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Too Many Parties, Not Enough Men

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Rachel couldn’t believe her eyes, the ad in the newspaper’s Personal Section read:

Escorts needed for a writer’s workshop.
Dates 3-1-13 to 3-15-13. Transportation,
room, and board provided. Pay package includes
$10,000 plus tips. If interested contact

Making contact with Herb was an easy decision. She sent three nude pictures and one line of text: Too many parties, too many bars, too many drinks, not enough men.

She received a reply two days later.

You’ve been selected to participate in the writer’s conference.

Contact Herb Brantley for more details.

She received a round trip ticket to Phoenix, Arizona and a check for one thousand dollars with instructions to meet Herb Brantley when she arrived.

* * *

Rachel was met at the airport dressed in a conservative dark-green business suit. A handsome man wearing a brown business suit stood beside a sign with her name on it.

“You’re more beautiful than your pictures Ms. Grayson,” he said offering her his hand.

She smiled shaking his hand. “Thank you.”

“It’s my pleasure; did you have a good trip?”

“Yes, but I’m looking forward to better ones while I’m here.” She smiled naughtily brushing long, red hair over her shoulders.

“We were impressed with your pictures but even more with your note: ‘Too many parties, too many bars, too many drinks, but not enough men.'”

“I like my little aphorism.”

“Does it have a meaning deeper than the obvious?”

“Do you think it’s profound?”

“It’s poetic in style and poems are usually multi-layered.”

“The four stanzas are self-explanatory, and it’s a short-hand way of describing my inclinations and personality, but I only wrote it to attract attention and get this gig.”

“It worked.” He offered her his arm and walked toward the terminal’s entrance. “The conference is being attended by some of the best young writers in the country. We want them to leave pleased with the workshop, we want to sign as many of them as possible to book contracts with Coito Publishing, and you and the other escorts are to make the week as pleasant for them as possible.” He smiled.

“In other words, you want us to fuck them as part of a package they can’t refuse.”

“I wouldn’t have used those words, but you have a general idea.”

He led her to the baggage claim section, and then the terminal’s entrance.

She squeezed his arm. “How many will there be?”

He looked at her. “Twenty have accepted the invitation.”

“A nice round number,” she commented.

“There’ll be a total of five escorts including you.”

She grinned. “Twenty divisible by five how sweet.”

“Are you being sarcastic?” Ms. Grayson.

“A little, but I like large numbers and proportions. Do you fit either of those categories?”

He smiled at her. “I’ve never had a complaint.”

“That’s nice to hear.” She rubbed her hip against his.

They stepped to the curb waiting for a white limo. A large black man dressed in a chauffeur’s uniform helped Rachel, her luggage, and Herb into the vehicle.

“It’s about a two-hour drive to the Coito Ranch where the workshop will be conducted. Would you care for a drink?”

“A sweet white wine would be nice.” She observed his fine ass as he bent to retrieve the wine from a small refrigerator.

He poured each of them half a flute.

She removed her jacket, unbuttoned the blouse, and pulled it open.

Herb handed her the wine and ogled her breasts covered by a white bra.

“Would you like a sample?” She poured wine on the tip of her bra revealing a rigid nipple. “I haven’t been laid in days.”

“We can’t allow any wine to go to waste.” Herb moved to suck her wet bra and nipple.

Before he got there, she doused her other teat. Oh, that’s cool.”

On his knees, Herb licked the excess fluid from each nipple and reached behind her to unfasten the hooks of her bra.

She assisted by raising her arms over her head.

He pulled the cups from under her plump tits, and they vibrated falling to their natural position looking like pendulous melons.

He cupped them with his hands and kissed her ruby red lips.

She responded with a “Humm,” and an accepting mouth and darting tongue.

The held each other for a long time with tongues entwining his hand fondling her breasts, and her hands exploring his backside.

Rachel reacted to her teats being stimulated by pulling her green trousers from her waist and under her ass. “Suck,” she commanded and went about the task of removing his tie and unbuttoning his shirt before unbuckling his belt and downing his zipper.

As the limo went around a curve, they separated.

She scrambled to remove her panties and fished for his cock. “Oh, you’ve got a nice one, let me try it out.” She straddled his lap, pulled her pussy lips apart, and spindled herself on his shaft groaning, “Aaaaugh, I needed that.” She sat still enjoying being filled, and she lifted her breasts to his face. “Suck on both canlı bahis of them while I hump your staff.”

