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Waiting on a Train

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All people in this story are over 18.


Jo was blazingly horny. She woke up feeling frisky for a very good reason. She was going to meet her boyfriend Dean, who she had not seen for months due to work. Most nights they had been indulging in phone sex both having earth shattering orgasms with a promise of better things to come when they finally met. Jo was helped along with her night time reading, a book called ‘only cowgirls get the blues’, a book that was brimming with sex. Jo was in bed early, as she knew the next day she had a long journey ahead of her and she wanted to be full of energy for the sex festival she and Dean were set to indulge in.

The next morning Jo rose invigorated from her bed and began to dress. She pulled her white stockings up over her long legs, shuddering slightly as the patterned tops reached the top of her thighs, her hand accidentally brushed her neatly trimmed bush. She then stepped into her cotton white panties and felt them slither and caress all the way up her legs before stopping at her hairy divide. She pulled them up tighter and rubbed her pussy heating her ardor more, she desperately wanted to masturbate but wanted to save her ardour for Dean, besides she didn’t have the time as she had a train to catch for a long boring trip up north.

She wore a short white skirt and stood on the station platform in the sun her legs slightly spread to let the slight breeze ignite upon her wetness already evident in her panties. She hungrily stared at any male’s bottom or package no matter, she was defiantly on heat, and she hoped her panties were going to be up to the job.

She boarded the train and worked her way along the isle and found an empty compartment and sat in the far corner by the window parking her handbag beside her. The train pulled out and Jo delved into her handbag and pulled out her book feeling that her randy state was the best time to read as reading usually sent her to sleep. The book was peppered with sexual allusions never quite getting explicitly to the point, causing her to race and scan across the pages looking for some hormonal action but nothing but little flickers of frustrating carnal teasing could be found making her more flustered.

Jo threw aside the book in annoyance and stared out of the window and in her bothered state she equated everything with sex. The cows ripe for milking, “wish someone would milk my tits!’ She thought, “Where’s the bloody bull when you need one”. Trains going through tunnels, upright signal posts, sweaty manual labourers on the track even the clouds took on erotically charged shapes, but it was Deans cock that was mostly on her mind and in her mind it was between her legs, doing untold moisten damage to her light cotton briefs. It was no good, she was never going to make the train journey without wanton release and she was going to have to go to the toilet for a strum or her seat would soon be soaked.

Jo hit the isle and raced for the toilet only to find it was engaged. She raced to another carriage only to find its toilet out of order and so onto the next, which fate would have it was also engaged. Jo was truly exasperated and swore she could feel her wetness beginning to slow escape from her light cotton confine of modesty. She went back to her own carriage and waited outside the still engaged toilet. “Jesus! What’s a girl got to do to cum around her?” She lamented frustratingly. She returned to her compartment and got an idea. She pulled the blinds down hiding her from the walking passengers in the isle. Sat down in her corner and pulled her bag to her side. She checked the gaps in the blinds and decided that only someone deliberately peering though the slight cracks might have a smidgen of a chance at catching her. She slowly pushed aside her black jacket and let her hand slip into her low-buttoned blouse letting her fingers lightly caress below her sensitive hard nipples. She let out a barley audible sigh and let her hand push into the lacy patterned designer bra. She tweaked and twisted her nipples for a while sending waves of desire through her body. She was mentally rising beyond reality; so sexually aroused she was only vaguely in the compartment. She groaned loudly and knew she just had to finish herself off. “When you’ve got to come you’ve got to come,” She recited from one of the titillating passages from her book and parted her legs, placing her trembling hand just above her knee and slowly drawing it up her inner thigh letting the sensation of her hand on her stockings on to her bare leg electrify her. She pushed passed the easily yielding hem of her skirt over the patterned stocking tops and into her soaking wet panties and then into to her moist haven. She gasped heavily at the slightest of touches and slowly started her kitty cat shuffle.

