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My hands are rough and coarse, but I touch you with the softest caress I can.

I know my hands against your soft skin causes sensations that shoot into your nerves. I can feel you shudder and nervously shake as my hands touch you.

Little bumps raise up under my hands as they pass over your flesh. You are hot and I feel your heat emanating up into my palms.

Slowly I explore your shoulders, gently wandering over them, pausing to knead your muscles and rub deeply, breaking away tensions and leaving warm relaxing tingles in their place.

My fingers work against your tissues and play as they dance and drag over you, pressure increasing as I force your tightness to give way under my insistant massages.

Hands now surround your neck, moving constantly, thumbs rubbing and flexing against your neck and fingers closing against your spine, deep caresses as I tenderly melt your body under my hands.

Pliable and warm, soft and given, trusting and needing, you willingly allow me this pleasure.

A pleasure so sweet that I feel the thrill throughout my body as I touch you.

My finger tips are alive and electric and they enhance my senses with every valley and muscle and change of flesh texture I meet.

Your body is a pleasureland for me. I couldn’t bear all of it at once. You were created to enjoy little by little and without urgency.

Your shoulders are complex. Soft yet strong, fleshy and muscular, with necessary shape, like a structure designed to withstand much, but covered and softened by a heavy tapestry of warm and easy beauty.

Your neck is long and white, regal and aqualine, like those of goddesses and saints imagined by Renaissance masters, and found only in the world of idealic dreams.

I long to kiss your perfect neck and to cover it with wet devotion. I yearn to suck your flesh and taste you. I would feast on your shoulders and neck, happy and content if that was all I was allowed.

But I want much more of you.

I am hungry to taste your full lips, to feel their wet hotness against my own and to taste your sweetness.

I know they hide and protect the true essence of your being.

My mouth replaces my hands and I kiss your neck, small nibbles of wet kisses following the trails blazed by my hands. Every area kissed and sucked tenderly, slowly.

This is a joy that should not be hurried, but should be prolonged for as long as the mind can endure.

Such a stimulating and delicious journey around your neck and across and down your shoulders, lulling my mind with the calmness of the moment…no urgency…no haste.

But even in this tranquil state, I am excited beyond words.

I am where I want to be then, loving and kissing and caressing you…showing you my feelings without words, with only gentle touches and my hot breath covering you like a fog, as my mouth passes over you.

My rough hands now move down you body and I brush your breasts, casually and innocently, almost accidentally, but assuredly on purpose and with an intent that you will soon realize.

And my mouth continues it’s happy work, seeking to cover and know all of you.

My mouth never tires of you, and aches to devour you, to eat you up and to savor you.

My lips are open and wet as I move across your neck and to your ears, carefully kissing them, gently sucking your lobes and my tongue flicking lightly at your ear. No sloppy wet probing, but soft hints of kisses, teasing and offering more.

And I breathe my hot breath on you and I tell you in whispers of my desire for you…How much I want you and need you.

My words fill your ears and I can feel you tremble to know the passion I feel for you, but my words pale beside my true feelings for you.

I could spend days searching through dictonaries, and I could never find the words adequate to even begin to make you know how I really feel.

And I am left to show you.

My heart races as I kiss your cheeks and then I face you for a moment. You can see my feelings in my eyes, with messages sent directly from my heart and soul.

You have to know and feel my energy directed at you, my desires focused on you, my emotions given to you.

I lean forward and kiss your lips. I can feel your face pressed against mine and I feel you flow into me.

My hands hold your face as we kiss. Still, lingering, meaningful kisses. Kisses that tell you all. Kisses that can never be misunderstood in their simplicity and purity. Kisses that tell you everything.

My arms wrap around you and I hold you tight, like I am afraid you will disappear or float away.

I have needed to hold you like this güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri for all of my life. Now I want this to last for the rest of my life.

This is where I belong. Holding you and feeling your body fully against mine, our lips melded together, as we exchange our breaths and wet tastes.

My arms hold you tighter and yours wrap around my neck. Kissing, we feel each other and hear our sighs and moans….messages without words.

Your breasts are full against my chest. Crushed under the force with which I hold you. Our kisses intensify and we hold tighter.

I want you so much. My mind is full of you. My eyes are blind to everything but yours. My ears hear only your breathing.

I feel only my passion reflected back with your own. I am overwhelmed by you….overpowered by you…..captivated by you…fascinated by you…

Time ceases. The world stops.

My hands explore your back, moving slowly, again caressing and massaging, feeling your shape. Down to your waist…then further down to your buttocks…firm and tight and full.

My hands are full as they measure and touch you, kneading and needing, and cupping your ass…pulling you to me tighter. So exciting…so sensuous this feeling.

My mouth is hard against yours, open, wet, and sucking as our tongues probe and exchange pleasure.

Our bodies are tight against each others. My rough hands feel your smooth ass, lifting you slightly in my urgent need for you.

But even as I am desperate to make love to you, I want our play to last longer.

