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University Pleasures Ch. 01

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Disclaimer: the following is a work of fiction. It may contain scenes of violence, bondage and/or sexual situations which may or may not be consensual, and is intended for adult readers only. All characters portrayed in this story are adults. This work in not for profit and is intended as entertainment only. The author does not support or encourage violence or humiliation towards women or anyone. Characters in this story are fictional and not based on any person living or dead, and are not meant to infringe on any existing characters in other literatures.


This is the continuation of theUniversity Blues storyline, and I would recommend you read that one before plunging into this new venture.

Quick recap: Our main characters, Tom, Dana and Myriam, after a confusing few weeks at the start of the Fall semester at Penndale University, have come up with a way to handle their non-traditional relationships. Tom, 34 and history teacher, is now dating his coworker, office mate and mentor Dana Foster, 42; he is also sexually active with Myriam Holt, his 21-year old student, and many of her friends who hang out. The agreement is a simple one: as long as Tom prioritizes Dana when they’re together, she doesn’t mind what he does outside of their relationship; and Myriam doesn’t mind as long he’s honest about it. Tom, somewhat still high from the intensity of it all, is riding the wave of sexual intimacy after being in a rut for three years.

The question remains: how long can this arrangement endure before Tom is either asked to fully commit to Dana, or something happens that challenges this newfound status quo?


Tom could not longer count with one hand the number of sexual partners he had been with, and this pleased him immensely. He tried, on the eve of break week at the college, to make the count. He even wrote their names and some details on a piece of paper.

YUKI AMATO – First experience – abroad

MELANIE PLANTERS – First relationship – lasted 3 years

ANONYMOUS – One-night stand / Porter

MYRIAM HOLT – One-night turned sex gang – ambushed by student

DANA FOSTER – Relationship???

TINA – Sexnight

, small, wants to dance

LEA – Sexnight

, red hair, beauty salon

AISHA – Sexnight

, black, nudie bar barmaid

THEA – Sexnight

, tall, future pharmacist

REBECCA – Next morning – roommate Masturbated to Myriam watching

Saturday – Hung out at Myriam’s; masturbation watching porn

Sunday morning – Watched Myriam and Rebecca lesbian; rubbed against Myriam’s pussy

Week 2

Saturday – Sexnight

Truth or Dare – Myriam, Tina, Rebecca – fucked Tina, then fucked Myriam alone

Week 3

Friday – Sexnight

ORGY Trivia Quiz – Myriam, Rebecca, Aisha (blown she had essentially kidnapped him after the game, not eager to share him with anyone. That night, Rebecca had slept in Myriam’s bed while Mariella commandeered hers, dragging Tom to bed with no reluctance, where she had proceeded to use him as a pleasure toy for herself, riding him, having him pound her, blowing him, rubbing her breasts around his cock, constantly swapping positions to keep him from climaxing too soon. They had fucked for roughly two hours before Tom had been allowed to fire into her mouth. In the middle of the night, she had woken him to her lips on his cock, and then she had ridden him again to orgasm inside her. Finally, in the morning, a handjob to rouse him had turned into a deep vaginal penetration on all fours, with Tom firing all cylinders onto her back afterwards. Needless to say, Mariella was pleased with herself and with Tom’s ability to keep up with her. Tom himself, however, was exhausted and going home after the fact, had collapsed onto his couch and slept all afternoon.

The fifth and most recent night with the ‘sex gang’ had seen seven canlı bahis şirketleri girls come around; playing a version of Monopoly where to pay rent, you had to offer something nasty, lewd or sexual, Tom had quickly and quite incidentally gotten ahead of the game very quickly, perhaps because some of the girls didn’t play smart. He understood why when they started dropping by his many properties, trading clothing, kisses, exposure and sexual favors. Money also changed hands so Tom’s pile wound up quite considerable. Eventually, because they couldn’t afford to stay in his houses or hotels, the girls started asking for ‘loans’, offering their bodies as collateral. The scene was surreal in many ways, as Tom stripped his bottoms, and ended up planting his manhood inside all of the seven mouths and six of the pussies, fucking each girl for a minute or so before moving on to the next player’s turn. When Tom came, overstimulated from all the previous excitement, the girls had him blow his load onto their exposed chests.

