bench and slid under the bar … placing my head inches from her knees. Although it wasn’t really necessary in order to spot, she moved closer to the bar, putting one knee on each side my head, so that I was looking right up at her mound. I breathed deeply, and caught her scent … strong but so sweet … and hesitated as long as possible to do my lift … feeling casino şirketleri my cock throb in my shorts … she must know, I thought! Looking up from that sweet spot past her round breasts, my suspicions were confirmed. Her big brown eyes were locked on my obvious erection. Momentarily embarrassed, I let the weights fall back down. Our eyes met. A smile graced her full lips and a hint of red touched her cheeks. I could feel my shorts strain against my cock as it grew even harder.

“Sorry … I didn’t mean …” she said shyly.

“It’s just my natural reaction to such a beautiful lady.” I said without hesitation. Her embarrassment subsided and an indescribable look came across her face. I could feel the passion pour from her eyes, and at that moment I knew how the evening would end. Driven by the now irresistible temptation, I touched her firm bare calf. I ran my hand up to her thigh and felt her body shudder. Sliding my body on the bench towards her a little more, I lifted my head to kiss her inner thigh just above the knee. Pausing there with my lips on her smooth skin, I could feel her tremble and could hear her breathing quicken. I reached up with both hands to grab her firm ass, and then begin to kiss and lick my way slowly up her thigh. She did not pull away at all, but leaned forward onto the bar in front of her and spread her legs apart to invite me in. I explored her body with my hands, running them over her ass and up her sides and then lightly over her breasts. Although I could not see with my face between her legs, I could feel her nipples erect under the thin material.

Soon I felt the gentle touch of her hand, sliding slowly from my chest across my hard abdomen to my aching cock. Her fingers traced the outline through my shorts and I groaned with desire as she gripped my cock through the fabric. Still licking and nibbling her thigh just below the line of her shorts, I slid my hands under her top and cupped both tits, squeezing gently as a low moan escaped her lips. In response, I lifted my face and planted my lips on the wet spot that had appeared in the crotch of her shorts and lightly rubbed my nose on her clit. She gasped and lowered herself onto me, grinding her hot sex into my mouth. Quickly deciding it would be much better without the shorts, I pulled my face away. Looking down at me with a mix of lust and amusement on her face, she simply said, “Tease!” and backed away from the platform.

Moving around to the front of the bench, she asked me to get up. As soon as I stood in front of her, she wrapped her hand around my neck and pulled my lips to hers. Our tongues met and danced in circles. I grabbed her waist and pulled her firm body to mine, but she pushed me away and started to walk to the ladies locker room. I stood there wondering if she was now the one teasing me. She opened the door and turned to look at me. Motioning impatiently for me to follow she asked, “I think it’s time for a shower, don’t you?”

She disappeared through the door, and I decided that whatever she had in mind was just fine with me. I came through the door just in time to see her shorts drop from her hand to the floor. She stood there in the middle of the small room, naked and beautiful, looking back at me over her shoulder as she faced away from the door. Transfixed, I stood in the doorway, staring at her firm, tight ass …wanting her so much … hungry for her … excited by the glimpse of short soft curls silhouetted between her slightly spread legs. After a long moment, she said “Come on in – I’ll be waiting in the shower,” and turned and walked into a shower stall, and turned on the shower.

My heart pounding, I stripped in record time and followed her in. As I pulled open the door to the stall, I was stopped in my tracks by the stunning sight in front of me: she sat on a bench with one foot up, her legs open wide, her right hand was between her legs, one long finger buried deep between her glistening pussy lips. Her left hand was cupping her right breast, rolling her hard nipple between thumb and forefinger. As I looked up into her face, she smiled and ran her tongue across her lips so sexily… then she raised her right hand to her mouth and licked and sucked that wet finger. My cock throbbed to be where that finger was. I stepped into the stall and closed the door. I paused a second as the hot water drenched my body. Still looking at her face, I noticed casino firmalari her gaze was fixed on my crotch, her big brown eyes aglow. I could see the hunger there: she was consuming my cock with just a look. I moved to her, and her eyes tracked the object of her desire as it came nearer and nearer, so close now but she sat unmoving except for two fingers slowly sliding in and out of her dripping slit. Taking my cock in hand I gently ran the tip across her lips. “Is this what you want?” I asked. Her tongue darted out just in time to catch a drop of pre-cum. She finally looked up into my eyes and stated with absolute conviction, “That’s exactly what I want!”

She grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand from the object of her desire. I raised both arms and braced myself on the shower wall. Looking down, I watched her every move. She cupped my balls with one hand and massaged with just the right amount of pressure. Her other hand slowly stroked the length of my cock. Her lips parted and she moved closer, pausing a mere inch from the swollen head. I waited, unable to breathe. She stroked down on my cock with her hand, and at the same time, slid her lips over the glans. She swirled her tongue on the sensitive skin, sending shivers up my spine. I moaned loudly and leaned into her, sliding my cock deeper into her mouth. She responded eagerly, pulling me deeper and deeper into her mouth, until the swollen head had slid partly down her throat and her lips were at the base of it. She paused for a moment, and the feeling of her throat rhythmically squeezing my cockhead threatened to engulf me with unendurable ecstasy. Then, back out again, licking and kissing.

“Oh fuck yes, baby, that’s so good … oh, so deep and good …” I murmured and I thrust back into her mouth for another incredible onslaught of pure pleasure. As she drew back the next time, she stopped for a second, looked up into my eyes, and said “Mmmmmm … your big hard cock feels so good in my mouth …mmmm”, and then slid her glistening full lips back over my cock again. We quickly found a rhythm, her lips sliding back and forth on my shaft as I thrust in and out of her mouth. With one hand, she stroked, following her lips up and down, while with her other hand she fondled my balls. She slid this hand back farther and found that supersensitive spot below my balls. I groaned louder and my knees felt weak as intense waves of pleasure washed through me. I knew that my explosion was close, and I began to thrust a little faster and harder, the wet sounds of her sloppy cocksucking propelling me to yet greater heights.