I raise back from you and take your hands and guide you to the bed. I place you near the side and I sit beside you. I slowly unfasten your blouse and you slip it off and set it aside.

You roll onto your stomach as my hands again touch your shoulders. Working my fingers into your muscles I move across your back, kneading, and pressing. My fingers are in synronous motion as they ply your back.

And when they have traveled across all of your shoulders and back, they return to the base of your neck.

I place one palm down on your back and I slam my other fist hard against it, causing muted impacts into your muscles and flesh.

I move my hands in steady repeating slamming and rubbing motions until I have covered your back again.

I begin a rapid chopping motion with the edges of my outstretched hands, alternating the impacts as I move across you, never slowing or stopping.

Chop, chop, chop, my hands work on and on and on.

I can feel your body relaxing beneath my hands. Your face is turned and your eyes are closed. I can hear soft contented sounds from your smiling mouth.

You are calm as I finish this first massage by gently rubbing in swirling patterns with my palms warming your skin and leaving a pale pink color.

I unsnap your bra as you roll onto your back. I pull it away from your breasts which spill out onto your chest.

They are beautiful, round, full, so inviting and exciting to me. Your nipples now stiffening in the air and from the excitement of me looking at them in the light.

Your eyes are open wide as you wait for me to move.

Many thoughts race through my mind. Hundreds of generations of patterning from my ancestors causes me to want to take your breasts and touch them, fondling, kissing and sucking in urgent and immediate need.

But I control myself yet, and I gently feel your nipples, running my fingers around your pink areola, and then touching the tip of your bud-like nipples. I cup your breasts in my hands and lift and hold them.

Your breathing becomes deeper and your eyes watch my every move.

I release your breasts and move to your neck, up under your chin, slowly rubbing my thumbs up and over as my fingers massage your neck down to your shoulders.

My hands press and caress you with all of my devotion to your pleasure, carefully pushing and pressing, working and kneading, massaging and caressing, giving you my gift of my care.

And my hands move slowly, working their way down until I tenderly stroke your breasts and move them from side to side slightly.

Their firmness maintains their symetry and shape, but the mass causes them to sag a little as you lie there willing for me.

Your white skin is almost dazzling to me. It is as pure as hard alabaster, yet as soft as the richest silk. I am full of wonder as I look at you.

My heart wants to scream out loud, singing your praises and proclaiming your magnificence.

You possess me with my desire for you. You own me because of my need for you.

You bless me with your submission to my güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri simple attempts to please you.

My hands work on your flesh, molding and forming your breasts to them. Your cherry-like nipples, hard from attention, stand up in beautiful contrast to your soft, pink, flat, aerola and creamy white breasts.

You are a visual feast, a delicious banquet for me to enjoy.

I lean forward as you raise your head to me. We kiss deeply and passionately. You pull me down to you.

I support my body with my knees as I straddle over you, kissing and pressing against you.

My hands cup your breasts and I squeeze them. Your lips open and you welcome me to share your wet mouth. Kisses harder, hands fuller, bodies tighter, needs greater…

I reach back and touch your thigh. I can’t wait any longer.

Your clothes under my hand bar me from touching your flesh, but that shield only provokes my desire and I reach back until I touch the hem of your skirt and slowly pull it to me.

I crane my neck to look as your legs come into view from under your modest dress.

I move to lie beside you and slide your skirt up to your waist. Your bare upper body lies quivering as I expose your full legs and panties to me.

Your legs are together and your panties pulled tight. I can easily see the crease between your labis just starting at the junction of your legs.

I lean slightly forward and I can detect your scent, like some aural beacon sending homing messages to me.

I look back at your face and you look intently at me. I feel like I am in slow motion now as I carefully reach across your belly and gently touch you.

Your lower belly is no longer taut as when you were a young girl.

I lean down and kiss it with soft adoring kisses to let you know I love your body and all of its creases and imperfections, for you are nature’s plan perfected.

A goddess as designed by eons of selective choice…a soft machine of humanity…a perpetuation of ourselves.

And I respect you for that and I love you for that and I worship you for that. The realization of your role excites me more and I feel drawn to kiss your belly and to show you my desire for you.

Your breasts are magnificent and so appealing. Your legs so sensual and your woman secret so sexual, but your belly now to me is the representation of womanhood/motherhood and I feel its powerful force flowing out and covering me.

And I feel so warm and safe near you. I feel like resting my head on your belly and smiling in that contentment.

And as I lay my head down on you I touch your breasts again with my hands and I idly play with your nipples.

My fingers pull at them and twist them gently. My mouth is wet as I kiss your belly and then creep up your body across your ribs and then soon my mouth joins my hands at your breasts.

I kiss and suck your nipples and pull them up between my lips, eager to fill my mouth with your hot heavy breasts.

I want to feel my mouth full of that flesh, and eager to mold the shape in my hands as I suck and kiss you.

You shift on the bed, your legs outstretched and slightly apart. I feel your body move and I turn my attention below.