He smiled and took one nipple into his mouth and fondled the other.

Resting on her haunches, she slid up and down his erection. She felt his cock hardening and swelling. “Herb, you’re not going to last long.” Placing her hands on his shoulders, she drove her cunt as hard and fast as she could on him.

His breathing became faster, he perspired, he groaned, “Damn, damn, I’m coming already,” and he lifted his hips to push deeper into her cavity as he lost control and ejected spurt after spurt of semen into her.

She continued humping him until he became limp and slipped from her.

“Wow, you’re a great piece-of-ass.” He pulled her close with his face buried between her breasts.

They were quiet for a while enjoying the release of sexual tension.

“Do we have enough time for seconds?” She asked crawling off of him.

He smiled. “Yes, but it’ll take me a while to recover.”

“Let’s finish our wine. Do you have any food? Fucking always makes me hungry.”

“Yes, I have some snacks.” He pulled them from the refrigerator and poured more wine. “You’re going to be an incredible asset to this weekend. If you treat all men like you’ve behaved toward me, you may not get much sleep.”

“I can go a week without sleep, if I’m busy doing something else.”

They ate, drank and talked.

She removed the rest of his clothes and fondled his limp cock until it started to stiffen. “Aha, now we can have some more action.” She got on the floor, rested her head on the seat, and spread her legs. “Give it to me doggie style, and I want you to play with my tits.”

He shoved himself into her pussy, leaned over her back and grabbed her boobs. Holding on to her, he slowly thrust in and out, in and out. At the same time, he hardened her nipples adding to his pleasure.

She was not close to an orgasm, but she began to moan at each of his down strokes, “Oh, aah, yas, oof.”

He rooted with increasing enthusiasm and quickened his speed and power.

“Use your finger on my clit,” she said.

He released one tit and placed the other on her honey button.

Circling his finger around her clit aroused Rachel. “Harder and faster,” she cried.

Herb increased the speed of his stroking and the rate of his finger circling her clit.

“Oooah, nice, very nice, keep it up.” She wiggled from side to side to increase her pleasure.

He was motivated to bring her to an orgasm, and he rammed her harder and harder as well as continuing to massage her clit.

“I’m getting close keep it up.”

Going into overdrive, Herb pounded her faster and faster.

“Oh, oh,” she said arching her back and clamping her pussy muscles hard around his staff until she exploded under him by moving in all directions and howling, “I’m coming, I’m coming, aaaaugh, ooooah, yooough, yes, yes, yes!”

He continued to hump her until he groaned, “Ah, ah, ah, God damn, God damn, that’s one sweet pussy.”

They slumped to the floor enjoying their orgasms. By the time they reached the ranch, they’d cleaned up using wipettes, and redressed.

She was delivered to a villa separated from the main lodge. Herb carried her luggage into the building and kissed her before he left.

“Thank you, Herb, for one of the most enjoyable rides I’ve had in a long time. What’s on the schedule for this evening?” She fondled his crouch.

There’s going to be a cocktail party at seven, but be ready by 6:45 and dress to impress.”

* * *

Rachel selected a black cocktail dress with abundant cleavage and lots of legs. At five feet eleven inches in height, four-inch heels, a Lindsey Lohan look, long red hair, and a Playboy figure she expected to command interest.

She and the four other escorts were picked up by a large white van at 6:45 and taken to the Coito Ranch. It was a large building built of manufactured logs with a wrap-around porch. It had been designed to fit into the hilly, arid, and barren landscape. Its construction was the same style as the villa where she was housed.

Herb Brantley met them on the porch, passed out name tags and said “Mingle. Remember, we want them to have a perfect time.” He opened the door into a large room wonderfully designed and furnished in white pine panels and western style furniture. There were ten tables and chairs and two wet bars with four male bartenders. The writers and Coito acquisitions staff were standing, sitting, conversing and drinking as the escorts entered.

Rachel was the last into the room. Her height plus four-inch heels, flaming red hair, and voluptuous shape instantly attracted interest. She accepted white wine and stood to talk with her admirers while surveying the room seeking the best looking or most interesting man to fuck. Everyone dressed casually, but one man sitting by himself attracted her. He was gorgeous wearing chinos, and a blue shirt unbuttoned halfway down showing off the hair on his chest. He definitely bahis siteleri had a non-conforming persona.