“Tickets please!” Came the yell from the isle along with the sound of the door being brutally ripped aside. Jo quickly withdrew her marauding hand and slammed her knees together. The tall aged inspector bahçelievler escort loomed over her threateningly as Joe nervously looked up wondering just what he had seen. She quickly delved down into her handbag noticing her skirt was still immodestly creased and crumbled at the front and that her stocking tops were tantalisingly exposed. She quickly pulled her skirt down while presenting the ticket with her other hand. She blushed guiltily as she looked at his disapproving face. It was obvious that he was staring down her cleavage, still wildly exposed from her quick sortie. She could feel her wetness on her hand presenting the ticket and winched as he took it for his suspicious eyes. Jo felt he was inspecting anything but the wording on the ticket as he studied it stoically, she was nervously sure she had left some smell, some stain of her moistness. An age seem to pass as he eventually returned the ticket, his ugly piggy eyes still unblinkingly glazing down at her breast. She looked away uneasily out of the window in defiance of whatever he was thinking and after an age finally heard the sound of a shoe grinding dust on the floor as it pivoted to turn and leave the carriage. The door boomed shut and Joe quickly turned and checked to authenticate that her minor uncomfortable ordeal was over. She saw the door was shut and her carriage empty and instantly took a deep breath and bowed her head at her embarrassing sexual state.

Jo recomposed herself and put her thoughts and eyes outside at the ever-passing imagery that soothed her back from the excruciating embarrassment of her wanton lust. The earthly calming kaleidoscope of the countryside soon turned to boredom and so she returned to her book. Jo read it properly this time trying to take in the story instead of browsing for sexual interludes. It was then Jo stumbled upon a hotbed of erotic literature, the heroin of the story getting captured by an old hermit in the mountainside. She was kept prisoner not by the hermit’s bondage or sentinel but by his brilliant sexual prowess. The heroin was fucked long and hard and reported ‘that the dirty old bastard took ages to cum’ and after a few days her crusty panties were whipped off before he gave her a ‘stiff update’ and thrown out of the mountain cave only to fall like a rock so sodden was the garment with her hardened moisture.

Jo’s appetite for sex was again sweetened and once again she looked and thought of ways to quench her ardor. The train meanwhile had pulled into a station and she could hear the banging of doors and the shuffle of feet as people sort a berth to relax for their journey. A young buck bustled into her compartment and a smile streaked across Jo’s face. He turned away from her as he put his bag in the overhead net giving Jo the chance to study his peachy bum and broad shoulders. He sat down to face her and instantly met her approval, a well-defined tanned face, pearly white teeth, steely blue eyes and a spiky mop of black hair. ‘Heaven ordered’ Jo thought as she smiled at him.

Ten minutes passed without a word. She had tried to start a conversation but it had bumbled uneasily to a stop. “What a waste of a hunk,” She thought and the longer she stared the more daring she felt. “

“Do you find it hot in here?” She asked feigning a flush and fanning her face with a hand.

“It is a bit stuffy” he curtly replied.

“It must be me I find it really stifling,” She quipped opening another button on her blouse revealing yet more cleavage, “I would open the window but the air from the trains are just so dirty. She offered as her slightly flighty excuse for revealing a little too much.

“Are you going far?” She asked trying hard to lubricate the conversation.

“I’m going all the way,” He answered coldly.

“Oh so you’ll be going all the way with me then!” She giggled.

“Hmmm,” He said without a glimmer of response to her innuendo.

He looked away awkwardly and once again Jo fell into limbo sexually frustrated and embarrassed. She still felt there was a little hope as the journey was long but just as she rallied her hopes a large bungling middle-aged man squeezed into the compartment, a mass of blubber peeping out of his ill fitting suit as he grunted and groaned into his seat in the far corner opposite. His breath snorted through his mouth bristling his thick grey moustache the colour of which matched his thin greasy head hair sculptured to his pate. Jo rolled her eyes and thought of an escape.

She decided to take a walk down the train entering another carriage with a traditional isle down the middle and seats either side. The train wobbled slightly along the track making her concentrate on her balance. She approached four mischievous young men around twenty years of age. One seated near the isle facing her registered his approval as she approached. He elbowed his mate beside him who instantly mirrored his stare, a state that was quickly seen by their friends opposite. They bahçeşehir escort followed their eyes and within seconds all their eyes feed on Jo’s sexy body, blatantly ogling her form, their eyes wildly roving around her female differences eyeing and salivating for her unsubtly.

“Phaorr!” They all chorused as she unsteadily moved past them.

