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We are sitting on the couch, at my place, and u ask me to go for a walk.

I say ok and we go outside.

Its a beautiful night, mid-summer, and there are hundreds of stars, and as we’re walking you slip you’re arm around me.

I’m wearing one of those sundresses I love so much, spaghetti straps, loose and breezy cotton, and sandals. The warm wind sweeps across the grass, rustling it softly.

We walk through the woods on a dirt path, then come out on a lake shore, the moon dancing across the water like diamonds and fairy dust.

You take my hand, and lead me to the edge of the water, where I see you have blankets already laid out waiting.

I look up in surprise, the wonder showing on my face, and you smile gently, “I told you I’d make it good, didn’t I?”

I smile then, and follow you to the blankets, shy now, not sure if I’m doing the right thing.

“It’s ok,” you say softly “It’s just me,” and I know that, but it’s suddenly real.

You kiss me then, and I remember why I’m here. canlı bahis Our kiss deepens, and gets harder, hungry.

Suddenly we are locked together, touching, kissing, our mouths make love.

You push me back onto the blanket, still kissing, and your hands find my breasts through the thin fabric of my dress. My nipples harden as your thumb brushes over them lightly.

Your other hand finds it’s way to the bottom of my dress and moves slowly up my thigh, under the fabric, reaching the top of my thigh your hand slides around to cup my ass, while your other hand gently pinches, molds, rubs.

I moan softly, arching my back up to meet you, and running my hands over your back, your sides, your belly. I touch you through your pants, and feel that you are already hard.

I rub you softly through your pants, bringing my mouth to yours again and again. Your hands roam over my body, softly at first, then harder, rougher, more insistent. I can feel the change in you, from sweet soft lover to raw rough need.

You bahis siteleri push my dress up on my thighs, exposing my legs and stomach to the cool night air. I’m not wearing panties, so you kiss my bare hips and belly, sending waves of pleasure through my body. I sit up, and pull the dress over my head, my nipples hard and sensitive. Your lips touch first one then the other, sucking, then biting gently. I push them towards you wanting more. You move down again, your fingers slipping inside me, where I am already so hot and wet for you. I cry out as your lips touch my clit, your tongue, your teeth.

I move against you, my first orgasm already coursing through my body.

You get up on your knees, and I undo your jeans, releasing your hard cock, I look at it, enjoying our first meeting. I kiss it gently, then take it in my mouth, sucking, moving my tongue across it. I take you fully in my mouth, loving the soft moans of ecstasy slipping from your mouth. I move along your cock, sucking, releasing, bahis şirketleri faster and faster, my hand cupping your balls. When I realize you are near release, I stop, kissing my way back up to your mouth, and kiss you hard.

You push me onto my back, kissing me roughly, guiding your cock to the entrance of my pussy. I lift my hips, and gasp as you fill me up completely, bucking under you sliding over you.

You move in, then out, harder and faster, stopping each time I near climax, then bringing me to the edge again.

Finally, when it seems like I’ll go crazy if you don’t let me cum, you stop, and tell me to roll over. I obey, then get on my hands and knees, you spread me open and thrust deep inside me, holding on to me by my hips, using them to move me against you, making me beg you for it, plead for you to let me cum.

You grow harder and longer inside of me, filling me so completely that I explode in a torrent of screams, cumming harder and harder, while your cock pumps into me, and finally you cum so hard inside of me that I can actually feel it.

We lay there panting for a minute, then you roll over and lay beside me, pulling me close.

“I am so glad I came!” I say, laughing.

And you laugh too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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