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Unexpected Hook Up

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I had just left home after a huge blow up with my wife. At this point I don’t even remember what it was about, I just knew I should get drunk and forget all about it and her. When driving to town to go to my favorite bar she texts me and says she’s staying at her moms. Good I thought to myself. Now I can tie a load on and not have to hear about it later.

I finally get to my spot around 10, the place is dead. Fine with me I didn’t want to socialize with anyone but the beer. There were no more than 6 customers when I arrived. By my third beer it was me and the bartender. In walk these two guys holding hands and laughing, the bar isn’t far from the gayborhood so it’s not an unusual sight. I glanced up and quickly went back to my beverage.

The two sat at a corner booth and I remained at the bar. They were quiet and I wasn’t paying them no mind. I had to relieve myself so as I passed them they looked up I said a courteous hey and continued to the latrine. After finishing I headed back to my barstool. They stopped me as I passed and asked if I wanted to join them. Saying I looked lonely all by myself. I figured sure why not.

I sat and we talked. I relayed my tales of woe and continued to down drinks. I learned there names were Tim and joe. And they had just gotten a loft in the neighborhood. They asked if this was typical of this bar and I confirmed that it was usually pretty desolate. As the night wore on I got a wee bit drunk. Sometime after midnight I decided it was time to roll on home. I was pretty drunk and knew I should be driving.

Tim, seeing my condition, suggested we go back to their place and have some more drinks and I could drive home in the morning. Great idea I thought. More booze.

After a short walk we arrived to their well decorated walk up and went inside. Joe received some beers.

In my drunken state I guess I turned my filter off and just kinda blurted. That I don’t get the gay lifestyle. I was like, I love women and pussy and tits too much. I laughed to myself. They just kinda looked at me.

Tim just kinda looked at me. Joe spoke up. He’s asks. Do you like kissing. Of course. No difference he says. How about blow jobs you like you dick sucked Lou? Of course I do I said. So do wee Tim chimes in. I go but pussy there is nothing better than pussy. Joe then drops the nuclear option. He says how about anal. You like to fuck your wife’s ass Lou? I was stuck. I told them we tried it a couple of times she said it hurt and we haven’t tried again. Does that mean you still wouldn’t fuck her ass if she let you. I sheepishly replied that yeah I’d love to Dick her ass if she’s let me.

I escorts in london had a sense where this was going to go. Tim asks if my wife ever let me have a threesome with her and another girls. Again no. Joe chimes in that plus or minus a few parts sex is sex. The end result is getting off whether it’s solo with my wife or with two guys you just met in a bar. They both laughed.

Both leaned in and kissed me. By then I was expecting it and just went with it.

Joe took me by the arm and led me to the bedroom. We continued to kiss. Tim pulled me away from joe and kisses me deep and passionate. Forcing his tongue inside I met it with my own. With times hands on my face I felt one of joes on my chest. He then reached down and rubbed the outline of my cock as it presses to escape my jeans.

Tim broke from me and joe immediately took his position his tongue dancing with mine. His hands continuing to run my cock through my jeans. Tim broke in and again. Kissing me and guided my hand down. It was then that I noticed that he had stripped. He guided my hand down to his cock and I grab hold of it.

It was a strange sensation. Anytime I’ve held a cock it was my one it was a different feeling altogether. I felt joe return and instead of just rubbing my cock he began to undress me. When he finished he guided my other hand to his cock. There I was standing completely naked with two men kissing holding both their cocks in my hand. I didn’t want it to stop

They led me to the bed and pushed me down on my back. Without missing a beat they both started kissing and sucking my cock. I couldn’t believe how great it felt. I’ve never had two mouth competing over it before.

There was no asking if I wanted or didn’t want to do something. I was along for the ride and whatever was going to happen was going to happen.

Tim layed down next to me and pulled me toweds him. After kissing for a bit he pulled the move that every guy does. He started pressing my head to go lower. So I did. I kissed his chest. I sucked and licked his nipples and continued down.

I took hold of his cock and began to kiss and lick the head of his cock. I put it in mouth and savored the taste. I thought. Well what do I like. So I worked my mouth and tongue and began to pump eeithy hand. I gently rubbed his balls with my other hand.

I’m on my hands and knees sucking tims cock and I can feel Joe running and massaging my ass cheeks. He reaches around and give a tug on my cock. As he’s tugging and I’m sucking his boyfriends cock he begins to work his finger against my ass. The more he rubbed and pushed the harder i sucked in tims cock. escorts in london I heard Tim say that I must really like that. And I did.