Suddenly she drew her head back and held me still with her hand. Her lips were so close to the tip of my cock I could feel her hot breath as she spoke, “It’s my turn now.” She pulled both of her feet up to the bench, her legs spread apart. My eyes lowered to her perfectly trimmed pussy. I could see her swollen clit separating her pink lips. I dropped to my knees. She moved closer as if to kiss me and then abruptly leaned back. I moved my hands to her beautiful breasts. Pushing them together I simultaneously licked both nipples. She moaned wildly. After a couple minutes of licking and sucking those wonderful morsels, I slowly kissed and caressed my way down her belly. She was visibly trembling I licked all around her mound but avoided contact with her clit. I licked along the outside her swollen pussy lips, first on one side and then the other, drawing low moans and a little involuntary hip thrusting from her. Finally, I ran my tongue deep between her lips, savoring her sweet juices now flowing freely, and up and across her protruding clit. She jerked and let out a scream. Reaching from above, I spread her lips apart with my left hand and circled around her erect clit with tongue as fast as I could. She was panting and moaning so loud I knew she was close to climax, so I inserted two fingers of my right hand inside her and began to slide them in and out. Her whole body quivered when I found her special spot. I then took her button in my mouth, sucking and pulling with my lips. She pulled my head into her pussy nearly suffocating me as she exploded. Her guttural cries drove me wild, and I re-doubled the intensity of my clitsucking and fingerfucking. She thrashed on the bench, and finally squeezed my head tightly in her thighs as multiple orgasms reverberated through her.

Finally, she opened her thighs güvenilir casino and pushed my head away. “Oh God, I need you inside me right now” she panted “Fuck me now, Kent!”

I needed no more encouragement. I lifted her up off the bench and pulled her to me, kissing her hard as I positioned her over my throbbing cock. Gently, I let her down till the head of my cock had just slid between her lips. As she moaned again “Yesssss …. do it!” I braced her back against the wall and buried my cock in her hot pussy. She spread her legs wide to let me in deep, and I moved my grip under her knees to keep them that way.

I began to thrust slowly in and out, looking into her wild eyes and whispering to her “do you like my big cock, baby? Does it feel good in your tight pussy? Oh God, you’re so hot and wet….”

“Oh, yes … fuck me so good …. fuck me harder!” she demanded, as she grabbed my hips to pull me into her. I thrust faster and harder in response to her urging, and once again, I felt the explosion coming, and there was no stopping it this time! “Let me suck your tits, Rachel … hold them up for me!” I pleaded as I pounded into her.

Immediately, she offered me her luscious tits, arching back with one hand under each one, and I hungrily sucked a nipple deep in my mouth. Within seconds, this sent me over the edge, and with a loud cry, I drove hard into her as I shot my load deep into her hungry cunt. I could feel her pussy grip me as she entered into her own powerful orgasm. I slowly lowered her to the floor and kissed her for a long time. I took her hand and gently pulled her into the water. We giggled like two teenagers as we playfully washed each other. It was the best shower I’ve ever taken!

“Kent,” she said finally “It’s getting very late, and you know that the meeting starts tomorrow morning at 8:00 am.”

“Yes, time to for both of us to get some sleep,” I replied. We dressed and parted, taking care not to be seen by any of our coworkers who might be wandering about the hotel. As I fell asleep, long after midnight, I thought again of Rachel … and considered that I’d probably see her for the last time in the meeting tomorrow, before we returned to our respective homes the following afternoon.

Not surprisingly, I was a few minutes late arriving at the meeting. I was surprised but delighted when Rachel walked up behind me, and squeezed my ass playfully just before we walked together into the meeting room. She was wearing a tight black desk that clung wonderfully to her shapely body. As we walked in, I could only hope that no one noticed the flush in my face or the growing bulge in my pants. There were only two chairs left at the long conference table, next to each other at the far end away from the screen. I couldn’t keep my mind on the meeting, and as soon as the lights dimmed and everyone’s attention was focused forward on the presentation, glanced over at Rachel. She immediately returned my glance, and sexily ran her tongue over her lips. Flushed with excitement, I turned back to the screen, and was surprised when I felt her grasp my hand under the table. After lightly running her fingers in the palm of my hand for a few seconds, she placed it on the inside of her thigh. As I began to slowly slide my hand up the leg, she spread her legs open for me.

Nervously, I looked around but everyone’s attention was still on the screen … higher and higher I went …only inches now from her pussy, and I could her Rachel beginning to breathe harder. As my hand got closer I noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties. I touched her clit and she let out a gasp, the heightened arousal from the risky play causing her to climax from a single touch. My hand froze. I looked around the room to see if anyone heard her. A few people turned and looked at Rachel but quickly turned their heads back to the screen. I rested my hand against her soaking wet pussy, closed my eyes and remembered our workout. Suddenly she pulled my hand away. I opened my eyes and realized the presentation was almost over. With a final meaningful look at Rachel, I brought the wet hand near my face and inhaled deeply, savoring the pungent feminine aroma. Her eyes were round with disbelief, and I could see her shudder as the flagrant display propelled her to a still higher of arousal. Suddenly, the lights came up and the group began discussing the business matters at hand. Rachel and I looked at each other, and huge knowing grins broke out on both of our faces. Some others noticed and looked at us strangely, but no one ever knew the story behind those smiles.

The End

Author’s note: Please vote to let me know how you liked this short piece.

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