She excused herself from the mob and walked to him. “I’m Rachel Grayson and wonder why you’re sitting by yourself.” She extended her hand.

Standing, he shook her hand but didn’t let go as he ogled her. “I’m Jet Ralston. Are you as beautiful under that dress as you are in it?”

“I think better. Would you like to find out?” She moved closer to him.

“I would, but I must warn you I like kinky sex,” he said thoughtfully.

Her eyes opened wide. “What’s your definition of kinky?”

“Blindfolds, restraints, dildos, and cock rings for starters,” he stared at her breasts, “and for you, I believe nipple clamps would be appropriate.”

She smiled. “Nice, do you follow BMSD rules?”

“Of course, the idea is to enjoy sex not to inflict pain. I’m into pleasure, and it appears you have the same interests.”

“I’m ready when you are.” She nodded, smiled, and looked into his jet-black eyes.

* * *

In his bedroom, he took her in his arms. “Has anyone told you today how beautiful you are?” Before she could answer, he kissed her and thrust his tongue into her mouth. One hand unzipped her dress, unfastened her bra, and he had her step out of her dress and panties. “I’m going to blindfold and tie you to the bed.”

“You don’t have to do that. I like to be active while being fucked.”

“I understand, but I’m doing it to increase our pleasure.” He helped her to the bed and bound her hands and feet to the four corners of the bed before climbing on to the bed above her head. With his hand on his shaft, he probed her mouth until she took it into her mouth. He fucked her face and leaned forward to fondle one breast and to suck the other nipple into his mouth. He sucked long and hard on both nipples as he continued humping her mouth.

Rachel liked to suck cock. His length and girth satisfied her oral instincts, and his hand and mouth on her boobs stimulated her desire.

He pulled from her mouth. “Did you like that as much as I did?”

“Give it to me. I’m ready,” Rachel whimpered and lifted her head to follow the sound of his movements to the side of the bed.

“If you liked that wait until you feel this.” He placed lightly vibrating clamps on her nipples.

She moaned at the pressure and fluctuations the clips had on her teats. The feeling was different than his hands and mouth. “It hurts a little, but it’s causing a hum in me.”

“You won’t notice any pain in a minute.” He turned on a vibrating dildo and slowly circled the bed rubbing the throbbing instrument over her body.

Rachel relished the pulsating massage. She especially liked it as it ran up and down her inner thighs. “That tickles.”

“It’s supposed too.” He turned the vibrator off and rubbed it around her pussy.

She giggled. “That’s nice.”

Her body tensed when the vibrator was turned on and used to massage her nipples and coursed over and around her cunt.

Over and over again, he circled her twat while slowly increasing the speed of the dildo.

She writhed in pleasure.

He used one hand to pull the hood from her clit. He touched the honey button with the dildo.

The intensity of the vibrations was overwhelming and caused her pussy to contract and pushes her over the peak of passion into the throes of a significant orgasm lasting almost a minute. She howled, “Oh God, oh God, oh God, I’m coming, I’m coming, aaaaaw!”

Before she recovered, his dick slammed into her. He pounded relentlessly, and she noticed a hard- rubbery object strike her pubis bone and clitty as he stroked her.

When he tired, she asked, “What are you wearing?”

He laughed long and loud. “I thought you might like some additional titillation, so I put on a vibrating cock ring.”

“I haven’t felt any vibrations.”

“I haven’t turned it on yet, are you ready?”

“Is it going to be as stimulating as the dildo?”

“I don’t know. Tell me what you think.” He held the cock ring against her clit. He turned on the vibrator.

“Oh, that’s nice.”

He pressed into her with all his weight and turned the vibrator on high.

She rose on her shoulders and feet bowing her back at the awesome sensations the cock ring vibrators gave her. The feeling was like the fire and heat of a lightening-strike. She screamed, “Yaaaahgh, oooooah, whooo!”

As her contractions persisted, he stroked her with the zeal of a man gone crazy. He leaned to one side and then the other as he thrust in and out of her. His hips twirled in circles as he pounded her pussy. “Are you ready? I’m about to come.”

“Give me your best shot.” She rose on her shoulders and lifted her hips to give him a better angle. She felt the speed of his thrusting increased, his cock became more rigid, it expanded, and he shot his jism into her ready and eager pussy.

* * *

“I have a proposition for you,” Herb said as he sat in Rachel’s villa Monday after lunch.

“I like to be propositioned.” bahis şirketleri She crossed her legs at the ankle.

