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After cruising the city for a bit we stumbled upon an adult theatre and went inside to beat the heat and have some fun. The theatre wasn’t too full as we took seats in the center of a row. While watching the screen Maria and I started to play with each other. As the action on screen got hotter Maria started stroking my cock through my shorts. My hand moved from her knee to her inner thigh and started to rub her outer lips.

I looked away from the screen and looked at her; she, too, looked over at me. At that moment I noticed that someone was sitting next to her. I leaned in and whispered, “How long has he been there?” “Just a few minutes, maybe” she replied. Her attention went back to the screen as she stroked my cock harder; reassuring me that everything was in good fun.

Her hand worked its way down my leg and then back up my thigh pulling my shorts up slightly, just enough for my bulbous head to stick out of the bottom of my shorts. Her finger rubbed the underside of my head and I felt it jerk up and down as she toyed with the nerves. As the movie went on she continued to work on my cock as I stuck a finger in her pussy. She let out a quiet moan as her legs opened wider and she orgasmed on my hand. I kept my attention on the screen as if nothing had happened and slowly worked my way out of her to play with her outer lips. As I was playing with her pussy and watching the slut on screen suck and give hand-jobs to the circle of men, I felt her fingers touch mine. At least, I had assumed that it was her hand. Much to my surprise, when I looked over I saw it was another man’s hand. The man next to her! From what I could see in the dark theatre I could make out that he was a dark, muscular man with his pant’s zipper undone and a raging hard-on sticking out. My hand went limp as I realized what was happening. He took over and worked her clit. As he worked her, she got a good grip on my head and slid down my shaft, towards the base working what shorts she could out of the way. She worked on the first four inches that were free, as I let my hand go back to working her pussy in unison with our friendly neighbor.

I looked at her and she couldn’t help but smile back. As I looked past her, I could see that she was giving him a hand-job. He looked over at me, smiled, and I smiled back. There it was, my wife stroking both of us off in an adult theatre. It was great. I stuck a finger back in her pussy and worked its wetness over her lips. That’s when I felt two of his fingers work themselves next to mine as we pumped her pussy simultaneously. She manipulated both of our cocks, his more as it was free and completely in the open as we finger-fucked her pussy, looking straight ahead at the large screen. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her head go back. Her skirt was around her waist, three fingers in her, and esenyurt escort her hands full of the two men who were working her to orgasm. No wonder her head went back! I was having a hard enough time keeping my eyes open with the pleasure and the scene going on in our row. That’s when I heard our neighbor about to blow his load.

“Oh yeah baby. Don’t stop. Ohh, ohh!”

I looked over and Maria was furiously pulling on his dick at lightning speed. Apparently we got someone’s attention as I saw a man wearing a baseball cap walking down the row, toward us.

“Ahh, ohhhh, ahhhhh” Cum started shooting out of his cock and Maria’s pumping slowed down as he orgasmed. Maria rolled her head forward, released my cock and pulled our fingers from her. She bent over to her cum covered hand and his cock. As she did so, I saw why her head had gone back; there was a big black cock, soaking wet from Maria’s mouth, from the man standing behind us.

The first guy had gotten up and traded places with the man in the baseball cap. Maria wasted no time in getting his cock to her mouth. With all of the action on my right side I didn’t even see what was happening on my left. Finally, my pants were being unbuttoned. My cock was solid and needed to be freed. I looked away from Maria and saw that a beautiful redhead was undoing my pants. Once she got the zipper open she reached inside my boxers, wrapped her hand around my cock and pulled it free. Red went down and starting sucking my bald cock, never once making eye contact. She was on a mission and drawn to my cock.

The black man standing behind us reached down, grabbed Maria by her hips and pulled her up. One foot was on the ground as she rested her knee and hand on the chairs. The man in the baseball cap had both of his hands on her head as he fucked her mouth. The black man, who had pulled her up, flipped her skirt up and exposed her ass and pussy. The smell of sex filled my nose. In the light from the movie I could see that Maria’s pussy was soaked. The black man grabbed my head and pulled it back.

“See something you like?” he asked as he took his cock and tapped my forehead with it. “Don’t worry about her; you’ve got yourself to worry about.” He took one hand and started to play with Maria’s pussy as his other hand turned my head to the left.

Red was busy doing a number on my big cock. She had a good amount of saliva worked around my shaft as she played on my head with her tongue. Red was bent over just like Maria was, with her ass in the air. I reached around and squeezed Red’s firm ass and teased her fuck hole the best I could through her jeans.

Just then a different man, wearing a jersey, came over and sat in the seat next to Red and reached around her hips, unzipped her pants and pulled them down gebze escort exposing her thong and ass cheeks. I was then able to grab Red’s ass and pull her cheeks apart. The man in the jersey grabbed the other cheek and together we spread her ass wide open. I’m sure the view was amazing. I could feel my cum boiling in my balls and could only imagine sticking my cock inside her. Red lifted her head off my cock when I saw the man begin tongue fucking her. With one of Red’s hands wrapped around my shaft and the other playing with my balls, she went back to sucking my cock like a mad woman.