My hands move away, leaving my lips still sucking and my tongue licking and flicking at your breasts and nipples. My hands slowly caress their way down to your ribs, and then your waist and then to your panties.

I slowly massage you through your silky fabric. The heel of my hand presses down against your mound rubbing slowly across you and then back in slow upward motion with my fingers cupping between your legs as I pull back.

I can feel your wetness through your panties. My hands linger there, in no hurry to leave this spot of moist heat and growing desire.

I continue sucking your breasts as your hands hold my head tight to your bosom, clutching me to you as my hands begin to explore between your legs.

Your legs are opening more as my hand now rests between them, filled with your sweet vulva. My fingers curl under and press into you, pushing your labia apart.

Your hot breath on my head urges me on and I push my fingers deeper into you. You raise your hips against me and I can feel how hot you are inside. My fingers slip deeper, pushing the silkiness in ahead of them. You are so wet. My fingers are covered by the wetness soaking thru your panties.

I lean up and move to the end of the bed. I rub against you slowly with my fingers. Your head is raised and you also watch as my fingers play with you.

I slide one finger under your panty leg and feel your soft skin. güvenilir bahis şirketleri It is hot and wet as I move toward your opening. I can feel you shivering and shaking as I touch you.

I take your panties in both hands. You lift up as I slide them off. Your wetness glistens in the light.

I can see your beautiful pink slit ready for me. Your lips are dark and look slightly swollen as they hang apart.

My heart races as I sit up and remove my clothes.

You remove your remaining clothing. Our naked bodies touch and we kiss again. Our arms hold each other and our passion builds.

Our slow exploration has now raised us to a level of excitement that has both of our bodies flushed. Our breaths are fast and almost gasping.

Our mouths press onto each others, in urgent, almost spastic desperation. Hands move across each other, fumbling, seeking, touching, feeling.

All of our slow and planned loving has been pushed aside as we now move toward our immediate goal.

We both need my cock deep inside you.

You are on your back, one knee bent, as I kiss my way down your body from your lips to your neck.

My hands fill with your breasts, squeezing them, pulling and flicking and rolling your nipples between my finger and thumb.

My knee pushes between your leg against your wet crotch. Your hands guide my head and hold it against your breasts. Your lips beg me to suck harder. You push hard against my leg.

My lips trail down to your stomach, and I shift on the bed. My hand now between your legs, my mouth kissing wet and licking your chest and belly and now almost down to your waiting womanness.

My hand rubs across your lips and then down between them and presses against your entire vulva, cupping as my fingers curl up. Touching you as I slide down until my face is near.

I continue my finger and hand play, as I blow my breath across you. My tongue flicks out and I lick across you and feel you shudder from my wet warm touch.

You moan and sigh. I lick again. Your legs part a little more. My fingers now slip between your lips and trace their length, feeling the swollen tissue.

Your flaps open now and hanging slightly, dark in color, your wetness almost flowing out. My fingers pull them further apart, and I lean down and my lips press against them.

My tongue flicks and then licks inside, lapping up your moisture. My lips close around your labia, sucking and stretching them tenderly, one at a time, and then I probe deep inside again with my tongue…little serpent-like flicks and stabs.

You writhe under my attention.

Your legs are thrown apart and I lift them up and push them back, opening you up even more. I position myself between your legs, lying prone before you, my face against you.

My hands move under your buttocks and I lift you up to my mouth. I kiss you deeply now, savoring your woman essence, filling my head with your scent.

I am totally devoted now to your pleasure as I begin to suck and kiss your lips.

My lips pull and suck your labia. My face pushes into you. My tongue laps and flicks and explores you. My lips pulls and sucks your clit and teases it until I feel it throbbing. My tongue plays against it, licking and circling and flicking.

My fingers massage and caress your vulva and rub against you as my lips and tongue love you.

You heave and roll and throw your hips up seeking more, and I am driven on by your sounds of pleasure and desire.

I can feel you as you twitch and reach orgasms and then as you look for a calm moment to release that sensitive and untouchable time.

I lay quiet there between your legs, watching as you melt away and level back down.

And then I kiss you softly and sit up. Your legs are relaxed and are stretched out lanquidly. I move up to you and rub my cock against you.

You pull your legs back and I push forward, slowly entering you. Such a rich sensation, almost like eating too much chocolate. Such a heady and warm feeling deep in my stomach and my mind.

I feel so much as I go deeper. It feels like it takes hours. And then we reach for each other, and we kiss continuously as we move together.

Our bodies join. We are one being now, physically, emotionally and in our minds. We hold tight as we rock against each other.

Thrusting into you as you push against me, our bodies are intent in their needs, and moving as one.

And we make love. Seconds become minutes. Minutes pass.

We stay together, never wanting this to end.

Resting together and then rolling and thrashing together again, we both fall weak in each others arms. And still we stay together as if we are now one forever.

And we fall into that peaceful sleep that comes from love given and taken, and float away together.

Today I can feel that mellow feeling as if you are with me, and I want to kiss your sweet lips again.

My heart is full of you, but my arms empty.

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