I could feel Joe working his finger deeper and deeper inside my ass. It wasn’t long before I could tell he had it all the way in. He slowly finger fucked my ass. He almost pulled his finger all the way out and I could feel a second finger trying to break through. Not as slow as with one finger he forced a second inside me. I furious sucked on tims cock. Then Joe pulled both fingers out. He laid down and kissed Tim then guided my head to him.

I was surprised at the differences in their cocks. Tim was built like me. About 6 and a half inches. Not too think and cut. Joes was about 5 inches but about twice as thick and he wasn’t cut. As I began rubbing his cock. I pulled the foreskin back and forth. Then went in for a taste.

As I sucked Joe for all I was worth I felt Tim kissing my lower back. I felt his hands all over me. Then I felt him press his thumb against my ass. I was surprised when my ass resisted I then felt a couple of cool drops fall right in my crack. I then realized that wasn’t his thumb.

He then began to work the lube all againt my ass with the head of his cock. Knowing my wife couldn’t take my cock in her ass I became afraid. I felt the head of his cock resume its place trying to make its way inside me. He grabbed hold of my hips and with just the right amount of pressure the head popped in side my ass. I froze for a second wait for this excruciating pain that my wife said happens when I tried to fuck her. Ther was no pain. And he just held his cock there letting me get use to the size I couldn’t believe how good it felt. After a few moment he began to slowly push.

I didn’t know where to concentrate I have joes cock in my mouth and I’m bobbing up and down. And now Tim is slowly pushing his inside me. Before too long I felt the tickle of tims pudes against my ass cheeks. He stayed there holding his cock all the way inside me.

Ass Tim slowly worked his cock back out i countied to furiously suck on joes. My hand woling his shaft like a piston licking and sucking the best I could. I felt Joes hand hold the back of my head. With a groan he began to cum. Another point of indecision. Spit or swallow. My wife always spits. Well she was wrong about a dick in the ass so she must be wrong about swallowing too. As the head of his cock grew and began to unload that hot sticky cum I took as much of his cock into my mouth and let his cum shoot straight down my throat. Gulping each time he shot more. I eased off joes cock, squeezing the last few drops into my tongue escort service savoring the taste before I swallowed.

By this time Tim began to slowly work his cock all the way inside me. This time when he got all the way in he didn’t hold it he worked back until only the head remained inside me. As he pushed forward I instinctively pressed back and his hips slammed against me. Sensing I was enjoying Tim began to pick up the pace. I would let him back off and just as he started in i hungrily swallowed his length with my ass.

As his pace increase so did mine. I could see Joe stoking his cock watching his boyfriend fucking me. I was begging for his cock. Moaning as he slammed his cock inside me.

I head Tim say he was going to cum. He grabbed my hips and as he pulled me towards him I impaled myself one las time. Just as he exploded and filled me up with his hot cum.

Tim slumped over my back spent. His cock starting to go limp still inside me.

As soon as Tim pulled out I felt joes hands on me. He was hard again and wanted more. I was surprised that he didn’t slide right in after tim had just fucked me. I guess his girth was that much more.

Joe wasn’t as gentle as Tim. When he pressed the huge head and it didn’t go right in he just pressed harder. With a little pressure his cock broke through. He didn’t want any time and forced his cock all the way inside me. I couldn’t believe how stretched I felt. Tims went much deeper but joes cock had me to the breaking point.

Joe fucked my ass furiously. Like he was punishing it for some unknown reason But I couldn’t get enough. Each thrust forward was met with me forcing myself into his thick cock. With one last thrust he began to cum deep inside me.

I collapsed on the bed drained. Hot cum dripping from my sore ass.

I rolled on my back trying to catch my breath. As soon as I did I felt tims mouth on my aching cock. With expertise he worked his magic and had me shooting in less than a minute. As I came he sucked on just the head making sure he got every drop. He let my cock slip out of his mout and made his way up to me. When he kissed me I began to tinge him and realized that he hadn’t swallowed. My cum was still in his mouth. He laid on top of me as I worked my tongue hungrily taking my own cum back from him.

As I finished swallowing my on cum. Tim shifted and straddled my chest. He began to rub his hard cock against my lips. I licked the head thinking he wanted a blowjob but he had other ideas. Straddling me he began to jerk himself. Inches from my face I tried to lick his cock in between jacks. Open he barked. So I opened my mouth. He placed his cock right in my tongue and came again. When he made sure very last drop was in me he pulled away as I swallowed my third load of the night.

We all collapsed exhausted on the bed. Naked sweaty and dripping with cum.

The next morning…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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