I heard Maria moaning and I looked over. I couldn’t see exactly what was going on but she was enjoying herself and that was all I needed to know. Her skirt was hiked up and the black man from behind had two fingers in her pussy and one in her ass.

The black man then grabbed my head and turned it away again. “I told you to worry about yourself!” he demanded.

I saw that the man in the jersey stood up and was pulling down his pants, exposing his semi-hard cock. He took his cock in one hand and started to slap Red’s ass, which my hand was still on. I took a clue and slowly moved my hand away from her ass. Before I could get very far he grabbed my hand and started to stroke himself with our intertwined fingers. I could feel his dick getting harder as he removed his hand and I stroked him. My eyes were on his cock as his head played hide and seek, popping in and out of my fist. Feeling his veins and head slide in my hand was mesmerizing. He pulled his cock from my hand, bent down and tongue fucked Red’s ass a little more. He then pointed his cock at her and slowly penetrated her ass. I grabbed her ass cheeks to open her up. She gasped and gagged on my cock as he pushed into her. “What a great slut!” I thought to myself.

Suddenly, both of my hands were yanked up by my head. A cock was placed in each one and I started to stroke them. I couldn’t see them but I could feel just how hard and thick they were. I was doing my best to stroke the two cocks in my hands. All the while, Red was being pounded harder and faster forcing my cock into her throat.

I escaped my world for a moment to listen in on the situation Maria was in. I could hear the moans and groans from the guys and their cock slut. I could only imagine how many guys she had sucked off by now. I felt my orgasm about to hit hard. I continued to stroke the two cocks as I unloaded into Red’s mouth. I let out a moan after each spurt, filling her mouth. Over the moans on screen and to my right I could hear Red sucking the cum that had escaped her lips as she rocked back and forth on jersey man’s cock.

I felt the cock in my left hand start to pump and jerk. I knew he was ready and concentrated on getting him off kartal escort as Red was cleaning me up. I heard his moans and I felt his hard cock shoot his cum forward. I continued to pump as he sprayed his cum on Red’s back while some of the spray made a little cum fly sideways and land on my cheek and neck. His cum rolled down my forearm, to my bicep and dripped off my elbow. He removed my hand and took over when he was done. I then focused on the right cock, trying to get him off in the same fashion. Just as I was about to turn my head to the right a hand pulled my head back to the left and a cock was at my lips.

It was the cock I just jerked off. I could taste and feel his cum on my lips. I thought, “What the hell. Why not?” I parted my lips and stuck out my tongue to taste his cum-oozing hole. I worked his softening dick into my mouth. I sucked and played with it getting all of the cum out of him. Once he was semi-hard again I sucked him down to his balls, then sucked and pulled myself off him with a “POP”. I then sucked it all back in. I could feel his dick pulsing trying to get hard again, but didn’t quite make it to full hardness.

“Ohhhh, I’m cummmingggg!” let out the guy in the jersey fucking Red, who by now was just holding my own semi-hard cock and moaning in pleasure. With that, he drove deep in her and let out his own orgasm. That got me going and I started to get hard again. Not once forgetting about the thick cock I wanted to get off in my right hand.

“Take it slut! Graa-eggghhhhhhh FUCK YES!!” I heard from my right. I turned, letting the cock slip out of my mouth, and saw that it wasn’t “my guy” cumming but the black man behind Maria letting himself off deep inside her. Maria was being ridden from both sides and I felt everyone’s eyes in the theatre turn towards our show. I instantly grew hard watching him pump his seed into her. My legs were spread open and I felt what could have been spit land on my cock. Covered in warmth, Red shoved my cock up her cum-filled ass. Her back was to me with her feet now resting on the chairs in front of us. She leaned back and rocked on my cock working her ass up and down and I could feel cum soaking my boxers and shorts around the base.

I leaned back a little and spit on the cock I was stroking, and pumped him hard. From his breathing and thrusting motion I could tell he was close; I stared, waiting for him to shoot.

“HEY! What did I tell you?! Look the other way!” the black man said after he let go of his load into Maria.

The man I had been stoking removed my hand from his cock, taking over. He grabbed my head with his other hand, pulling me close in to his cock. His cock was bouncing off my face as he pumped away. A short stream that rolled down my chin was just the start. His cock spewed load after load like a water gun. It covered the side of my face and the neck of Red. It was still twitching a bit when he turned my head and stuck it deep in my mouth. He fucked my cheek as I felt the last bits of cum trail to the back of my tongue. He pulled out and slapped me with his meat. “He told you to only worry about yourself and not her.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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