She sensed something low down behind her and turned quickly. She saw one of the boys quickly whip back and hide his cell phone as they all started laughing.

“Er Miss! Fancy a fuck?” One ventured boldly.

She looked back again and smiled much to the delight of the four males who all quickly offered the services in different shades of crudity.

Jo smiled to herself thinking that the young men didn’t know just how close she was to taking up their offer but knew in reality that if she gave them the come on they would run a mile.

She entered the raw emptiness of the guards van as the train tumbled and rattled over several sets of points filling the carriage full with a slow motion boom. Jo caught the Ticket inspector unaware sitting in the far corner in a hidden cove of the van. He was reading a glossy magazine, which he hurriedly hid as he become aware of Jo’s presence. It was Jo’s turn to do the staring as it was obvious that he had hidden a pornographic publication due to the frenzied way in which he hid the journal and the bulge in his pants.

She giggled lightly as the inspectors beady eyes fixed her an aggressive stare, a stare that didn’t waver. Jo composed herself and posed with her hands on hips with her legs slightly parted. She looked him right in the eye and devilishly licked her lips before inserting her forefinger slowly into the ‘O’ of her mouth, holding it there tantalisingly before slowly drawing it out. The inspectors face stoically stared back the only give away to his aroused state was a small bead of sweat on his forehead. Jo went back to her hands on hips stance but this time with one hand teasingly hitching up one side of her skirt giving an inviting glimpse of her stocking top and a fleeting view of her gusset. The inspector carried on with his unswerving, unblinking visual but slowly parted his legs and started to rub his hardness. Jo moved slightly nearer and his eyes blackened in dilation.

She lent against the side of the carriage and made it obvious her hand was inside her panties. A small gasp came from the inspector’s mouth as he increased the speed of his masturbating. Once again she licked her fingers and then she made an ‘O’ with her lips. She slowly put her fingers up her skirt again, sighing gently before slowly removing her passion soaked fingers from her panties and inviting the inspector to sniff them. His head bolted forward nose first like a snapping dog to it’s bone but Jo coolly recoiled her offering and inserted her finger into her own mouth and licked her moistness slowly from it like a lollipop.

The inspector groaned and his breathing become more intense as he quickly un-zipped and dug out his rusty trombone. He sat with arms either side of his erection with a face that beckoned for help. Jo smiled and moved even closer to the excited Inspector who looked longingly up at her with all the sadness of an abandoned dog.

She went down on her haunches with her legs spread and slowly pulled up her skirt revealing her stocking tops and her sodden wet gusset of her cotton panties. Her face was level with his erection and once more she licked her lips and sucked on a finger with her head tantalisingly tilted in a sweet sexual allure. “Please!” She heard the inspector plead slightly thrusting his phallus towards her. “Quiet.” She whispered as she studied his manhood. She once more dipped her fingers into her panties and gently rubbed herself and then buried two fingers into her pink heaven. She sighed closing her eyes with pleasure and then held out her fingers for the Inspector to smell. He quickly sprang to grab her wrist but Jo was ready and sprang back. “Happy wanking!” She giggled and joyfully turned on her heels and walked sprightly away.

“But what about this?” He begged desperately motioning to his abandoned cock.

“You know what to do,” Teased Jo motioning with a masturbation gesture.

“You fucking tease,” He yelled, as it was quite evident she wasn’t coming back.

“You cunt!” He swore in anger quickly readjusting his dress.

Jo felt empowered by her dirty deed, “Why should I be the only one sexually frustrated?” She told herself before adding, “lecherous bastard,” In scorn. She entered the carriage with the four hormonal spilling males and was spotted immediately by one who instantly alerted the rest who all turned. Without delay they convulsed into a mischievous pack of sniggering hyenas. She smiled as she went to go passed until she heard one say, “Hey Misses, want to look at our photograph?” A phrase framed by their cackles.

Jo looked to see a cell phone offered for her bakırköy anal yapan escort to see and quickly realised what had taken place earlier. With fatalistic trepidation she glared down at the picture on the phone. Sure enough the phone had been placed low to snap a shot right up her skirt showing all she had to offer. He wanton wet panties clear for all to see.

