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Voluptuous Escort Ch. 03

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The three of us sat around the dining room table. A large spread of different foods and wines were placed before us. I had never felt like a king until this moment. I had two beautiful women who, not but two hours previous had both, simultaneously, gotten me off. An experience, that until now, I had only dreamt about. I wondered what was to come next, and I worried if I was up to the challenge.

“Mike, you seem a bit distant.” Angela asked.

“Yeah, what are you thinking about?” Gina asked as well.

“Nothing, just wondering how I got so lucky.” I said.

“You’re about to get luckier.” Angela said and both she and Gina started laughing.

“Should I be worried?” I said half jokingly but half uneasy.

“No not at all.” Gina said looking at Angela.

“We have, well let’s call it a ‘special mission’ for you” Said Angela.

“Special mission.” I asked, “What sort of special mission?”

“We’re going to pimp you out.” Said Gina who started laughing. This in turn started Angela laughing as well.

“What do you mean?” I asked taking a large sip of wine.

“We have a friend” started Angela, “who doesn’t think she’s as beautiful as she really is.”

“And we’re going to set it up so the two of you ‘happen to meet’ at a bar.” Added Gina

“And you are going to pick her up.” Said Angela.

“And fuck her brains out.” The both of them said in a chorus.

“When is this supposed to happen?” I asked drinking another large gulp of wine.

“Tonight” Angela said. The two of them stood up and started walking to the back of my chair. Gina leaned over to my ear and sensuously whispered;

“You’ll help our friend out wont you?”

“She really avcılar rus escort needs it bad.” Angela whispered in the other ear as her hand stroked my chest.

“It would mean so much to us” Gina whispered as her hand caressed the bulge in my pants.

“Yes, of course I will.” I managed to croak out in response. The two women cheered at my response.

“Let’s get you ready for your date then.” Angela said grabbing my hand and pulling me away from the table.


Gina and Angela hurried me into the bedroom and started removing what little clothes I had on.

“Let’s get you cleaned up.” Said Gina directing me into the bathroom. The bathroom was bigger than my bedroom in my apartment. The shower itself was big enough to fit ten people. Gina started the shower or should I said showers since there were about 4 different showerheads. She tested the water and slid open the shower door for me.

“If it’s too hot let me know.” Said Gina. I stepped into the shower and started lathering up, but felt a bit uncomfortable. Gina sat down on a chair at a large vanity table and watched. I’m not used to people watching me in the shower.

“Come on Mike. Let’s get started.” She said. Angela came into the bathroom.

“We’ve only got a couple of hours to get you ready and delivered.” Angela said sitting down next to Gina.

“So get going.” Gina said spreading her legs exposing her sweet mound and slowly stroking her lips.

“Yes,” added Angela untying her top and releasing her beautiful breasts slowly licking each nipple, “You don’t want to be late.” My cock sprang to attention.

“I don’t know if he can handle all of avcılar türbanlı escort this by himself, Angela.” Gina said.

“You think we need to go in there and give him a hand?” Angela added.

“Definitely” said Gina. The two women stood up, quickly removed their remaining clothes and joined me in the shower.

“We have to be quick about this or you’ll be late”, said Angela lathering up my hard cock while Gina’s hands moved in from behind to lather up my ass and balls.

“We can’t have our merchandise arrive late.” Gina said.

“Of course we need to make sure the goods are in working order.” Angela said and gave a harder tug on my cock. She moved over and lowered a seat out of the shower wall. “Come over here and let me clean you up.” I stood between Angela’s legs as she started washing my chest, legs and arms.

“Well, this side is clean, but let’s see how well it works.” Angela said and pulled me in close to her. Her hands slowly wrapped around my hard cock and guided me into her.

“You think you got enough for the both of us stud?” Gina whispered as she watched my cock disappear inside her friend. The heat of our bodies and the warmth of the shower felt amazing. Angela wrapped her legs around me and we started to move. Slowly I stroked my cock in and out of her. Angela started pinching her nipples and gently moaning.

“Come on stud, give it to her.” Gina whispered in my ear as she gently washed my hair. Her words made my hips move faster and faster as I started pounding my cock in and out of Angela.

“Yeah baby, fuck me good!” Angela said. “Fuck me good and hard.” With that I started slamming my cock hard avcılar ucuz escort into her. “Fuck yes baby, I’m gonna cum” Angela said “Make me cum lover!” I felt her hot pussy convulse around my cock as she quivered into a shuddering orgasm. “Oh that was incredible.” Angela said, regaining her composure. “But, I would like a second opinion.”

“I’ll take care of that.” Gina said. I pulled out of Angela and turned around. Gina was bent over and holding on to a bar on the other side of the shower.

“Those bars are anchored deep into the wall. Give her all you got stud.” Angela said. Gina wiggled her big sexy ass tempting me further. I moved over to her and started caressing her beautiful ass with my hands and cock.

“No time for pleasantries” Gina said and grabbed my cock and forced it inside her waiting pussy. “No come on lover.” I started pounding Gina for all I was worth. My hands gripping her voluptuous hips and slamming into her for all I was worth. Angela moved behind me and started washing and massaging my back and ass. Gina’s ass was rippling and bucking like a crazed animal. Her moans echoing in the shower.

“Come on!” Gina yelled. “Fuck me! Fuck me hard.” My body was slamming harder and harder into her. “Yeah! That’s it. Harder. You’re gonna make me cum. Fuck me.” My teeth gritted and my eyes slammed shut I fucked Gina for all I was worth. Her Orgasmic cries were deafening. “Come with me baby.” Gina cried. “Fill me up” My grunts quickly turned into a roar and my eyes slammed open as I felt Angela’s finger slide quickly up my ass. I came like I never have before. Jet after jet of jizz launched out of my cock and into Gina’s clenched pussy. I almost fainted and if it wasn’t for Angela, I would have fallen over.

“Oh my god,” Gina said, “That was incredible.”

“You both were incredible.” I said.

“If he’s that good tonight, Danielle will have nothing to worry about.” Angela said. “Now, let’s rinse off and get you dressed and groomed for your date.”

Part 4 “The Date” coming soon.

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