He leaned forward with hands on his knees. “I’ve been overwhelmed by requests for your company.”

“That’s a wonderful compliment. Do all the authors want to spend quality time with me?” She asked eagerly.

“Yes, and with your permission, I’ll schedule you with four men every night this week.”

“Four, is that all?” She laughed uncrossing her legs.

“You’re in high demand, but you can’t deal with that many at one time, so I’ve spaced them depending on their schedules. I’ll arrange for you to be with them any way you like: one on one, two threesomes, or a gangbang.

She stared into his brown eyes with her mouth open. “I’ve never been in a gangbang, so let’s go for that. Five gangbangs in five nights. I’m so excited. I’m wetting my panties.”

He scowled. “Damn, I’d like to help you with your problem, but I have to work on the schedule and see to other details.”

* * *

Rachel sat on a brown leather couch wearing a green gown and wondering how this gangbang would differ from the other four. The first night was exciting because none of them had ever been in a gangbang. The next three nights were variations of the first. She sucked and fucked a lot of dicks, but she didn’t often orgasm due to the inexperience of her partners. She thought this night would be better because of the presence of Jet Ralston.

There was a knock on the door at eight o’clock and four casually dressed men carrying small bags filed into the room with Jet at the back.

She stood and asked,” How would you gentlemen like to proceed?” Wiggling her shoulders, she allowed the gown to slip to the floor. They gawked at her pendulous breasts hanging like ripe fruit and the red thatch of hair covering the prize they sought.

Jet threw up his hands. “Okay guys, she’s built like a brick shit house. You already knew that let’s not forget the plan.”

They quickly undressed, and each of them took a limb and carried her into the bedroom. They laid her on the bed and from their bags, they placed soft cloth cuffs around her wrists and ankles, and then to the four corners of the bed.

She lay restrained in a venerable spread eagle position, with her hips placed on a pillow, but was mentally prepared and excited about what was going to happen.

“I’m going to cover your eyes to intensify your feelings, so we all have a good time,” Jet said as he pulled a blindfold over her eyes.

She felt them crawling onto the bed; one near her head, one on each side, and one close to her feet. Nothing was said but almost simultaneously she was kissed passionately, two mouths took nipples into their mouths, and a hand roamed through her pubic hair and around her cunt and anus. The stimulations on all of her erogenous zones were arousing. Her tongue was entwined with another, her nipples were licked and sucked, and she was tickled around her most sensitive sex organ.

She felt and heard them moving around until someone was at each of the previous positions. A dick probed at her lips, and she eagerly took it into her mouth. Vibrators were used to massage her chest, sides, stomach, and breasts. Another stimulator coursed through her pubic hair and around her twat, and a finger lubricated her asshole.

“I like what you guys are doing, but I’m not comfortable with the ass play.”

Another cock slipped into her mouth, and she sucked enthusiastically. Vibrating clamps were placed on her nipples delighting her. At the same time, other vibrators wandered over the remainder of her upper body. A dildo was slipped into her tunnel while at the same time a thin and short butt plug was placed in her anus.

“I told you before I don’t like the butt plug.” Aside from the invasion of her ass, she enjoyed the good tasting cock in her mouth, the throbbing on her nipples and massaging of her body, and she especially liked the rod being run in and out of her passageway. She felt the signs of an impending orgasm.

They changed locations a third time. Rachel sucked on the larger of the two cocks. The vibrations on her body and nipples increased in intensity, and the dildo was removed from her cunt. The butt plug was replaced with a larger one, and the vibrator turned on high and placed on her clit. The gathering storm within her reached its peak from all the stimulations, and she spilled over into an orgasm, “Yaaaaugh, aaaaaah, ooooooah!

She was left alone for a minute. They climbed back onto the bed, and a larger butt plug replaced the smaller one, and the pillow was removed. Before she could complain, a cock plunged into her, stopped deep within her, withdrew and rammed into her hard ten times. Not only did the cock affect her but each forward stroke caused the butt plug to bang into her. She was surprised by the suddenness of the two invasions, and she grunted, “Aah,” at each stroke. At the same, she was kissed, and her nipples licked and sucked.

The dick pulled out without coming, and another cock thrust into her and ceased for a moment and then gave her ten rough strokes. A larger butt plug pushed into her ass. She didn’t have time to catch her breath before the staff thrust into her, and she continued to grunt, “Aah, aah.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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