Thinking back on all of it, Tom could see an escalation of sorts happening, and he wondered how much farther the sex games could expand, and if he might in the future reach a breaking point – or a stopping point where he didn’t want to go further. Given his current feelings, it seemed unlikely, but another consideration always came into mind after the fact, when he got home on the next Saturday.

It had to do with the next column in his compilation.


Week 1

Sunday – Odd call by Dana

Week 2

Tuesday – Sex in office

Saturday – Dinner date

Sunday – Visit by Dana at home; dinner; sex twice, before spending the night

Tuesday – morning sex; almost late for work

Saturday – hiking stroll in natural park; sexy Supergirl underwear show in nature; sex on rocks! – evening cancelled

Week 6

Tuesday – office masturbation (butterfly!)+ blowjob

Saturday it showed in his level of stress. That day, Tom and Dana had downplayed their relationship in front of him, acting more like coworkers, but somehow the kid knew or suspected, and he inquired to his mother quite directly. She merely explained since his father was with someone new now (a fact that did not escape the child), it gave her the same permission. That made sense to the boy.

When she retired him for the night, Tom and Dana stayed up and watched a movie, then cuddled in her bed. To both their amazement, there was no sex – not that they didn’t want to but it didn’t seem necessary for them to get more physically intimate to show their affection. Morning came too fast with David making noise in the apartment.

Exceptionally, that week, the two met on Monday evening, when David was with his father, and they then jumped each other at Dana’s place, having sex in multiple positions across the living room, on top of the kitchen table and finally in the shower. For the first time, she finished him orally though she didn’t swallow. Tom chose to spend the night and he woke her with a delicious oral climax the next morning, returning the favor. He then rode her hard in her bed, filling up another condom. They made it to the university in the nick of time, arriving together for a first time.

The next weekend, week 5, with David at Dana’s mother’s place, they went out a for hiking stroll around a natural park just outside of town. They left around one in the afternoon and trekked for half the day, finding a secluded spot in the woods. Dana then stripped, surprising Tom by wearing sexy superhero underwear (Supergirl, to be exact). Given Tom’s cosplay fetish, he became instantly turned on. She allowed him to take several pictures as she undressed. As Tom sat down on a large rock, his clothes under his buttocks, she climbed on top of him, pulling her panties aside. She pushed his erection into her unprotected opening, allowing canlı kaçak iddaa him to take her bareback. After he came very quickly, his fluids shooting up into her warmth, he promised to make it up. She simply smiled and told him she wasn’t worried.

Before going back to his place, they stopped at a local diner for a quick bite to eat. While there, Tom had received an important call from his parents, an emergency in his immediate family. They had been forced to postpone whatever else they had planned as Tom was forced to head out of town. He only came back on Monday. It did give Tom an opportunity to talk about Dana to his parents; they seemed happy for him, remembering how alone he had been for those last three years.

When Tom spoke to Dana on Monday, he asked her to bring her butterfly vibrator into school the next day (she had ‘accidentally’ showed it to him his prior visit). After their respective Tuesday classes, Tom locked the door, took off Dana’s pants and pleasured her with the vibrator for multiple orgasms. She was so grateful for his attention (even though it was meant as his own thanks for last Saturday) that she blew him a second time, shooting his load in her mouth and almost swallowing it in the process, a little too much into the experience.

Dana then promised him something amazing for the end of week 6, and she delivered. On Saturday evening after supper, she dropped by his place in a trenchcoat. She opened it to a full Catwoman leather costume straight from the movies. When Tom asked about it, she confessed that she had been looking for something ever since she had seen that cosplay page on his screen. Tom fucked his Catwoman three times that weekend. The first time within minutes of her presenting the costume where he simply stripped her mostly out of it (she kept the mask and the gloves on) and rode her bareback to mind-numbing satisfaction.

The second was later in the evening, after the two had talked a lot about Cosplay, Dana visibly eager to know more. They played out a scenario where Catwoman was captured and forcibly pleasured by the villain. Tom ate her up, finger fucked her, face fucked her all the while she was tied up, and then, planting her on all fours, serviced himself into her lovehole even as she ‘pleaded’ for him to stop (or continue, depending on when she lost focus of her character). They slept soundly after that one.

The third happened in the early afternoon on Sunday, when Dana put the suit back on. They imagined a scenario where she had been rescued by the Batman, and she rewarded Bruce Wayne with a nice sexual encounter. Tom exploded a third time inside her as she laid on top of him, trading passionate kisses.