“Do you like it?” Cackled the boy hastily withdrawing his phone to safety. Jo stared not knowing what to do and slowly slipped into a smile. The boy held his phone up again and snapped another photograph. Jo frowned in disbelief.

“Wow you really have the hots for me!”

“Not half, you’re a babe” informed the leader grinning hugging his phone to his chest.

Jo stood looking at the lads causing their bravado to wilt and seep away. She felt her stature grow as they descended into the snivelling little brats they were.

“How old are you?” She tersely asked the leader.

“Why?” He said defensively.

“How old are you?” Jo pressed.

“Old enough.”

“Old enough for what?” Jo teased.

“To do it.” He said flatly causing his friends to break out into a nervous chorus of cackles that quickly ebbed away.

“To do what?” Demanded Jo making him squirm with her assertiveness. The young man locked onto her stare and defiantly answered.

“Fuck you!” He spelt out confidently as they locked eye as if in a duel.


“Yes really.” He reiterated.

Jo took a couple of paces down the isle, stopped, looked over her shoulder and said,

“Come on then,” and walked on. The lads all went dropped jawed and nervous, shooting disbelieving looks. Jo stopped once more and smiled.

“Well are you coming?”

The leader did a double take and then hastily lurched out of his seat and jauntily followed Jo down the isle.

She soon came to the old carriages with the side isle and compartments that had the bigger toilets. She looked down the isle and then back up the train, quickly opened the door, pushed the young man in and followed behind him quickly turning to lock the door.

She turned on the lad who was standing hands on hips full of bravado and it was just how Jo wanted it. “At least I’ll get some cock,” She thought guiltily and a little bit desperate but as the book said, “when you’ve got to cum you’ve got to come.” She looked at the lad with predatory eyes and then jumped into life. “Get your kit off!” she ordered.

The lad just stared back.

“Come on big boy,” She chided, “Not so big now are you?

“You go first,” returned the lad.

“Hey this isn’t a ‘you show me yours and I’ll show you mine’ you’re playing with grown ups now, so come on get them off!”

“You first!” the lad resisted.

“Okay if you don’t want it,” Jo announced as she turned to go.

“Wait!” the lad cried “alright.”

“Good boy!” teased Jo as he unzipped his fly and then sat on the toilet seat to pull his jeans shoes and socks off in one go.

Jo could see he wasn’t going to bail out and started to unbutton her blouse watching the steady firm bulge in her prey’s underpants.

He quickly pulled his functional underpants to his ankles, awkwardly stepped out of them, momentarily bending hiding his goods from view and then stood upright so she could see all.

Jo gave a small sexy smile of commendation to her young suitor whose erection was almost as perpendicular to the floor as his torso. She had seen bigger but this cock was angry, solid and eager.

Jo seductively unbuttoned the last of her blouse sleeves and then slipped it off completely.

Giving the awkward standing boy a good look at her goods in their white push up bra.

She hitched her thumbs under her skirt and under her panties and rolled them down her firm stocking thighs and calves. She saucily stepped out of her crusty sex stained panties and then flipped them to her hungrily waiting prey.

“Here’s a souvenir for you,” She joked as the bottomless lad urgently stepped forward to catch them as if they were of great value. He quickly spread them in his trembling hands and inspected them in awe. He then looked up to see Jo posing hands on hips and wasted no time in averting his hungry eyes to her well-trimmed blonde snatch. She stepped towards him and pivoted presenting her well toned tanned back.

“Like to help me out of my bra?” She needlessly asked.

The lad jolted into life as if he hadn’t quite heard the question, his fingers clambering hurriedly over the catch without thought with the panties still in the way, hindering. Jo smiled to herself remembering the first fumbling of a youth, desperately trying to break into her citadel at breakneck speed anxiously pulling and pushing the material across her boobs thinking she might change her mind.

“No need to hurry,” She reassured her playful assailant “I’m not going anywhere.”

The lad slowed down and Jo suddenly felt her bra straps slacken and her boobs drop slightly as she was unhooked. She pulled off her bra and pushed back her shoulders before turning and presenting her breasts in all their glory. The boy sighed in a trance and waited for permission.

“They’re all yours,” She grinned as she grabbed him behind his neck and pulled his head down into her cleavage.

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