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Anal Solo

Jacques drove up the suburban street in the late-afternoon sunshine, and checked the number of the house. Parking carefully in the driveway, he sat for a moment, thinking. How long was it since he and Francis had worked together? A quick calculation gave four years. He suddenly realised that Francis must be nearly forty, which in turn placed his wife at around twenty-eight, barely younger than Jacques himself. He got out of the car and rang the bell.

Marie-Béatriz opened the door, and saw a tall, slim young man, wearing frameless glasses, which gave him an intellectual air.

« Jacques? I’m Marie-Béatriz. Welcome »

Jacques looked at the woman in front of him. She was fairly tall, slim, with very short blonde hair. She was attractive, rather than stunning, but with dazzling green eyes which lit up her face. She was dressed in a short, dark blue sports skirt, and a lighter blue t-shirt, which clung sufficiently to tell him she wore no bra. 85B, he guessed, or 34 in English terms. Trying not to stare, he met her eyes and smiled.

« I’m pleased to meet you. I’ve heard a little from Francis about you. It’s nice to see you in the flesh, so to speak! »

« All I know about you is that you send him nude photos of women for his birthday, so we’re quits! »

They entered the house and Marie-Béatriz showed him into the lounge.

« Francis won’t be long. Would you like some tea? »

Jacques burst into laughter.

« I see you’ve adopted the local customs! You’ll lose your accent next! »

« I’m afraid that’s not likely! I only have to open my mouth, and voilà! Tea? Francis told me you don‘t drink coffee and it’s too early for anything stronger. See if there’s anything to watch on television while I play at housewives. »

When Francis walked in five minutes later, Jacques was absorbed in a skating exhibition on satellite.

« Stll admiring neat girl’s bottoms, I see! »

Francis had barely aged. His hair was a little shorter, making up for the fact that it was thinning, but he was slim and well-preserved. After the greetings, and a few questions on Jacques’ work in South America, the two men settled down on front of the television. Marie-Béatriz came in with the tray, just in time to hear Jacques say :

« Have you ever seen a more delectable bottom than Butrskaya’s? It’s like a peach! »

« Actually, I have. And it’s a lot nearer to home. Isn’t that true, Marie-B? »

His wife made no reply, but bent from the waist to put the tray on the low table. Her short skirt rode up and Jacques could not avoid the vision of a tightly muscled bottom, sexy despite being covered by a pair of fairly decent blue knickers.

« I see what you mean. Am I allowed to compliment you, Marie-Béatriz? You have a terrific body. »

« I work enough at it! Milk or lemon? »

She seemed determined that, despite the sexual energy she generated, Jacques should not get the wrong idea. As she sat opposite him, he could still admire the view. She sat sexily, her feet tucked under her, showing a lot of thigh, but not blatantly. Jacques decided that Marie-B was a tease, and got his own back by talking, mostly to canlı bahis Francis, about various South American girls with whom he had had adventures, and whose photos he had subsequently sent to Francis as birthday cards. Francis dug them out, and the two men went over them in detail, while Marie-B watched, torn between joining in, and keeping a little distance from all this male complicity.

Francis had booked for three at the restaurant for eight thirty, and Marie-Béatriz disappeared to get ready, while Francis and Jacques chewed the fat.

« She’s quite something! How long have you been married now? «

« Three years of discovery for both of us. I’ve only told you a few of our experiences, but you can see why I love people to see her looking sexy. »

Jacques was a little disappointed when Marie-Béatriz appeared dressed to go out. He had expected something revealing, and the collarless shirt she wore over her short, tight black skirt, looked nice, but wasn’t exceptional. The outfit did, however, make him look again at her nicely toned legs, and the beautifully painted toe-nails in her open sandals.

The Guard House restaurant was the favourite of Francis and Marie-Béatriz. A long low room, discreetly lit and always with enough interesting clients to discuss. Their table allowed Jacques and Francis to sit against a wall, with Marie-Béatriz opposite. Jacques could not resist looking at the other women.

« So many women with fair hair! » he said « I haven’t seen so many in years! »

« I hope you aren’t looking for sympathy » retorted Marie-Béatriz. « Judging by the photos you sent, there are plenty of sexy women in Venezuela, even if they aren’t blonde! »

« Yes, but look at that redhead over there. How do her breasts remain in that dress? Superb! »

« She certainly has a fine pair » admitted Francis « worth you turning to look, Marie-Béatriz »

« Mmm… nice, but without her Wonderbra they’d be around her waist! Not a problem I will ever have.»

Francis grinned at his wife.

« Yours may be smaller, but you don’t need support, and they are very neat »

« I’ll have to take your word for that, » said Jacques, « but I trust your taste! »

« You don’t have to! Ask Marie-Béatriz if she is prepared to show you. She may, or she may not, but you can always ask »

« Here?…. now?…She wouldn’t dare! »

« Now you’ve done it! Never dare Marie-Béatriz to not do anything! »

Marie-Béatriz, her eyes shining, was slowly unbuttoning her shirt. Under the fascinated gaze of the two men, she slowly finished the job. With her back to the room she knew that only Francis and Jacques could see, and her mounting excitement made her want to give them a show. She opened the shirt and allowed them to look at her firm breasts. Despite her disparaging comments, she knew they looked good, and the attention of her two companions was giving her a warm feeling inside her knickers. She was glad that she’d chosen a pair which fitted tightly against her hairless sex. She flipped her nipples with her nails to make them erect, before she dropped her hands and the shirt closed up again.