Because she allowed herself to get so much into his own fantasies and fetish, Tom couldn’t help but feel more than blessed in their burgeoning and highly sexual relationship. He only hoped that this kept up; yet at the same time, he was always brought back to that other column and what it too represented for him.

In addition to all of this data compiling, Tom now kept an image folder on his personal computer; in it, he stored all of the daring and pornographic pictures he had taken or been offered in the process of these few weeks. Given his penchant for structure, he had renamed each file with the date it had been taken (as best as he could remember, tracking them via weeks and days).

Wk1Tue – a headless backshot of exposed Myriam spreading against his office door

Wk2Tue – Myriam’s pussy in close-up

Wk2Fri – multiple shots of naked girls intercourse, Tina orally pleasured by Myriam and Lea

Wk3Sat – Dana naked – headless shot, lying exposed on bed

Wk5Fri – underwear girls on Twister mat; Myriam, Rebecca, Mariella, Tina

Wk5Sat – Dana in nature; sexy Supergirl underwear

Wk6Fri – Dick in mouth, multiple shots, seven girls

Wk6Fri – Dick canlı kaçak bahis in pussy, multiple shots, six girls

Wk6Fri – Buttshot; seven girls in a row; Myriam, Rebecca, Lois, Lea, Thea, Aisha, Tina

Wk6Sat – Dana; Catwoman costume; various stages of undress

Tom mostly remembered that, on that Friday of week 6, playing Monopoly, all the girls had agreed to allow him to take, as payment, shots of himself with his cock inside their mouths (hence showing at least the lower part of their faces) and then later inside their pussies. They had even all lined up for him for a final picture, showing their butts while spreading their legs to his camera. A truer reminder of that night could not be had unless it were on video, and Tom surprised himself masturbating more than once to a slideshow of these pictures after the fact.

The surreal sense of his current life did not elude Tom, and he suspected that this could not hold forever; when it would end, as he certainly expected it would, he could always look back fondly at this time of his life. And he would enjoy the fruits of this pleasurable time up until the very last moment.

It was now Friday, at the end of the seventh week of classes. Tom finished his supper and cleaned out the dishes. He then moved to his living room to do something he had promised himself once his correction was done – he had hurried through it in order not to be bothered by school matters during his break week. He stripped down to nothing as he loaded his personal image folders, going to the one dedicated to the delicious cosplayer Mona Butterfly. In honor of spring break which also happened in her home country of Germany, she had released a new video where she dressed up as a schoolgirl from a popular anime. Tom had downloaded it in the morning and was now ready to enjoy it fully.

Mona was there, wearing a pink wig matching the character she cosplayed, in an exact replica of the schoolgirl uniform, miniskirt, bowtie, everything down to a science of replication. Tom, eager to get his pleasure in, started the video.

Mona, in her delightful German accent, spoke in fluent English, because so many of her subscribers were using that language.

“Hello everyone. I am happy to see you all.”

Her lovely figure in her delightful costume expertly teased tom – or whomever would watch the video.

“I have been looking forward to class all day,” she added, hands on her thighs.

Tom was alreay jerking himself hard; he didn’t feel like holding back today. Mona made the scene last; climbing onto the desk, playing with her costume, showing off the panties to the her viewers, she teased her fingers along the pantyline, pulling it slightly down to expose her upper buttocks – then pulling it back up. She turned around, sitting on the desk, seductively undoing her bowtie so she could get to her shirt buttons, leaving the hanging undone bow tie ends around her neck. Pacing herself, she used two fingers from one hand on each button, all the while using her other hand to glide against her skin, lightly pulling the shirt cloth away to expose always a bit more skin, going down to her bully button. The bra she wore underneath matched the panties. Without removing the blouse, she slid her hands under the shirt and unclasped the front bra fastener, revealing the area between her breasts further. As with all her videos, she pulled the bra off without effort through the short sleeves of the blouse.


Tom was done; he ejaculated into the waiting tissue (having prepared himself beforehand) even as Mona continued with her striptease. Satisfied and empty, Tom leaned back against his couch and continued to contemplate the show before him.

Mona continued to strip. She stepped off the desk and turned her back to the viewers; she started undoing the skirt and sliding it down her legs, stepping out of it with long leg sweeps that fully displayed her flexibility. Her beautiful behind keeping the focus, she had bent over the desk and slapped herself a few times.

Tom’s hand returned to his limp manhood, as if he could stroke himself again without wait.

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