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Two MWFs for Two SWMs

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True Story;

Back in the early 80’s, my best friend and we went out regularly on the weekends to try and get laid, usually with no luck, however this night was different. We were in a younger people’s bar and walking along the upper tier, when an arm reached out and grabbed me. Turned out it was a married gal I knew and her married girlfriend. Mary was probably 10-15 years older than I (me in, late 20’s), her girlfriend Trudie was maybe a few years older. Mary was a good looking gal for her age and had a huge rack on her, at least 40’s and she was proud of those girls. Trudie was a medium bodied gal, cute in her own way.

So we sat with them for awhile, when Mary said, “hey we want to get laid tonight”, my roommate Jim and I both at the same time said to the waitress “more schnapps”! I mean they weren’t the kind of gals you’d take home to mom, but no problem getting them to bed. The kind of gals that looked better at 2:30AM than 10PM. So we drank for quite awhile, then decided to leave. I was back living at my parents so couldn’t go there, Jim had a live in girlfriend, so couldn’t go there. I just bought a house and was having a new roommate move but it was going to be a week. He lived about 15 minutes from where we were and I knew he was gone for the weekend, so we headed off. I let Jim drive my car and Mary set in the front seat with him, while Trudie was in the back with me.

Mary decided on the way to take her clothes off, now it’s 1:30AM, but we were driving through town, so worried someone would see. When we got to my new roommates upstairs apartment, I had no idea how to get in, but when I turned the door handle it was unlocked. So we go upstairs and Jim goes to the rear bedroom with Trudie and I try to turn on the stereo in the living room. Mary is sitting on a speaker and says I’ve always wanted to give you a blow job, I said great and she proceeded to undo my pants right there.

When I drink I get horny, have no problem getting and keeping a canlı bahis nice hard on for a long time, this was no exception. She unbuckled my belt, unhooked the button, then unzipped my pants, letting them fall to the floor. Then she pulls down my underwear and my dick hits her in the chin. She grabs a hold of my manhood and immediately goes down on me balls deep. I have 7.5″ cut, then she grabs my balls with the other hand and squeezes. And she obviously loved sucking cock and she was damn good at it, felt great, she went all the way down, burying her nose in my trimmed pubic hair. She blew me for like 10 minutes, then said she really need fucked and wanted my big dick in her pussy. So we head to the bedroom that has an antique bed in it. It sits higher than a normal bed, so you kind of have to climb in. Before we get in bed she’s naked, those tits, couldn’t help but want to play with and suck them. She has a nice bush little thicker than most.

So we get in bed, me getting on top, she grabs my right hand an told me she wants me to play with her pussy first to get her wetter. She guided my hand right to the pussy and I start by rubbing her clit and she loves it, moaning loudly, and she’s damn wet already, so I slip two fingers inside her pussy and start playing with her G spot which set her off. She says I can’t stand it, put your big dick in me. So I slide in with no problem as she is so wet, but tight and very warm.

We start fucking, when I hear Jim and Trudie enter the room. I look around and see they are both naked and climbing into bed with us on the other side. Pretty soon everyone’s fucking, me and Jim are both on top of the women fucking away, when all of a sudden, the bed breaks and down on the floor we all go, wonder it didn’t break off our cocks. It was shocking, exciting and unexpected. I was scared we would wake up the tenants below us. The bed was now at an angle, but we all continued fucking. I was sucking Mary’s huge tits, and she had her one hand down bahis siteleri into her crotch playing with her clit while I was fucking her. Then she came, I had to put my hand over her mouth as she was so loud, didn’t want to wake the neighbors. Shortly after the other two bed participants came too, her as loudly as Mary.

Trudie said she wanted to fuck me too as I hadn’t come yet, she said there’s another bedroom in the back. So we got out of bed, leaving Jim and Mary cuddling together and off to the other bedroom. Trudie had a nice body, not skinny or petite, medium, nice tits, slightly hairy bush and very tight pussy. You wouldn’t have known that she just got fucked, I mean she was wet but not like she had just been fucked.

So she said she wanted me on my back, I obliged and she climbed on top, grabbed my cock and slid it into her warm pussy. She said oh you are a lot bigger than Jim and my husband, I’m going to love fucking you and off she went in deep strides up and down. She asked me if I was going to cum anytime soon, I told her I could force it. Well she said then force it in my mouth, I want you to come in my mouth, I want it all.

Next think I know she’s climbed off and put her warm mouth over my throbbing cock, then also slid her finger into my ass. I had never had that done before, but it felt good, she was massaging my prostrate which eventually made my cumming even bigger than I’d had before. She was applying a lot of pressure or tightness around my cock, sucking the full 7.5″ her nose buried in my trimmed pubic hair, then coming all the way out and sucking the end of my cock.

I couldn’t stand it anymore, she was going to get that mouthful. I told her OMG I’m going to cum and faster she went up and down. I exploded in her mouth, seemed like 8 or 10 shots of cum in her mouth. It was a lot and she couldn’t keep it all in, I could see it running out the sides of her mouth. I could feel my hot cum she was allowing to fall down my shaft onto bahis şirketleri my balls. OMG never had I ever had that hot of a blow job, it was great.

She finally stopped then licked up every drop of cum, on my shaft, what slid down my balls, in between my legs, all of it. She told me that I was the best fuck she ever had and wanted to hang out for a regular fucking. Sound good to me.

Jim and I hooked up with them about a month later, this time taking them to my house. I had a king size waterbed. The girls said they enjoyed fucking us both at the same time in the same bed and wanted to do it again. So to the bed we go. I hook up with Trudie fucking her missionary style while Jim is straddling Mary sitting across her chest while she’s sucking his cock. This night we hadn’t been drinking as much so i got off early, but Trudie was very satisfied as she said, but that she wanted to blow me. Mary said she need fucked while sucking Jim’s cock. While I still had a hard on, I mounted Mary slid right into her pussy.

It was very weird because Jim and I were both on her, I was close enough to him that I could have fucked him…lol. I was banging the hell out of her very wet pussy as Jim fucked her earlier on the couch. I could tell that I wasn’t going to cum for awhile, as I wasn’t getting much friction from the inside of her, so I got off. I asked Trudie if she wanted to suck my cock. She said only if I get all your cum. So we moved into another bedroom and to town she went on my cock. I was playing with her tits as best I could from the angle I was at. She then said that she wanted me to give her a manual orgasm, no problem, We switched to a 69 position and I put two fingers inside her pussy and rubbed the top of her pussy, her G spot, driving her wild. She stopped sucking my cock, she said she was going to cum and did. I could feel the warmth of her orgasm on my hand and the fluids running down my hand, it was fantastic for her and me.

After she came, she went right back down on me and it didn’t take long till I filled her mouth with hot cum, only about 6 shots, she swallowed every drop. That was the last time we saw either of the gals in a sexual way, but well worth the memories.

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