« Satisfied? bahis siteleri »

« That was wonderful, but you’d better fasten up again. The waitress is coming. »

Marie-Béatriz looked at the approaching young woman and smiled. She made no attempt to fasten her shirt, and, as the waitress arrived, Marie-Béatriz contrived to drop her napkin. The two women bent down simultaneously to pick it up, and the outstretched hand of the waitress brushed the naked breast of the Frenchwoman.

« I’m sorry, madam….excuse me…. » she babbled, retreating, and blushing furiously.

« No apology necessary… and thank you. » replied Marie-Béatriz with a happy smile, taking the napkin from her.

After the meal, the trio got up to leave. Marie-Béatriz insisted on going to give a tip to the waitress, who blushed again as the Frenchwoman spoke to her. « What was that about? » asked Francis, as they walked towards the car, « Making dates with strange women again? »

« No, I just told her you two were fantasising about her and me getting together. I don’t know whether she was more shocked or tempted! She was very attractive, didn’t you think? »

« She didn’t reach your standard, though » said Jacques gallantly

« Flatterer! »

They reached the car, and Marie-Béatriz asked, in a cajoling tone :

« Please can usual arrangements apply? I’d like them to, if it’s ok with you, Francis? »

Jacques looked puzzled. Francis explained that when the two of them had an evening out, Marie-Béatriz had got into the habit of driving home stripped to the waist.

« Of course they can.. unless Jacques objects….. which I doubt! »

Marie-Béatriz took off her shirt, sat in the car and fastened her seatbelt across her bare breasts. She snuggled down in the seat and they drove off. Francis reached across from time to time to caress his wife, stroking her thighs and breasts, and pulling up her skirt to reveal her tight knickers. He played with them, making the thin silk fit into the cleft of her sex. She smiled and made happy noises, which excited Jacques, who could see what was happening, but was unsure of his role. He could feel his erection becoming uncomfortable, but tried to sit back and enjoy the show.

On arrival at the house, Marie-Béatriz quickly wrapped the shirt around her shoulders and went in, followed by Francis and Jacques. As her husband entered the lounge after her, she pulled him down onto the sofa, and kissed him passionately. Aline pulled Francis’ ear down to her mouth, and murmured :

« You can feel how excited I am. Please will you make love to me in front of Jacques? I really want him to see us »

Jacques sat at the other end of the sofa.

« I’ll be happy to watch » he declared, « Don’t mind me! »

Francis knelt at Marie-Béatriz’s feet. He slid his hands up her legs, and under the skirt. Without lifting it, he took hold of her knickers and pulled them down, as she raised her hips to help. He tossed them over to his friend, who admired the scrap of material,kissed them ceremoniously, and put them in his pocket. Francis unfastened the skirt, and pulled it down over her hips. Jacques gazed at bahis şirketleri the smooth skin of her flat belly, and as more was revealed, realised that she was totally depilated. As the cleft of her sex appeared, he felt himself breathing more quickly, and had no option than to release his erection from its prison. He stroked it, enjoying the total rigidity, and looked again at the couple in front of him. He could not help admiring Francis’ well-toned body, and reflecting that forty was not as old as he had thought.

Francis was now naked, his own stiff sex bobbing as he moved down the body of his wife to kiss her lower lips. He opened her with his fingers, exposing her clitoris, then took it between his lips and sucked, hard. Marie-B gasped and gestured to Jacques to move closer. He stretched out a hand to caress her breasts, He hesitated, then took one of her nipples into his mouth, allowing her to feel the suction equal to that in her sex. Francis came up for air, and smiled approvingly at the sight. Marie-B pulled Francis to her other nipple and caressed the two heads on her breasts.

« This is bliss! « she murmured « Francis, I’m so turned on. I have to ask you. I want it. Last night’s fantasy?….Please! »

« Two men at once? You’re sure? Fantasy into reality…. It’s sometimes a disappointment…If you’re sure …Jacques? »

« I’ve never tried… but If MB wants it, we have to do our best to satisfy her. She looks fabulous. It will be a pleasure and an honour to do whatever she wants»

Marie-B turned and knelt by the sofa, her head on Jacques’ knee. Without looking up, she took his sex in her hand and caressed him slowly. Francis positioned himself behind her, and pulled her buttocks apart. She arched her back and he plunged into her vagina, making her gasp. She pulled Jacques’ sex towards her and kissed it. Francis moved slowly in and out of her, at the same time using his thumb to put pressure on her anus. He worked one finger, then another, into her. She squirmed, and said :

« Now! »

Francis pulled out of her, his penis glistening with her juices, and in one movement forced his full length into her heat. She groaned as the tightness was penetrated, then relaxed as the sphincter accepted the thick intrusion.

Clutching her to him, and caressing her breasts, Francis slowly turned them both over. He sat back on the sofa, still buried to the hilt in Marie-B’s anus. She leaned back on him, her eyes half-closed.

« I’m ready now. You’re so hard. » she gasped « I can feel you deeper than you’ve ever been. Jacques, please …. NOW!! I’m afraid I may chicken out if you wait!

Jacques knelt between the spread thighs of the woman. She bent her knees and pulled them back. He could see her distended anus, stretched around his friend’s sex, below a vagina which she now opened for him with her fingers, pleading to be filled.

Hands clasped behind his back, Jacques slid into her. She was soaking with sweat and excitement, eyes glowing and nipples erect. As he accelerated his thrusts into her, she cried :

« Yes….Yes… I’m a beast… a beast being fucked by two animals!… Fuck me Jacques…Feel Francis filling me as well… I wish that waitress could see me now! I’m being sodomised by my husband and fucked by his friend at the same time. Oh! I can’t believe how full I am… I feel you’re going to split me open …. Do it to me… DO ME! »

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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